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Starting from the 13th Anniversary

A LOT has happened since the 13th Year Anniversary which spawned the Gates of Apocalypse and the next saga after that: End of Days. Both sagas center around this event which will wipe out the world. There are three gates/three dimensions which serve as something equivalent to purgatory (balance/platform where you are judged), heaven (righteousness) and hell (wickedness) for Creatures going into the afterlife.

The first thread that starts this all is here:

Description: The opening monologue explains what happened in the aftermath when Darkspade and Charon entered Neo-Earth to save Charon’s children AFTER the match on CreatureMania 10. It tells us that Markus saved Lilith and somehow had the power to break her free from the Dreamscape which is an impossibility and a plot hole that has yet to be explained, yet. It explains that Lilith is slumbering and a dark army is being gathered for her wake.

Notice that this thread has several story branches. Well the second branch goes off and explain that Reverend Jones is hell bent on eradicating and cleansing the Earth of evil doers. Reverend locates Richard- kills him but Alex evokes the Unholy Darkness and sends Richard into the Gates of Wickedness and traps his soul in a petrified jewel of Crimson light. (Much later it is revealed that this was a plan all along to get Richard into the gates and that Darkspade agreed to protect Richard while Richard finds out how to control the Apocalypse.

With regards to what transpires here- Darkspade, Charon and Mortismere were all assumed to be killed in a big destructive attempt by Spade and Charon to destroy Mortismere. However, they were not destroyed completely- but sent to the Gate of Balance in a limbo state. Angel receives a message from her mother in the form of an arrow once Charon figured out a way to distort time-space… (later we find out that is because the half of the locket that Angel has was Julie’s locket originally and possesses a power to link the daughter to mother; son to father in the Death Family line no matter how far away one is to the other- it negates time and space). Spade, Charon and Mortismere all also effected by the Gate’s power in that they do not have their powers and a state of confusion ensures between them- however, because Charon and Angel are linked- there is some sense of mind. Charon tells Angel that the dimensional rift is hastily closing and she needs to find Gunther’s wig to enter the realm and save Spade and Charon. Angel along with Kizmat rush to find Gunther’s wig…

The rift also summoned Markus and F’ein Dacor- they go on a pursuit to find the wig for themselves and rescue Mortismere and as well as open the Gates.

Alexander Arcane was the one who had Gunther’s wig. Alex re-visits the ruins of The Death Family Temple and attempts to breach the Gate of Balance, as we thought, in order to save Richard. However, Brandon shows up and prevents Alexander to open the Gate.

Then- Gunther shows up and steals back his Wig and takes a trip to South Korea where he has a dance off with Psy. Kizmat and Angel in the other story arc get word from Brandon that Gunther has the wig and they locate Gunther and show up in time to confront him.

That ends the first part of the 13th Anniversary show.

Finale to 13th Year Anniversary Stories (PART 1)

The next part of the stories begins again here:

The first scene shows us the past where Charon expresses her concern and ending The Dark Sincentius’ plot to open the Gates of the Apocalypse. Kizmat makes a statement which later meant that he plans to betray Charon in order to get close to Mortismere and save their children.

Kizmat turned on his family and sided with his brother Mortismere and the Dark Sincentius… during Charon challenged Kizmat on CW Mayhem. At CreatureMania, the battleground was set to prevent the coming of the Gates of Apocalypse – but Kizmat in the end of the match saved his brother as The Dark Sincentius fell into the endless abyss. To this very day – it is not known what happened to Dark Sincentius even though Kizmat’s motives were really to protect his family, even his brother.

Then, the post which re-introduces The Gates of Apocalypse explains:
In an endless void enveloped by a plethora of unforgivable sin and anguish- this place is known to be, quite simply, as the Gates of the Apocalypse– a chasm always ready to devour all whom dear step inside of it’s archway.

We come to realize in 2010 that the patriarchs and noble men or women of the Death Family were tasked to keep the doorway secret and away from those who may abuse it’s grand design. It was forced open by the acts of the dark rider, the omnipotent being known as The Dark Sincentius by unleashing the alpha strand during CreatureMania IX 2010 in a twisted match located at the ruins of the Death Family temple….

The alpha strand was a key component which was held dormant in a select few Creatures of The Night…. one of which was from the last known survivor of the ancient kindred Vaolrixous tribe.

