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The NSA Era, Page 3

We end-up finding out that Alexander Arcane was not really killed!!! A secret tape found by Reverend Jones revealed that a Limelight transported Alex before the bullet reached his head. The body that fell was a clone.

Elsewhere, Darkspade receives a telepathic message from Charon giving him the wavelength needed to activate Gunther’s mullet and to enter Neo-Earth in order to save Crimson from Lilith.

Meanwhile, Evangelion/Charon meets F’ein Dacor at a EVA_CORP Lab and F’ein takes Charon into Neo-Earth where she interfaces with the main terminal into Lilith’s mind as a measurement of increasing her processing power– Charon enters into a virtual world & meets with The Dark Queen Lilith herself! Lilith responds seductively until the dead Markus materializes into the system from Charon’s nanobots!!

Markus’ appearance hastens Charon’s plans as he wants to kill Lilith first. Charon drops her cover and disconnects Markus from the virtual world but a battle between Charon and Lilith wage on… meanwhile- Darkspade, Moebius and Brandon reach Lilith’s Hive and finds Crimson and rescues her.

Charon realizes that Crimson was found and she disconnects from Lilith’s mind as the power level from the battle places the Hive into an unstable balance! Charon surprisingly appears in Lilith’s Hive after escaping the virtual world and meets up with Darkspade, Moebius, Brandon and her daughter Crimson.

However, the Hive explodes but Darkspade and Charon evoked a pearlescent power, that they never knew of before, between them and they escaped!

Markus also appeared in-front of F’ein Dacor and in-front of the slumbering Lilith as well. Markus is clearly influenced by the Limelight and seduced by Lilith’s “trance” and makes a deal with F’ein that he can save Lilith if only Markus is the one who could awake her…. At the last second before the Hive explodes– Markus manages to do the impossible and takes Lilith outside of Neo-Earth into Earth with his mysterious powers.

An Odd Warning Among the Recovery

Both Charon and Darkspade arrived at the Death Manor unconscious after the incident at Lilith’s Hive. Moebius and Brand-X catered to Spade and Charon’s felled state with advanced Technocracy medical techniques. Crimson, Harkin and Angel were right beside their Mom and Grandfather the whole entire time. After several days, Charon’s eyes slowly open to the bright fluorescent lighting fixture above her medical bed. Crimson was the first to respond with an overwhelming joyous hug across her mom’s chest….. “Mommy!! You are okay!!”

Angel was second to rise and join in with the hugging… followed by Harkin!! Moebius was alerted upstairs and as he arrived downstairs- witnessing the revival of Charon Death- Spade Deathen also awoke. Charon and Spade regained consciousness at the same time. Darkspade explained that the power that came from him and Charon was not any of the trinity powers.
Then, at that very moment a haunting chill rushed down the spine of each and everyone in that room. Crimson’s eyes glowed so brightly of the Limelight that the room was saturated by its eerie ethereal azure. And from the glowing eyes a form partially emerged in the center of the room… the figure was that of F’ein Dacor.

“I truly hate party crashers. But I digress as I am the one crashing. I must thank you all for your bravery has awarded the arrival of her Highness into this world. A feat which I must say, I’ve tried to accomplish for eons. It is not over. It has merely just begun. Your mother, your sole reason for living- Creatures- is here on this planet… alive and well. You have no idea what is in store for you all….. and I welcome you to try and stop us. It will be an interesting feeble challenge I must say…. on your parts. So go… go and celebrate. And now that the limelight is one with Crimson….. she is now one with her highness…. she WILL be her PERFECT creation.” – said F’ein Dacor

Crimson screamed!!! and shut her eyes!!! With that- the faint image of F’ein Dacor disappeared and everyone watched as Crimson squeezed her mom tightly on the bed….

Charon said nothing about the encounter but mostly struggling to comprehend the power that had been generated within Neo-Earth, her mind whirled wildly trying to figure out why and how she’d managed to reach right into the Unholy Darkness, in fact, in her shadow state, she’d harnessed every aspect of every energy in existence at that given time. She now reached out for Crimson, both had been exposed to the Limelight but there was one thing Charon knew that Crimson did not – you always had a choice. She knew Crimson could stop Lilith from using her, she just had to show her the way. Now Charon had a choice, it would involve cashing in a very old favour, one she hoped she wouldn’t ever have to and yet it was now her only choice.

