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End of Days Saga, page 2

The Federal Government took into account the crime committed by Reverend Jones when he killed Richard Arcane and ruled in favor of Alexander Arcane. This also helped convince the Board of Directors to invest in CreatureWrestling again. Alexander had to piece together Creature Wrestling and he started with reintroducing the Absolute Undisputed Championship which was secretly created by a mysterious horned figure by using the old CWE World title and Mortismere’s “Underworld/Nethercore” titles! The new title possessed a strange energy that could enhance Creature powers or give powers to Mortals… the title also had another name… “The Hand of God.”

Alexander Arcane satup a match on the 14th Year Anniversary special between Gunther and Deadblood for the new Absolute title. It did not take long until Deadblood easily defeated Gunther and became the new Absolute Champion.

Later, Deadblood acknowledged that the belt he was caring was unlike any belt in existence; and he insisted that Alex spill the beans on the belt’s mysterious purpose. Alex dodged many questions but eventually convinced Deadblood, especially after DB noticed he had crimsonlight powers, that they could benefit with a business arrangement- and so they agreed to work together.

Then, Kizmat appeared on CW Network with the Undisputed Mortal Championship and quickly challenged Deadblood. The two were to fight each other on CreatureMania IX in an Annihilation -winner takes all- match!

Meanwhile, the diabolical Guardian of Wickedness, Red Spyder is enjoying his role as Guardian… and then arrives to meet Lord Mortismere and Markus at Castle Mortis. Red Spyder was stunned to see that The Dark Queen Lilith was alive and slumbering in her sleeping tube. Lord Mortismere explains that they need to destroy the Death Family before Lilith awakens and then Seer appears with his grown up babeh Lusus…. Lusus both intrigued and disgusted everyone, especially poor Red Spyder as it devoured a woman before their very eyes in the most cruel and disturbing way possible. Red, nonetheless, was happy to help out destroy the Death Family.

Then elsewhere, Darkspade is upset that his shot for the Absolute title, that was promised to him as an agreement with Alexander for saving Richard, was ignored– but Charon and Brandon are much more concerned about the Final Gate being opened and The Dark Queen Lilith’s pending awakening!! Darkspade then storms out of Death Manor leaving his family to deal with the Apocalypse!

Page 1 ends as it approached CreatureMania XI…. Darkspade announced his bid for the Absolute title and Deadblood does the unthinkable and defeats Lord Kizmat for his Undisputed Mortal belt!! Deadblood became the first ever Double Undisputed champion!!

Planning for the Next Round


It was several days after the magnificent legendary event: CreatureMania XI. The CW headquarters was bustling with activity from all departments…. it was a media storm as well- for outside of the grand ivory towers then came forth out from a long black limousine The Absolute Undisputed Champion: Deadblood and alongside him his manager: Sherri Stull. The paparazzi was all over Deadblood!!

Alexander was waiting for Deadblood in the board meeting room…. once inside Deadblood enters cautiously– but Sherri was no where to be found- apparently she elected to not appear inside of the room…. With a sly smile from the infamous Alexander Arcane– the two then come close to shake hands…. Alexander had noticed that the Absolute title was across Deadblood’s waist along with the Undisputed Mortal belt across his left shoulder….

Deadblood places the Mortal belt across the mahogany table along with the Absolute title… and sits down.

“YOU DID IT!!! I knew when I choose you to represent this sport that I was not wrong!! Now you truly are, Absolute! Now. Down to business shall we…. You’ve grown in power… much more than I could ever expected. Why… you even managed to dethrone the Lord of Blood!!! How is the Crimson light treating you? [Deadblood merely nodded] Oh you don’t have to even reply- heh- I can see the results again and again and again on the BlueRay copy of CreatureMania XI!! Man that match rose this company’s stock value 200%!!!….. but uh [Alex walks around the table] That’s not why I called you in here… to talk about stocks. No… it seems that we might others contending your position as the Absolute Champion. I know that DARKSPADE called you out on the PPV itself but I heard rumors of others are gunning for those belts of yours…. Now normally, I am sure this wouldn’t be a problem but I like to protect my investments…..” – said Alexander Arcane

Alexander boats about CW’s rise in the marketplace… then the title was tested for its surge in power. Alexander was curious how the Mortal belt would affect the Absolute and then on its holder.

“The Absolute title is producing a very strange wavelength caused by the proximity of the Undisputed Mortal title. Dead, if it wasn’t enough that the title was luring- that magnification has risen.” – said Alexander Arcane

Now Deadblood was amused
“Makes sense. With or without this ‘magnification’ – I am the most powerful champion on the planet! past, present or future… Everyone wants to be in my shoes [Dead then gazes at the titles in a mesmerizing manner]”

(Alexander was pleased with the current results and also stressed to Deadblood that their business relationship is still ongoing and to follow Alex’s rules… Alex then elaborates further with the results of the titles….)

