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End of Days Saga, page 7

Charon appeared at the CW HQ secret training facility and shockingly shot Kizmat with her nailgun- pinning him down, and took the Absolute Undisputed title with her as she escaped into a portal with Markus! Deadblood and Darkspade, along with Alexander Arcane as hostage, leaped into the portal to go after Charon- but they arrived outside of Castle Mortis. Kizmat had to endure the whining and bickering going on between Deadblood, Darkspade and Alexander concerning who has ownership over the title as they proceeded to infiltrate the Castle Mortis stronghold.

Meanwhile, as the disembodied dick of F’ein Dacor chimes a glass for a toast- Charon releases the belt to The Dark Queen Lilith and partakes with a grand banquet- but during the banquet, Charon up and leaves. Lord Mortismere secretly goes after Charon with the Sword of Gilgamesh in his grasp. Eventually, Charon is caught snooping around an entrance to the catacombs and she was attacked by Lord Mortis– but Charon manages to fight back and pin Lord Mortismere down long enough to enter into a secret stairway into the castle’s catacombs in order to find answers.

Back at the banquet, Red Spyder is ordered to make Angel release Lil’ Red (their newborn son) into the arms of Queen Lilith…. Lilith intends to kill the infant and use its blood to open the Final Gate of The Apocalypse… however, Angel protests and tries to reason with Red Spyder in order to stop him…. but Red takes the infant and walks towards Lilith presumingly to hand the child over to her- but, Red attacks Markus instead!

Alexander escapes from Kizmat, Deadblood and Darkspade and runs into Seer… Seer helps Alexander up by lifting Alex by the handcuffs and gives him an eye as if he was checking out his noms… when Darkspade, Deadblood and Kizmat are heard storming their way! Alexander quickly runs down the corridor… and they all enter inside of Lilith’s banquet hall.

Lilith removed her primordial ancient wet dildo from her anxiously awaiting blood red lips and seductively smiled at Red Spyder for his display… she easily diverts his attention to her and then gives Red her broken off dildo as the sacrificial knife to kill his son with… at first, Red seemed to be under her trance, but instead, Red turns the tables….

The Dark Queen looked up at the Guardian of Wickedness, her chosen King, with both shock and disappointment in her eyes. He looked down at her, at first seeming sad, before a smile formed on his face and he dragged the dagger up, ripping through her flesh and organs. The dagger and his hand soaked with her blood, he let her fall to the squishy pile of sex organs, letting the dagger fall next to her.

Nothing this vile will hopefully be done again!


The entire court was in shock at what they witnessed- and many feared the Guardian of Wickedness. As Red was making his way to meet up with Angel- the guards retraining her unsheathed their swords to strike but it was futile as The Guardian of Wickedness easily flicked his wrist and deteriorated the guards. The court dispersed in every direction possible to find the exit!!!!

Angel bent down and picked up the Absolute Undisputed title which by that time Red finally meet up with her and he instantly stuck his monster beef into her silky, awaiting, vagina shaft along with his tongue squarely down her lubricated throat with, of course, his child in his arms. Red’s monster beef was happily in it’s home where it belonged and joyfully injected Angel with it’s endless stream of Wicked Seeds.

As Red and Angel were exchanging succulent juices – commotion was heard as Kizmat, Darkspade and Deadblood finally entered the throne room! It did not take any time at all for THE LORD OF BLOOD TO GO FLYING ACROSS THE ROOM AND SNATCHED A SIZABLE CHUNK OF RED’S NECK!!!! Kizmat lifted Red with ease and slammed him against a stone column which with the impact- made debris fall. The Lord of Blood did not see… nor cared that a child fell to the floor of dead penises and vaginas.

Angel ran first to her child, dropping the belt and then cradled the child before she looked up and screamed at her father to let Red Spyder go!!! Kizmat screams at Red Spyder…. then, in Kizmat’s free hand he reached for the Sword of Cain but Angel snatches a hold of Kizmat’s arm while in her free arm she was holding on to the screaming and crying child….


Kizmat indeed stopped and looked at Angel– meanwhile this was happening- Darkspade and Deadblood instantely eyeballed that Absolute Undisputed title on the ground and they BOTH MAD DASHED TO GRAB IT WITHOUT EVER ONCE CONSIDERING ANYTHING THAT JUST HAPPENED IN THE ROOM!!!