Brandon and Angel were distracted by a huge commotion downstairs, they went to the head of the stairs. Harkin had smashed a huge jar of jellybeans all over the hallway floor. Angel shook her head in disbelief and seconds too late Brandon heard the soft popping noise as Charon disappeared into the shadows with Crimson. Brandon swore loudly.

In For the Kill


Elsewhere- from an establishing shot of views of New York City- the dark city was shrouded by rain and bright ethereal lights from tall skyscrapers. Then as the scene descended from the sky into a blackened corridors of an alleyway… a figure is seen in a long black trench-coat arriving at a door… he knocks on it… and then the peephole opens slightly before closing suddenly shut. This was CreatureHaven… a popular spot for Creatures and secretly owned and operated by CreatureWrestling. You hear a series of clicks followed by the door suddenly opening. The figure standing out side in the cold rain- enters the joint and passes people dancing and drinking heavily to the sound of La Roux playing at the bar.

As the view zooms in on the figure’s face- now silently an unemotionally… it was Richard Arcane.

A well dressed gentleman approaches Richard and whispers into his left air. Richard responded with a nod and takes his gaze off of the band playing. Watching Richard from his back- he enters through another door into a private lounge where only one person was in- sitting- at his lonely table. Richard stops in front of the table and greets him with one word, “brother.”

Richard tells Alexander about the “plans” proceeding as directed but he brings up about the NSA involvement. Alex says:

“Hmph. Reverend Jones is blindly creating the chaos we so desperately need to take over the Technocracy. But we need that brat of a child, Crimson, and that is why YOU will execute the phase. Hey, don’t sweat it. In the meantime, brother, get some rest. You look horrible… get a shave while you are at it. I’ll make some calls.”

A Mid-Chapter Recap…


2010 was a wild and unbelievable year…. It is amazing to believe at one point the world was at the brink of destruction by the hands of The Dark Sincentius. Then, the NSA Broadcasting takeover followed by the restructuring of the CreatureWrestling company…. still, even with the Arcanes not at the drivers seat- Richard Arcane’s lawyers have been working around the clock in to shifting the company back to Arcane rule.

On another front, the CW wrestler’s themselves have been at each others ends…. more specifically over the greatest prize that this world has ever witnessed in this sport– the iconic CW Undisputed Championship title. At the start of 2010 the title was shrouded by darkness as Lord Mortismere acquired it and seemed to be unstoppable… until… a ray of hope in the form of Branden Harvey came into the picture and won an upsetting victory over the Lord Evil- with the title now out of the hands of evil- the wrestling company stirred into a positive and fulfilling direction with a NEW generation.

While on the other hand- Charon, Darkspade, Brand-X and Moebius were preoccupied throughout the year with their own ordeals. After Crimson and Angel were abducted by DrkSide and F’ein Dacor- Charon Death went hysterical and even surrendered herself to EVA_CORP…. to…. F’ein Dacor himself. As a test subject, Charon was transformed into the new Evangelion. An improvement over the original Evangelion, the son of Kizmat and one of his whores, Markus. No one realized Charon’s true agenda- including that of her father, Darkspade. And during months of captivity, Crimson was expertly exposed to the Limelight…. an ethereal plasma of life energy harvested from the bodies of Creatures… used to fuel Lilith’s army of Scientists (clones of soulless Kindred). All the while, Darkspade, Brand-X and Moebius sought a means to enter Neo-Earth and to save Crimson and potentially Charon from the grip of evil– and after many unusual leads left by Charon herself…. our heroes uncovered a startling truth that in fact, Alexander’s death was staged. After confronting the majority stock holder of CW, Reverend Jones, in the CW HQ penthouse- Darkspade and Moebius discovered the key wavelength required to activate the sensitive harmonics of Gunther’s wig which was saturated with that of the contents of the Twilight Phial. However a startling truth was uncovered by Reverend Jones- that Jones was once a creature of the night but turned back into a human being curiosity of Kizmat’s technology. This startling revelation explained Jones’ bizarre attachment to the “word of god” and his resolve to rid CW of what HE considered to be evil. Our heroes had to make an escape since time not a luxury but nonetheless the more we know about Jones the more disturbing the outcome.

