Darkspade’s Last Comments About “The King”

Darkspade’s Last Comments About “The King”




Micheal Cole: I am here, once again, with the Absolute Undisputed Champion- The Darkspade.

::Camera showcases Darkspade sitting close by Micheal Cole, this time, with the Absolute Title laid around his left shoulder::

Micheal Cole: First, Darkspade, congratulations on retaining the Absolute title on CW is MAD. Albeit, a draw and not with the MWE Undisputed Mortal Championship.

Darkspade: That is actually very fine with me, Micheal. I hold the one and only title that matters… I would be a double undisputed champion if it wasn’t for Chane and Staphy’s ridiculous stunt with that no-nothing idiot Botch Recliner- but trust me when I say that it is not over for them and it is not over for Deadblood….

Micheal Cole: I am sure we will have your insights on them at a different time and place. But now, I want to finish up on a promise to the CW MegaVerse and address your final words to “The King”, Gojinn. So. Gojinn did not show up on CW is MAD as you said he wouldn’t. Does this mean that his reign is officially done and over with? Your thoughts.


Darkspade: Who is Gojinn? Like I said before- he dropped the ball over a decade ago and has not done one single thing since he left CW that actually MATTERED. The indie organizations and the backyard brawls matter jack-squat compared to the real deal. He comes back and skips over a over decade worth of trials, tribulations- blood-sweat-and-tears that many CW MegaStars have endured in the ring– anywhere from my countless CWE World Heavyweight bouts to Charon’s one time record of holding the Undisputed title for over a year; our sold out attendance shattering record breaking CreatureManias— point is, we don’t supply our wrestlers with imaginary Universal Undisputed Bullshit garbage titles that have no real value. CreatureWrestling went through a tremendous evolution and we are stronger than ever before– then Gojinn appears and proclaims that he is still the King and that he deserves the title more than anyone else, including myself. Um. No. Not going to happen.

Micheal Cole: That reminds me, Botch is parading around with his Soon-to-be title is a paper-plate title and even that bogus title has more relevance than theirs. Ha. Lots of bad blood it seems between you two. So going back to CW is MAD… were you surprised in the very least by his lack of involvement?

Darkspade: Botch’s bogus title at least is somewhat-appealing to look at, definitely has an ounce of relevance, to him at least. Again I say… if you claim you are the best you better damn well PROVE IT. I have no problem beating the senses out of my opponents– I respect opponents that stand up for what they believe in, even though I beat them unmercifully for the 1…2…3. But who in their right mind claim that they are a top CreatureWrestler and then when their shit is called out on- they tuck tail-and-run, and hide behind a rock for a decade? WHO DOES THAT? That’s a mark of a coward, Micheal. So to answer you truthfully, as I always have, NO. Not surprised at all that he did not show up. Not surprised.  And especially not surprised that Alexander Arcane had to confiscate the titles to get the ball rolling on the event. What exactly does Gojinn think he truly is? Does he actually think that the Wrestling federation is going to put an entire event on hold while it waits for him to show the fuck up? So Micheal. No. King Gojinn SCREWED King Gojinn.



Micheal Cole: Surprisingly, Champ… Your Unholiness… you are not the only person that believes in the same thing. Thank you for your honestly- so any last words to say?

::Peers deeply into the camera::
Darkspade: People play for fun but I play deadly in that ring.  I take my job VERY seriously… and if anyone has the BALLS to face me, I welcome it. Come and try your luck with the Greatest Creature Wrestler on the face of this planet. ::holds up the Absolute Undisputed Championship:: You will quickly find, however, that your soul – your essence belongs to, The Darkspade. That’s Right.

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