“That title, the Absolute Championship, is referred too as the ‘hand of God.’ Think of this- the power of creation and destruction. I am certainly not doubting your abilities and star-power. 200% marginal gain is huge… but that pales in comparison, Deadblood, to unlocking the secrets that title holds. You’ve done nothing but pose for the camera; taking autographs and slapped around an over-raged vampire… but tell me, have you learned anything MORE about the title? What would it take I imagine… hmmm… perhaps, yes. An opportunity for someone to test your skills to it’s breaking point and to finally reveal the true power behind that belt… I am confident that you will win. So [pulls out a black briefcase] this is my gift. An open contract. If someone wants it bad enough- i don’t care WHO. They can cash in this briefcase for a shot at that gorgeous belt. An open contract to anyplace, anywhere and in a match of your challenger’s choosing.” – Alexander Arcane

“Fine. None of that matters me. You can place me into any match with anyone and I will always come on top. If that’s what you want… to test the limits to my skills and by extension the Absolute Championship…. then by all means.” – said Deadblood

“[realizing that Deadblood’s focus was now on the open contract and proving himself] That’s what I want to hear… So. I am going to leave it up too… umm Sherri right? Take the briefcase to her… she’s the only person on this planet who can decide who will face you for that championship. She has 10 days to decide. And upon that 10th day she must produce an opponent or you will be stripped of both championships and no longer a part of CreatureWrestling- trust me, I can find another test subject.” – said Alexander Arcane

Alexander addresses the briefcase with the contract inside of it which states that Deadblood has to find an opponent in 10 days, then Alex takes a shot at “romanticizing” Sheri, but it was to no prevail. Once Deadblood and Sheri left, Alexander connects with Richard through his iPad and the two exchange thoughts about the title and about Sheri…. The conversation also ended with Darkspade’s bid for the Absolute title….

“Well. *rubs hands* The plan is going well. First the Crimson light and now this. This will surely bring CreatureWrestling to heights never again achieved. We should thank Darkspade and Charon for trying so hard to destroy Mortismere… heh… it was all possible after obtaining his title belt [Richard realizes that Alex was looking at something at the edge of his pad’s screen] Bro… what are you smiling about…” – said Richard Arcane

Announcement that Everyone’s Been Waiting For.


When Deadblood’s music hit, the crowd reacted mostly with cheers, those cheers getting louder when he actually stepped out onto the stage, the Absolute championship over one shoulder and the Mortal championship over the other. With him was Sheri Stull, carrying the briefcase containing the open contract that they’d been given. Deadblood comes out and explains that he has to come up with an opponent due to the contract from the briefcase today. After some time disrespecting “The Unholy One”, Deadblood announces that he will offer the contract to Darkspade… Darkspade appears and the two exchange words and eventually become physical when Gojinn shocks the entire world upon his return!!

Deadblood stormed the edge of the ring, as did Darkspade, reaching out towards the stage area, Gojinn standing at the top, holding the contract tightly in his hand. He reaches up with his other hand, pulling his hood back and off revealing a thick, well-trimmed beard as he slowly walked down the ramp to the ring – two of his best rivals standing within. In his head he played out this move a million times. He knew the score. The fans simply watched and screamed with pure excitement as he jumped up and onto the ring apron, catching the ropes with his free hand, Spade and Blood having slowly backed off. He waited for them to step back again – a smug grin slowly spreading across his face.

A ringside technician sprinted around to his side of the ring, sticking a microphone through the ropes to hand the King. He quickly took it and held it up, waiting patiently for an unending crowd reaction to just yield a moment…

And when it did… “Spade.” The crowd ignited again, as if it couldn’t contain itself any longer. ” … Thunder.” The crowd burst again and Deadblood clearly reacted to the King’s words, though many were confused still. Gojinn simply shrugged and tossed the contract to the mat in the center of the ring. “It’s signed. Do something about it.”

Gojinn just signed the contract for the title belts!

After another brutal beating between the three continued– Deadblood looked over at Darkspade, staring for a moment, before walking back up the ramp to the stage, Sheri following him, almost having to run to keep up with his fast pace. And then he too disappeared to the backstage area, leaving just Darkspade as the crowd wondered just what the hell else might happen next!

Power Shifts and Major Announcements


The shock of what happened with the #1 contendership was felt all over. Then Alexander exits from the stage with a his classic smirk on his face. He’s gotten older over the years and his hair was filled with grey reflecting his everlasting tenure as the most powerful Promoter on the planet! Once he entered the ring, he swiftly received the mic to make a special announcement.

