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End of Days Saga, page 1

The three gates of the Apocalypse, which act as both realm and an outer protection, were all opened! However, as fate would have it, Red Spyder was stopped by the Balance emitted by Spade Deathen. Red Spyder vowed to seek his revenge… and he started with The Dark Sincentius… now a prisoner in the Gate of Wickedness. But while The Dark Sincentius was bound by thousands of chains– The Oracle, and the Guardian of the Apocalypse, appeared to fancy The Dark Sincentius’ ill fate… but The Dark Sincentius vowed that she will be destroyed and the Final Gate of the Apocalypse will be opened!

With the outer gates now opened… the Final Gate of the Apocalypse manifested itself as the Eye of Judgement, the Oracle’s eye, superimposed in place of the moon. Only Creatures of the Night and Mortals infused with supernatural abilities could bare witness to the Eye of Judgement. Indeed, time was running out.

Forward and Beyond


The Federal Government closed the greatest wrestling organization on the planet- pending evidence submitted by Reverend Jones representing the corrupted cable network, NSA. The tried but failed MortalWrestling promotion helped not only prove that Reverend Jones was a criminal- which the federal Government took into account in ruling in favor of Alexander Arcane…. but this helped convince the Board of Directors to invest in CreatureWrestling again. There was one last act left with the NSA. At a undisclosed location, Alexander signed official documents which released the NSA’s hold and initializing the advent of The Creature Network allowing CreatureWrestling content to be aired again.

Now that CreatureWrestling was cleared to go – Alexander needed a face for the organization. A new Absolute Undisputed Champion; but this time around Alexander would carry on where Reverend Jones left off but in Alex’s favor.

Arcanic Summoning Merging of Ancient Titles

Alexander reached a dark location deep within the city of New York to meet with ‘someone.’ Alexander walks into a room where a circular stone table existed…. and across the table were unusual etchings written in an ancient language… but more surprisingly… in the center of the stone tablet was the Creature Wrestling Undisputed title and the broken remains of a dark title- where- the only clue of it’s purpose lie in the scattering letters…. U N D E R W O R L D. This was Mortismere’s title which was assumed to have been destroyed during the attack between Charon and Spade Deathen’s archlight.

“I have assembled the pieces. They were not easy to do… but they are here. And as you can see, I have obtained your shipment. Are you ready for the evoking of the darkness? It shall forever and now bound the Creature of the Night championship held by it’s legends alllll the way down to the original Creature of the Night Champion, Darkhag. The title that will be forged from the fiery inferno of hell and cooled by the soothing light of the heavens WILL have no equal. It will be the Absolute Undisputed Championship.” – said the mysterious horned figure

“I wish it to be so.” – said Alexander Arcane

The view only shows the mouth of the man… and he produces a creepy smile.
“Very good. There was a time long ago that this title was evoked. It was named the hand of God… specter of the Apocalypse.” – said the mysterious horned figure

Alex shockingly looked upward at the man and back at the title
“That. That sounds oddly familiar, father. How do you know so much about these two title belts… what did Darkhag actually have?” – said Alexander Arcane

“Hehehe… an old man like myself knows when to disclose their knowledge, wisely and lucratively.” – said the mysterious horned figure

Alex shockingly looked upward at the man and back at the title
“I see. I could assume that what is joined together was set a part for a reason. [stands up] Then, if it means an end to Creaturekind then let it be by my hand… not… the hand of God.” – said Alexander Arcane

Briefly raises his hands up high and then hovers them over the titles….. the glyphs glow and raidate… sending light through the cracks of the table and illuminating the title pieces….
“Anatrac… doename… Mourah Seema ANATRAX!!!!!” – said the mysterious horned figure

My God. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!

What was produced before Alexander was a brand new Absolute Undisputed Championship title belt… but it possessed a strange, trance-like power… and it also served another, sinister, function… it was the key to unlocking the Final Gate of the Apocalypse, but before it ever could, the dormant powers inside the belt needed to be awakened to unlock its full potential… that required a new Champion holder…. and Alexander knew who his new champion would be.

