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End of Days Saga, page 7

The entire court was in shock at what they witnessed- and many feared the Guardian of Wickedness. As Red was making his way to meet up with Angel- the guards retraining her unsheathed their swords to strike but it was futile as The Guardian of Wickedness easily flicked his wrist and deteriorated the guards. The court dispersed in every direction possible to find the exit!!!! Red brutally attacks Lilith… and everyone thought that she was dead. But then, Kizmat shows up and confronts Red Spyder for putting his daughter in danger… suddenly, The Dark Queen rises from her bloody pulp and tears out what looked to be the remains of a dead fetus inside of Angel! The child that was inside of Angel’s wound was vastly mutilated somehow inside of her.

The Absolute title suddenly hummed so loudly and so profoundly that the entire room shook!!!! Lilith then rose her hands up into the air and stared upward at the moon for which a tear drop dropped from it and struck the forehead of Lilith. Lilith offers the dead fetus as a sacrifice to open the Final Gate of the Apocalypse….

It suddenly grew dark all around everyone and everything that was in close proximity. Kizmat, Red Spyder, Lil Red, Angel and Lilith were no longer at Castle Mortis but in some limbo which had the representation of the three gates: Wickedness, Righteousness and Balanced wide open up above them. The party were standing on a floating platform which had a long series of steps leading up to a large closed ornate gate at the top… Lilith threw the dead carcass off into the void and ascended the stairs with her hands outstretched along with leaving a trail of premium juices….. The scene then shows an overhead view of the entire place and strangely some “one” awaiting them at the very top. The scene then cuts back to Kizmat who had Lil Red in his arms…..

That “someone” was The Oracle… The ascended being from the Good Child Lilith counterpart. The Dark Queen finally reached the pinnacle. The entire platform was a gorgeous beyond gorgeous garden, of Eden. There, standing silently head down was a celestial goddess and behind her was the fabled Tree of Good and Evil. Lilith bent down and grabbed the dirt from the ground… she then rubbed herself all over her body and up in her vagina shaft… with that- Lilith’s tits and vagina enjoyably rejuvenated from the sharp cuts from Angel.

Once the Dark Queen reaches the Oracle, and in front of the giant Final Gate of the Apocalypse, she demands for the Oracle to acknowledge her superiority… but the Oracle pitys The Dark Queen…. and states that she judged The Dark Queen since the beginning- sent The Dark Queen back into time in hopes that she would become the carrier of the human race with the first man as a second chance to redeem herself- but the plan failed. And the anger, chaos and lust in the Dark Queen’s heart gave rise to the Wickedness in nature spawning the likes of Vampires and evil demons.

The Dark Queen opened her legs wide open – something moving slowly was seen inside of her endless corridor of lust- it looked like the face of a trap door spider along with mandible claws poking out from Lilith’s vagina flaps…. Lusus emerges and slowly, methodically and painfully such up insides of the Goddess until her entire body flipped inside out… what was left behind was a soup of guts for which Lusus ate. However, not was all at lost for the Oracle distracted the Dark Queen long enough for Angel and Red to enter through the barrier set by the Dark Queen and get in closer…

Elsewhere… Darkspade and Deadblood find Alexander Arcane but Alexander was tied up with handcuffs and wished to be set free… Alex offered anyone to let him free, favors in CW with opportunities and title shots. Deadblood surprisingly releases Alex but not for the opportunities- but in order to keep him close and accountable for his actions. Darkspade, Deadblood and Alexander entered the deserted dark throne room and see a portal leading up to the Final Gate. All three enter into the portal and they see Kizmat up head staring upward at the Final Gate….

The Dark Queen mortally wounds Angel – her stomach was sliced by Lilith’s elongated razor sharp nails!!!! which set off Red Spyder in a fury.. Red places Angel’s body down… Lunging at Lilith, Red managed to slice off one of Lilith’s hands. The Dark Queen watched as her hand bounced away before the Guardian of Wickedness rammed the chainsaw into her gut, the revving blade ripping out of her back in a shower of blood. Yanking it from her midsection, he followed up by shoving the chainsaw down her throat, dark blood gurgled out of her shredded mouth as the chainsaw chewed up her insides. Removing the chainsaw one more time, he watched as Lilith’s body crumpled to the ground, any tears on his face masked by the fresh coat of her blood. Everyone only watching in horror as the premium juices leaked all over the place by Lilith again began tending to her mutilated body. As Red scooped up Angel’s body to lay her to rest somewhere a little nicer, he felt Lilith’s long, sharp nails dig into the sides of his head before he was thrown against the Tree of Good and Evil himself, sending more apples falling.

