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The NSA Era, Page 2

The NSA Network was contracted on behalf of the new networking director, Chane McMahon, to replace Network54 and to usher a new era of CreatureWrestling! Richard Arcane adopted with open arms the NSA Network deal… and continued to deny that he killed Alexander Arcane and pin the blame onto Charon.

Then after the kidnapping of Crimson on CreatureMania IX…. Charon, Moebius, Brandon and Darkspade all decide that they need to find some way into Neo-Earth and rescue her. Charon decides to take matters in her own hand and willingly surrender to F’ein Dacor at a EVA_CORP and volunteer herself as the new Evangelion.

Elsewhere in the world of CreatureWrestling itself: Mortismere, the new Undisputed Champion, decrees his era of dominance but he is meet by contenders such as Branden, Stewie Xtreme and Drkside.

Charon is eventually taken by EVA_CORP and she is conditioned into the new Evangelion… Then, a mysterious letter appears in the hands of Moebius but meant for Charon by the NSA Executive President- Reverend Jones. The Reverend asks for 11% of the CW shares that the Death Family has in exchange for re-instating Moebius as the President. The request was fishy and it sparked a lot of controversies surround the nature of the NSA.

Then the coming revelations happened as the meeting took place at CW HQ. The Reverend acquires the total 51% of the shares allowing him to fire Richard and replace him with Moebius but Charon showed up as the Evangelion and she obeyed The Reverend Commands- with a sign of resistance still inside of her. Later that same day- Moebius, Darkspade, Brandon find out from an external hard drive that Charon copied over the entire Evangelion project for them to view but specifically to find out how to reverse her condition.

Last but not least-
Kizmat is seen by Kali-Death cuddling Seer at Castle Mortis!! The odd behavior prompt immediate action for Kali to even show up at her father’s manor to tell him about it. The odd behavior from Kizmat and Seer was surreal and awkward- enough to find out a way to blackmail them!! Then a conversation came up about Kali-Death’s own blood type not matching her twin sisters…. Darkspade and Kali eventually call up Moebius who brings up the Death Family prophesies, the various bloodlines and of the mysterious Vaolrixous tribe.

Deep Within


“Who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.”
1 Timothy 2:4

Reverend Jones is conversing with head Scientists and Chane at a EVA_CORP laboratory- then, they all visit, The Evangelion, Charon Death in a tube.

“The Lord works in very mysterious ways. Once long ago when I walked the Earth as a kindred, I desired nothing but the smooth organic pleasures of human blood. So much, as I was first turned- I devoured my own wife… then my children and my family to follow. [looks silently up to Chane] But salvation was for the damned, for the Lord gave me a second chance at life… [turns and looks at the Evangelion] and now I share my gift to the world. The cogwheels are already turning… and my Lord’s master plan will come to full… At last, our Evangelion is awake.” – said Reverend Jones

The Reverend then takes a syringe and takes a sample of Charon’s blood. Chane says, “Her blood has perfectly merged with the limelight Reverend.” and Reverend responds with: “As expected. Her metamorphosis from the girl I once knew to the being that stands before us is a testament to the Lord’s awesome power of forgiveness….”

Charon watched Jones. Her binary codes flowed constantly in her minds eye, then the stream was split by a secondary stream feeding the hidden nanobots. The audio was saved and forwarded to hundreds of different IP addresses until it was sent to a specific address within the CW to arrive as an e-mail. She now looked at Chane and said, “Fein and my Queen do not know you are here do they?” Chane was taken back and said that the ‘Queen’ wouldn’t mind taking a snippet of Charon’s blood. Then, somewhere within Evangelion, Charon was getting pretty annoyed at Chane. Charon showed slight human emotions which made Reverend Jones curious. Then Charon says, “You have tripped a silent alarm, I suggest you leave before Fein arrives and has to disturb my Queen. You do not want to see what she does to unauthorized personnel…. Charon Death is dead, there is only Evangelion. The flesh bag guards are coming, they do not value your lives as you do. I suggest you start running before Evangelion is ordered to destroy you.”

Jones was riled by the dismissal of his faith and was about to argue when Chane grabbed him by the arm. Armed guards were already storming up to Evangelion’s room and they fled. Guards piled into Evangelion’s room, she pointed them in the right direction and then smiled inwardly, it was time to do some research.