14 Years in the Making.. Happy Birthday!


CreatureWrestling reached its 14th Year of existence which was incredible… and on the 14th Anniversary show, Alexander Arcane came out to the ring with an announcement…

“Ever since CreatureWrestling created the FIRST and only Undisputed title belt of this sport in 2000… the title design only has changed it’s look in 2005 and hasn’t changed ever since. With the emergence of the Absolute Undisputed Championship I give to you the NEW belt redesign using the remnants of Mortismere’s personal Underworld belt!!! Without further adue….” – said Alexander Arcane

The new Absolute Undisputed Championship was awe inspiring….

Suddenly, Gunther emerged and waddled to the ring while singing for several hours… Alexander was not impressed as Gunther wished to be the first holder of the new belt. Then in another shock- Deadblood emerged to take the belt. Alexander Arcane was not convinced that either one of them was worthy- but Alex went ahead and tested Gunther and Deadblood in a title match!!! Gunther botched his way through the match so bad that Deadblood easily defeated the “singer” – even as Deadblood’s manager, Sheri, showed up to watch. Alexander was pleased and awarded the Absolute Undisputed title belt to Deadblood. This embarked a new era.

Big Poppa Huh?!


Not all of the wrestlers coming into CreatureWrestling actually had any worth… one such “wrestler” was Big Poppa, Botch Recliner. Botch was clearly a steroid out loon as he aired on the new CW Network… even attracted the likes of Goldyke in a strange info-commercial. But what nobody would ever suspect in a million years but Botch would one day play a crucial role in the history of Creature Wrestling.

Ready for Business


It was like any other morning at the CW Headquaters. Ever since NSA took over CW operations, the headquarters was handled by NSA representatives and that was that. However this morning, as what looked like an armada of black limos pulled up to the curve to the steps leading up to the massive towers of CW Headquarters, was different! Alexander exits one of the limos followed by Deadblood wearing the most prestigious symbol in this sport, Absolute Undisputed Championship… the sight of it all left everyone walking down or up on the steps awestruck at what they witnessed…. Alex passed all of the people still in shock with no emotions.

The security comes up to Alexander to blockade him- but Alex’s own security team flanks the NSA security and pushes them aside– once inside of the massive grand foyer to the headquarters…. he simply raises the court ordered document for all to see and to behold…. NSA is DONE. It is now time for a NEW Era to usher CreatureWrestling into the next generation and beyond!

Deadblood then enters through the turn-style doors- passing- NSA officers handcuffed exiting the building- and then comes up behind Alexander…. Deadblood felt an overwhelming surge of power radiating from the belt he just won…. could it simply be the fact that he stands on top of the world as the Absolute BEST in this sport, hands down.

Eventually, Deadblood wanted to know how come the title belt was so unique in its design. Alexander Arcane dodged his question which sparked further interest by Deadblood to dig deeper.

“You know, you might not want to fully explain to be the details behind this championship, but the way I see it, not telling me only hinders you in the end.” – said Deadblood

“Choose your words wisely around me DeadBlood… don’t forget, you’re still under MY contract. You earn your right to knowing – earn MY trust. I will say this, though, doesn’t it feel beyond GOOD to be the Absolute Undisputed Champion? Indeed. That belt is special… why… it is as though it embodies the spirit of it’s holder! Can you just imagine the linage? And now. You represent it! YOU are THE Champion. I dare say, isn’t that enough of a reason? Whether or not you know it’s deepest secrets- you represent this sport…. [stands up from leaning against the desktop]… and you do as I say. This is most certainly best for business.” – said Alexander

The Promoter of CW swings around his desk with his drink– he gazes outward to the dark cityscape from his tall double glassed and bulletproof window.