The moment we’ve ALL been dying for!! Mwuaaaaaaaa


In utter horror- all fears came to life. Red Spyder was thrown against the Tree and once he opened his eyes he looked up at the reformed monstrosity of Lilith– with body was leaking premium juices all over… coating her skin and repairing her damaged cuts and regrowing her cut arm! “Dam.” sighed Red…

The Dark Queen took her long nail on her finger and rammed it into Red’s monster beef!!! She turned the nail extra slow enjoying Red’s screams!!! It arroused her royale highness!! Sending orgasmic signals straight to her brain!!!

Kizmat couldn’t stand for this much longer- he handed the baby to a bewildered Darkspade and in rage he unsheathe the Sword of Cain– Again, Kizmat ran with fury and speared the Sword straight through Lilith’s body which made her jolt back up… it was sick- she turned her head around while keeping her body full and frontal like a sick poltergeist movie– and with a devilish, seductive smile she took the sword slowly out from her body and turned it around to only slice off Kizmat’s own head off!!!

Blood GUSHED out from his carcass….. and the troupe watched in shock as Kizmat’s body wobbled around the garden until Lilith stabbed the Sword into the body’s heart and kicked him off of the platform into the void down below.

It was evident that Lilith was out of control and would stop at nothing to open the Gate of the Apocalypse!!!

Kizmat’s head… still quivering… had it’s eyes looking upward towards the Dark Queen… and she noticed. Lilith licked her lips and threw the Sword also into the void– then walked over Kizmat’s head… she instantly squatted over the head and OUT GUSHED FROM HER CHANNEL OF LUST WERE TONS OF PREMIUM JUICES…. JUST DROWNING KIZMAT’S LAST REMAINS!!!!!

Darkspade closed his eyes and then opened them up again- perhaps believing this was a dream… but it wasn’t. He then handled the baby over to Deadblood and ran up the steps… leaving Alex and Deadblood looking up at Darkspade as if he was out of his mind!!! Once Darkspade approached the garden- approached Lilith he shook his head and then laughed…..

Humoring to Lilith in every way- she just laughed hysterically! The Dark Queen sighed at Darkspade and rose her hands up into the air- fully exposing her tits and around her waist was the Absolute Undisputed Championship….

Then. That voice again… that mysterious… humming voice came from the title itself!

“Tisk tisk Darkspade. Always the over-dramatic… Let me ask you this. Are you also prepared to lose the one thing that you truly love? And that is me. This title? Come on Darkspade- show us what makes you the Unholy One and Only! Mwhaaa….”

With the title still entrancing Darkspade… he immediately dashed at Lilith but she sidestepped quite easily and clawed Spade’s back- Darkspade answered back by sending waves of Unholy lightning striking Lilith but her tits were absorbing them like candy. Darkspade summons the Dark Embrace but the title was too attracting to him and instead he abandons the Dark Embrace and runs towards the belt while the unstable Dark Embrace was racing behind him….. Deadblood, who was holding the child, then gives the child to Alexander– and he also rushed towards the luring belt!!!

Red Spyder finally gets up- and he saw with his own eyes as Darkspade and Deadblood where running to the title around Lilith’s waist- while she had her nails outstretched WITH the black ball of death rushing towards them… in an instant- Red Spyder raises his right hand and he summons his own gate which was hovering above… the gate them flies down and just before the ball was to strike Darkspade and Deadblood- the ball flies through the Gate of Wickedness instead- igniting inside!!!!

Suddenly- Darkspade and Deadblood momentarily snap out of the trance and are within five feet from Lilith. At that time- the title glimmers as Lilith twists her wrist sending a shockwave of queef their ways!!! The queef was so strong- so potent that the two men flung off and crash landed…. Red then watched as Lilith then ascended the last stairs and approached the Final Gate… where… a niche in a shape of the title itself was etched.