I FOUND MY BELT” Screaming Spade as he lunged to it… Deadblood then kicked Spade in the gut causing Darkspade to fall but the Unholy One swiftly sweep Deadblood off of the ground too…. the next view shows the two “grown” men kicking, biting and scratching while clawing closer to the championship belt!!!!! Deadblood then rubbed Spade’s face in a puddle of premium juices…. “Soak it up Buddy!!! Cuz that’s all you’re gunna get!!!” **Darkspade then grabs a stale rotten stinky vagina and squeezed it in the palm of his hand sending rotten premium juices squirting into Deadblood’s eye!!! The sting of the juices made the FORMER champ screaming…. but Dead counters with a DDT onto Spade sending the champ rolling down the mound but not before snatching Deadblood by the ankle as well! The two did not realize it yet but they were within inches of the title belt….. “You’re one cleaver guy Deadblood but you’re just second best when compared to the TAKER OF HOPE…. BRINGER OF NIGH… HEY!!!!” While Spade was saying his many many catch phrases…. Deadblood was spreading his fingers out nearly touching the belt…. Spade grabbed a hold of Dead’s waist holding him back instead– until…………..

What loomed over the two, clamoring for the Absolute Undisputed Title was a gruesome sight…. Darkspade and Deadblood froze and gulped as they saw above them The Dark Queen Lilith standing overhead with her stomach and chest completely cut open along with her guts flapping around like octopus tentacles!!!! Lilith’s eyes were a burnt crimson red along with blood dripping uncontrollably from her graveyard of a vagina!!! It was that blood which then formed into a puddle right underneath her slippery legs and on top of the title. Lilith then reached down and scooped up the title and placed it around her waist….. Darkspade and Deadblood were suddenly lifted up into the air with a mere thought from Lilith and were shot across the hall and outside of the chamber along with the double stone doors closing shut- locking Darkspade and Deadblood out of the throne room!!!

The puddle of vagina juices hardened and formed into a string-like-sliky thread which swiftly twirled around the Dark Queen…. and when there were enough vagina string- the string cut into her flesh and patched her wound up from the bottom to the very top!! It was a sight to behold as her body completely rejuvenated by the very juices which she soaked her vagina in!!

It was by that time the Dark Queen raised her hand while Kizmat stood froze with the Sword and Angel screaming…. Red was the first to see Lilith rise in the background of Kizmat and tried desperately to yell out in warning- but, Red could only mumble while being choked…. It was too late- Lilith quickly rose her hands and the entire mound of penises and vaginas formed into a glob of boulders which struck Kizmat in the back of his head sending Red Spyder falling down… The Lord of Blood rose… and looked up at Lilith who was still sending boulders of human organs his way!!!! Then, one-by-one- Kizmat used the sword to strike down each boulder like playing baseball with human guts…. closer each time Kizmat took a step to his mother.

Lilith merely chuckled as Kizmat’s attempts were futile… The Dark Queen was playing a game- a sick game that only pleases herself. Kizmat, however, was hell bent on defeating Lilith once and for all– but when he finally got through her attacks and reached her…

The Dark Queen sat down on the blood stained floor and opened her legs extra-extra wide to suck Kizmat up into a swirling vortex which utterly horrified Angel as she watched her father being dragged down on the floor headed straight into Lilith blackhole vagina!!!!

Angel had enough desperately grabbed the Sword… she ran around Lilith and raised the sword only to slice off BOTH OF Lilith’s titties and ended up slicing off the entrance to her grand vagina!!! Kizmat was saved, but, Lilith was furious and smiled as her nails enlarged like razor blades and STUCK THEM SO FAR UP ANGEL’S OWN VAGINA THAT YOU COULD SEE THE NAILS UNDERNEATH HER SKIN!!

Angel screamed as Lilith dig in deep and PULLED OUT WHAT LOOKED LIKE THE REMAINS OF A SECOND, DEAD, FETUS!!!!

**Red stood up by that time… with his mouth wide open…. Kizmat also peeled himself up – could barely stand and also saw the moment Lilith just pulled out what looked to be the remains of a dead fetus!!!!

“ANGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLL!!!!” Screamed Red in disbelief!!!!

