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End of Days Saga, page 6

“It was told. That upon the last stroke of MIDNIGHT, TWO identical twins shall be born unto this world who possess the omnipotent powers of the Universe- and with their powers, become the deciders of Life or Death for us all.”- The Death Family Grimoire

Angel attacks her own grandfather and sends him soaring over a cliff to the sea… she joins with Red Spyder, the man who’d rapped and impregnated her. But they would not rejoice for long as Aeean Hades shows up and accuses Red Spyder of unsettling the natural order.

The newborn arrives- but as Aeean Hades tries to destroy it- the newborn uses its powers to slow down time long enough for Red to slice Aeean Hades in half!

Meanwhile, Darkspade is teleported to a medical room underneath CW HQ by the power of the Absolute title! But once Spade awakes he is “greeted” by Alexander Arcane and Reverend Jones… they explain to Darkspade the purpose behind the Absolute title- then, the title eerie speaks to Darkspade!

Then, in the same location, Deadblood arrives to see Alexander Arcane about the controversies surrounding the past CreatureMania- when all of a sudden- Alexander Arcane appears from a skybox and starts up a match between Deadblood and Shi Dorsujun Ku for the Mortal Championship! The two go at it in a highly physical beatdown in the training facility!

Back at the medical room- Darkspade attacks Reverend Jones and takes his belt and leaves the room while the belt speaks to him… then, Alexander Arcane gets up to leave when Charon Death appears and confronts him in the skybox. Then, down below, Deadblood manages to get an upper hand with the match, to the point, Shi goes unconscious- but Darkspade shows up… Deadblood and Darkspade go at it verbally about WHO should be the Absolute title as Deadblood takes the belt! Until, Kizmat appears and attacks Deadblood to get at the Absolute title that Deadblood!! Then, a LARGE gigantic blast suddenly ignites from above in the skybox above Dead and Spade!!! Dead turns around which then allowed Spade to take the belt but not for long! Because from the blast shot out Alexander Arcane!!! Alex crashed into Spade which made the Absolute title belt drop from Spade’s hand and get trapped underneath a series of weight machines!!!! Dead and Spade angrily look upward to see Charon of Death gazing downward with a bizzare limelighted up eyes….. just starring at the two below!!!

Charon blasts a volley of many nail guns at Deadblood and Kizmat even as Darkspade screams at her to stop… The two managed to dodge many but a few struck Kizmat’s right hand making him drop the Absolute title back to the ground and his right arm slammed against drywall – now, lodged!!!
Deadblood eyed the title but as he was about to reach and pick it up- The Unholy One dig deep and unleashed such a tremendous amount of stored Unholy Energy that Alex and the weight machines blew off of him!!!

In a sudden flash- Darkspade crashed unto Deadblood and slammed the former champ into the side of the squared circle causing the entire structure to topple…. Charon pursued after Kizmat and then stopped infront of her love….. reaching for her gun again she aims right at Kizmat’s head and ready to pull the trigger….

Then, suddenly, Markus appears from a portal! Kizmat could not figure out why Charon had turned… but as Markus gave the order he had the Absolute title in his hand…. Dead and Darkspade barely gaze on as they watched Markus leave inside of the portal…. followed by a mesmerized and dangerous Charon of Death!!!!!

The 16th Anniversary of CreatureWrestling: End of Days, Act V – The Final Act


The road taken has been long and sought out for. Several branches were explored and appeared to have no connection- are instead, each branch were essential to each other. And now- we reach the Final Act. What we seen thus far has been shocking, disturbing and grotesque. With Angel of Death fully exposed to Red Spyder’s wickedness- she birthed a lil devil who played a role in the destruction of the Architect of the Gates…

Then. Lilith’s forces imprisoned Charon of Death and injected her once again to the EVANGELION nanobots in order to find where Alexander had hidden the Absolute Title belt!!! The key ingredient in finally opening the Final Gate.

Darkspade and Deadblood also sought the title belt- but while they were in a heated engagement at the secret training grounds under CW HQ- Charon of Death emerges to take the belt away from them but in a last ditch effort- Kizmat appeared and tried to stop Charon… However, it was all in vain.

Lilith has been waiting… for a very very very long long time…. and as those prime premium juices flow like Viagra falls so does her anxiousness to take the Earth into her own bosom for all time!!