Lilith suddenly removed the belt and SLAMMED THE BELT into the keyhole!!! you could hear the clinks and cogs inside of the door start moving and operating along with the three gates: Wickedness, Balance and Righteousness fly over and above readying to receive the hordes and destruction that awaited within….

The scene then suddenly shows Alexander holding Lil Red… The baby woke from it’s rest and looked upward at the gate- and smiled. Suddenly- the baby vanished from Alex’s arms and reappeared beside Red Spyder.

“What… what are you…..” – said Red Spyder

Lil Red crawled to his daddy and then asked to be held- and Red did. Then Red Spyder slowly walked to the dead Angel and kneeled before her- weeping alongside his son… Lil Red looked over Red’s shoulder and then winked at his mom… it was right there that Angel’s chest moved up and down!! Her heart was beating!!! and she was breathing once again…. Red then heard her… and was in shock seeing her rise and hug them all!!

“What. What happened…. and how did our son appear to us?” – said Angel

Meanwhile…. Alexander Arcane also had made his way up the steps and into the garden and spoke to Lilith:

The Dark Queen wasn’t responding- she was instead so infatuated by the power that she unleashed…. that was when Angel and Red along with Lil Red walked over to Darkspade and Deadblood- where Angel and Red helped them back to their feet.

Darkspade had his head down- he knew that he tried but failed… everyone did. But Angel’s smile was what it took to realize that the fight was not over with…. but they had to figure out quick what to do before it was all too late. Then- right at that point- Lil Red diged into his diper and revealed a squishy squirmy ‘thing’ that must have crawled in there… it was F’ein Dacor!

“That. That’s beyond the most sick and perverted thing ever! That ‘thing’ must now be LOADED with STDS!!!!”

Then, Red has an idea on how to stop Lilith for good!!

The Final Moment


Red held the penis of F’ein Dacor away from him between two fingers. Pus oozed from the tip and the shaft was coated with infected bumps. If they weren’t trying to stop Lilith, tossing the penis into a volcano to ensure its destruction would undoubtedly be for the best.

“See how this fits in that pit of death she calls a vagina,” Red said, tossing F’ein’s penis at Darkspade.

Spade smacked the penis in mid-air, sending it back to Red…. with some choice words between Red and Darkspade… Red approached the Dark Queen. Premium juices gushed from between her legs as the power she unleashed from the Final Gate got stronger. It was almost time for the other gates to accept its dark energy.

Behind Lilith stood Alexander Arcane, his pants now down around his ankles, jacking off furiously to her and her free-flowing juices. “Oh god, please, Lilith!” Alexander said, continuing his begging. “Please accept me as your king! My cock is ready!”

Red ignored Alexander and stepped closer to Lilith and made fun of Alexander’s “girth”

Lilith turned around to face Red, still ignoring Alexander. “You had you chance,” she said, stepping forward before reaching into his pants and grabbing the monster beef with both hands, digging her claws into it and causing Red to scream in pain. “YOUR TIME IS OVER WITH NOW!”

“Oh fuck, she’s going to rip it off!” Red said as blood dripped out from around her claws. “Now! Bring it now! Oh fuck, STOP HER!”

Holding F’ein’s penis between his own two fingers, the Unholy One could only stare along with Deadblood at what was likely about to be Red’s demise. Angel didn’t just stare however and snatched F’ein’s penis away from Spade before running up to Red and Lilith.

“Get your hands off his cock, you bitch!” Angel said, grasping F’ein’s penis firmly as she stepped behind Lilith. “Only I’m allowed to touch it!”

She was about to thrust F’ein’s penis between Lilith’s legs when she unexpectedly released the monster beef, allowing Red to fall to the ground, bleeding profusely from the beef. Lilith instead bent over and let off a queef onto Angel, sending the Guardian of Righteousness flying away, F’ein’s penis rolling free from her hand upon her landing.

Spade ran towards Lilith himself, Deadblood quickly following, leaving behind Lil Red completely unattended. Spade moved towards Angel to check on her as well as retrieve F’ein’s penis and DB confronted the Dark Queen.

Simply smiling, Lilith spread her legs and leaned back, preparing to queef on DB too. It was what DB was waiting for and he drew his grapple gun, firing it right at her vagina. The hook disappearing inside, premium juices oozing out along the cable. There was no way he was keeping the gun after that, but he’d worry about that at another time.