Lilith groaned as she cupped the dead carcass in her right hand and instantly took whatever was left of it’s mouth up to her sliced breast wound…. she squeezed mother’s milk from the slippery tubercle that was dangling from where her tit was right into the carcasses ‘mouth’….. Even the dick of F’ein Dacor returned from where it was hiding to admire the handiwork that Lilith was showcasing… it slapped itself against a goblet again for good measure!

Suddenly, the title suddenly hummed so loudly and so profoundly that the entire room shook!!!! It was unbelievable to realize what had happened…. Angel had not just one… but two children…. but the child that was inside of her wound was vastly mutilated somehow inside of her. Lilith then rose her hands up into the air and stared upward at the moon for which a tear drop dropped from it and struck the forehead of Lilith.

It suddenly grew dark all around everyone and everything that was in close proximity. Kizmat, Red Spyder, Lil Red, Angel and Lilith were no longer at Castle Mortis but in some limbo which had the representation of the three gates: Wickedness, Righteousness and Balanced wide open up above them. The party were standing on a floating platform which had a long series of steps leading up to a large closed ornate gate at the top…

Concludes Page 5…

Lilith threw the dead carcass off into the void and ascended the stairs with her hands outstretched along with leaving a trail of premium juices….. The scene then shows an overhead view of the entire place and strangely some “one” awaiting them at the very top. The scene then cuts back to Kizmat who had Lil Red in his arms…..

Our Destinies Have Meet At Last

We arrive to a shocking truth- every effort to prevent what is now happening was all for lost. The Dark Queen Lilith ascends the magnificent stairway to the Gate of the Apocalypse!

The scene slows- as though time itself halted at this momentous and frightening arrival… though, Lilith was reaching the pinnacle… to the Final Gate… her eyes were always fixed upon the figure which stood silently in-front of the gigantic gate of destiny. While this was occurring- Red Spyder and Angel are running up the steps in hot pursuit, but, Lilith’s spray of premium juices that were left on the steps ended re-materializing into victims that she devoured!!!! Red shook his head as the distractions tried to attack them, but Red was able to plow through them to continue his pursuit….


The Dark Queen finally reached the pinnacle. The entire platform was a gorgeous beyond gorgeous garden, of Eden. There, standing silently head down was a celestial goddess and behind her was the fabled Tree of Good and Evil. Lilith bent down and grabbed the dirt from the ground… she then rubbed herself all over her body and up in her vagina shaft… with that- Lilith’s tits and vagina enjoyably rejuvenated from the sharp cuts from Angel.

That was when Red and Angel also reached the pinnacle but they could not proceed any further for a barrier enchantingly formed all around the tree and Lilith with the goddess.

**finally reaching the tree and seductively licks her mouth at the being…

╬Lilith: Vilgsa sausa… Mujusa susa… Mujusa Ouincamsa. Not all of time could sum up this wait- this occasion. With you. With me. With us.
Angel and Red were trying to bash down the barrier but they could hear everything that Lilith was saying to the being, a goddess, which stood silently before her. Then. The goddess finally rose her head – it was Angel at first who’s jaw opened wide in disbelief. Then Red scratched his own head confused for the being was in fact, Lilith as well. There were two Liliths! However. Besides the obvious similarities in the face and body size- she was not only draped in a long crystal studded shimmering dress but she glowing with a radiant purity that was beyond any words.

The Goddess elected to ignore The Dark Queen’s statement and instead smiled lovingly at Angel. The Dark Queen’s patience was running thin as she rubbed the title around her waist again before speaking out loud…

╬Lilith: Is this it? All you can muster? I am right here- acknowledge me! Acknowledge my superiority!
The Goddess rolled her eyes looking at Lilith and then picked an apple from the tree for which she threw up above her– at that moment the fruit formed into millions of butterflies which flew all around the area but not through the barrier. Red wondered why she had done that until he noticed that there was a small hole just big enough for them to enter through beside a large rock formation- The Goddess then suddenly spoke.