Armed with Gunther’s wig and the correct frequency- our heroes entered through a portal powered by Technocracy…. and into the parallel dream-world created by Lilith’s slumbering mind…. Neo-Earth.

After long last- Charon was introduced to Lilith through a virtual reality simulator- gaining access into the mind of the most destructive and dangerous being ever. At first, Charon was obedient and inched closer and closer into securing a connection with Lilith. However. The nanobots which have been long an ally- finally unleashed its true purpose. On CM 7- before Evangelion was killed by F’ein Dacor- the chip installed into Charon’s body contained the nanobots which contained Markus’ memories. When Charon confronted Lilith- Markus made his move… which jeopardized Charon’s months of planning and turned it into a rush job. Charon was unable to fully destroy Lilith- but was able to set off the self-destruction of Lilith’s hive… however, Lilith was cunning enough to infiltrate and re-program parts of the nanobots which corrupted Markus’ mind. Markus, now fabricated into a physical form through the nanobots, saved Lilith by transporting her into Earth!! This was against the nature of Lilith’s own confinements because her essence was still trapped in Dalkiel’s Dreamscape for all eternity. HOW then was Markus able to do it?? And with Lilith now in our world, still slumbering in a pod, Neo-Earth still existed. There had to be some reason for how this came into being………

With our heroes how safe in this world, all seems to have settled down. Or has it?

The Executive Meeting.

January 2, 2011
The door to the CW conference room opened wide as Reverend Jones walked in. The rest of the remaining shareholders: Amile Bubilefark, Chane McMahon, Moebius and Gunther were there watching in anticipation……

“With 2010 gone, comes a new year. I know many of you have [stares at Moebius] doubts of my resolve for this company but please, do not think of me a thorn in your path. NSA is your ally even if we do own 51% of this company. CW deserves righteousness and with NSA’s checks and balance I know that we will repeal the Evil which has long plagued this wondrous company….. Now. Before I conclude, I believe that there is little event known the world over as. CreatureMania. Each year this company goes all out with this event. I am sure this year won’t be different… heh… I propose at CreatureMania we have a main event match to end ALL matches…. called: Revelations.”

After the meeting
After the announcement the other day at the Board of Directors conference meeting- Reverend shifted through the mail until he reached a police profile report warning that of a serial killer was in the area and advising CreatureWrestling Enterprises to be on the look out….. The Reverend rubbed his chin and turned around to only drop the reports on the bar table. The Reverend then requests for printout of the full roster for CW.

An Agreement with the Shadows


Charon held Crimson in her arms as she padded slowly and carefully along the dark corridors. Crimson had refused to open her eyes since the incident at the manor and even now, where Charon knew it to be safe, she still held her eyes tightly closed. Charon sighed. She understood. Why was her family always the targets of sick and twisted weirdo’s? She found herself tiring of the whole thing. She wondered whether that had been the reason for Damien’s disappearance, no matter what Spades feelings were for his brother, Damien had done his best to protect her and now she wondered what decision he’d had to make? As she approached the entrance two shadow demons appeared from nowhere and blocked her way.


Charon had to speak in the language of the Shadow to the guard her entire name:
“Ack nachanarana fidackaracknach Angelicknah Charonica Deathen.”

After Charon and her daughter were okay-ed to pass… the shadow being asked Charon what business does she have here… Charon replies with: “I hold contract with this realm and wish now to discuss its terms and conditions with the current Royal Head…. I have always kept this realm secret from outsiders. I was given this open contract as a last resort. I understand its terms and conditions and if I opt to sign it then I turn myself over to you. However, I too have a condition to be added. The condition is that you take Crimson into your protection, to be taught your….our ways and to show her the right path.”

“WHICH PATH DO YOU WISH FOR HER TO TAKE?” – said the Shadow Being

“The one away from Lilith and the Limelight.” – said Charon

“Back in this realm, She’s grooming Crimson in her image. Crimson is a child, she doesn’t yet understand that her choices are what make her who she is. I understand that I screwed up and allowed this to happen, which is why I am turning myself over to you and throw myself at your mercy. I will serve you for as long as you deem necessary.” – said the Shadow Being


Charon agreed to the terms.


At that point, the Shadow being transformed Charon into a pure Shadowling, removing the Evangelion form completely and any ties to the Limelight… Crimson was then taken by the Shadow Being.



