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Segment 2 Continued: Creature Wrestling Entertainment (Overview of the Lilith Saga Aftermath in late 2003)

The aftermath of the threat from Lilith spawned a second golden age of Creature Wrestling but the peace and tranquility, which resulted by the end of Queen Lilith, was short lived. Creature Wrestlers spiraled out of control! In an effort to sustain stability in the world of creatures- The Unholy Ministry was reformed along with the remnants of BloodSyn. The members included: DARKSPADE (as the first CWF District Promoter), Kizmat and his mistress, Artix von Krieger, Cerberus and Sabrefang the Forsaken. Kizmat and his mistress then laid the foundations for a Grand Kindred Council which could regulate and balance all of the houses of Creature rule… this was an effort to never again allow a second coming of evil such as Queen Lilith.

For awhile the Kindred Council (which included: DARKSPADE, KIZMAT (not present), Dalkiel, Lord Caine of the Sabbat, Artix von Krieger, Sabrefang the Forsaken and Lord Tirell, “Big Businezz,” of Dunpeals) created order from chaos and it was working. With the Kindred Council in place- CWE focused it’s attention back on producing amazing televised and pay-per-view wrestling events… It was during this era that GTWF (Game Talk Wrestling Federation) and CWE held the first ever Interfed Tournament on CREATUREMANIA |||| (  along with 3 other explosive main events.

Even though there seemed to be peace- an approaching evil like never before witnessed was about to take shape… As the Kindred Council grew, so did the power of Kizmat’s most trusted adviser… Archbishop Seer D’Giabanv IX. Seer was an old wise man who was given the gift of a second life span for his services to the house of Blood. As archmage, Seer only advised Kizmat on critical decisions but he always appeared to be humble and always impartial. Unfortunately, during the climax of the Lilith Saga… Kizmat went missing and our heroes never found him… as a result, Seer took over Kizmat’s role on the seat as a steward. The council finally accepted Seer as a real council member after he exhibited cunning and persuaded the mortals to a truce with the Kindred race.

Kindred Councilor Seer D’Giabanv IX represented the human race and there was true progress… as a result, Seer was granted rights to lead the Protectors of Mortality, a band of mystical Grand Thaumaturge Knights to act as police officers between Kindred and Mortals.

Then one night, Count Valdieu of Dunpeals was slain in his bedroom and the murder weapon was left at the scene of the crime. The weapon was a dagger with the emblem of a rival tribe known as The Drake. News of the assassination of a Kindred Council member spread like wildfire and Councilor Seer D’Giabanv IX immediately sent his Protectors of Mortality to seize his first suspect, Lord Tirell (known as “The Seize of Winsnich”) which developed into the biggest and most controversial trial in COTN history.  This sparked the next main storyline in CWE in the year 2003.

[The Kindred Trials]
During the threat of Queen Lilith, a grand council of ancient Kindred Houses were forged as a defense. The Kindred Council survived Lilith’s onslaught and were well on their way to develop an association with other houses, including, negotiations with the human race. The main organizers of the Council were The Royal House of Blood, The Royal House of Drake, The Death Family and The Dunpeals.

With an illusion of peace about, no one could have suspected foul play when Count Valdieu was brutally slain one night in his Castle. Lord Tirell was first to arrive on scene but before he could seek revenge- the newly appointed Councilor Seer arrested Lord Tirell with his army of Thaumaturge Knights. Seer proclaimed that he had evidence which suspected Tirell, Darkspade and Lord Caine as the possible murderer.

If a suspect were to be found guilty- not only would they be put to death but also the entire house will be exiled. The intensity of the situation immediately called for a Council meeting which placed Seer as the Judge over the trial. Seer admitted that his chosen suspects were innocent until proven guilty, but his demeanor proved otherwise- that in fact he blamed the Kindred race for their savageness and believed the Kindred society needed to be guided by a non-kindred being with no association or bias.

With the trials looming- Tirell, Darkspade and Lord Caine accepted house arrest while their defense team went to work to prove their innocence. While this was all happening…. and as the trials became more and more popularized within the Kindred community… Councilor Seer’s ego and stature grew and grew to a ridiculous level. Eventually, Councilor Seer assumed narcissistic qualities as if he was a royalty; and moved into Castle Mortis and populated the grounds with more and more guards. Only a select few could see Seer at this point- namely the defense team.