Hours later… the scene now takes us high up in the mountains at the dead of night. From a distance two car lights are seen racing towards us- then as the lights pass, the view lifts up and we see that it was a red sportscar. The next scene is a closeup of Spade’s pale face staring at the road while driving like a lunatic! It was hours since Kali’s visit- and whenever there was a lot on Spade’s endless mind- he takes a little “stroll.” Suddenly as Spade curves around a steep pass- another car racing the opposite direction nearly collide with Spade’s sportscar!!! Spade’s vehicle spins out of control and drops off the side of the mountain!! another view shows the car turning while falling down the steep hill until the vehicle crashes into a tree stump breaking everything in sight. Spade is seen still in his seat and suspended by his seat belt while upside down… blood dripping from his forehead and cuts from his arms… then, he slowly opens his eyes and in semi consciousness makes out his situation….

Crawling on all fours on damp dead leaves from the ground- Spade escapes the wreckage and drifts into unconsciousness. Spade awoken to a gun shot sound in the distance. Darkspade decides to investigate… Spade exits from the forest and sees a barn-house on fire. He takes out binoculars and sees pre-Evangelic drones surveying the premises. Zooming in even closer- Spade saw the silver form of The Evangelion… Charon.

The area was not that far from Spade’s mansion… but that didn’t matter why burn a barn-house? Clearly something else was happening- but the more Spade thought about what Kali said to him- the more he realized that it wasn’t safe… suddenly as Spade turns to leave something strikes him from his right and blacks out. Spade awakens but awakens tied to a chair and now inside of the smoldering burning barn-house and Evangelion is staring straight down upon him…..

“It was no coincidence that you are here, Darkspade, it was calculated. And now that EVA haves your attention… EVA desires nothing else but your careful attention for there is much for you to know….”

Darkspade struggled against his bonds, his mind raced as he stared defiantly up at Evangelion.

“Whatever you want, I won’t tell you, you demented fucking crazy bitch!”

Evangelion stared at him as though he were the crazy one and smiled. Smiled? Spade’s mind found that it couldn’t focus on the thought for more than a few seconds before it raced off in numerous other directions.

“It isn’t what I want, it is what you need…. Firstly, I have charged Gunthers mullet with what you need. Second, you will need the password Jellybean. Third, the missing seconds of tape are important, the http address can be pulled from it……”

After that, Darkspade passed out from the inferno…. when he woke up he was in his bedroom and un-scared… but the conversation he had with Evangelion was still fresh in his mind… he just didn’t know if it was real or not.

The next morning, Spade’s butler was cleaning the foyer when Darkspade came down the stairs swiftly with a dufflebag and wearing a black leather jacket and left his estate in his sportscar.

It was some time before Spade reached downtown. The next scene shows Spade’s red sports car reaching the ivory towers of CreatureWrestling Headquarters. Darkspade reached behind and opened the dufflebag and removed a black bag and exited his vehicle. On cue, CW Security officers engaged his Unholiness but Spade’s energy alone was enough to send them flying out and away.

The next scene now takes us inside of the Headquarters- Spade pulls out a special VIP metallic keycard and swipes it inside of a key slot right beside an ominous elevator with no up or down buttons. After a few seconds of blips and bleeps- the silvery elevator doors open wide- Spade steps in and the doors closed. An new scene crossfades at the moment the elevator opens- Darkspade reached the executive suite a vast almost building within a building metropolis few knew about. Spade stopped and looked forward- the angle zooms slowly upward from the ground to Spade’s face as he spoke.

“Reverend. I have it with me.”

The Reverend was seated on a bench in front of a grand black piano beside an expansive double glass window. As Jones turned around and looked at Spade his cat-like eyes glimmered.

“Excellent child. I knew you would come. I knew you would help.”

“As promised, I brought Gunther’s mullet. Now. I need access to the CW main computer databases.”

The Reverend smiled and points at the bag for Spade to open it- Darkspade did so, and lifted Gunther’s oily mullet up for all to bare witness too….

“The mullet, as you have guessed it, absorbed the contents of the twilight phial accidentally when Gunther and Branden fought. Gunther’s wig became a keystone between our reality and the reality of Neo-Earth. However, very few know how to activate the wig to attune to the correct frequency leading into Neo-Earth… without the correct frequency, the wig is unstable. If you believe that the answer lies within the files hidden deep inside of the CW mainframe then I shall allow you access, dear lost child. I am a righteous man… and I am a man of my word.”