“I just came out here to get to the point. First, it comes to NO surprise that Creatures emerged to attempt to challenge the GREATEST CHAMPION OF ALL TIME… DEADBLOOD! Quite pathetic if you ask me. You pesky Creatures have been a blessing and a curse to me for MY ENTIRE LIFE! But it does not matter to me, or to Deadblood, WHO is the #1 Contendership to the single most greatest and highest belt in the existence! …… because when the dust all clears and is done…. Deadblood will stand triumphant as the ABSOLUTE UNDISPUTED CHAMPION OF THIS SPORT!… I am a man of my word, the contract stands. So officially the next Championship match will be…. The REIGNING Double-Champion fighting up against the reemergence of King Gojinn. Can epic encounter pale in comparison as words to describe this heated clash of Titans? Barely….. So I am further releasing NEWS that these two competitors are to wage war on the NEXT Pay-Per-View: CreatueWrestling INFERNO CRISIS!… INFERNO CRISIS will be coming to you UNDEAD on Halloween day itself!… October 31st. But oh oh…. it gets better. You see. Now that we have a date in mind, we need a special stipulation…. and for that stipulation, I leave that entirely up to our NEW and REHIRED Commissioner…. I introduce to you……. Commissioner Bebra!”

Eventually, Gojinn emerged and wanted Alexander to strip Deadblood of the belts- but Darkspade also appeared and attacked both men until Gojinn attacked Darkspade leaving him in his own pain.

Kizmat’s Concern and Allegiance


With so much occurring; somewhere kept secret, somewhere kept silent did a certain someone with vengeance on his mind was conversing with someone uniquely unlike his own… but for what purpose? To what end?

And so the scene materializes with Reverend Jones, aka The Archangel of Death, seated comfortably at a booth with a table in-front of him full of empty beer glasses. Then- through the many beads that separated his Reverence- emerged, in shock…. his Lordship. The Lord of Blood, KIZMÄT!

“There is nothing to fear from me, at least, at the moment. I will get to the point of my appearance…. it is, it is about the current state of things in CreatureWrestling… and of… the world.”

“I see. Seems that everybody has magically forgotten that the moon is now a big, gigantic blistering eye leading to the final gate of the Apocalypse and Creatures plus Mortals are unrighteous in their manners to carry on this foolish quest to become the Absolute Undisputed Champion. Ho ho… please understand with all due respects, M’Lord, I served secretly under my true boss- Richard Arcane- all to destroy this sport in an effort to eradicate the world of sin! I WAS DOING THE RIGHT AND JUST THING! Now. Now look at where we are at…. may as well allow it to happen… the Apocalypse… seemingly that all anyone can care about is who is ON TOP!” – said Reverend Jones

“Not even the Apocalypse can quince the thirst for power, Dear Reverend. We have bought borrowed time, but rest assure that the Final Gate WILL not be opened. Not until it is the time, the true time, as ordained by God HIMSELF!!! I look at the present. And what we have are three foolish cretins blinded by the grandeur of a belt that I believe was brought into being by demoncraft. I speak of, the “Hand of God.” [Reverend is perplexed by that and says, “God?”] Yes. How can it be evil. I am not sure how Alex did it… that would be my next task… among other things… but he managed to unearth a relic of ancients that could, in it’s true form, possess the power of Creation or Destruction. I am very certain that Alex choose Deadblood as his champion to test the belt out- to know that the belt can bestow or enhance powers. At any case, about that belt, I MUST DEFEAT DEADBLOOD…. I thought I had everything won at CreatureMania but Sheri surprised me. I know now to get to Alex… I must defeat Deadblood…. but before any of that, I must stop Sheri… I need to know everything about them! And you are the only man that can do it.”

“We will inject fear and insecurity to those who seek to become the Absolute Undisputed Champion! I propose that you make an announcement at the up and coming PPV and provide a choice to the #1 Contender. Either give up the quest or face our wrath. I predict that they will not bend to your will but instead, open the floodgates for an all out war! It is far wiser to allow enemies of thy enemy forum for total destruction….. and once the dust clears, that’s when I will emerge and shoot straight for the Absolute title…. and by extension Alexander Arcane!” – said Reverend Jones

Kizmat proposed to work with Reverend Jones with their common enemies and Kizmat desired to obtain the Absolute Undisputed and Mortal belts in the process!!

Inferno Crisis 2014!


Inferno Crisis came… and The Reverend finally revealed that he was indeed the Archangel of Death but he “cleansed” his sins and is now known as Reverend Jones. It was clear that the Reverend was psychotic especially when he proclaimed that whomever holds the Absolute Undisputed belt is a sinner… Reverend desired for the current #1 Contender, Gojinn, to give up his spot and repent.