Just right after Charon and Markus disappeared into the portal leading to Castle Mortis- The Lord of Blood Kizmat rips his hand from the nailgun which was impaled into the drywall…. and stomps over towards to Alexander Arcane who was trying to peel himself from rubble…. Kizmat snarled and huffed at the Promoter readying to strike!!! Suddenly! Darkspade springs into action and shoved Kizmat out of the way…. Darkspade tells the rest that they need to take Alex with them and go after Charon through the portal…

The scene then shows Darkspade running after Deadblood through the portal followed by Kizmat who had Alexander over his shoulder. The scene comes to an end when an army of fire fighters come through a hanger door and are taking care of the fire lead by an anxious Richard Arcane who watches the portal close to Castle Mortis!

They appeared in the grounds of Castle Mortis. Deadblood had a sizable conversation with Darkspade- mainly about the titles being his. Deadblood declared that he wasn’t leaving there himself until the Absolute title was safely and securely around his waist.

Presentation to the Dark Queen


Meanwhile… we approach a scene where we are seemingly hovering in-front of Charon and Markus walking towards the camera… the scene changes so that now we view the two from behind and witness them entering the royal throne room where her Royale Highness was anxiously masturbating furiously to the display of massacre before her!! The concubines fucked in a mass orgy – only to slit their throats before jumping into the large grinder, and chewed up into millions of pieces before pumped up her long awaiting tube to a goblet of her enjoyments.

The reincarnated dick of F’ein Dacor stood up on one of the end tables and squirted premium sluges into the air in excitement as Charon and Markus returned with the Absolute Undisputed Title belt firmly in their possession.

“Your Majesty. I present to you… the Absolute Undisputed title…..”

In excitement that she could hardly contain- Lilith stood up- she was naked of course- with her tits plump and full of her mother’s sweet tasty and sweetened nectar. Then from the side- Mortismere emerged from behind the curtains with the Sword of Gilgamesh firmly close by…..

Markus smiled as he made his way towards the dinning table where it was now being filled by Lilith’s court…. the scene then focuses in on Charon who sits slowly down and slowly pans across the room with her lighted up limelight eyes- specifically stopping her gaze upon Lilith and then towards the approaching Mortismere who first steps on the bloodied Hangman on the floor… Mortis catches Charon’s gaze and returns one of his own before sitting down with the Sword of Gilgamesh firmly, and securely, by his side…. Suddenly, the dick of F’ein Dacor slaps it’s mushroom head against a crystal goblet for a toast….

During the display of excitement of premium nom noms- Markus, who was seated next to Charon, looks over to Charon and notices that she hasn’t touched her goblet nor the salad full of aborted fetuses…

Charon didn’t say a word at first to Markus– gulps, leaves the napkin, and abruptly stands up.

Lilith was too preoccupied being pumped in the love slit like a revolving door to care– which at that time Markus answers by simply nodding to Charon… Charon then leaves… but not before Markus turned his head towards Mortis and nods to him as well which prompted Mortis to also stand up and shadow Charon out of the throne room- following her….

Kizmat flings the unconscious Alexander Arcane down on the ground and growls furiously at the two “grown” men: Darkspade and Deadblood going at it in an argument over who is the champion. The Unholy One explained what happened to him and what caused this situation to begin with: how he was attacked by Angel and appeared inside the complex- how Reverend Jones and Alexander Arcane revealed their plan to use the title to control the Hellish hordes and rebuild the Earth with their own profitable agendas… and how the title suddenly spoke to him…. telling Darkspade that it was “…awakened to guide the chosen to the End of Days.” Kizmat rubbed his chin and looked downward at Alexander Arcane just before he summoned his Sword of Cain in his strong right hand…..

“You two MUST listen closely. This is not a game. This is serious. I do not know what emerged from the title belt but I am certain that the title bares a formidable curse. And it is the instrument for which opens the Final Gate of the Apocalypse. We must come to a plan. And in order to win to secure a future for our children and loves ones- we have to work together! We MUST retrieve the title at all costs!”

After the talk, Deadblood & Darkspade still acted like children over the title, but when Darkspade asked what to do with Alex- Deadblood proposes killing Alexander would not be favorable and they could gain from saving his life. Both Darkspade and Kizmat seemed to be considering his words. Killing Alex would give CW a thorough shakeup to say the least and give them new chances at holding positions of power within the company.