The Reverend approached a long mirrored table and laid his hand across it- in a flash, a screen appeared in the air with bold yellow and red lettering “ACCESS ACCEPTED”

Spade nodded and walked up to the table where a keyboard appeared in front of him also in mid-air. The Reverend backed off as Spade navigated to sensitive locked files… there was a folder of great interested marked, “DADDYKINS.” After double-clicking on the folder a security screen appeared asking for a password…. Spade thought about it for a while and remembered the dream he had with Evangelion. “Could it be that….” Spade punched the numbers…. JELLYBEAN. The screen went haywire… many images flashed quickly in random and chaotic patterning until it slowed down silently to an application screen with the EVA_CORP logo flashing dimly against a black background. Below the logo were numbers: [7] [8] [5]. Spade clicked the first number……

Right after watching the bizarre movie clip- Spade remembered that this was the video tape given to Richard Arcane by Seer. And that the tape showed a creature attacking a human being- however, a bio appeared below the video clip which explained that the camera person who caught everything on tape checked the body soon after and contacted a “scent”… Dark Sincentius’ Dark Wraiths hunted the human down thinking it was a Creature- Sincentius soon passed judgment and killed the camera man. But what exactly spawned this in the first place? what did this have anything to do with Charon… with the Evangelion project… Crimson and Angel’s abductions….. Alexander’s death and now the new Evangelion…. but before Spade could press the next button…. The Reverend addressed Darkspade who was looming behind him….

“Yes. It is as I have feared. The Creatures are ALL out of control. Seer came to Alexander to warn him… and look what happened to him! As the Lord as my witness I cannot let you leave here alive!! I am dreadfully sorry for whatever is left of your soul Spade….” – said Reverend Jones

From under his coat, The Reverend pulled out a pistol…. and not only that, it was Richard’s pistol…. Spade raised his hands and walked away from the computer monitor….

Meanwhile, Moebius walked into the lobby and felt Spade’s presence! Not knowing where- he decided to speak with security officers and they pointed to the VIP elevator leading up to the suite…. Moebius pulled out his vip card and enters in to the elevator…. Moebius opened the door at the very second Jones was about to pull the trigger, Jones swung round to face the door and Spade dived at Jones causing the shot to go wild and take out a chunk of the executive suites ceiling. Moebius stood surveying the scene for a few seconds before turning to Spade.

“What the hell is this all about?” – screamed Moebius

Spade had Jones pinned to the floor, he flicked his head towards the monitors and Moebius strode over to them. He watched the images on the screen and then turned back to the two men struggling on the floor.

“Get him up off the floor and sit his arse down in a chair, its not going to look good otherwise when security burst through that door in the next few seconds to find out who’s taking pot shots inside a CW building”

Spade hauled Jones up with inhuman strength and shoved him heavily in the nearest chair just as two armed guards stormed through the doors with their weapons raised in front of them. They visibly relaxed when they saw Moebius, Spade and Jones were all in one piece and there was no puddle of blood splattered over the floor. Jones recovered himself enough to start trying to bark orders.

Needless to say… this seemed all a bit odd. Jones rose to his feet from the chair and with a snarling command he ordered for the guards to leave the room and to await further orders. Moebius picked up the pistol and pointed at the Reverend- and Spade turned to watch as Jones approached the terminal and stared at the instructions on screen…..

“You must realize that I act in servitude to the our Lord. [turns around to face his guests] There are some things you are not allowed to know…. for the sake for all.”

Moebius walks up, pauses and then SMACKS THE SHIT OUT OF JONES!!! Jones was strikes down to the floor which made Spade’s eyebrows raise up in surprise and even delight!!!

“Hmph. Fine it is your soul not mine that will be damned for all eternity. Clearly you two dolts do not realize that forces outside of your control are at work to eradicate life on this planet and replace life with perfection…. [Moebius reminds Reverend that Sincentius tried that and failed….] Dark Sincentius was acting in favor for a higher order you unbelievers. His belief, though selfish, is a belief that many Creatures hold. Have you ever though that not ALL Creatures wanted to be who they are?? Many yearn to be human again… to grow old and to die. So that they can ascend into the Heavens and live in an eternal bliss. Sincentius merely re-awoken eons worth of suppressed desires to shed away ones Creaturedom…. And I am living proof of that fact…. that it is possible to shed away your sins….. and become a servant of God. [Spade and Moebius scratch their heads] To achieve the impossible, at times you have no other choice but to push faith a little further. When Charon infiltrated the CW Computer systems she discovered that Kizmat’s R&D department was very much in use even though it was believed to be disbanded.”

Reverend dusts off his slacks and treats himself to a glass of water from the bar
“In short, she discovered clips in the CW virtual library which pointed to a conspiracy. If you may Spade, click on the next button… and you will see with your own eyes.”