By harnessing the alpha strand– The Dark Sincentius unleashed a fatal virus which would have wiped out ALL of the creatures of the night. However, during the match and the opening of the Gates of Apocalypse…. our heroes- primarily- DARKSPADE, Charon Death and Brandon… The Dark Sincentius was plunged into the gates and the virus become dormant by an anti-virus developed by Charon.

Ever since then we have came to believe that the threat from quite possibly the most vile and despicable force was over and done with.

But as we have witnessed many times over… in the Creature World… EVIL has always found a way to slither back into a position of reality….. and the forces of GOOD has risen against insurmountable odds to frost the appending doom. Be as that is may- as we now return to once we left off nearly a year ago on the 13th Year Anniversary of THE undisputed E-Federation of the Creatures of the Night– Yes indeed we return to tell the tale and the next chapter.

The scenes to come then take us back to where Alexander is at the Ruins- Angel and Kizmat appear with Gunther and at that point Alexander threatens everyone with his Crimsonlight gun and his army of assassins.

A flashback then happens in the next segment which shows very briefly that Sincentius was once a Holy Priest but was tainted by the Unholy Darkness by Mortismere. The flashback changes to 2011 during the Virus Saga and Sincentius explains to Mortismere that the Gates of Apocalypse are 3 individual gates and each one of them serves a purpose- Righteousness, Wickedness and “Fate.” Sincentius believed that the he called the “Gate of Fate” would rain down the Apocalypse (which we later realize that his knowledge of the gates were incomplete and that fate was actually The Gate of Balance).

The next scene shows another flashback in that what happened after CreatureMania when Dark Sincentius was thrust into the Gate- he thought was called Fate. Instead, The Dark Sincentius entered the Gate of Balance and here- he was judged by The Oracle. The Dark Sincentius was sentenced to eternity into the Gate of Wickedness.

After this scene- and another flashback, we see Kizmat and Charon deeply in love and Charon’s half of the locket (The locket of Julie – Angel has the other half) is infused with their love and show that there is a connection deeper than any other known as the BloodSyn.

The 13th Anniversary Special (PART 1) ends with another flashback which picked up from the previous before it and shows exactly how Sincentius was corrupted by Mortismere which birthed The Dark Sincentius.

Part 2 of the special finale comes next.

Finale to 13th Year Anniversary Stories (PART 1 Continued)

Continuing the storyline for the 13th Anniversary Finale Series…

The scene begins with a man later in chains identified as Red Spyder becoming aware of his surroundings. The environment was desolate and post-apocalyptic. How Red Spyder got here was from CreatureMania 10’s main event when Charon blasted (can be seen: HERE) the crimsonlight gun and killing Red Spyder.

As Red examines this desolate place and sees a light and follows that light- a figure watches from afar, intrigued.

The scene switches to Charon, Spade and Mortis still trapped in the limbo- and the locket that Charon had then shimmers and she notices how it allows her the ability to communicate to Angel. Time was running short.

Once back in the desolate world and in a prison that Red entered while chasing after the light- Red goes after a figure that has been watching from afar and corners him. The figure reveals that he is The Dark Sincentius! Sincentius explains to Red Spyder that the desolate place is inside of The Gate of Wickedness and they are both screwed to stay there for all of eternity- however, Sincentius explains that the creator of the gates invented keys…. and if they work together they may be able to find it. Sincentius also explains that the “trinity” is also in close proximity- which we later find out that there are three guardians: one for each gate; and ALL of the guardians are in the Gates or close by.

As Sincentius and Red Spyder begin their journey to find the Trinity: Red asks Sincentius various questions and Sincentius reveals that he made a mistake during the Virus Saga in his understanding for how to open The Gate of Apocalypse: “I realized my critical mistake– as I was swallowed up by the light and ended up in the Gate of Wickedness– the Gates required to be opened at the SAME TIME for the Apocalypse to rain down on the living world…” Sincentius also explains that the third gate is the third gate… The ‘Gate of Fate’ – so at this point is is understandable that Sincentius does not have accurate information. Sincentius also explains that the only way for Red to release the chains is to ‘accept’ his true self and full-fill a prophecy:

“Now that you know your way in this madness
Your powers are gone, your chains have been broken
You’ve suffered so long, you will never change.