Then an announcement was made a CW Live tapping on the NSA network by Richard Arcane:

“To everyone in the expansive CW Universe- I bid greetings. I sincerely apologize to each and every single one of my fans… It has been trying times indeed. The controversy surrounding my brother’s death has been the primary concern behind my disappearance. But rest assured…. the false evidence that Charon Death has leaked out to the mass has not tricked the fine and honorable American court system. That is why. I am standing right here in this very ring with a signed statement that will put this all to rest once and for all. This statement was signed by my own flesh and blood brother… the TRUE founder and owner of this company. Alexander Arcane. This statement is his last will and testament- that upon his death, his share holdings go directly to me. Now Reverend Jones was very cleaver indeed to obtain the shares from the Death Family but what Reverend Jones did not realize was that Alexander’s stocks were NOT up for grabs. That is why right here right now I am demanding for the surrender of the CW to the Arcane Family. If not. The Arcane Family will sue the daylights out of you Reverend… and out of the entire Death Family. I am sure, this has reached your attention Reverend Jones and Moebius. I am right here standing in this very ring awaiting your response.”

Moebius saw the announcement backstage and he was about to exit the curtain when Reverend Jones stops him and tells Moebius that he is glad to have meet up with him before engaging with Richard. Moebius shows distrust to Reverend and brings up the fact that the Reverend pulled a gun on him at the conference meeting.. The Reverend states, “yes. For the greater good those files were not meant to be seen… The case was closed. But now, because those files were opened LOOK at what we have standing in ‘our’ ring…. Sometimes it is better to leave the darkness in the dark- we walk in the light Moebius.”. Moebius shrugs the Reverend off until Reverend muttered “….says from man born from a filthy wasted whore”… Moebius turns around and accuses Reverend of being a religious lying nutcase and leaves.

Recollection and the Mysterious Power


A year. A year has passed since Darkspade had any sense of rest… ever since the onslaught of The Dark Sincentius- Spade’s life was turned up-side-down. Still. With Dark Sincentius defeated, and Charon’s children rescued- that ominous message from F’ein Dacor imitating from Crimson’s glowing limelighted eyes… posses a disturbing and unavoidable fact. That. Queen Lilith- the most destructive force in all of Creaturedom was not only alive but here on Earth…. Slumbering…. Awaiting.

As Spade enters through his rusty double doors into his empty and desolate dark manor- Darkspade reflects upon his condition (his 3 separate entities) as it continues to worsen for him as years pass bye. Darkspade had to come to grips with reality. That for as long as he is separated from his other counterparts that he will always be a tool for Lord Mortismere… and every time Darkspade evokes the Unholy Darkness he risks side-effects to his body because he has no soul or spirit attached to his body.

White hair along with a pale and deathly face are just some of the physical side-effects of using The Unholy Darkness. All of which are nothing compared to what The Unholy Darkness has done to Spade’s mind. As Darkspade goes mad in his room he sees an old note for years passed:

Experiment #133129211XX2; Conducted by: RuKKuS, The Unholy Enforcer for his Unholiness and The Sacred Unholy Ministry.

Aftermath of Inferno Crisis 2006:
“Dr. Isaac Rasputin’s death provided to us an opportunity to secure a powerful bodyguard for The Unholy Ministry. Upon discovering the fact that this thing is capable of handling enormous pain without sacrificing its body- it is possible to inject the physical representation of The Unholy Darkness….. in order to enhance and more importantly… to control. Just as with Spade Deathen, it is possible to strip down this thing to its basic animal instincts and control it using verbal commands… A strange correlation occurs between one who “sires” another with that of the Unholy Darkness- I AM the master of this Beast. However, when I introduced this exciting concept to my Unholy Cardinal, His Unholiness, The Darkspade… I was skeptical that His Unholiness shared the same vision as I.

Be as that may, Darkspade agreed to conduct the experimentation as it was apparent that D-X was on the rise and could pose to be an aversive force for our resolve for spreading the word of The Unholy Ministry to the masses.”

Experimentation Results:
“Weeks of testings resulted with great success! The Unholy Darkness was transferred successfully into the beast. And more importantely, the beast has no recollection of his former life or master. His Unholiness was also pleased, and with a glee in my eye…. the Beast was given the title…. “The Unholy Monster.”