Spade did not hesitate to do so and he clicked the next button which popped up that same video footage he saw at his house which was when Richard Arcane shot his brother- but this one was specifically uploaded by Charon Death to take notice with the time code…. at the point 7:85 came the tape slowed down, a flash of light appeared just in front of Alexander Arcane and his body disappeared and then reappeared at the very moment the bullet struck through his cranium.

Moebius and Spade realized that whatever it was that took Alexander’s place was not him. A report appeared conducted by Charon which analyzed the pattern of the brilliant light- it was a distortion…. and not only that, but the wavelength was captured!

04 05001 044010881

“The wavelength needed to enter Neo-Earth. That is what it was. So who saved Alexander?” – said Moebius

Not even the Reverend knew… but he did say this….
“Clearly, someone had Gunther’s mullet at that point in time and knew the wavelength. It is safe to say that Alexander Arcane is alive and Charon intends for you to use the Mullet to enter Neo-Earth…. and to find out the rest. I tried to save you two fools…. if you enter Neo-Earth bare in mind that you may never come back.” – said Reverend Jones

Moebius assumed his stance with the weapon to ask Reverend one other thing which he glazed over….
“What does Kizmat’s R&D department have anything to do with any of this?” – replied Moebius

“EVA CORP reactivated Kizmat’s soul draining research in order to turn Creatures into humans. To wash away their sins…..” – said Reverend Jones

“You knew because YOU worked for them and YOU were their test subject!” – said Moebius

The Reverend nodded slightly….

Twists and turns


Back at the EVA_CORP laboratory… F’ein rounded the corner to see Evangelion plugged into the terminal isolated for Queen Lillith, he opened his mouth to make some demand or other but was suddenly struck by the fact that Evangelion had not moved on hearing his approach. He closed his mouth again and asked as calmly as he possibly could. Evangelion requested a faster terminal to cut down processing by 65%. F’ein, instead, decided that it was time to check on the Queen and he went over to a terminal to interface with The Dark Queen Lilith…

CONNECTION__LINK> LILITH HIVE____ 0%……..40%………60%…………..80%……100%


Evangelion’s link into the Hive was achieved. Once Evangelion closed its eyes…. and the link was established, in Eva’s mind a world materialized. Only existent within the binaries of the Hive’s mainframe. Surprisingly, as Evangelion logged on into this virtual world, she was her old self. Charon Death… at least by appearance… furthermore, she was naked from the top up!!! Charon’s full breasts bounced up and down as she ran to find something to cover herself with, then she found a gown that had miraculously appeared dangling from a tree branch. Charon placed the robe on and observed her surroundings in detail…. it was outside in a serene landscape. Lush green grass beneath Charon’s feet… and everywhere you gaze were bountiful delicious plum trees full of fruit!

But not only that but as Charon began to walk around she came across several statues of the naked Queen Lilith…. it was certainly clear by now that this world was developed by the mind of the Queen herself…. a paradise. Suddenly, Charon heard giggling from afar…. Charon turned and ran in the direction of the giggling and saw a swing attached to a large tree from up a tall hill. As Charon ran up the hill… the scene becomes clear that there was a small child in the swing… it was Crimson!!

Charon approached the child and spoke out her name but the child did not respond back… in fact, the child looked outward with a haunting smile that never vanished… she acted as if Charon wasn’t even there.

Then…. a soft voice spoke out loud


The language seemed familiar yet very distant… Charon saw the child hop off of the swing and disappeared behind the tree… Charon followed but when she approached the other side.. the child vanished!!! Charon actually felt emotion at that point… suppressed human emotion… an emotion of sadness… at that point….. the soft inviting voice spoke out loud again as a figure fully naked materialized on the swing.

“Child. I am your Queen. I am Lilith. Crimson has your beautiful eyes. We can both be her mommies…..”

Charon walked in-front of Lilith who was happy swinging while bearing her full nudity…. The Queen awaited for Charon’s response with delight….

Charon spoke to Lilith as her previous self…. and said that she did not want to be her “mommy”…. When The Dark Queen asked why is she here… Charon responds with:

“Because you are the most powerful being on this planet and others. I wish to stand beside you as you destroy it and rule the creatures with unbending power and domination. I wish to help you bring this plan into being.”

Lilith, in all of her magnificence, stood there… silent after Charon proposed her undying wish to help Lilith rule all…. in response, Lilith walked softly towards Charon and placed her warm hand across Charon’s cheek and then around the back of her head…..