When the shadows remain in the light of day
On the wings of darkness he’ll retaliate
He’ll be falling from grace till the end of all his days

From the ashes of hate it’s a cruel demon’s fate
On the wings of darkness he’s returned to stay
There will be no escape ’cause he’s fallen far from grace.”

Red Spyder accepts the true reasons for why he kills and the chains break a part and fall to the floor… Sincentius is pleased- and then reveals that he had on his person the key to the prison all along. When Red asks why the deception- Sincentius explains that he entered the Gates unnaturally whereas Red died and Sincentius is unable to leave the area without the aid of the someone who died naturally. Once the door to the prison was opened- the two enter a new area entirely and see the Death Family Manor on a high hill but Richard Arcane appears. Sincentius is perplexed how and why a mortal is in the Gates- so they decide to take Richard along with them.

The next scene shows Charon, still in limbo with Spade and Mortis, channel into Kizmat (who all this while has been on Earth and still at the Death Family Temple with Angel and Brandon) and she speaks to him about her dire situation. Kizmat knows only one true way to help them and that is to sacrifice someone in their place. This did not sit too well with Charon. Kizmat then tries to explain that there maybe another way- a plan… but the communication ends.

Back in the void, Sincentius and Red Spyder are running away from vampires and warlocks- Sincentius becomes agitated sensing that time is running out and the trinity is losing their power. Richard separates from the team but Sincentius and Red could care less. Then back in the limbo- Darkspade is slightly becoming aware but with time running out he becomes hostile– we then see a flashback of the events which lead to Darkspade’s wife, Julie’s demise and that Dark Sincentius was the true parasite pulling the strings.

Now back in the Gate of Wickedness: Sincentius and Red reach another door which of course Sincentius cannot open- Red just pushes it and it opens and they enter a new area: a waste management factory unit. Bodies were laid everywhere and then zombies emerge… yay another chase!

The last scene takes us back to what is happening currently at The Death Family Temple- to save Angel, Kizmat goes ballistic (which is assumed that he spoke to Charon at that point about sacrificing to save Charon and Spade) and destroys Alex’s assassins but Alex fires the Crimsonlight gun and hits Kizmat. Kizmat dies!!!

Part 1 of the 13th Anniversary Special finally concludes…. now Part 2!

Act II – 13th Year Anniversary Finale Series

Can be completely read here:

Back in the Gates of Wickedness: Sincentius and Red are trapped while zombies claw at the door they just closed… everything looks dire. Sincentius theorizes that the reason for Creatures attacking was there was a disturbance. Suddenly, Kizmat appears from being devoured by the crimsonlight and destroys the zombies. Kizmat and Sincentius stare off… lots of history between them- but then Kizmat notices Red and direct them to safety to a ladder. Sincentius climbs first but the ladder falls down and the team is separated. Kizmat and Red go into an alternate route and realize that Sincentius was nowhere to be found. Red is trying to figure out if Kizmat is the a part of the trinity and listens in to Kizmat’s plan.

Meanwhile, Spade has shown to fully recovered his cognitive abilities as time races on which is a double-edge sword in that the limbo is becoming more and more unstable. Then- Spade finds a book in the study which was never seen before in the real world, The book revealed that their concept of the Trinity was inaccurate that The Unholy Darkness, Holy Darkness and Holy Light are only byproducts of the Guardians of the Gates of Apocalypse. The same verse that Sincentius revealed with the statue of Angel of Death says:

“You’ll burn this time
Seeing the violence is feeding my mind
No one is saving you, how can you find
A heaven in this hell?

Leave it behind
Hearing your silence it screams our goodbye
Cannot believe it’s an eye for an eye
Love is gone to waste

Angels have faith.”

Darkspade realizes that they COULD be the trinity and that they are inside of the Gates of Apocalypse.

Back with Red Spyder and Kizmat: With Sincentius not around, Red asks looming questions such as “So, anything you can tell me about this place or are you just as clueless about it as I am? One other thing that Sincentius mentioned is that this is where creatures like us go when we die, but he didn’t really elaborate. I guess he either didn’t know or didn’t want to share . . .”