╫ Lilith: Acknowledge? Your superiority? Dear Lilith. The seducer… the vile… you are just a disease. A cancer. I have been watching you for all of time- I know all and see all. For I am the Oracle of Legend and the Guardian of this Gate for which you will never see opened……. I judged you…. sending you back into time – but even at that – the gods were merciful and gave you a second chance by becoming the carrier of the human race with the first man. But your evil and hunger of all things vile and perverted were not quenched- it swelled. So you created chaos and terror upon mother Earth- spreading your legs and spraying your black plague- giving birth to demons and vampires! You were finally defeated by the same force which is now around your waist.
This shocking revelation silenced the Dark Queen but that was nothing in comparison to Red and Angel’s reaction to what they just heard- instantly- Red and Angel came through the weakness of the Dark Queen’s barrier and stood behind her….. The Dark Queen kept staring down until she finally snapped!!! And as if everything up to this point wasn’t shocking enough- The Dark Queen opened her legs wide open – something moving slowly was seen inside of her endless corridor of lust- it looked like the face of a trap door spider along with mandible claws poking out from Lilith’s vagina flaps….

Then in one swift, sick end… Lusūs emerged from Lilith’s vagina and mounted on top of the Good Lilith!

Where Lusūs’ dick ‘should be’, was instead, a Venus flytrap ‘thing’ with an attaching tube into his own body…. and he devoured the Goddess’ entire body by allowing this Venus-fly-trap ‘thing’ to crawl down and enter the Goddess’ own vagina shaft!!!

Slowly, methodically and painfully did Lusūs suck up the insides of the Goddess until her entire body flipped inside out… what was left behind was a soup of guts!

The Dark Queen was laughing ALL of this time – then, turned slowly to deal with Red Spyder and Angel of Death!

Red could only look beyond Lilith at Lusūs. He’d known what Lusūs was capable of, but that was a whole new level of fucked up. That was saying a lot too considering Red’s consumption of some of his past victims.

“Is this really how you think you’re going to carry out your plans?” Red asked the Dark Queen. “You heard it for yourself. The sacrifice is done. You have nothing left.”

Before he could actually start the weapon up, Lilith swung a hand, not to slap Red but to claw him, her long nail ripping into his face, leaving behind long, deeps cuts that immediately began bleeding heavily. Retracting her hand, she licked his flesh and blood from her nails. This only angered the Guardian of Wickedness further and he began to yank at the chainsaw’s pull cord, trying to get it started, ignoring Lusūs as he slowly crept along the ground behind Lilith like a loyal guard dog.

Meanwhile… elsewhere… The scene fades back to Darkspade and Deadblood on the ground after being flung into the air and crash landed with the door to the throne room shut closed. Both Darkspade and Deadblood rise up slowly, holding their heads and looking at each other in disbelief….

Darkspade and Deadblood are STILL aruging over the belt- but suddenly behind them was Alexander Arcane… he was handcuffed to one of the railings before the three heroes entered into the throne room….. Alexander injects, “Um. Word of advice- You’re both morons… and now you’re stuck out here with no way in…. GOOD GOING GUYS!”

Deadblood and Darkspade shoot Alex a cold hard stare….
“Release me from these cuffs, gentlemen, and I guarantee that the Absolute Title will return back to one of you……”

Deadblood rolls his eyes and surprisingly went over to Alex’s cuffs… before Darkspade could say anything- Deadblood slashed the cuffs with his katana… barely missing cutting off Alex’s hand. The point was taken when that happened for Alex- but Darkspade was furious!

Deadblood turned around and pointed the katana at DS’ neck….
“…. I am just SICK and tired of listening to him and you. I’d rather have him free. Besides if we can’t get into that room, we’ll NEVER get MY title back! So anything is worth something, right?!” Before Darkspade could say anything-

Alexander smiled and closed his eyes while holding his hand outstretched in-front of the throne room…. An ominous aura surrounded Alexander which completely shocked Deadblood and Spade- and instantly the throne room door opened wide. The two looked at Alexander again— “Having signed my soul to the Unholy Darkness has it’s perks… especially in Castle Mortis. So- after you two?” said Alexander while chuckling…..

And so, Darkspade, Deadblood and Alexander entered the now dark throne room…. they continued to walk in the darkness until they saw a singular light up ahead… and once they went through the light they stood in the void of realms staring bewilderingly at Kizmat up head staring upward at the Final Gate….

At the same time…. Red Spyder just started his chainsaw and pointed straight at The Dark Queen…. with Lusūs slithering down beside her like a loyal dog.