Councilor Seer’s obsession and paranoia escalated to the point that Kindreds were secretly arrested for no reason- such as breaking curfew that wasn’t approved by the council. Seer eventually accused Sabrefang of the Sabbat as an accompanist to the murder and sent his Knights to arrest him. Unlike the rest accused- Sabrefang protested and he was nearly assassinated by a band of Slayers. In a meeting- Seer and Kizmat’s mistress were interrupted by Sabrefang, who broke into Seer’s room at Castle Mortis, and threatened to kill Seer for sending the Slayers to assassinate him.  Seer, of course, denied the accusations and demanded proof which Sabrefang didn’t have… The Knights eventually captured Sabrefang and sent him into prison to await the trials.

During all of this- Kizmat’s mistress tried to reason with Seer but the more she tried the more she suspected that Seer was losing his mind. Eventually, Seer prohibited Kizmat’s mistress to converse before the trials which prompt Kizmat’s mistress to spy in on Seer’s activities. In one observation, Seer was seen creeping into Kizmat’s mediation chamber and salivated over on top of Kizmat’s empty coffin as if it was a prize proclaiming that “justice will be swift and sure.” As the trials were fast approaching- Seer appointed Hawke as his special prosecutor. The appointment without the other member’s approval created a rift through the Kindred Council but Seer’s authority was too strong to do anything about it.

[Court In Session]
Summons were finally sent to the accused and Councilor Seer went over the line by trying to televise the trial on Creature Wrestling Entertainment… Darkspade’s defense attorney protested against this decision proclaiming that Creatures needed to be kept secret from the world. Seer finally compromised once an agreement was made to allow new evidence not seen beforehand by the defense team.

Suspects: Darkspade, Lord Tirell and Baron Alec Businezz, Lord Caine, Attila, Sabrefang and Atrix
Witnesses: Servants at Castle Caine, Darkspade’s prostitutes
Defense Attorney: Defense Councilor Wolf
Prosecutor: Special Prosecutor Hawke
Jury: Creatures hand picked by Seer

Even before the trials took place- Councilor Seer took center stage and all eyes were on him as if HE was a star. Seer was no longer a humble man- instead, studded with a flowing golden robe and jewels- he assumed a presence of royalty and ultimate authority. The first to be accused was Darkspade… according to evidence presented by witnesses who worked at the Dunpeals estate- Darkspade was seen on the night of the murder- leaving the estate 1 hour before Count Valdieu’s body was found. In addition, a piece of red fabric believed to be from Darkspade’s red lined trench-coat was discovered with Count Valdieu blood on it. Wolf immediately debunked the situation as coincidental and his forensic team identified that the blood on Darkspade’s cape was from, instead, Tirell, “Big Businezz” when Darkspade fought him in a wrestling match the day before the murder… since Dunpeals essentially hold the same DNA patterning- Wolf’s team was able to find hidden strands which not belonging to the murder victim and concluded that the DNA was tampered with to make it appear that it came from Count Valdieu. Darkspade also admitted that he was there that night but left because he had business with prostitutes in town!  Once the prostitutes entered the court room- Spade proved his innocence without a shadow of a doubt!… but the question lingered in the back of everyone’s head… who tampered with the DNA?

While this was going on- Seer’s prosecutor – Councilor Wolf made a spectacle out of the whole situation and even made fart jokes while the court was in session. The next to be questioned was Attila (who was never announced to the defense team prior the hearings) but then before Seer could question him- Tirell and his brother Alec Businezz stormed in on the trial with a bucket of KFC chicken!! Wolf went nuts over the colonel’s nom noms and demanded that they share the food!! The “trial” was quickly turning into a colossal sideshow act!

Once the commotion subsided- Hawke asked Tirell where he was at during the murder. Tirell explained that he at his mansion right by the Shaolin temples in Asia training for his return to the CWE. Alec was asked the same question and responded by saying that he was at home watching that 70’s show, kicking back and relaxing before a match that held at a house show that week.

The behavior and defiance from the two brothers irritated Seer and Hawke brought up Exhibit B: the murder weapon… the Dagger! The dagger was from Tirell and Alec’s bloodline and only a family member could remove it from their residence. Hawke further explains that if Alec was at home watching that 70’s show- Alec MUST have heard or noticed something strange that night. Alec responds saying that he had many houses and he wasn’t in Winsnich- but instead in Orlando and that his butler could vouch for him.

Hawke further questions Alec asking him to explain how Seer’s Knights found him and his brother Tirell in Winsnich the following day- which is quite a distance from Orlando! Tirell answered by belching which irritated Seer even more and caused a recess. During the recess, Wolf stripped and paraded around the court room screaming then played with Seer’s beard and grovel!! Seer called for his knights to apprehend Wolf and removed him from the court. After the recess- Hawke shocked the court by announcing the new evidence that was allowed as a compromise to preventing Seer’s publicizing the trial and called for Lord Caine to step up to the stand for questioning.