Welcoming the children to dine with their mother.


The scene then fades back to the end of the banquet….. The entire court were preoccupied finger fisting each other until their own juices flowed like a river… The Dark Queen Lilith slithered over the dead body parts littered on the ground to her throne made out of penises and vaginas but around her luscious waist was the Absolute Undisputed Championship belt.

Lilith cupped her right tit, pinched the tip of her blistering red top and squeezed it several times across the title’s surface… feeling the power that emerged from the belt upon her spew… she slowly opened her legs wide open and rolled the title gingerly to her natty vagina patch – it was heaven knowing that the key to the Apocalypse rested solely between her wet clit… which prompted her to ram the ends of the title to find her blistering g-spot.

In the distance, Lusus was gnawing and tearing apart body parts- from dead and alive- along with Seer licking the left over nom noms from the ooze which emerged from a peculiar hole underneath Lusus’ sweaty arm pit. While Seer was enjoying his delicious retired juices- Lusus picks his mandible head up, along with a torn-a-part vagina in it’s “mouth” and sees how Lilith was pleasuring herself with the title belt….

Making an interesting yelp…. Lusus leaps on top of the table- with Seer left alone to wonder where his nom noms went- and dashes across the table only to be stopped by the dick of F’ein Dacor!!!!

F’ein slaps his mushroom head against Lusus hand and telepathically informs Lusus to leave the Dark Queen alone to enjoying 69ing herself with the title belt…. Lusus only titled it’s head when all of a sudden the door to the throne room swings wide open revealing…..

Red Spyder!!!

The entire court stopped their orgy fest and whipped their heads over to where Red ominously stood in diligence…. but it was not just Red’s arrival which sent off an alarm… but the person who stepped out from behind Red…. and what she was holding in her arms….. Angel of Death and their lil Red child…….

Then. The Dark Queen rises from her throne and steps over the left over remains of Hangman to finally approach Red Spyder and Angel of Death…..

Red stepped towards Lilith, a hand firmly on Angel’s back to push her forward.

“Yes, we’ve been… busy,” Red said, the monster beef already stirring in his pants due to the presence of Lilith. “It wasn’t without some blood being spilled, but it’s nothing I couldn’t handle.”

Lilith wasn’t paying attention to Red or the monster beef, instead gazing down at lil Red in Angel’s arms.

Red turned away to look at the table, no one seated looking at him, their eyes on Lilith. The gore on the the table didn’t appeal to him at that moment, but he noticed what he believed to be a sausage. Scooping it up, he brought it to his mouth to take a bite when it started squirming frantically. Realizing it was a dick, F’ein’s dick, he quickly tossed it back onto the table where it wiggled away to safety.

He was hungry, but not hungry enough to eat a dick, especially a dismembered one flopping about on its own. Before he could step away from the table, he noticed one pair of eyes glancing over at him, the eyes of Seer.

Shuddering at the thoughts of Seer and Lusus, not even wanting to imagine what that old pervert had in mind, Red quickly returned to Angel as she stood before Lilith. Red then asked if everything was good to go and if we were ready to proceed the next step-

Before he could say anything else however, Markus stood and grabbed Red’s shoulder. “Be quiet, you fool!” Markus said into Red’s ear. “You might be her King, but you need to learn the chain of command around here!”

At that, Markus yanked Red a few steps back and he watched with everyone else as the moment between Lilith, Angel, and lil Red continued…

The Dark Queen eyed Angel’s child, licked her blistering blood glossed lips and extends her arms wide open for Angel to place the child into Lilith’s arms…. Angel resisted of course- she immediately looked towards Red for an answer but Red reluctantly nods to Angel… “Do it… “ Red responded….

Angel did not want to let her child go… this infuriated the entire court looking on which then at that point Markus snags the child instead and immediately hands it to the Dark Queen!!! Markus turned towards Angel and held her from view by the court once Lilith walked up to her throne full of cocks and stale dried dead vaginas…..

An overwhelming applause then shook the entire room as The Dark Queen rose the child up into the air….

“╬Lilith: At last. The chosen one appears. With the blood of this infant- the Hand of God will open wide and unlock the Gate to OUR Apocalypse!!!!!”