“The title’s power will reveal itself to you. The more you earn my trust, the more you will come to realize your destiny in all of this… and your award? [turns around] You will ascend the ladder and become truly invincible! No one will EVER dare, or stupid, to topple you off of that mountain. Enjoy yourself as champion, Deadblood. It’s going to be one hell of a long ride… heheeeeee” – said Alexander

The conversation turned a different route as Deadblood questioned Alexander’s security… it was clear that Deadblood did not trust Alexander. Suddenly Deadblood drew his katana at Alex’s throat and the security systems activated along with a flood of security officers rushing in with crimsonlight guns drawn at Deadblood! Alex slowly rose his right hand upward and smiled at Deadblood…

“You’re not going to kill me. You want to know why?” – said Alexander Arcane

Deadblood didn’t say a word

“And I am certainly not talking about my security officers pointing a weapon that can put down any man or creature… but we both know that if you really wanted to kill me you could have done it already. I didn’t become the greatest mastermind this world has seen for nothing- I am often 10 steps or more ahead… why would I even allow you in here in the first place? Why would I allow you to keep your katana… you honestly think I am that stupid?… First put down that blade and we’ll have a man-to-man talk, shall we? Like I haven’t noticed how much you’re drawn to that belt but if you want to tap it’s true potential, you need me. And the simple fact that you’re still here, alive, means… that I need you too. So what do ya say? Care for another glass of champagne?” – said Alexander Arcane

Alexander reveals just a little bit more about what now is around Deadblood’s waist.
“Well it all started little over 16 years ago. Oh we all know about heh, some, of the history behind the formation of the Creature Wrestling Federation… but what was always a topic of eluding was the origin behind what you now hold so so dear.” – said Alexander Arcane

This intrigued Deadblood already- he sipped his champagne while sited on the sofa and that precious belt to his left made everything that much more sweeter.

“The title belt has went through several changes in it’s evolution but the plates were always the same… just… recasted. Originally the belt was the Creature of the Night Championship held by Darkhag. To this day not even I know where she obtained it- but I knew that the belt held a mysterious power… it was faint… yet, distinct with how it could never be destroyed and always heightened the abilities of it’s holder. Later as I combed through my father’s old things- I came to his notes stating that there was a metal blessed by the gods which could enhance or grant dormant abilities. To my astonishment in my discoveries did I realize the artifact was split into two and they, somehow, became titles held here at CreatureWrestling! I won’t reveal how they were reformed but they are and the title is whole!” – said Alexander Arcane

“Nice history lesson but that doesn’t answer my question, now does it. What does it do? How can I tap into it’s power?” – said Deadblood

“I am not sure exactly, how to activate it’s power. Only that it is like a super drug to it’s holder. I suppose by channeling your thoughts and emotions through it like medium can you unlock your inner most dormant abilities… Why. Give it a try?” – said Alexander Arcane

Starting small, the crimson glow quickly became quite evident to everyone in the office. In shock more than anything, Deadblood let the title belt fall to the floor, but this didn’t stop the glow or the growth of it!!! Even Alexander became slightly afraid as he watched the very weapon he’d put to use against creatures and his other enemies form in Deadblood’s palm.

The crimsonlight then, suddenly and rather uncontrollably, launched from Deadblood’s palm to the ceiling of the office, everyone looking up to watch, the first true example of the Absolute Undisputed Championship’s potential and hidden powers finally realized by its holder!!!!!

Alexander smiled at Deadblood after witnessing the power granted to a mortal wrestler…. the two came to terms of this business arrangement and Deadblood withdrew his katana.



Even with the threat of the Apocalypse looming over all inhabitants of planet Earth… CreatureWrestling carried on. With the wrestling organization now in full swing once again. Alexander not only revealed the new Absolute title but CreatureMania XI: Ascension was announced!!

Kizmat suddenly appears on Creature Wrestling Network with the Undisputed Mortal Wrestling Championship belt!! Up to this point in time, it was believed that only Deadblood was the sole champion in Creature Wrestling. Kizmat quickly challenges Deadblood for his belt in order to once and for all see who was the true Undisputed champion. Deadblood appeared and agreed to fight Kizmat for as long as Kizmat’s belt was also on the line at CreatureMania!