[The Prime Suspect]
“Hawke: I have undisputed evidence before ye that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt… that the killer was LORD CAINE!!!!!”

The footage showed a man entering the throne room and from the back and side the man resembled Lord Caine. The face however was fuzzy. The tape rolled on to show a man similar to Count Valdieu approach “Caine” and a subsequent argument ensued. Meanwhile, defense councilor Wolf was unavailable to raise an objection due to his increasingly odd medical mental illness! With no defense attorney- Caine was on his own but calmy announced that the “evidence” was both circumstantial and inconsequential!! Lord Caine explained that he always wears a mask and that the tape could have been easily tampered- anybody could have assumed his identity! With a sly grin on his face- Seer revealed that there was a second hidden security camera with another tape showing a different perspective of the throne room:

The tape showed two men indeed arguing, and someone was wronged in a deal. The man resembling Lord Caine JUMPS into the air… raming into the Count!! Then two vampyres fought some more while tearing up the place.

The man resembling Lord Caine transformed into a hybird state and pinned The Count to the floor before clawing the Count’s face. The scene tappers off to when the Count took a hold of Caine’s NECK!!!!!

The next piece of footage showed Caine stalking the Count who made his way out from the doors of the throne room!!! Then, another surveillance camera angle showed the Count climbing upward on the flight of stairs leading to The Count’s bedroom… pulling his body up!!! One step at a time!!!

…….the rest of the footage was digitally cleaned up and the footage zoomed in on the bed door’s mirror to see a completely new outlook of the scene of the crime.

….. blood splatters as we watch Lord Caine take out the twisted dagger and going down on The Count!!! Not one… not two… not five… but seventeen stabs!!!! The body was so mutilated towards the end that the court was left in silence.

[We Rest Our Case]
Lord Caine denied the validity of the “evidence” and proclaimed that it was falsified but that was not enough to dismiss the evidence altogether. In a stunning move, Wolf returned with a buttache and announced that the evidence should have been fully reviewed by the defense and that this was a mistrial. Special prosecutor Hawke further proclaimed that there was more evidence to convict Lord Caine with- but humbly obliged to a full investigation of the evidence. Councilor Seer oddly sustained Wolf’s mistrial decree and granted only 30 minutes for the review of the new evidence. All of this was wrong- why did Seer only allow half-an-hour for a review? and why was Seer behind the new evidence- where did he get it from?

Both Wolf and Hawke reviewed the evidence and concluded that in fact the evidence was circumstantial at best- but the motive was still rock solid that in fact Lord Caine had a grudge against The Count for 500 years! However, the discrepancies in the evidence and the fact that the blood stains on Darkspade’s trench-coat were tampered with all pointed to foul play.

Once the trial resumed- Councilor Seer immediately skipped the findings from both the defense and prosecutor and brought back the murder weapon- but this time, as Exhibit C, finger prints and DNA were found on it to belong to Lord Caine! Hawke explained in his final statement that Lord Caine had political motives for killing Count Valdieu to gain control over the Masquerade. Lord Caine didn’t say anything but Ventrue (one of Lord Caine’s tribeman) spoke on his behalf:

“No offense to Mr Wolf as his defense has been nothing but stellar, filled with anal raiding of his person and renditions of songs and apparently giving Seer a hit off of his Kronik, But this entire trial has been a mockery. First of all, The Sabbat do not give a damn for the Masquerade, we never have and never will. As for political power, this entire order of vampires has been made nothing more than a mockery to the Sabbat and the mere fact that you allow a human put a member of the Sabaat on trial is laughable at best. Mortals, particularly Mortals who would appear to have their own agendas based on the outcome of this trial, are not fit to be given witness to Kindred affairs.”

Ventrue straightened his suit as his sire, Lord Caine, watched on. “Further more, look at the evidence given to you. A DNA test is indeed quite incriminating, but when you consider the fact that the accusers could have gotten that DNA sample when Lord Caine was being accosted by the walking committee that had been meeting so many other accused members of the council, is it not unreasonable to think that they may have gotten the sample from him at an earlier time. The answer is simple ladies and gentlemen of the jury. All of this supposed evidence could have been planted, and most likely has been planted to incriminate Caine, who has already demonstrated that if he wished to kill, he would not need to stoop to a manner unbefitting of one of his power. THAT is all…”

Finally… with the evidence presented, the Jury came to a decision….