The applause turned into a standing ovation along with the dick of F’ein Dacor squirting premium slugges…. however, Red and Angel were horrified!

Our “heroes” finally reached the outer wall to Castle Mortis- you can see Kizmat was rather irritated by the company with Alexander Arcane in handcuffs and draped around Kizmat’s right shoulder- Dead and Spade were at this entire time…

“No MY BELT!!!” “Uh No MY BELT!!!” “Sorry.. you meant MY BELT!!!” “No I was quite clear, Spade, that is MY BELT!!!” “YOU’RE NOT THE CHAMPION!!!” “SURRRRRE…”

**Kizmat throws Alexander against the wall, causing Alex to moan upon impact and then whips his head at the two!!!



Suddenly… Alexander finally awakens… especially after having his head bashed against the wall…. and looks up at the three bickering….

Alexander Arcane: You’re all mistaken… that’s MY BELT!!

Alexander’s claim over the belt escaled further with yelling! With all of the yelling, Kizmat knew it would only be a matter of time before a guard overheard and came to investigate.

At the same time, back inside Castle Mortis…

“We have to stop this,” Angel said quietly to Red, turning to face him, looking up at him. “I don’t want her making a sacrifice out of our child!”

“I don’t know what can be done…. It’ll be over soon enough though.”

“Over soon enough?” Angel said. “Are you listening to yourself? This bitch is about to end the life of your son and all you can do is stand back and willingly watch it happen?”

The long ovation beginning to subside, the dick of F’ein standing in a puddle of his own premium juices. Lusus was already crawling along the table to the puddle, no doubt planning to slurp it up before feeding it to Seer.

All that time spent at Castle Mortis, planning with F’ein, Markus, and the others, he thought opening the Gate of Apocalypse was exactly what he wanted. Knowing the price he’d have to pay to accomplish that though had him rethinking everything.

“If you won’t do something, then I will!” Angel said before spinning around and taking a couple steps towards Lilith.

To her surprise, before she could get any further, Red pulled her back and started stepping forward instead…

Summoning the Darkness before the Light.


The scene fades to show Charon of Death walking down a long corridor apparently searching for something along the castle inner walls… She grins as she comes across an ancient insignia with two “M”s embedded into a statue of Mortis’ holding a shield… Charon reaches into her pocket and reveals one of Kali’ Death’s old earrings that Mortismere gave to her so very long ago. The earring was ominously sparkling in the pale moonlight…. Mortis emerged from the darkness – first showing his red crimson blood eyes staring at Charon and the earring which rested in the palm of her right hand. The Demon Lord grinned devilishly and then revealed the Sword of Gilgamesh that Hangman once possessed and lost to the Dark Queen. Charon walked slowly towards Mortis- and stopped just five feet from Mortis.

Mortismere emotions turned into full rage as he dashed at Charon with the Sword… but Charon immediately had a nailgun withdrawn with her left hand- and flung the earrings she had with the right hand- then at the same time- Charon shot a nail straight at the earring which then shattered into millions of pieces! The shards pierced Mortis’ flesh and some where caught in his eyes!!! Mortismere screamed as the shards disabled his sight– that was the very moment when Charon whipped out her other nail gun that was kept by her side and she then shot a wave of nails at Mortis– piercing his body all around!!! The Demon Lord suddenly reached his right hand out and ignited a close ranged blast of Unholy Darkness at Charon- which surprised her… the two were caught in the blast and one of the walls crumbled from the impact- revealing a surprising hidden staircase leading down into the Castle’s deep darkness…..


At long long last the moment all evil vile creatures of Lilith’s will was here. The prophecy spoke of a chosen one leading the believers to the Gate of the Apocalypse…. We all thought it was Angel… but Angel played a different role… a role that helped spawn an anomaly. Aeean Hades warned Red Spyder that contaminating Angel of Death with his wicked seeds will lead to the destruction of the Earth. No where is safe now.

Red Spyder stepped forward – never once leaving the view of his new born child. While this was happened- Markus strapped the Absolute title across Lilith’s naked body, with delight, and took the infant away from Lilith’s arms. Lilith responded by sticking her right finger up her pussy hole and pulled out her ancient dildo which was lodged up there all of this time- with that dildo in hand- she licked it several times with her tongue and spat on the title which made it hum and glow….