“It warms my heart to see that my Childe believes as I believe.”

Lilith releases her hand and walks away- she turns and stares at Charon along with her blossoming breasts pulsating against a wild wind roaring from the East.

“How. Can I trust you still my childe? You have shown devotion but have you shown enough….”

“Oh, mother, I can show you anything that you desire. Give me the chance, and without hesitation I will willingly do as you command.”

Lilith smiled as well but before she spoke… her eyes glowed in limelight as a presence she has not sensed before suddenly materialized from the environment that Lilith has constructed in her virtual world. Charon backed off to the right as pieces from the tree, ground and even the sky formed a man’s body…. then clothing materialized followed by skin and ended with two eyes at first lighted with the same limelight. When the skin took pigmentation- a young man stood in between a naked Lilith and Charon Death…. At first, the two women were confused but it was Charon who suddenly recognized for the first time the true human form of Markus- the forgotten son of Kizmat!!! In fact, his complexion and body shape was nearly identical to his fathers….

“Greetings ladies. I could not help but pay a visit. It has been a long time mother.” – said Markus


“….but before Charon could say anything, realizing that the nanobots have once again formed the appearance of its once master…. Markus… in this virtual universe… it was Markus who turned to Charon and stared deeply into her eyes….”

“Charon… Charon… please tell me you do not intend to help this abomination!”

“Why shouldn’t I help to dominate the World, it is flawed and imperfect. – said Charon

NO!!!! – replied Markus

Markus grabbed a hold of Charon’s arm and tried to pull her towards him- but Charon instead grabbed a hold of his arm and spun him down to the floor and nearly took her knee and crushed his skull….. until, Queen Lilith held her hand up stopping Charon. Markus stood up and stared at Lilith with hatred…

“Hmph. How. Amusing. Markus… my dear son. Markus…” – said the Dark Queen Lilith

Markus stood his ground and demanded that she NEVER call him ‘her’ son…

“How untrue. It was I who gave birth to you!! It was I who helped you achieve, perfection. Dear Markus, you can become perfection once again….. just as how Charon, is my perfect daughter.”

Lilith, sleazily, walks to Charon and rubs her cold hands across Charon’s neck and blowed in her ear…. then stared at Markus…. Suddenly, Markus appeared to show signs of pain in his fabricated body… in this fabricated world. He looks up…


The Dark Queen Lilith altered Markus’ DNA and flooded him with Limelight… he transformed as a hybrid Evangelion being!

“Muuuwaaa… even in death, you are MINE!! You cannot escape your true form. Markus. You are not a man, YOU ARE NOT EVEN A KINDRED….. YOU. ARE MY EVANGELION…. just as Charon is my Evangelion. Sadly though, there can only be one… perfect… creation. So, MY Charon… MY Evangelion, finish him off….. Show me YOUR undying loyalty… loyalty to rule and love all.”

Evangelion Charon grabbed Markus’ arm and twisted hard forcing him to his knee’s on the floor and Charon attacked Lilith…. Markus realized that he was conversing with not Evangelion… but Charon.

“You fool. I didn’t need you here, you’ve forced my hand too early, get out now before she kills both of us.”

Markus nodded and left the system… then Charon turns around to face the Dark Queen who had risen…

“I’ve waited a long time for this. Did you really think you’d be able to turn me into your perfect killing machine? No need to answer my Queen, you’re giving me all the answer I really need.”

Back in the laboratory alarms were going off, security doors were slamming into place and F’ein was sprinting full pelt to where Charon and Lilith were locked in a silent and virtual battle. Once the form of Markus de-materialized… a form in which was created by the memory stored in the nanobots… Queen Lilith let off a horrendous and seductive laughter which only catastrophically set in motion the following events….

Lilith’s “body” melted in a puddle of liquid mercury in front of Charon… And just as Charon looked all around for where Lilith went too- liquid droplets fell upward all around Charon and rematerialized into sharp spears trapping her inside of a cage… Charon grinned, and with one stroke of her leg SHE BREAKS DOWN THE BARRIER!!! But from the side, Lilith rematerialized from thin air and landed a high knee sending Charon spiraling down the small hillside and rolled to only slam against a large rock at the base of the hill… Charon looked upward and saw Lilith’s rock hard breasts pulsate and quite literately, BEAMS OF LIGHT EMIT FROM HER NIPPLES AND SHINNED DOWN TOWARDS CHARON!!