The Unholy Ministry WILL dominate the world!! but first, WE crush D-X once and for all.”

Spade was taken back by this note. The Unholy One barely remembers when and why he himself placed it inside of this picture frame… perhaps it was to remind him if his mind drifted too far off from reality. The significance of this letter meant nothing much really to Darkspade- but it did remind him of The Unholy Ministry… RuKKuS and……. that Beast……………………. named, The Creeper.

Then, without prior notice, Charon appears at the front-door and she asks Darkspade where he has been since Neo-Earth. Charon questions the power that came from them both from Neo-Earth and wants to find out what it was. Charon and Darkspade argue up until Spade & Charon showed more signs the pearlescent blue light between them!! Darkspade confesses that this power did not appear until after Dark Sincentius was purged from his body… suddenly, their energy forces floated up and over their heads they converged into one single powerful force just like at Lilith’s Hive and disappears soon after. At that time, the Shadow Beings emerge and are pleased to see this unexpected powerful force emerge from Charon and Darkspade. Charon gets irritated and says:

“That fucking arse Jones is up to something. At this current moment we no longer hold the controlling stock of the NSA, it seems Alex and Richard have become all loved up with one another again. Our lawyers say we don’t have a leg to stand on and you guys are standing around whining about Lilith?!”

With that, Charon turns to leave but Gunther shockingly appears and tries to place his head into Charon’s cleavage.!

The Crimson Light


The scene opens up with Reverend Jones meeting up with Chane McMahon at the 666 Nightclub. Chane is happy with all of the chaos that Reverend Jones has been causing up till now and Chane tells the Reverend that he will be payed handsomely. Then, Chane informs the Reverend that the “resolve” to the world’s “problems” has been finally figured out and the main event match at CMX will be conducted across the entire world and key figures will be assassinated during the event! The Reverend ponders how this is possible until Chane pulls out a test tube containing essence of the Lightlight in it from Charon’s blood!

“Indeed. With Kizmat’s help we re-discovered the means to reverse the Creatures to their original form. But there was something else we have discovered- quite by accident. Strange…. ethereal particles were left behind when the test subjects where converted to human form. We have no name for it other than ‘anti-limelight particles.’ With enough anti-limelight particles a spatial doorway opens leading to another doorway opened up somewhere else.” – said Chane

“Hmm. A bi-product of Lilith’s Phantomfield?” – said the Reverend

The Reverend is fascinated by this idea- and then Chane said that the event at CM will both generate immense ratings and kill off key people… Then Chane demonstrates how it all works:

On cue from Chane, a vampire shackled up in chains was dragged in by gentlemen in black tuxes and wearing white masks. Chane walked over to the bar table and removed a unique pistol with a bottle attached to its backend with a bright liquid of crimson-light… anti-limelight particles….. Aiming the pistol at the creature- Chane smiles as the vampire is opens its mouth wide and then bites it’s fangs right into the exposed flesh of one of the bodyguards whom falls down in agonizing pain while changing into a kindred… the vampire breaks from the other bodyguard and rips his body a part sending gore flying across the room and splattered on the walls. Suddenly, Chane pulls down on the trigger and blasts the vampire with the particles!!!!

An extreme closeup of the Reverend’s wide and anxiously waiting eyes…. then as the scene shows us the vampire standing there and bombarded with crimsonlight… Chane stops and tells Reverend to wait and watch…… The vampire is glowing in a deep red light… and his body begins to change to back to a human form… but then, the ground shakes!!!!!! the walls move!!! pictures falls down…. tables and chairs tip over!!!! and from the ground where the Creature stands came BREAKING FORTH A STREAM OF ENERGY UNLIKE ANYTHING SEEN BEFORE!!! The creature was overwhelmed by the energy stream and then its body evaporates as it falls through the stream and into limbo…..

