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CreatureWrestling™: website, original imagery/media and game mechanics are officially copyrighted © 1999-2017.
CreatureWrestling is not affiliated with “World Wrestling Entertainment” or any other official wrestling or sports organization.

By joining the roster- and by even entering this site- you agree to obey all the rules and articles contained herein. If you do not agree to our rules and disclaimers, you must leave this website. CreatureWrestling is not responsible for any browser/script failures etc, ex: if a wav or flash is attached to a message on the message board

CreatureWrestling™ (1999-2017) (Defined on this page as: Company,, Creature Wrestling Entertainment, Extreme Creature Wrestling or CW) is the originator and founder of the Darkside e-fed Wrestling genre.
MortalWrestling™ (2012) ( MortalWrestling is a spin-off darkside e-fed centering around creature VS mortal wrestling.

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Article 1: Who Are we? & What are Our General Disclaimers?:

CW is a wrestling fan and an ecommerce site which supply original products related to our brand and main storyline(s).

1. The age group is suggested to be at least 13 years of age and above. CreatureWrestling and its staff are not responsible for parental supervision or content which may be deemed unsuitable for younger audiences. If content is too graphic in posts we require players to place (MATURE) or (MA) in their subject headers.

2. Players & Officials, both past and present, are regarded as guests and they do not have the right to use or alter our game mechanics and original imagery and media without permission.

3. Any images that were used of the WWE’s Undertaker were done so with the intent of educating the public and in no way meant to infringe or violate the photographer’s creative rights. Other images used were either purchased from stock photography websites or found across the internet with the intent to self-express in story-lines and matches. CW will remove any images and content that the original owner wishes to be removed without any hesitation.

Article 2: Legal Rights

1. CreatureWresling respectfully owns the domain name: and the concept behind it. Any in-game franchisees used for story purposes such as: CWF (creature wrestling federation), CWE (creature wrestling entertainment), ECF (extreme creature federation) and NSA (Non-Stop Adrenaline) are also owned by CW Company. Each player owns his/her story line/character/angle and accomplishments in the game play. The main storyline posted on our boards and columns is regarded as a concept that CW Company also owns and other e-feds may not use them.

2. CreatureWrestling™ is trademarked. The name was created in 1999 and has been in use ever since that date by the owner of this website and company.

3. If sites try and publish a domain name that contains “Creaturewrestling” in the address- we will pursue legal action. We will also pursue any sites that falsely claims they are a part of CW Company by the name Creature Wrestling of any sort. The cost of the domain name is paid by the owner of CW willingly. Anyone can promote the domain name, site or boards etc. There are banners available as an option.

4. CW company has no right to claim ownership over player story line/character/angles- however, if these are posted on any board the post and its contents become property of CW Company. Players may make websites to host their bios/have forums to discuss, but they may not use our game mechanics/concepts, graphics or coding without permission.

5. CreatureWrestling owns these character names, concepts and stories and cannot be used under any circumstances without permission: Darkspade, Mortismere, Sincentius

Article 3: Regarding Disgruntled and/or Harmful E-Feds/Players:

Players, officials or staff, both past or present, who are found to be harmful to the website, community and/or to other websites/organizations will be immediately banned from CreatureWrestling and all of their content, within reason and ability, will be removed and/or blocked appropriately.

Article 4: Creative Rights, Columns & Code of Conduct:

1. Any and all original works that are submitted for the site can be used by CW indefinitely unless told otherwise by the original owner at the time of submission.

2. Any images and media posted on the message boards by players is posted at their own risk. CW will not be held responsible for player’s posts including posts with unacceptable content (ex: x-rated material, viruses). CW will monitor and delete inappropriate posts from our message boards and website.

3. All scripts and Media that are originally created and used by CW on our message boards and website cannot be used elsewhere without permission.

4. All content on CW message boards is the property of CW Company. By publishing on our boards you relinquish claim to the posts or material on the message boards. Your ideas and literature is still your creation but the post itself becomes CW Company property because you are using our boards to post your stories and matches. This protects CW company by preventing a player wishing to have all their posts stripped and sent to them upon leaving the e-fed; this rule also protects CW Company from being unlawfully sued.

5. A player has the right to copy+paste their stories for their own use. However, if a player intends to use their post in a negative light such as copy+pasting posts found on CW message boards on to another e-fed’s site/message board with the sole purpose of damaging CW, then the CW officials/staff will delete the player’s posts on our boards immediately including perma-banning the player(s) in question. By using OUR resource to publish your material- you have no say-so with how that material is published. If you are banned- the content you posted is still the property of CW Company.

6. If you are helping out as a news columnist or any other position which is responsible for creating published news- you are not allowed to have complete control over everything that you publish! CW Company has strict policies in place in order to maintain balance and reward players fairly no matter what the opinion of others may be. Publishing columns can drastically influence the flow of the game, and as a result, a news columnist has to answer to the approval of the CW Administrator. The CW Administrator has the final say-so for columns published anywhere on CW. Any act of over-pushing a player or demanding complete creative rights over your columns will result in canceling your ability to posts columns

All players and officials, regardless of status, are to obey the official Code of Conduct

Article 5: Personal Attacks and Acts of Malice including “Suing”:

All-in-all, we don’t tolerate attacks from anyone and we will pursue legal repercussions. Please read the below letter in regards to this subject by CW:

“Even though CW Company/E-Fed is a wondrous place, there comes a time when a disgruntled player or some fan believes that they can attack the E-Fed and produce outrageous claims.
These made-up rights from these disgruntled people are exactly that- made up.

The ability to view CW Company website from your browser does not allow one to own CW Company site or makeup rules to fit their needs- even if they purchased an internet provider service to view CW Company site and possessed the ability to post on CW message boards.

However, CW makes it very clear that when you use our resources to produce and publish your stories or creative developments- you do so with the understanding and knowledge that you hold no rights over what happens to it on the boards.

CW is a non-commercial site, a fan site and most importantly- it’s a FREE site. Any false claims or threats by disgruntled players will be ignored and brought to the attention of their service provider if they persist.

Any act of hacking or sabotage will be meet with legal repercussions. CW’s entire MySQL databases and files are constantly backed up if in case an issue like this occurs.”

CW Company has obtained legitimate discipline on copyrights and one’s rights over a body of work including the internet and can distinguish between true claims and false claims.

Article 6: Details of Official Copyright Laws & Privacy Information:

Fair Use Doctrine:
“According to Title 17 of the United States Code, Section 107 that determine what is fair use of a copyrighted work:

1. The purpose and character of the use, including whether it is for commercial or nonprofit educational use;
2. The nature of the copyrighted work;
3. The amount and substantiation of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
4. The effect the use will have on the market of or value of the work being copied.”
Source: Copyright & Art by Sharon McHugh

CW Company makes every attempt to produce original imagery, including purchasing stock photography and files to be used on the website and message boards. However there are times when in order to self-express, CW requires the use of images and files found from the vast depository of media on the internet. If the original owner has proof and requires to remove images or files- we will do so immediately and without hesitation.

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If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.

At CreatureWrestling, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by and how it is used.

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