He pressed the button to send the jolt of electricity through the cable, right into her vagina. The effect wasn’t what he’d hoped for though. Rather than dropping to the ground in pain, Lilith moaned in pleasure as her premium juices squirted through the air.

Before Deadblood could try anything else, Alexander, pants still down, tackled DB and started choking him.

Sucking the rest of the grapple gun’s cable into her vagina like someone slurping a spaghetti noodle into their mouth, she sent out a series of queefs, sending both men flying through the air and crashing back hard to the ground. The grapple gun landed nearby, its cable a tangled, premium juice-covered, unusable mess. Alexander’s pants were also no longer around his ankles, missing entirely now.

Deadblood’s failed attack on Lilith proved to not be entirely pointless, for it provided Red with the opportunity to heal the punctures and tears in the monster beef enough so that he could get back to his feet.

As soon as Lilith turned around, Red grabbed her by her breasts and sent blasts of Wickedness into both of them. Her premium juices spurted uncontrollably as she felt backwards, her claws tearing into Red’s back, ripping off strips of his flesh.

“It’s your time that’s over with!” Red said, smoke rising from between his large hands and her large tits as he kept feeding Wickedness into them.

Carefully, he moved his body so that he was sitting on her stomach, effectively pinning her to the ground and leaving only her thrashing legs and queefs to protect her vagina.

Darkspade needed no further cue to know that was his chance to bring F’ein’s diseased penis and Lilith’s deadly vagina together. Quickly, before she could fight Red off of her, he moved towards her legs, F’ein’s cock in his grasp, Angel back to her feet and following behind him just in case. Deadblood wasn’t far behind himself either. As soon as her legs were both open, kicking wildly into the air in both pleasure and pain, the Unholy One brought the head of F’ein’s penis to the opening of Lilith’s sputtering vagina…

The End is NOT Today.


The monster queefs were still bursting out from the hallow tunnel of her moist, lubricated vagina the more and more Darkspade tried desperately to shove F’ein’s nasty sexually infected diseased bulb of a penis straight up her love slit…. “Ugh…. the SMELL!!” screamed Darkspade as he attempted to lift one of Lilith’s vagina flaps open to receive the penis!!

The grin which radiated from Lilith’s semen coated face told it all!!!

Squirting those juices all over the place and on everyone!

Red was having trouble prying Lilith’s throbbing legs wide open for Darkspade to RAM the infected diseased cock straight up her lubed up black void of a hole…. but the queefs and the occasional squirting was overwhelming Darkspade… Lilith’s defenses were working!!!!

Angel noted that Lilith’s defenses somehow, someway were not affecting her as much… she also noted that Red was losing the fight- it was just a matter of time that Lilith’s defenses will divert the situation and win the day…

While at the same time this was all happening… the Final Gate was nearly open completely! With each second came forth a dark myst from the Final Gate – you can hear the roars and moaning of demon hordes awaiting their long long release upon Earth!

The scene then materializes to a place on Earth in the middle of a busy city… it was mid day… the sun still shinning… suddenly a car crashes into a light pole following a string of cars crashing into one another!! The occupants hastily leave their vehicles and stare upward in utter shock and utter horror as black ominous clouds engulf the sky…. it swiftly turned as black of the darkest of nights!! Except for one jarring light- the crimson moon. Up until now only Creatures of the Night and magically empowered mortals could see the crimson moon… along with the terrifying Eye of Judgment staring downward from the moon… Now. Everyone could see it!!!

The Eye of Judgement suddenly OPENED WIDE with it’s eyelids transforming into the doors of the Final Gate… everyone who saw this were screaming and panicking… Judgement Day was at last here!!!

“The Final Gate of the Apocalypse. It was here at last. With it’s haunting gaze- the Eye opened to judge all… there was no where to run. No where to hide.”

Back at the Garden of Eden- in-front of The Final Gate itself- Angel watched onward knowing that the end was here– Darkspade was so close to ramming that infected penis straight up Lilith’s pipehole but her queefing defenses were releasing toxic gases left and right!! And now… the barbs of her pubes seemingly came to life! and grew out from her skin and entangled around Darkspade’s neck- suffocating him!!!