Standing up… the Reverend is in awe…..
“By the Lord’s will what just happened?!” – said The Reverend

“It is a side-effect to crimsonlight. When used, the lifeforce of the subject is also drained and in its wake a Opalescent Stream is created and channeled through the Earth to its core. Though, the subject is killed, the Opalescent Stream remains open for several minutes and a person can enter through this stream and appear anywhere else on the planet. It’s rather random, but it effective nonetheless… this will make an excellent match for CreatureMania X!” – said Chane

The Reverend is pleased but he is saddened that the Creature died… Chane explains that if the “Creature” is strong willed enough that they will be “Saved” by the Lord… and then they will become a mortal… and that they came across 1 successful participant. Chane carried on to also explain the specifics of the match:

Chane rubs his head with the pistol’s hilt
“Heh. If you say so…. so this is what I propose. We round up Creatures we feel could proved to be worthwhile… and to test them if in fact they are ‘worthy.’ Enlist CreatureWrestlers hell bent on becoming the #1 contender to the Undisputed Title…. and give them 60 minutes to travel the world to seek out these Creatures and test them for us. 7 selected locations across the globe. We can control the stream using limelight particles from Charon’s body… it is a like magnet. The wrestlers will be given an objective to complete for each of the locations….. in other words, the first to shoot and ‘save or kill’ their target wins a point while preventing their fellow creature wrestler to do the same. The winner is the one with the most points or if they were able to save 1 creature from dying.”

The Reverend was further pleased and then asked who was the sole survivor of the Crimsonlight… in walked Kizmat, The Lord of Mortals!

Please forgive me…..


Few days after after Charon leaves Spade’s manor.
…….. Charon is seen walking out of Death Manor at 5am in the morning in her robe. She has a cup of coffee in her right hand and looks upward to the misty fog and sighs deeply over the situation she has been lead in….. The burden and responsibility to find a way to ultimately and to finally destroy the greatest threat this world has ever known…. Queen Lilith…. but then, the air grows thick and ominous…. a feeling over came her… a familiar yet… very very different feeling. It was of a mortal being but oddly she could recognize its smell…. turning around she saw a tall clean shaven and dark man cut through the thick mist and just stood there with his mesmerizing and entrancing eyes….

Kizmat appeared before Charon!, which at first, Charon did not recognize Kizmat at all. Charon only knew about the rumors about Kizmat acting strangely with Seer; this has been the first time in months that she seen him.

Kizmat explains that he never intended to go as far as he did with assisting The Dark Sincentius… and he especially did not intend to go as far as kidnap Crimson. Charon was pissed! Kizmat then says to Charon:

“[steps forward and offers his hand] I became mortal Charon… for you. I sacrificed my immortality so that I could see you just this once. Your barrier that keeps away Creatures…. and your strong will to know my scent has forced me to take this form. Come. Charon. Come join me…. let us grow old together. I love you.”

Charon was furious and humiliated at the thought that he actually thought that changed anything!!!!

“Good luck trying to get Angel to come anywhere near you, Crimson is under protective custody and Harkin, well, he’s taken to throwing things at images of you. I’ll pass this piece of shit paper to my lawyers. Was there anything else? No? Good get the fuck off my property before I call security.”” – screamed Charon

Kizmat responded with:
“You know what. Don’t bother to call them. Just don’t bother… and stop obsessing over my body for crying out loud!!”

Then from out from Kizmat’s limo slithered Seer!!

“Oh…. Daddeh Nom noms….”

Charon was outraged and wanted to vomit….
Kizmat gave an odd stare at Charon… almost trance-like but before he could respond, Seer decided upon himself to step onto Charon’s property and push Kizmat to the side and literately pointed his rotten finger right into her face!!!

“Heheheheeehhhhheeeerr YOU little skank! How DARE disrespect the Lord of Mortals. [[starts to rub Kizmat’s belly… then turns around grinning at Charon]] He is mine… and YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM!! Heh…. he saw the light of truth my sweet and let me tell you this….. he’s A HELLA LOT MORE SATISFIED IN THE BED WITH ME!!”

Charon held her right hand on her mouth reading to vomit while with her left hand she holds that up as if saying… just wait a minute!!!
“Ughm….. this… this is SICK!!! you two NASTY bastards GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME AND MY KIDS…. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!”

Charon wished for Kizmat and Seer to leave as she was about to herself when Kizmat lays the bombshell….

“Charon… Charon wait…. [She turns around after starting to head off…. and responds with a resounding, “WHAT”!”] ………….. I am pregnant.”

::Seer steps in::
“Hehheeeee…. as you can see Charon. We are capable of far much more. We are a family as you have nothing but your insanity to comfort with!! And fyi this is the 2010s… I am sure that the courts will favor a REAL family even if…. heeeee…………. we shar eeach otherrrrrsssssss “nom noms” “

Charon slammed the door right into the face of Seer and she was rewarded with the sound of a nose breaking. She locked the door then ran straight to one of the windows on the landing, it was slightly elevated so she got a good view of what was happening in the driveway and watched – carefully.