It’s either you or them


After being trapped in the Gate of Wickedness for all that time, the concept of a city full of people almost felt like a foreign concept to Red Spyder. For a while, the Guardian of Wickedness, Red Spyder, simply roamed the city’s seemingly endless number of streets, taking all the sights and sounds back in. He ventured into several bars, having a few drinks at each.

During his roaming, he encountered other things too. At one point Red encounters a prostitute and kill her unmercifully with a knife. The prostitute’s body would be discovered a short while later, but he would already be several blocks away, no one suspecting him of anything as horrific as a brutal murder.

Time to Destroy the Death Family & Babeh All Grown Up!


At Castle Mortis an army was forming all around the stronghold — and within it’s crackling walls was the greatest weapon known, The Dark Queen Lilith. A high-tech apparatus with a monitoring system has been regulating Lilith’s activity and vitals up to this time. Markus was the one responsible for bringing The Dark Queen Lilith in from Neo-Earth after Lilith’s hive was destroyed by Charon and Darkspade’s archlight- he did it by using his own mind and contained Lilith in his dreams.

With EVIL glee…. Lord Mortismere made his illustrious rise up the steps to the slab and grins with heavy breath coursing from his mouth and covering the glass from which Queen Lilith slumbered behind from……. As Mortis was relishing in his evil delights– A figure emerged behind Mortismere…. once the person comes into view we now see that it was Markus…. the original Evangelion…. Queen Lilith’s “perfect killer”…. the son of Kizmat! and the force which saved the evil Queen Lilith and reason for her unbelievable transference into this world!!

“Lord Mortis… I can’t stress enough the joy it brings us all that you are here and no long contained in the Gate of Wickedness…… She’s a beauty isn’t she? The power this woman possess diminishes us all…. but I am curious…. why hold off on waking her from her slumber?” – said Markus

“OH HOHOHOOO…. We will, when the time is right. With her sleep we have an ace up our sleeve that you one day will come to realize…. but until then, we must work towards developing the device to join in her dreams…. only then can we carry out on MY grand plan. Which would defeat the Guardian of Apocalypse and rain down upon this realm A HELL WORSE THAN HELL FOR A 1,000 YEARS until I come face-to-face with the fool who birthed the Universe in the first place…. once then, I promise you… as your NEW God…. I shall re-invent the Universe into a dark and sinister paradise!” – said Lord Mortismere

Suddenly, Seer comes up with a plan…

“Heee of course… right….. I have a ‘pet’ that would BE PERFECT in hunting down those who dare try but we all know will fail miserably…….but nonetheless…. it’s still annoying for us EVIL folks to bare. I propose to unleash my ‘pet’ upon The Death Family…. KILL ALL WHO STAND IN OUR WAY… and to hunt down the two Guardians and bring them here so that they can witness their END!!!! Wouldn’t that be just ever so NICEEEEEEE!!!! heeeeee… ohhhh my NOMS are tingling!” – said Seer

Mortis was too busy stroking the glass with Lilith inside- Markus was disturbed at Seer—
“Hmmmm what? Oh yeah… um that would be enjoyable…. hehe…. Maybe once Red Spyder comes back from his prowls he can enlighten us on what he too has planned for those pesky Death Family members…. Seer do what you can…..” – said Lord Mortismere

“Heee heeeee…. it’s an honor to share my noms with Red Spyder!!!” – gleefully said by Seer

Mortismere, Markus, and Seer didn’t have to wait much longer before Red returned from those prowls of his. Porting back into Castle Mortis, Red strolled into the room containing the sleeping Queen Lilith, a bottle of whiskey in one hand. Red promised that he will take care of the Death Family but then sees Seer for the first time and asked ‘who the fuck was he?!’