Angel closed her eyes and thought long and hard… about the journey leading up to now. About how she was abducted… about the first very time she felt Red’s monster beef pulsating her vagina shaft in and out in and out and yes in and out again…. and about giving birth to lil Red and stepping on the afterbirth.

Awh the memories. Good times. Angel opened eyes and remembered the prophecy as well that Darkspade recited to her when she was a baby…. Upon the day of judgement an Angel will rise and defeat the darkness…

Lilith was having a ball as her queefs were running rampage!!! Even Alex who was entranced by her beauty was suffocating at the gas that pinned him down to the floor while jacking himself off furiously…. Red could feel losing his grip of Lilith’s throbbing legs… and Darkspade was passing out!!

Suddenly. Angel rips the pubes from out of Lilith’s vagina flaps and took the penis from Darkspade’s hand as he fell down to the floor! Angel tied the pubes around the end of F’ein’s dick and strapped the pubes around her waist….. Red who looked over in shock- screamed for Angel not to do it! but…. Angel deafeningly ignored Red… took a deep long drawn out breath and went into the warzone. Lilith was bicurious what Angel was getting at when all of a sudden Lilith grew the most aroused that she ever has and her vagina flaps opened wide for Angel to RAM F’EIN DACOR’S DICK STRAIGHT UP LILITH’S VAGINA SHAFT!!!!

Lilith’s labia were clapping furiously in applause at the shear amount of thrusting that Angel was performing up upon Lilith’s moist and awaiting vagina tunnel.

The scene shows an overview of Angel literately using the strap-on dick to FUCK LILITH TO DEATH!!!

Lilith was enjoying every single moment of the fuck but then… her eyes widened as she felt the diseases saturate inside of her… inside of her soft jagged rich funnel of a deathly vagina.. her Achilles heel!!!

Red shot off of Lilith by the shear amount of pleasure from Lilith as Angel fucks her… and then that’s when Lilith’s skin turned from a beautiful golden yellow complexion to a sickeningly light to a dark gray ooze!!!

And so Angel did as that. Lilith was quviering from the surge of diseases entering her body and she did the one thing that we would never believe and that is she screamed outloud to STOP!!!! Lilith tried to queef Angel off but F’ein’s dick plugged up her shaft and her queefs were building up inside of her…. Lilith’s eyes began to buldge out of her sockets at the sheer amount of gases which were building up inside of her…. Angel kept on FUCKING the day lights out of Lilith! and with each sizable- lonnnnnnnng drawn out push, release and re-insertion from the strap-on…. Lilith’s strength dissipated!!!

Deadblood and Darkspade both rose from their feet- in utter awe watching Angel fuck Lilith to death… and as Lilith’s power diminished so was it’s hold on Alexander as he suddenly stopped jacking off and looked all around in shock and embarrassment!! He quickly zipped up and ran down the stairs….

However- Alexander stops cold as a figure was watching everything transpiring…Everyone forgot about the one other soul who was in the throne room when the entrance was opened- it was Markus. And Markus watched on in silence as his Dark Queen was left powerless… Alexander gulped and then walked around Markus until he ran back out through the portal behind him….

Back at the action…..
She is the Dark Queen. The embodiment of evil. The seducer and the enchantress.
Long have we’ve feared her name… her awakening… her curse.

Lilith even now tried to fight back the infectious sexually transmitted diseases that were pouring inside of her…. her premium juices were plugged along with her queefs… Lilith thought about her utopia… about how her perfect world would be an endless stream of her fucking feast… killing and re-animating those that she killed to only fuck them again into death for all of eternity… she then looked up at Red…. and reached her oozing hand out to him as she was being fucked by Angel in the background by that disgusting… infectious cock. She yearned for Red’s monster beef…

Red stood up… silent at first. Unzipped and allowed his monster beef to THOMP down to the floor in ALL OF IT’S GLORY…. Red teased Lilith as he swung the monster beef back and forth like a bell and walked slowly to her Royale Highness…. Lilith tried to open her mouth but the skin was converging and melting along with her teeth falling into her throat....

Red then stopped… shook his head and promptly flipped the bitch off…. as finally. Oh so finally we come to the end. Lilith let out one final breath with the words….. along with F’ein’s dick exploding inside of her!!!