The lead juror handed the Balif a black envelope and then that was passed along to Seer…. Seer opened it up and stared at it for a brief moment. Then he notioned to the court with the decision we been waiting for over a month!!!!!!


“So it seems the one with the agenda has delivered his judgement down upon me. The one marked and cursed by God as the first killer of man to walk the land of Nod for eternity. You may pass your judgement, but in the end Seer, you are nothing more than a cow. Bred to be slaughtered and used as a food source.” -Lord Caine

After Kizmat’s mistress pleaded with Councilor Seer- an agreement was made to sentence Lord Caine to a BloodHunt so that he had at least a fighting chance. If Lord Caine survived the onslaught of Kindreds hunting him down- then he would be exiled. Seer agreed only if Lord Caine’s body was burned at the stake in-front of all of the Kindred if caught, which was overkill. Kizmat’s mistress, Cerberus, Ventrue, Tzimisce and Gangrel infiltrated Castle Mortis in search of Lord Caine and the rest of the Sabbat. After battling a sea of Thaumaturge Knights- the heroes finally found Lord Caine with the missing Sabbat members in a dungeon and escaped through a portal to the Sabbat’s hideout.

[Rise to Power]
Lord Caine escaped before he could be sent to the wolves by the BloodHunt- Councilor Seer called the Kindred Council to session, after he visited Kizmat’s coffin again and talked to himself saying he is doing this for “you,” and amongst the ones present was Kizmat’s mistress.

Seer proclaimed: “Ladies, Gentlemen… Nobles and Council members….. it is most tragic that the filthy monster Caine broke from his jail like a coward that he is. He was found guilty without a shadow of a doubt for his crimes….. and instead of paying for it…. he roams free amongst the kindered and mortals a like. We can’t sit here and cloud ourselves of the facts…. the facts that Caine is a MURDER!!! Which has brought me to this hard position…….. according to the Kindered council law– emergency actions will be exercised in the case of corruption in the ranks. It is evident that there IS corruption amongst the ranks….. and it is evident that there needs to be IMMEDIATE action to round up Caine and punish him for his crimes…….. that is why, as the protector of the council, humanity…. and senior member…… that I assume the role of Lord Chancellor!!! Immediately!!! And as your Lord Chancellor— Caine is excommunicated forever from the Kindered society!! He WILL be hunted down like a dog….. just as you wished it! Even though he doesn’t even deserve THAT!

Protest by Kizmat’s mistress explained that the Kindred are of the Blood and that they are instinctively dark creatures- just as Lilith is the dark mother, so is Lord Caine the dark father. But what really set off the new “Lord Chancellor” Seer D’Giabanv IX was the remark that the Kindred were superior to humans. Without Seer realizing it… he revealed his hidden hatred and motives to control the Kindred society and place humans above them. To hide his agenda, Seer told the council that he and he alone will lead the disjointed race of the Kindered to a golden age where MORTALS AND VAMPYRES can live peacefully…. so that the evils of Lilith and Caine will never come to fultrition. Seer closed his speech by re-starting the BloodHunt but this time expanded the scope to include the entire country and Seer assigned Wolf to lead the BloodHunt!

[The BloodHunt]
With Wolf assigned the task to bring Lord Caine to justice- there seemed to be no hope for the good guys.
However, most Kindreds were actually against his royale highness: Lord Chancellor Seer D’Giabanx IX! Even with an army of Knights by his side- Wolf meet stiff opposition in the form of the ENTIRE Kindred race and members of the Sabbat which included: Sabrefang, Gangrel and Tzimisce. Seer’s forces were completely overwhelmed by opposing forces… Meanwhile, Kizmat’s mistress visited Darkspade and they figured out that Seer had a hidden agenda and that Seer was really out to destroy the Kindred race. A plan was in the works to seek out Seer and find out how to remove him from power…. Ironically enough- David, The Captain of the Thaumaturge Knights, unintentionally invited Kizmat’s mistress to Castle Mortis without Seer noticing and she eavesdropped on Seer, Wolf and Hawke. Seer spilled the beans and revealed the truth that the ENTIRE ordeal concerning the murder of the Count and Kindred Trials were staged. BOTH the prosecutor and defense were working with Seer, and Seer even LEAD the Sabbat into rescuing Lord Caine to assume power over the Council!! But the real kicker was that the trio of goofs (Seer, Wolf and Hawke) not only revealed that Kizmat was still alive but also locked up somewhere. Seer desired to assume Kizmat’s title as the King of the Kindred race and he could accomplish this task by the next Hallow’s Eve because he was Kizmat’s steward and the leader of the council. The idea that a mortal could become the Kindred King was preposterous….