Kizmat reveals what he knows. Which largely is what we already know already and he too inaccurately calls the Gate of Balance, the Gate of Fate. Kizmat tells Red Spyder that Dark Sincentius holds the key and that Sincentius has been holding this information back for some unknown reason. Kizmat goes on to say that there are other keys but the most obvious way in is to die; or a way out is to sacrifice ones self for another. Kizmat notices that nothing changed when he sacrificed himself which means that the “Balance” in the Gates has been disrupted and everything has gone haywire… all of the physics are out of the window! Kizmat believes that his sacrifice has bought the Trinity time because of the power of BloodSyn: the connection between him and Charon.

Red Spyder understands through Kizmat’s testimony that Darkspade, Charon and Mortismere were here and THEY had to be the Trinity. In the distance- Sincentius watches on as Red and Kizmat transverse across an unstable world that was breaking a part.

Finally, Red and Kizmat approach the door to the manor- Kizmat breaks the boundary with the power of BloodSyn and opened the doorway to the Trinity…. However, Dark Sincentius appears with Richard Arcane and reveals a shocking revelation…. Red Spyder IS THE GUARDIAN OF WICKEDNESS and that was why Sincentius could not travel without him. This completely shocked Red and Kizmat- everything that they thought they knew about the Trinity was out of the window.

Red Spyder questions Sincentius’ claim- but Richard helps out by revealing that he was the PRESIDENT OF THE NSA all along and that by sending a mortal into the Gates was the wrench that has made the Gates unstable. Richard further explains that he personally discovered the existence of the Gates of Apocalypse and created the NSA as an undercover organization. He found the Archangel of Death (Reverend Jones) and he told Richard all about the Death Family’s DEEPEST darkest secrets – the Trinity. An elaborate plan to open the Gates of Apocalypse spanning years with both trial and error ensured and Alexander had no idea.

With that said- Richard claims to find the Trinity he used crimsonite to detect the energy signatures of power creatures. Red Spyder was hired as an assassin to kill the previous Guardian of Wickedness: Darkhag. When she as killed, Red Spyder took her place as The Guardian of Wickedness and that was why Red was allowed to wrestle in the CWE… but Red had some form of mental block and did not know his true self.

Inside of the Manor, Spade and Charon figure out that they got where they are when Mortis’ soul chains did not detach when they used the archlight to destroy Mortis. And the Gates are trying to pull them a part and send them where they need to be judged. Further, Spade and Charon talk it out about how and why Sincentius did not tell them about the Guardians of the Gates – he intentionally withheld information – and that upon realizing that Sincentius wanted to enter the Gates means that he has the capability to leave… he had to be a Guardian!!!!

In the Gate- Red Spyder asks Richard to unlock his dormant memories and an apparatus appears which feed a needle into Red Spyder’s brain- after the procedure, Red remembers working with the NSA in the early days of CWE and killing Darkhag and assumed her role as The Guardian of Wickedness… Red’s powers of the Wickedness are unlocked! Sincentius attacks Kizmat and at that point Red Spyder blasts Kizmat with the power of Wickedness- Spade and Charon hear the commotion and rush to see Kizmat on the floor; and are shocked to see Richard, Red Spyder and Sincentius! Red Spyder turns towards Spade and quite pleasingly ZAPS Spade down with the power of the Wickedness…..

This event changes and ends to what was happening at the Temple- Gunther & Brandon are captured. Alex takes Gunther’s wig!!!

Act III – 13th Year Anniversary Finale Series

The next part is read here:

Richard tells Charon that they need to open the Gates otherwise there would be more pain and suffering. Charon is defiant and refused to cooperate. As a result, Red Spyder blasts Charon with the Wickedness and makes her squeal with agony and pain. Spade gets up and runs into the path of another shot of Wickedness which them propels off of his body. Sincentius steps in and is pleased to have finally found the Guardian of Balance! Red immediately questions Sincentius how he knows what attribute Spade belongs too- Spade and Charon reveal their theory that Sincentius was ALSO a Guardian…. the Guardian of Righteousness.

Red is irritated by Sincentius’ lies… Sincentius laughs and explains that he simply withheld information to get Red to this point! Red then helps motivate Spade to open his gate upon showing that Angel was captured and she could be destroyed if Spade does not cooperate. Spade decides to open the gate which infuriates Charon… Kizmat gets back into the fight and attacks everyone and then tells Spade not to open his gate- however, Spade goes along with the idea of opening his gate to save Angel and Charon!!

