Welcome to CreatureWrestling E-Fed: Message Board Game by Pro-Wrestling Fans!

Founded in 1999, CreatureWrestling has revolutionized the way E-Feds are traditionally played by bringing in all forms of elements that other E-Feds do not dare to try. Such as: supernatural characters or absurd and outrageous parodies about real pro-wrestlers.

We are a hybrid E-Fed which operates around Role-Playing and Match Writing. Unlike most other E-Feds, the players have total control over when, how and how much they may write! Yes, you heard me, you actually write your matches and our amazing events prove time after time that that is the best way to simulate a wrestling promotion online!

So come join us! We’ve been Kick’n ASS for 18 years now- outlasting many, even seasoned, E-Feds out there!

CreatureWrestling is a FREE message board game where you can write stories and/or match write on a fictitious wrestling organization called: CW! (aka, an E-fed). Beats the boring, every-day-is-the-same stuff on Facebook and Instagram eh? We’re with you on that lol.

What is an E-fed?
“…a fantasy wrestling league or promotion operated entirely online and is based on professional wrestling.”
(See: http://ewrestling.wikia.com/wiki/E-federation).

You can create characters of mostly any type you can think of regardless if they are creatures or mortals. Our main inspiration for CreatureWrestling is related to WWE’s “The Undertaker” and the “Creatures of the Night” aka the fans of The Undertaker.

The game is designed to be friendly on your busy life as well where you can choose when and how to play. You will notice that our events may take months to complete but that all depends on the number of active players at a time. The more players we have the sooner events come in! So, tell your friends about us!

Years in E-Fedding
# of Times Undisputed Title Changed Hands

The entire game exists on our message board: https://creaturewrestling.com/cwnet

We have many boards but primarily you post in two locations. The Role-Playing-Board and the Main Events Board. To start, you first need to introduce yourself on our Join CreatureWrestling Board and create a new user account.

A post could be a debut scene, a story scene, a backstage brawl, a call out, trash talk scene, announcement etc… Pretty much anything you can imagine. You post primarily on the RPG board. All official matches are posted elsewhere on designated match forums.

The more active you are, the more chances you get to eventually winning matches and titles! The goal is to post and get involved.

First, post A LOT on the RPG board and get involved. Challenge wrestlers, write your backstory etc…

Second, get involved in official matches. Win or lose does not truly matter. Your quality and longevity does on the message board. Pay attention to when a current champion’s STF (suggested title frame) is almost up. Once their STF expires they are required to drop their belt to the next valid #1 contender. If there is no #1 contender, then their STF is ‘ignored’ indefinitely until their is a valid #1 contender or if the champion wants to give the title up.

Third, when you feel you are ready, apply for a title belt plan with the current champion of the title of your interest to become #1 contender:

1. Submit your interest to: admin@creaturewrestling.com
2. Make contact with the current champion
3. Provide links to posts and matches that you have done within 2 months in your submission.

Make a plan with the current champion and officials and the champion drops to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!