“Apparently our dear Seer has been brewing something really NASTY.. and WICKED for our dear Death family members hahaa!!” – said Lord Mortismere

“Myyyy BABY!!!! OHHHH YESSSSSS MY LOVING DEAR BABY IS ALL GROWN UP!!! Haaharrrr he’s been preparing to seek his revenge and make his baby daddy PROUD!!!! Would… would you like a peek-a-boo at my nom noms?” – said Seer

Ohhhh so delighted- Seer danced manically!!! Everyone in the room turned around be-witness Seer’s craziness…. be that it would be beneficial or not to the downfall of the Death Family- it proved nonetheless effective in displaying Seer’s complex and eccentric mind…. Once Seer stopped turned he wicks his head ever slightly to his left and takes his hand and thrusts it forward while flicking his index finger– curving it inward towards a dark corner of the room no one ever suspected….. for two green eyes lighted up from the darkness.

Eyes resembling a fierce beast…. just those alone sent an unnerving chill coursing down from the tip of your head down to your tail bone….. Even Mortismere, often impervious to anything that would give him the jitters- had goosebumps plotted across his scaly skin….. It was Red Spyder, however, whom showed the most interest in this being and stepped forward to take a closer look.

“What is… is that in the darkness……” – said Red Spyder

“Oh….. heheeeee… that’s my nom noms!! Care to take a closer LOOK!” – said Seer

Red Spyder rose his right hand and ignited a flame of Wickedness which illuminated the darkness with a blood curling red light….. then Seer called out for his nom noms…. slowly did the thing came forward revealing a frightening gruesome face….

My baby nom noms…. OH HE’S SPECIAL!!!! What courses through it’s veins is the Blood of the Lord of Blood AND of the Shadows….. You may call him, Lusūs. Lusūs Naturae Dema. Mortismere, he is your nephew… hhaaaa… and my baby babbbbyyyyy BOOOYYYYYYYYYY!!! HAAAARRHAHHHHAAHHAAHHRHRHAHAHHHHHAHHHHAAARRSSSSSSS NOM NOMS!! NOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM NOMMMMSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! – said Seer

Red Spyder was sickened by the sight of Lusus but after Markus encouraged that Red Spyder give Lusūs a chance, Red reluctantly agreed but wanted a demonstration of Lusūs’ powers.

Upon the realization that everyone was anxious to see just how ‘special’ Lusūs exactly was- a maniacal crazy laugh came out from Seer. But in all of it’s craziness- nothing was as crazy as Lusūs’ awkward eyeballs turning in different directions and spewing mucus from it’s pincer like mouth… Seer spun around in a circle until he spotted an opportune moment to display Lusūs’ ‘unique’ abilities.

With a long drawn out “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..” – Seer simply pointed his hairy index finger at the young vampire maiden than just came in with a plate full of appetizers for the guests. Lusūs’ disjointed eyeballs rolled around until it fixated them upon the maiden…. now taking the perspective of Lusūs itself- the creature gets all on fours and like a mad-hound it dashed towards the maiden!! The vampire woman dropped the plate and was about to strike the disfigured ‘thing’ but Lusūs evaporated into the shadows…. everyone standing in the room were left for words except for Seer who at that time was cheering for his “nom noms”!

Everyone turned to see the vampire maiden’s body being torn inside and out with nothing that we can see hurting her….. guts were pulled from her carcass… eyeballs bursting out from her skull… heart being seemingly devoured and it was all happening out in the open with nothing seemingly attacking her… until… F’ein Dacor stepped down from the platform from attending Lilith and pointed his joyeuse at the shadowy figure depicted on the crackly crimson wall as a product of a single flickering candle…. it was a silhouette of a vial and disturbing being devouring and eating the flesh and organs….

The shadowy figure turned it’s head – with it’s deep evil red eyes staring…. suddenly Lusūs peels from the wall covered in blood and guts from the vampire it just devoured…. running to Daddy Seer like an obedient dog…. Lusūs came up to Seer and licked him all over covering his daddy dearest with it’s flesh dripping juicy pincher-like oozing black mouth…..