The End is NOT Today – Part 2

The scene then fades from a white to now clarity. Lilith’s body had melted into a puss river of guts and were being mingled with that of the Goddess’ guts…. Darkspade, Red, Deadblood and Angel are in awe at it all but suddenly Darkspade points at the Gate… time was of the essence!!!

“I realllly do not want to talk about what just happened here…. I am glad she’s dead but… we still have this gate to deal with and we’re about to lose all of Earth. Any ideas?” – said Darkspade

Angel rips the remains of whatever was left of the strap on and throws it down into the puddle of puss that is left of the Dark Queen….

“Well. For starters… we’re guardians right? Well why don’t we just close our gates… that should cause a reaction?”

“True… but… we need that belt out of the keyhole… let’s get it!!”

Darkspade and Deadblood were about to say “MY belt” but Red just shoots a stare at them which promptly shut them up!!!

The three guardians ran to the keyhole and dug their hands into the sides of the belt… “C’mon dammit” screamed all three of them… suddenly Deadblood took a hold of his grappling gun and yelled out… “MOVE IT!” and with that… he shoots the gun straight at the belt and then wrapped the end of the wire around the Tree of Good and Evil…. with Deadblood using the gun as leverage— Darkspade, Angel and Red got into position…. they closed their eyes and in one swift move they released their energies at the belt instantly causing the artifact to pop out from it’s hole and ricocheted across the air and landed several feet away….

They rush to close all three gates!

And then that humming was heard again… the most profound ever… All three Guardians whipped their heads and looked over towards where the title was laying at…. the title was giving off an unusual dark aura and not only that but an eerie ethereal plasma was imitating from it!!! Everyone also forgot to see where Lil Red was at… he was seated right underneath the tree- placing a leaf into his mouth and then looks up at the weird gas….. Red felt pains in his head… it was something he never felt before… likewise, Markus… who was observing this all… including the death of his Dark Queen ominously called out for Lusus who wobbled his way… Markus holds Lusus by his head and they disappear into the void together….

“There… there is something so wrong about this feeling…. it’s… dark. The most dark I’ve ever felt….”

Something then caught Darkspade’s eyes… but it wasn’t the weirdness of “HIS” title but the remains of the Liliths…. for what then showed up from the bubbling oozes were three… shinny… magical and oddly familiar stones. The Unholy One was attracted to the darkest of the stones- and he grabbed it from the ooze!! The moment he touched it… he was hit with a surge of Darkness… a darkness that caused his eyes to momentarily grow a deathly black. Darkspade suddenly placed the artifact in his coat pocket…. That was also when…. when the belt formed a figure hovering above it……. AND IT SPOKE!

“Alas. Alas I am strong. Strong again. And I cannot thank you fools enough…..”

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?” echoed Red…

“I see. This is the era in which The Dark Queen had meet her last. Where the moment everything changed. Red Spyder. Long has it been. You will come to know me soon as the chosen one feared in the Death Family prophecy… So many names so many eons have came and past… but there is one name that you will fear me above all else. For I am, Hra’gad. Quiver.”

When he spoke his name… Darkspade shook his head to bring himself back to reality… and he turned around to see this “thing” speak… Red was trying to piece things together until Spade rose his head and sent his Gate flying downward towards the Final Gate!!!

“What… WHAT are you doing granddad!!!!” – yelled Angel

Spade didn’t answer… but Red saw what Spade was trying to do and he swiftly did the same!!! Angel also rose her hand up and they sent their gates flying to the Final Gate…. wherein at the same time this ominous ghastly “thing” screamed…..


Ignoring the freak- the Guardians sent their gates soaring into the Final Gate which immediately exploded upon impact… Darkspade, Red, Angel and Deadblood also ran down the stairs- Red grabbed his child…. but then Darkspade stops… turns and then runs back up the steps followed by Deadblood!!!!


The ghastly figure fades away as Darkspade rips the title from the ground… Deadblood stares at Spade and they two each grabbed a hold of an end of the belt and they both ran BACK DOWN……. Red, with the child, and Angel- who snatches her daddy’s severed head- all leap through the portal… and then the scene shows Darkspade and Deadblood doing the same in barely moments before the portal closed…. the scene shows the Final Gate exploding and crumbling into the void below…..

And then on Earth…. for the first time in over a year… the moon finally returned to normal. The End of Days did not come… at least…. for now.

Concludes The End of Days Saga.

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