Who Are We?

Established since 1999- We are a hybrid e-fed which works with Role-Playing and Match-Writing. Our centralized theme is “Darkside of E-Feds” but cater to all types of e-fed player styles.

How to Join the E-Fed?

  1. Introduce yourself here:
  2. Register for an new character account. (only 1 character per player allowed. More can be allowed with permission)
  3. Wait for approval of your registered account. We manually approve players who wrote an introduction on our “Join CreatureWrestling” forum page.

Below is how you can register your new character:

But, before registering, please complete the CAPTCHA to validate if you are an actual person. Press “Validate Me” to proceed to the registration form.
If you are having problems with this, please email the CW Administrator at: admin@creaturewrestling.com for further instructions.

Need Help? Then please email: admin@creaturewrestling.com