Charon rolled out of the way of the shine avoiding the light- and she saw as the light struck the rock that it evaporated. Lilith grinned exotically at Charon and even bit her own lip allowing blood to roll down her tongue and into the back of her throat… Lilith is a sick sick bitch!!!

Anger filled Charon’s thoughts…. Markus’ intervention caused Charon to act too quickly. Was it on accident… or….. Charon thought about it… and she came to the conclusion that Markus purposely superimposed his consciousness into the nanobots which he transferred into Charon. Markus has been playing devils advocate the whole entire time just so that HE could confront Lilith!! but before Charon could ponder the rest- Lilith literately shapes her own virtual world by changing the hill into a large Colosseum. Charon got up, looked around and now stood face-to-face with the most powerful Creature that ever existed…. and yet, this was a fabricated world….. Lilith glanced at Charon and awaited her next move.

On the outside, within the inner chamber of Lilith’s hive… F’ein Dacor arrived and saw with his own eyes through a terminal a heated waging on within Lilith’s mind. F’ein growled and walked towards Evangelion Charon who was jacked into the system… F’ein inched closer and closer to the switch which would pull Charon out of the virtual world as well as the same time, kill Charon. But, Charon’s arm rises from the chair’s arm! This shocked F’ein- but what was controlling Charon’s arm was in fact a different force. The nanobots!… Suddenly, Charon’s arm falls flat back down on the arm… and a behind the shoulder shot of F’ein Dacor revealed a form emerging from thin air…. it was the shape of Markus. But this Markus had his appearance altered…

“I cannot let you do that… not until, Lilith gets whats coming to her. Besides, if anyone is to kill Charon- it is I”

Then in the virtual world, Charon and Lilith continue to fight one another… Fein, on the outside, watched the energy levels rising to dangerous readings, he moved suddenly but not toward Evangelion but toward Markus. He thrust the joyeuse into his gut and as he folded over double, he hammered Markus over the back of the head so hard the joyeuse partially snapped. The nanobots dispersed momentarily to re-group and rethink their plan as F’ein moved quickly to the console and punched at a com button, he screamed in it.


As he turned round he could see the form of Markus reforming.

Elsewhere, Darkspade, Moebius and Brand-X had managed to release the energy stored in Gunther’s mullet and had opened a small portal into Neo-Earth. It was Darkspade who felt the energy disruption first and he knew who was responsible especially when he noticed all the shadows where they were standing began to flicker in towards the portal.

“Charon is drawing on the shadows, she’s confronted Lilith already.” – said Darkspade

Brandon’s hair had began to wave energetically and became more unmanageable than usual, he desperately tried to flatten it.

“There’s an imbalance in the electrical field, I don’t think we have a lot of time to do this.”

They looked at Darkspade, his face was already set and before there could be any more discussion he stepped through.

Sex Games….

Within the virtual universe….
Charon waited for Lilith to make her next move. That move came at a surprising and alarming shift in the virtual environment!! Everything around Charon distorted and converged until she now stood in the old Palace of Lilith in the Phatomfield. The marble floor was littered with blood drained corpses… while up above, on sharp metal hooks, where bodies impaled. Some bodies where still alive and twitching… a sick sick realization of Lilith’s horror. Charon walked passed the dead bodies and entered into Lilith’s throne room. Queen Lilith was be-seated on her throne. To her left was her chosen King, The Hangman, and to her left was her chosen general, Poison… a woman. To those that remember the CWE days, at one time these two creatures aided in Lilith’s conquest… and…. aided in her immense lust for erotic sex!! In this virtual reconstruction…. virtual fantasy…. Lilith had them play with her tits and rubbed her body in ways you can only imagine– while addressing Charon with a sly sexual overtone…

“MMmmmmmmmhh… Come. Come my child and drink from my breasts. Love your mother. I shall forgive you….. join my side, my sweet, and I shall allow you to join my court….. and take the throne as my Queen-partner.

Charon’s face light up in disgust as she not only heard Lilith but watched on as her “aides” where undressing Lilith as she rose from her throne. Lilith, now completely nude and baring all, walked erotically down the steps while swinging her plump breasts from each end of her chest to the other…. Charon didn’t know what to think. Suddenly, Charon gripped her right fist and channeled her inner energy into a lightning bolt which shot from her right hand and at Lilith!!! Lilith snarled and blocked the lightning with a sharp slap from her left hand…. the bolt ricocheted off of her hand and struck a column which deteriorated in mere seconds.