She knew something wasn’t right and the feeling of being manipulated on several different levels was really beginning to pick at her.


“One thing really bothers me. Kizmat was always proud of being Kindred, I honestly never thought he would trade the Lord of Blood for….well…you know Lord of limp wrists. Something isn’t gelling and until I can work out what it is, it’ll fucking bug me. I need to talk to someone at the Technocracy.” – said Charon

With Kizzy and Seer together in the car- the ride to Castle Mortis was filled with erotic kisses to each others necks and the exchange of ‘nom noms.’ Even the chauffeur looked in his rear view mirror shocked and disgusted at what he saw… “Omg that’s just not where you PUT THAT.”

Reaching and holding Kizzy’s left hand
“Baby. Are you alright?”

“I.. I dunno. *cries* She didn’t even care I was pregnant!!!!!” – said Kizmat

“Eh. Let’s go back to sucking nom noms…” – said Seer, with a mouthful of Noms!

More Crazy Creature Wrestlers


After a very disturbing broadcast of Unsolved Mysterious about a serial chainsaw killer… Reverend turns off the television and refers to the roster list that Trish Skankus had given him for the “revelation”:

For some strange reason- the story that was told on Unsolved Mysterious seemed familiar to him. A recollection of his own past -or- a premonition. Be as that is may, Jones rose from his chair and reached for the CW Roster report that he ordered from Trish Skankus the other day. While shifting through the files- he saw many names that were reported to have serious mental and physical attributes…. in other words, the crazy wrestlers. Names came up…. Dalkiel, Kefka’s Baby, Cerberus, Spiral, Charon Death and of course Darkspade were just a few among many. Now why did Reverend Jones feel that there was a connection to the roster? A feeling?

But then. Right there. As if it was staring right at Jones’ face the entire time…. was a wrestler by the name of Red Spyder. The Reverend nearly passed this wrestler because he looked unsuspecting except for the nickname, “The Chainsaw Killer.” Coincidence?

Interestingly enough, Red Spyder though retired from the CW since 2007, appeared last year at the Decade Awards and won against Darkspade against a gruesome match… some have said… was one of the most gruesome of all time. The Reverend ripped the roster page out of the binder and folded it up to place it in his black inner coat pocket.

As the view now shifted to the view of a laptop on top of a cold white bar table- The Reverend’s form comes into focus as he reaches for the laptop’s mouse and then navigates to the Unsolved Mysteries website to submit information. Perhaps, some clues will surface.

That Day…. At Alexander’s Funeral


The year was 2010. Weeks after Alexander Arcane was “shot” in the head by Richard Arcane at CW Headquarters.

Hours after Alexander’s casket was lowered into a grave… Richard Arcane returns to the grave, kneels down and wipes away the dirt off of Alexander Arcane’s tomb-plaque. A smile slowly filled his face. From the corner of Richard’s eye a long stretched black limo pulls to the curve. Anxious. Richard gets up and walks across the wet grass- passing graves on his way- to the vehicle. From that moment, the passenger window lowers and a hand pulls out with a black glove handing Richard a silver colored manila envelope. Across the envelope was a striking and very familiar Monopoly logo.

The window lowered down slowly and as Richard opened the manila envelope to only reach inside to receive Alexander Arcane’s last will and testament- Alexander Arcane’s face pops out from the darkness inside of the limo with a sly and complex expression slapped on his face.

“Brother. Listen carefully. For everything I tell you must go exactly as planned. A man by the name of Reverend Jones will purchase CW stocks for majority control. Don’t worry about the specifics- just stay out of his way. Hold on to that document until the Reverend re-instates Moebius as the Chairman. Until that time, keep Charon’s lawyers tangled up in the court of law. You understand what I just said to you?” – said Alexander Arcane

Richard takes his gaze off of the will and return them to Alexander
“Sounds good to me. I want that BITCH to rot in hell for what she did to me!”

Alexander returns with an astonishing smile
“This is about Monopoly isn’t it?”

“Of course it is. It always is. Monopoly never ended. Heh. Even after my “death.”” – said Alexander Arcane

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