Everyone was stunned… and not only was Seer sharing the morsels of flesh from Lusūs’s blood spattering pincher mouth through his own kisses but the remains of the vampire maiden then melted in a puddle of sickening black ooze – then slithered across the floor and crawled onto the back of Lusūs’ neck and entered through the sides of a big seething gassy-like hairy blackhead!!

Everyone was grossed out- with Red the most grossed!

Seer stopped in his tracks, backing away, before turning back to Lusūs and sharing more kisses with him and saying, “WHOSE MY BABEH NOM NOMS??? YOU ARE, AREN’T YOU? DADDY LOVES HIS NOM NOMS!”

Red just shook his head at this, again already wondering if killing Seer now would just be best for all of them. Seer’s behavior made his own desire to consume human flesh seem quite normal in comparison. At least he didn’t share bites of flesh with the pinchers of something like Lusūs.

“Well, gentlemen, it looks like we have a good start here,” Red then said. Gesturing towards the chamber that held Queen Lilith, he continued with, “Her power combined with the special skills of Lusūs here will be quite the weapon for us I think!”

Family Gathering


There were too many chances that the whole wide world could have been destroyed by the forces of Evil. In the aftermath- DARKSPADE, Charon, Brandon and Angel took refuge at an undisclosed Syndicate location; where upon there they project the next steps…. While on the other hand- Angel was taken to a room to recover and to be protected.

The scene materializes with DARKSPADE, Charon and Brandon standing around a large lighted up LED table rendering holographic projections of the city… red markers scattered about across the streets indicated locations where Mortismere’s dark followers where gathering resources; while blue markers marked out the location of allies. There was a war mounting- and right underneath the noses of Humanity…. they have no idea what is coming. But it was much more dire than that; for the moon was still transformed into the Final Gate… it was still there… waiting for the the last piece of the puzzle…. Apocalypse was not stopped… only… rendered obstructed.

With emotions pouring and overwhelming- The Unholy One gripped his fist while staring across the table– he looked at everyone as they looked towards him for guidance… how could anyone let alone prepare for this – to find the words to push forward into the next steps!

Darkspade brings up the fact that there are looming threats still around other than the Gate of the Apocalypse- mainly, The Dark Queen Lilith. Brandon brings up the question of why did Darkspade save Richard Arcane…. Darkspade made a business agreement with Alexander Arcane that if he saved Richard in the Gate of Wickedness then Darkspade would get a title shot. Charon and Darkspade further argue until Brandon interferes and tries to divert their attention to more pressing matters: to close the Gate of the Apocalypse! Darkspade continues to be stubborn and wants revenge against Mortis and Red Spyder by his own hands instead… this infuriated Charon causing Darkspade to leave his family to deal with the Final Gate alone.

CreatureMania IX: Ascension

1. Darkspade’s challenge: The Unholy One was not at all pleased by Alexander’s break in promise for a title shot and so he took matters into his own hands by challenging Deadblood on CreatureMania!!

2. Deadblood(c) VS Kizmat(c): Annhiliation match… winner takes ALL belts.

The Lord of Blood was furious though and still refused to give up!!!!! Grabbing the ladder and setting it back up, he climbed up after Deadblood, grabbing at his feet, trying to drag him back down into the ring!!!!!!! Then, Kizmat suddenly felt another invisible push, but his knew this wasn’t from Sheri!!! This time it was from Deadblood and he sent Kizmat tumbling off of the ladder, the ladder falling down on top of him!!!!!!!!!

Before Kizmat could try anything else, Deadblood then quickly climbed out through the hatch and stood on top of the Annihilation Cell!!! The crowd cheered as the bell rang to end the match and Deadblood’s music began to play!

Deadblood made history by becoming the first ever Double Undisputed Champion!

CM IX changed the game field! What possibilities are in store now that CW has a NEW double Undisputed Champion… and what new powers will be passed over to Deadblood?!

Concludes Page 1…

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