“I am sooooo DONE with your GROSS ASS! Killing you isn’t enough… when I am done with you, even what I will do with your remains will be stuff of legends!!” The Dark Queen Lilith chuckled as Red Spyder went closer– Lusūs was the first to respond as it jolted up into the air and then opened it’s sick legs wide open to release his venus-fly-trap-penis-thing straight at Red… Red just smiled Wickedly and with one swoop slice he cut off Lusūs’ “dick” thing which made Lusūs crash landing into the garden floor… Red Spyder turned around and snatched a hold of Lusūs’ tail and flung his ass up into the air and punched the freak with his hand as Lusūs came his way…. The monster tumbled to the ground again and smashed right into the Tree of Good and Evil- sending apples falling and striking the top of it’s head…. Lilith was masturbating this entire time- enjoying herself more and more……

Without a second to late- Angel actually walks up to Lilith from the side and strikes the side of Lilith’s face with her good right hand!!! Lilith falls to the ground and then whips her head upward- staring at Angel who was fuming at the seams!!! Red then turns around and is shocked at Angel who exhibited her supernatural rage!


Red Spyder went over to Angel and hugged her while turning to face Lilith- but Lilith laughed again! Her rotten premium juices swelled up inside of graveyard of a vagina until it burst through her vagina lips- the pressure sprang her up to her feet and once she was on her feet it was within milliseconds and Lilith was behind Angel smiling. That was when Angel looked at Red and then slowly rose her right hand- her bloodied right hand!!! Red was frozen as Angel’s eyes slipped back into the back of her head and she collapsed into Red’s arms…. her stomach was sliced by Lilith’s elongated razor sharp nails!!!!

Red also dropped the chainsaw as he held Angel into his arms and took her to the ground where her precious head was now in his laps….

While. The Dark Queen was looming overhead… playing with her clit and licking her red blistering lips.

“╬Lilith: Muwwhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Oh.. comedy gold. You see, Red. I am YOUR Queen… and in just mere seconds the gate WILL open at my command. There is no one who could stop me… stop this… You may thank your Queen, Red. She was your weakness… she made you soft, and emotional. She made you into a FREAK. You want what I want. So come with me and let us rebuild the Earth into MY imagine with you by my side eating my clit for ALL of eternity.
Red was still froze in shock and emotional distress… he had Angel, dead, in his arms… with her blood now stained in them. Red could only SCREAM at the top of his lungs at the sight of Angel’s death- which when heard by Kizmat with the Child, Darkspade, Deadblood and Alexander– they came running up the steps to see what had happened…. and once they did reach the top- all of them froze in shock and fear.

It was a rare sight as tears streamed down Red Spyder’s face. Another woman he involved himself with was dead. The difference was, he loved this one and he wasn’t the one to end her life.

Maybe Lilith was right. Angel changed him. It wasn’t just because he put the monster beef in her and got her pregnant. Or maybe it was. Either way, she made him believe saving the Earth from Lilith was for the best. With one swipe of Lilith’s claws, Red was questioning everything about his time spent with Angel.

Gently laying Angel’s head down on the ground and standing up, bringing the chainsaw with him, Red looked at Lilith, rubbing her clit wildly again.

“Awww, are those tears?” Lilith said, mocking Red. “There’s no need for tears! You are free from her weak and pathetic ideas! I forgive you, my King. Now just take my hand and join me in fulfilling our prophecy!”

Lunging at Lilith, Red managed to slice off one of Lilith’s hands. The Dark Queen watched as her hand bounced away before the Guardian of Wickedness rammed the chainsaw into her gut, the revving blade ripping out of her back in a shower of blood. Yanking it from her midsection, he followed up by shoving the chainsaw down her throat, dark blood gurgled out of her shredded mouth as the chainsaw chewed up her insides. Removing the chainsaw one more time, he watched as Lilith’s body crumpled to the ground, any tears on his face masked by the fresh coat of her blood.

Shutting the chainsaw off, he turned around to see the others watching and said, “Now what was so difficult about that? The Dark Cunt’s dead. Shall we head home now?”

The others didn’t respond, only watching in horror as the premium juices leaked all over the place by Lilith again began tending to her mutilated body. As Red scooped up Angel’s body to lay her to rest somewhere a little nicer, he felt Lilith’s long, sharp nails dig into the sides of his head before he was thrown against the Tree of Good and Evil himself, sending more apples falling.

Concludes Page 7…

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