At that point, Red Spyder summoned the platform of the Apocalypse and high above where the Gates. Each Guardian stood on their emblem but Sincentius’ gate did not open. Spade laughs and reveals that he knew the moment he came into contact with Sincentius that he was stripped of his powers due to the power of Balance. Red Spyder questions Sincentius’ worth and belittles him when Sincentius whines about losing his Guardianship.

Spade Deathen unleashes his awesome true powers as the Guardian of Balance and stops Red Spyder in his tracks. Confessing that he intends to open the Gate of Fates completely to get out and leave Red Spyder here forever. Meanwhile, Alexander’s assassins are ready to kill Angel, Brandon and Gunther – but Spade’s voice passes through the void and tells her to evoke the Goodness inside of her- Angel reveals that she is the Guardian of Righteousness at that point and frees her friends while destroying the assassins. Alexander responds by blasting a ray of Crimsonlight into her but the weapon bounces off of her from a protective shield from her father. Red Spyder caught a glimpse of what happened while gazing into the void portal to the Temple and now knows that Angel is the missing Guardian!!! Spade causes himself to be split back into the three entities- thus no longer a complete person all in order to cause the Gate of Balance to be closed and to use the power of the Unholy Darkness. However, to Spade’s surprise the Gate of Balance was not closing… this could only mean that it was too late.

Mortismere snaps out of his trance the moment Spade unlocked his powers of Balance- as they are connected. With a zap of Unholy Darkness- Spade is struck down and Mortis proposed to open the Gate of Wickedness to Earth anyway and send minions to still destroy everyone and that Mortis will kill Spade to assume the role of the Guardian of Balance. Red Spyder was pleased hearing that and commanded his gate to fully open.

With no hope in sight- Red Spyder turns to Sincentius and commands chains to take over his body – thus repaying Sincentius for his lies and worthlessness. When Red was busy with Sincentius- Richard Arcane whispers something in Charon’s ears which causes her to act with alarm- Spade tells her to do as Richard asks- Spade and Charon evoke the Arclight which struck down Red and Mortismere- allowing Richard, Spade and Charon to run through the Gate of Balance and escaping back where Alexander, Angel and Brandon where in the Temple of Death.

Red Spyder and Mortismere run through it as well and appear on Earth- Red demands that Angel open the last gate and when she defies him- Red sends a ray of Wickedness at her but it is deflected. Kizmat also runs through the Gate and joins with his family. Red Spyder laughs as his Gate of Wickedness allows for his minions of Darkness to emerge on Earth- and with no other hope in sight, Darkspade, Charon and Brandon stand by Angel and informs her that she must open her gate to allow Fate to decide if this was the time and place for the Apocalypse. Angel closes her eyes and recites the prophecy’s verse along with a passage that The Dark Sincentius kept away from Red Spyder:


It is said. In an Ancient Lore….

“Now that you know your way in this madness
Your powers are gone, your chains have been broken
You’ve suffered so long, you will never change.

When the shadows remain in the light of day
On the wings of darkness he’ll retaliate
He’ll be falling from grace till the end of all his days

From the ashes of hate it’s a cruel demon’s fate
On the wings of darkness he’s returned to stay
There will be no escape ’cause he’s fallen far from grace.

But… what was not revealed to Red, The Guardian of Wickedness, by The Dark Sincentius was the rest:

Now that you know your way in this madness
Your powers are gone, your chains have been broken
You’ve suffered so long, you will never change

Angels have faith
I don’t want to be a part of his sin
I don’t want to get lost in his world
I’m not playing this game.”

At long last the three Gates opened- allowing Fate to decide. And Fate did. The Gate of Apocalypse finally revealed itself as an all seeing eye on the Moon!!! Fate stopped the minions of Red Spyder as it’s judgement… this infuriated Red Spyder but Mortismere evacuated him and Red into a portal protesting that this was no over with.

The last scene shows Dark Sincentius covered with chains and then conversing with the Guardian of the Apocalypse: The Oracle… Sincentius mocks The Oracle’s divine judgement and claims that there is a way to destroy her and he vows to be by his hand.

This officially concluded just the Gate of Apocalypse Saga! The saga we are in is the aftermath where Lilith is resurrected and there are several story branches from various main characters all in acquiring the way to either stop or start the Apocalypse!

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