Somehow, that aroused Lilith even more as premium juices came tricking down from her crouch and to the floor…. this made Charon feel nauseous and nearly threw up but in the whole display- Lilith snaps her fingers and disappears in a black thick mist… but The near seven foot Hangman and General Poison came dashing from the mist with katanas!!! Charon manages to dodge the initial strikes but Hangman was successful in implanting his right knee which was covered with a spiked knee plate square into Charon’s exposed stomach!!!! Charon dropped to one knee and spat out blood…..

Elsewhere… in Lilith’s Hive
Darkspade, Moebius and Branden entered through the distortion wave… with the correct frequency obtained from CW HQ and Gunther’s mullet- and immediately arrive inside the deep recesses of Lilith’s Hive. They are then seen from the perspective of the grated flooring and then the scene shifts from a two-shot perspective as they run down a corridor trying to locate the electrical energy that was now climbing in intensity….. suddenly, they hear a child’s cry behind a sealed door….

Back in the virtual world Charon straightened up and smiled as her injuries healed within the blink of an eye. Sai blades appeared in her hands and she thrust the first straight through the rib cage of the Hangman, the second was thrown with deadly accuracy straight between the eyes of Poison. She watched as the two disappeared, she turned, closed her eyes and this time she manipulated the virtual world into the Temple of Death. Lilith turned to find herself facing Charon, she screeched angrily and launched herself fingernails first, straight at Charon’s face.

Back in the complex where energy was building at an alarming rate, Darkspade already had a crowbar in hand. Brandon was already working on the complex doorlock but being impatient Spade merely smashed it to pieces, reached into the mass of wires and hauled as hard as he could. Sparks fizzed and spat and as the door partially opened Moebius reached round and grabbed it tightly before it could close again. Brandon slid his skinny frame through the gap and grabbed a frightened looking Crimson by the wrist. He passed her through the gap to Darkspade who literally hauled her up and put her on his shoulders. Once all of them were back in the corridor, it was Brandon who voiced his concerns.

The energy level that was being produced by the battle in the virtual world was made the entire Hive unstable… the heroes only had minutes to find Charon!

Back in the lab….
The nanobots had just re-constructed the image of Markus….. F’ein turned away from the com pad and pointed the partially broken tip of his Joyeuse at the memory….

“YOU! You are nothing but a faded memory. You do not exist!” – said F’ein Dacor

“Perhaps. Perhaps not. But what is real, F’ein is that Charon’s interaction with Lilith has set in motion a catastrophic chain reaction that even Lilith cannot stop!! [F’ein whips his head at the slumbering Charon] Yes. You know what will happen if Lilith dies. This world dies along with her! Neo-Earth was born from Lilith’s dream. That is why you kept her in hibernation for millions of years in this ‘reality’ of hers.”

The realization stuck a chord in F’ein Dacor… he was about to approach his monitor when Markus continued….
“It’s too late. By my calculations this place is about to blow in 8 minutes! But I have an alternative.”

F’ein Dacor turned around and listened intensely at what Markus had to say…..
“Transfer the nanobots from Charon’s body… and into that of Lilith’s body. I can at least save her. Saving this world.”

Outraged! F’ein Dacor turned to the console and pressed several buttons searching for some algorithm to prevent the chain reaction but as the data compiled on screen- F’ein Dacor stood there with his mouth wide open….
F’ein Dacor: No!!

Markus’ form dematerialized and then the nanobots reformed Markus in front F’ein Dacor
“You see. Let me protect the Queen.” – said Markus

“You realize… that once the Hive is destroyed…. all of the Limelight will disperse throughout the world. It will rain upon the land. No one. Not even the drones or Scientists will be able to survive the radiation! Perhaps the only gratification is eliminating the last pockets of human life in this world….” – said F’ein Dacor

“It will not be. I shall awaken the Queen.”

“ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! You realize what could happen!! Her magnetic energy can shred this world a part…. you do remember the one and only time she awoken… which inevitably ended the thousand year war between Altimac and Hra’gad.”

Markus smiles
Markus: Oh. I remember. But this time it will be different…. we are down to 5 mins F’ein. If you transfer the nanbots to Lilith then I can control her long enough to keep her unconscious. We then just wish for the limelight to be re-deposited somewhere else…. and get the hell out of here before it all blo….

At that time, the bulkhead doors EXPLODED!!! Out came first Darkspade who then blasted a surge of Unholy Dark energies right at F’ein which knocked him clear across the room and into a control panel. Markus was alarmed and so was the rest… after all, Markus was suppose to have been dead!!