At that moment, the clouds above Castle Mortis twirled violently in an ominous circle while the ethereal eye of the moon gazed everso downward at the castle in worry. Lilith smiled upward and then slowly walked forward, holding her arms up.

Then, Markus crawled up a pile of dead stale ripped apart vaginas and penises just to get underneath the dome with a large circular opening up to the moon-lighted up sky…. and spoke loudly about the eye of judgment casting its fate upon the Earth.

Angel was shaking in her place… it felt as though her heart stopped watching what was unfolding before her very eyes. Red kept stepping closer to Markus and Lilith, again, never once leaving the sight of his child. Once Red got close enough- Markus turned around and saw Red Spyder standing behind the mound and in-front of the Dark Queen….. Markus smiled and reached for Red.

“Come. Reach for my hand and join me in this sacrifice.” – said Markus

Red’s emotions where all over the place and he just stood there all jittery….

Red looked past Markus at Lilith, deep throating her ancient dildo, a lump in her throat from the phallic toy, her muscles flexing around it, premium juices running down her legs as the Absolute title hummed harder. Red looked at Markus again. Reaching up, Red finally took Markus’ hand, the mound of penises and vaginas squishing underneath his boots. Angel watched on in absolute terror, a hand over her mouth. Red stared at Markus, who smiled at the Guardian of Wickedness. Red returned the smile.

Before Markus could return his attention to Lilith, Red shot a hand forward, wrapping it around Markus’ throat and lifting him from the mound. Lil Red slipped from Markus’ grasp, right into Red’s free arm.

“Get out of my way!” Red said before a blast of Wickedness exploded from Red’s palm, sending Markus flying backwards off of the mound, landing hard on the table where everyone else was seated.

Red turned around to look at Lilith, who was slowly removing her dildo from her throat, strings of drool dangling off of it.

The Lord of Blood shot a cold stare at DS and DB- then went over to Alexander with a sudden kick to his stomach causing Alexander to fall over on his side. The commotion indeed sent a guard to come and investigate– as a result, Kizmat immediately waved the Sword of Cain overhead evoking a dark circle of myst which blanketed all four. The guard went over where they were hidden- searching for any signs of intrusion… in the meantime, the three in the myst were purposely silent- except for Alex who had Kizmat’s large right hand securely covering Alex’s mouth so that Alex couldn’t say a peep.

All three of them kept whispering about owning the title until Kizmat raised his voice to shut them all up! The guard was all about to leave but then heard the noises….. he then turned around again and looked deeper into the darkness with his flashlight… Kizmat suddenly unsheathed his sword again and rammed the entire sword straight through the guard’s stomach, instantly killing him… The Lord of Blood shook his head as he cleaned the blood off of the sword and then gazed at the Darkspade and Deadblood!

Quite suddenly, Alexander made a RUN FOR IT while still handcuffed!!!! Darkspade and Dead were still arguing over the belt until Kizmat screamed at the two that Alexander was escaping!!!

The scene then shows an overview of Alexander running down a set of stairs until he bashes his entire body against a locked door… he continued to bash into it with his weight while Kizmat, Darkspade and Deadblood went searching for him. Suddenly he was spotted!-

Alexander made one last attempt but at the very moment he was to bash his weight into the door again- the door opens from the inside and Alex falls into the room and then to the ground. When Alex looks up he sees……..

“Nom noms?” – said Seer

Seer helps Alexander up by lifting Alex by the handcuffs and gives him an eye as if he was checking out his noms… when Darkspade, Deadblood and Kizmat are heard storming their way! Alexander quickly runs down the corridor.

Finally, the three enter into the door and see that Seer was on the ground licking the floor where Alexander fell- no doubt looking for any signs of nom noms….

Seer’s eyes popped out of his head as he realized that Kizmat was right behind him…. He turns… and then gulps what was left of the premium dinner the Dark Queen created and made a mad dash PAST Kizmat, Darkspade and Deadblood to the outside of the castle!!! Kizmat shook his head and then took Darkspade and Deadblood by their ears and marched them into the Castle’s inner hallway leading into the throne room!