CW Absolute Undisp. & Undisp. Mortal Championship: DeadBlood(c) VS Gojinn
Finally. “King” Gojinn had a shot at the big prizes in CreatureWrestling. It had been seven years since the last time he had a shot in CreatureWrestling…. the battle was a sea saw confrontation in a Steel cage with four platforms match. Until when Gojinn nearly had his hands on the title- The Unholy Ministry appeared on the CreatureTron and a lightning bolt struck Gojinn in the chest!

Gojinn’s body flies off of the ladder and crashes not just through the topmost platform but in a horrific ‘accident.’ An accident that left Gojinn in a puddle of his own blood…. when we all wondered what the HELL just happened… furthermore did the lights dim and with a shocking interruption occurring from the CreatureTron… making all who dare witness this tribulation stand in shock and dismay……..

Darkspade laughs and then each dead body is cut from the rope by some unearthly force and then piles up to create a mountain of death which ascended to the very top of the structure- cutting through the steel mesh the bodies encountered… We watch in awe as Darkspade climbed the mountainous terrain of flesh and guts with Deadblood rising alongside him, unconscious, by the power of the Unholy- until Spade reached the last platform from where, up-high, were the two most prestigious belts in existence…….. The Unholy One then drops Deadblood just a few feet from the last ladder…. and then looks up at the belts. Spade screams at Deadblood, “Now. Watch in agony and defeat as I TAKE WHAT YOU HOLD DEAR! IF I CAN NOT HAVE THEM… NO ONE ELSE WILL!!!!!!!!!.” The Unholy One lets off a sinister crackle of a laugh… and CLIMBS HIMSELF TO THE TITLE BELTS……to DESTROY THE BELTS!!!!

Darkspade’s fingers were brushing against the two title belts as he reached to free them. Behind him, Deadblood remained on the platform, not moving, and Sheri was back to her feet on the outside, watching on, not daring to climb inside the cage with the mountain of corpses to stop Darkspade.

But then, suddenly, the crowd began to cheer loudly, Darkspade thinking they were cheering him on, causing him to grin as continued to work at getting the belts free. Before he could free them though, he felt an invisible force grip his wrists, ankles, waist, and neck, the power forcing his hands away from the title belts!!! Snarling, he tried to turn his head, tried to see who was preventing him from doing what he intended. And it was then that he saw exactly who: Gojinn, now back to his feet, standing at the bottom of the corpses, eyes burning with hatred for the Unholy One!!!!!!

A moment later, the King sent Darkspade flying off of the platform, causing him to first crash into the top of the nearest wall of the cage, his lower back bending over the edge of the cage, before slamming Darkspade just as hard onto the mat below, leaving a dent in the mat where he landed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stepping around the corpses, Gojinn moved towards the spot where Darkspade landed. Darkspade didn’t seem like he would be moving anytime soon, but Gojinn didn’t care, furious over Darkspade’s interference, furious over being delayed in taking the titles from Deadblood. Dragging Darkspade up out of the dent in the mat, Gojinn then dropped him back to the mat with a Spinout!!!!!

It was during this moment of Gojinn being distracted with Darkspade though that Deadblood began to drag himself up the ladder and by the time Gojinn turned his attention back to Deadblood, he already had both titles unhooked, winning the match!!!

Then, Red Spyder made an appearance- a clear message was conveyed to King Gojinn and from that, the event came to a close.

The End of Worlds


Many sightings from Creatures and Human beings endowed by magic or psychic abilities all claim that the moon is a gigantic overseeing blood thirsty evil eye…. staring at them…. judging them…. as a result, streets all over the world have been cramped by Humans who could see the blood Moon with picket signs claiming that the day of Apocalypse is upon us….. Claims by organize religions call for repentance in preparation for a Biblical event known the world over as the Rapture…… Even as CreatureWrestling’s ratings and dominance in the wrestling sport the world over tip scales unlike ever seen before– the world is in chaos and in fear!!

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15th Year Anniversary

Then CreatureWrestling reached its 15th Year of existence!! The 15th Year also included a PPV show which would feature DeadBlood(c) VS Gojinn VS KIZMAT and Red Spyder fighting Darkspade!


1. DeadBlood(c) VS Gojinn VS KIZMAT: Gojinn and Kizmat lose per elimination.

2. Red Spyder VS Darkspade: The two eventually enter the gate of Wickedness and through a brutal, hellish fight, Angel appears and used her powers to assist Darkspade in winning the match.

The end of the 15th Anniversary left a lot of scars…. mostly Gojinn became extremely spiteful and desperate to still prove he had what it takes & was ignoring Red Spyder left and right; Red Spyder was mysteriously drawn to Angel after their encounter in the Gate of Wickedness; Darkspade, on the other hand, cemented his spot as the #1 contender to the Absolute and Mortal titles which infuriated Gojinn to no ends.

Concludes Page 2…

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