Before anyone else could do or say anything, F’ein hit a button and the floor seemed to heave as an energy wave seeped slowly through the building. Markus smiled as he watched the nanobots free themselves from both himself and Evangelion. Darkspade was staring wildly round at all the wires and buttons as Moebius and Brand-X arrived. Brandon cast a quick look round and hit a few buttons on the console, F’ein smiled.

“You’re too late, you’ll all die in this place and Charon will never make her way back from this. This time she will die permanently.” – said F’ein Dacor

Brandon ignored him but Spade already had the greasy slimebag round the throat, Moebius now had Crimson clinging tightly round his throat.

Spade blinked between Crimson, Charon and F’ein. For the first time in a long time he didn’t argue, he picked up Crimson glared at Fein and exited the room and ran. Moebius looked at X, he looked back and then they both looked at Charon who was still jacked into the system.

In the virtual world Lilith and Charon were locked in a somewhat unique battle, Lillith had tried everything to bring down Charon but she simply could do nothing to destroy her. Charon smiled. She hadn’t come into this plane to win, just to hold her at bay and Lilith was becoming more and more frustrated by the second.

Charon saw the distortion, saw the nanobots and then was a little too slow to react. Liliths form took on a more solid look and as she was hit at point blank range by a blast of electrical energy she was flung backwards and she blacked out momentarily.

When she opened her eyes she seemed to be staring at Brand-X, before she could react or do anything about this weird change of scenery, Moebius had picked her up and thrown her over his shoulder. She could hear a lot of noise, rumbling, crackling, snapping and weird pinging noises.

Moebius said nothing as time seemed to start to slow down and everything began to move as though in a slow motion scene from a movie. They were only a few yards from the exit when the entire complex exploded…

Protecting thy Queen


From a distance…. from a shoreline overlooking the red dead sea…. the monumental complex poking itself from the waves….. Lilith’s Hive shuddered!!! Radiated with an illusionist limelight!!!! Evangelion war mechs engaging in battles with the last pockets of living human life on this bizarre world stopped immediately- as though their cord was severed. Every solider, staring at the mechs in complete shock now turned their sights to the sea……. AN EXPLOSION!!!!!!

Lilith’s hive busted up into a magnificent explosion which sent a gigantic shock wave across the sea and smacking right into the shoreline destroying everything in its path…. soldiers, running for their lives make refuge in bunkers and or from the sky in helicopters… while some could not make it and were utterly destroyed in the energy wave….. The unfathomable happened… but how?? how can this be? And what of our heroes???

Before the explosion
Moebius, Crimson, Charon and Brand-X are seen from an over head shot headed towards an exit portler…… but the complex was already shacking and exploding from within….. Darkspade turns and looks at Moebius-

“We will not make this- Charon dear Charon- this is the only way….”

As the camera slowly shifted around Darkspade’s body in a spiral up to the very tip of his hands rising up in a spade formation……. The Unholy One’s body illuminated in a pearlescent blue light…. the blinding light eradicated from within Darkspade’s being and at the same time Charon’s body also illuminated in an eerie azure light which then merged and connected with one another…. as though time stood still did so the flames racing towards our heroes……. Charon regained consciousness for a time… and climbed off of Moebius’ arms to stand in-front of her father…..

“Twins born between the light and the dark. Come…. let us leave this place as time is frozen in its icy death grip…..”

Charon and Spade grabbed hands- then grabbed a-hold of everyone else…. in front of them the portal to our reality opened wide….. and our heroes exited from Neo-Earth unshaped…. unharmed.

As legions of human beings cheer in unison over the destruction of Lilith’s Hive…. oddly…. the Limelight did not disperse… nor did the world disappear…. which could mean only one horrifying fact. That the Queen of the Damned is still………………………………………………….. alive.

“She is beautiful beyond comprehension. And she is my Queen for whom I shall protect for this is the world is my love.”

The scene slowly backs off from an extreme closeup of Markus’ dreary face…. and inside of Castle Mortis where….. the slumbering Queen Lilith in a gigantic metallic life supporting pod now stood within inches….. F’ein, who had opened the doorway into Earth with his joyeuse now stared blankly at Markus in utter disbelief….

“!!! How did you do it??? Bring the Queen into this reality without destroying her???”

Markus smiles
“She is now living in my dream. As I was once living in hers.”

And so. Markus slowly places his hand across the thick cold glass window of Lilith’s pod while countless billions of non-bots oozes from his pours and covers the container.

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