[Seer’s BIG Ball]
Kizmat’s mistress was summoned into the executive room soon after she overheard the conversation from the trio of goofs. Seer referred himself as “His Royale Lordship” and asked Kizmat’s mistress to plan for a Grand Ball (party) in Seer’s honor! The mistress, while holding back the urge to rip Seer apart, obliged but not before she asked Hawke and Wolf to help with the preparations… while this was happening, the perverted Seer took opportunities to hit on Kizmat’s mistress- she of course refused to be tampered with and directed the goof’s attention on where and how Seer’s big ball is to be “held.” Despite being put in this situation, the mistress found that this would be the perfect front to find out what else Seer was up to and maybe get a chance to snoop around to bring his almighty heinyness down somehow.

To prepare for Seer’s gigantic Ball, the mistress put together a raveling renaissance faire, a huge joust, roasted pig and sent out royale invitations to all of Seer’s illustrious guests…. all thanks to Seer’s platinum vista card!

For weeks, Kizmat’s mistress and the other councilors shifted their diplomacy skills to….. well… catering for HIS ROYALE HIGHNESS….. Lord Seer!!! The Castle was extravagantly dressed up from tower to tower….. wing to wing…. like a storybook fantasy. A tidal wave of only the most important and worthy were invited to witness this grand ball just for Seer and his greatness… BUT before Seer could mingle with his guests and take the spotlight… he took a visit to Kizmat’s coffin…..

Lord Seer stepped away and entered a secret chamber— down and down till finally he entered Kizmat’s final resting place…. The room was lavishly dressed in dead roses…. and animal guts covered the top of the stone coffin. Seer grinned as he walked up several steps and leaned over the eternal slumbering….

Seer D’Giabanv IX: Who’d ever believe that a mere mortal would ascend the throne you denied…. the world I shall create will be divine… you will be proud of me M’Lord…
Seer takes out his pipe and lights it with his stash…. a drip of salava falls onto Kizmat’s lid…..
Seer D’Giabanv IX: M’Lord! The ball hath begun!!!! We shall have tis passé to ourselves!!!!
His Highness dances by himself in a circle while puffing wildly on his curved pipe….. he hums….

Once Seer left the chamber, Kizmat’s mistress revealed a BIG fabulous treat for Seer and had the FAB 5 make an appearance to make over his royale heinyness!!! While the FABS prettied up Seer…. Kizmat’s mistress, Darkspade, Dalkiel, Cerberus, Atrix and planned 0n how to release Kizmat and investigate the entire castle but they needed Seer completely out of the way… solution? Seer needed a complete makeover!! Enter… the Queer eye Van! Seer was rushed to town and while he had his hair made over and bikini waxed… our heroes searched for Kizmat’s whereabouts…..



[Kizmat’s Tomb]
Kizmat’s mistress, Dalkiel, Nexus and Darkspade were now able to venture into the forbidden parts of Castle Mortis to find Kizmat…

……and in they went….. Kizmat’s mistress, Dalkiel and Nexus slowly walked into the dark morbid passageway. Tourches from all around lit up almost as if they were expecting their master instead. The passage lead them directly into behind where the alter was once was. Kizmat’s mistress used her daggers and slashed the drapery…. and behold….. they stood in the room where Kizmat’s coffin is seen in the center…. only the flickering of red candles lit the tomb now. The last time Kizmat’s mistress saw this room it was lively with druids and brightened up with care…. but now, the room was ravaged… abused and the rotten stench of dead flesh… guts…. human fetes littered the area. Kizmat’s mistress was applauded as what she saw!!! Running to the stone coffin she noticed that the resting place had claw marks from it– from a human nail. Dried blood purposely left there as well. And finally, a twisted rocking chair with an olden pipe layed across its mantle.

What they saw was the empty coffin of Kizmat… but a cryptic manuscript that Seer has been reading religiously over and over again had a bookmark on a page saying:

“Then one day
our Father said to us.
Caine, Abel
to Him Above you must make a sacrifice –
a gift of the first part
of all that you have”

Finding that odd, Kizmat’s mistress continued to flip through it’s pages and in disbelief, read aloud several sections detailing Seer’s plan during Lilith’s reign to Lord Caine’s framing and revealing that it was Wolf all along that had killed the Count De Dunpeal under his order.

Dalkiel and Nexus looked at each other then back at Kzmat’s mistress as she leafed through pages, her anger clearly rose until she found what she had been searching for, the ascension to the throne on all Hallow’s eve and how Kizmat remained “bound by the chains of the Phantomfield and unable to do a thing about it.”

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