Back in the Castle….
Lilith removed her primordial ancient wet dildo from her anxiously awaiting blood red lips and seductively smiled at Red Spyder for his display. A display which evoked her timeless surge of erotic premium juices- barely suppressed deep within her corridor of ultra sensitive nerve endings which were interwoven in the walls of her steaming hot wet vagina passage. Then, The Dark Queen reached over to her goblet off of the dinning table and slurped up the grind up body parts which were marinating- down her throat for good measure before gazing downward….

Strangely enough, seeing Markus… her acquired son… unconscious before her soaked wet feet had set off a fury of natural senses in her wet vagina. Lilith, almost trembling with anticipation, but remaining outwardly stoic nonetheless- loosened the Absolute Undisputed title belt and casually laid it across the mound of dead penises and vaginas. The view then shows Lilith’s clit enlarging the more she climbed the mound- her slit expanding and pushing the enlarged clit through her oily black box…. Until. The Dark Queen stood face-to-face with her new chosen King… her primeval vagina juices pulsating furiously and humming in sync with the title which was laid below…. and the child for which he was holding.

╬Lilith: I knew I was right about you. Why I acquired you as my own. We deserve each other- to take it upon yourself to sacrifice your own flesh and blood for me. [moves it close and lands a seductive kiss across Red’s lips…. Angel was jittery and couldn’t hold still!] Listen to me now. This is what you have been born to do. Serve me as my King- and let us rule this world in Wickedness and Seduction for all of eternity.

Lilith takes her ancient dildo and breaks the tip of it revealing a sharp dagger under it’s wooden, splintering, stained surface. The camera then fades to Red as Lilith hands him the dagger to kill his son with……. Angel SCREAMS!!! in horror….

The kiss from the Dark Queen was more than enough to kick the monster beef into overdrive, nearly ripping through Red’s trousers. Lilith licked her lips as she felt it bump against her. Thoughts of being fucked deep in her graveyard of a vagina by the monster beef were no doubt swirling through her head. Followed by taking it fully into her overdeveloped throat muscles and filling her stomach with the seed of Wickedness. Then Red could feast on the soupy remains of her victims mixed with premium juices in her vagina, sharing bites with his Dark Queen.

“Do it, my King,” Lilith said, leaning in closer so that only Red could hear her words. “Finish this and the reward you’ll receive from me personally will be greater than anything you’ve ever experienced. The pleasure I’ll give you will be something only a lucky few have known.”

The head of the monster beef was beginning to poke through Red’s pants, its pulsing head dripping, seeking to live out Lilith’s words. Especially after its past experiences with her carnivorous orifices. Her clit seemed to swell further in response, as if her clit and the monster beef sensed each other in a manner independent of the bodies they were attached to.

“I’m sorry,” Red said, raising the ancient, stained, stinky, slimy dagger high into the air.

Behind Red, Angel screamed louder, pleading for Red to stop and do the right thing. This prompted two guards to move in on her, restraining her from possibly interfering with the impending sacrifice. He glancing down at lil Red, snug in his father’s arm, before swinging the dagger. Not to lil Red’s flesh but to Lilith’s flesh, to her gut.

The Dark Queen looked up at the Guardian of Wickedness, her chosen King, with both shock and disappointment in her eyes. He looked down at her, at first seeming sad, before a smile formed on his face and he dragged the dagger up, ripping through her flesh and organs. The dagger and his hand soaked with her blood, he let her fall to the squishy pile of sex organs, letting the dagger fall next to her.

Turning around, he stepped off of the mound, looking down at lil Red again before looking up at Angel. His monster beef was still threatening to rip out of his pants entirely, but now he knew it was entirely for Angel, not Lilith. Everyone else, including the guards retraining Angel, stared in disbelief at their fallen Dark Queen. Underneath her body was the Absolute Undisputed Championship, continuing to hum and glow.

In the outer chambers of Castle Mortis….

Darkspade and Deadblood went at it about the titles again…. until Kizmat yelled and told them to shut the fuck up!

They did so, for a moment, and continued following Kizmat.

During the silence, DB briefly thought of Sheri, who was probably wondering where he was. Last they spoke, he told her he was going to confront Alexander at the CW Headquarters. She offered to go with him and he declined. He didn’t know if that would have made things better or worse if she’d come along. Perhaps then he wouldn’t have to follow two of his foes around to find HIS belt.

Concludes Page 5…

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