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The NSA Era, Page 4

After the fall of Lilith’s Hive in Neo-Earth… Markus saves The Dark Queen and takes her into the Earth realm through his own dream. Our heroes are still licking their wounds when F’ein Dacor appears with a cryptic warning that Queen Lilith will be revived and that Crimson is contaminated by the Limelight and will eventually do as the Dark Queen commands.

In order to prevent that from happening, Charon takes Crimson into the Shadowverse and makes a deal with the Shadow Beings. The details of the deal called for Charon to give up her Evangelion form and soul to the Shadows in exchange for keeping Crimson safe in the shadows and remove her of the Limelight.

On another front, the CW wrestler’s themselves have been at each others ends…. more specifically over the greatest prize that this world has ever witnessed in this sport– the iconic CW Undisputed Championship title. At the start of 2010 the title was shrouded by darkness as Lord Mortismere acquired it and seemed to be unstoppable… until… a ray of hope in the form of Branden Harvey came into the picture and won an upsetting victory over the Lord Evil- with the title now out of the hands of evil- the wrestling company stirred into a positive and fulfilling direction with a NEW generation.

Darkspade is degrading even faster than before ever since Sincentius left his body and the usage of The Unholy Darkness increased over the many years. Charon appears and the two converse about the mysterious power between them. Then a Shadow Being appears and believes that the power between them could destroy Lilith once and for all.

Meanwhile, Chane reveals to Reverend Jones a working prototype of a powerful weapon called the “Crimsonlight Gun” which uses the properties of the Limelight that were found from Charon’s blood. The particles are anti-limelight elements which could suck the lifeforce from right out of any victim… but worse if it were a Creature. However, Chane convinces a worried Reverend that if a Creature or Human had a strong will and full of righteousness that they would be ‘saved’ if the beam of light hit them. To prove Chane’s statement- Kizmat walks in as an example of a Creature ‘saved’ and declares himself as the Lord of Mortals.

Chane explains that the gun will be the means to conduct the “Match to End all Matches” main event at CMX… and to simultaneously kill off key people.

Days later a disturbing moment unfolds as Kizmat makes his first appearance in-front of Charon since the ordeal with Sincentius and the kidnapping of Crimson… Kizmat reveals that he became a mortal to prove his love to Charon but Charon wants nothing to do with Kizmat. An argument erupts until Seer emerges from a limo and calls Kizmat his “Daddeh nom noms…” As if this wasn’t weird enough- Kizmat unloads a shocker that he is pregnant with Seer’s child and that he demands custody of the kids!!! Kizmat was given the boot by Charon but she felt that something was off about Kizmat.

Page 3 ended with a shocking scene a year earlier after Alexander Arcane was killed by Richard Arcane at CWHQ…. At the funeral, Richard Arcane meets his brother Alexander and takes an envelope with a “Monopoly” logo on its front.

Dark Days Ahead…

Charon arrived home with a large rucksack and a briefcase, she went straight into the study and dumped it all on the desk, switching the lamp on as she shrugged her jacket off. She pulled her cell phone from her pocket and stabbed a string of numbers in rapidly. Few words were exchanged before she erased everything on the cell. She pulled manila files from the rucksack, each file was stuffed full of papers and then dialled in two separate numbers on the combination locks on the briefcase. She flicked the catches open and inside sat six vials – 3 limelight and 3 crimsonlight.

A Shadow being emerged and asked Charon if she got the weapons… Charon nodded.

Meanwhile… back at Castle Mortis.

The “relationship” between Seer and Kizmat grows ever weirder as we see Seer prepping up for a “night.”


Kizmat appeared but he wasn’t moving or saying anything… Seer took Kizmat by his right arm and frisked Kizmat away with him down the hall…. down the spiral stairs and down the corridor to a door which was double bolted from which Seer miraculously had the set of keys for. Once inside, a foul stench seeped out as a dimly dark red light was seem through the cracks. Seer shuts the door immediately and the view is still outside in corridor along with Kizmat just standing there like a stick staring out into outer space… suddenly, we hear a slight conversation barely manageable to hear coming from within the room…

::Seer’s voice was heard::
“Now now. We won’t be having none of THAT!!! Just a little bit here… and A LITTLE bit over there… AWH HA! I see what happened Awh yes…….. ALL FIXED NOW!!! Off to play…!!!!”


At that very moment, Kizmat standing on the outside perked up and he smiled as his lover exited from the double bolted door. Kizmat immediately grabbed Seer by his massive arms and dipped him over while combing the powereded wig with his fingertips…. Seer was smiling while at the same time rubbing Kizmat’s belly…

“Your daddeh nom noms is here my sweet plums!!” – said Kizmat

“Ohhhhhhhhhh MY nom noms!!!!!!!! Come and carry me away to nevereverland my handsome Prince Heeruuurrrr” – said Seer

The disturbing scene ends by showing Kizmat lifting Seer by his large bulging arms and off down the corridor with Seer grinning back at the camera….

The Incident at CW StandPoint Show


Suddenly, after the NSA Network logo faded alongside the CW logo… we are immediately brought onto the set of CW StandPoint talk show with Mrs. Amile Bubilefark. The hostess with the mostess grins roguishly at the camera while her pastel covered prune face cracked the makeup from underneath exposing her 100 years of wrinkles. There were so many wrinkles- that wrinkles were standing in line to come peeping out!!! Unnoticed to her failed makeup job- Mrs. Amile Bubilefark smiles and speaks to the camera as her audience is provoked by men in black ski masks, with baseball bats, causing them to APPLAUSE on cue!!

The interview was gross and obscene with Seer molesting over Kizmat… then at the end of the interview:

“[flips her long golden locks of grey dyed hair] Ohhh my goodness I think I shit my undies what a laugh that was!! hahaaaaa… sooooo Kizmat, dear, any regrets at all for leaving that skank Charon???????”

The camera zooms in on Kizmat’s trance-like face
“None. What-so-ever. I have my sugar daddeh… and I am his nom noms! Charon, if you are watching and I know you are hun. Please do yourself a favor and give up trying to win me back. I gave you your one chance and you blew it. We could have been a family but you decided to betray me… and now, WE will take those kids from you because you are mentally insane. Just LOOK at me and Seer. This is a new age and there is nothing wrong with touching nom noms together- so in the court of law, who do you think they will believe? An mentally insane killer with bad hair or me and my love dumplings?????”

Suddenly, the interview was interrupted by a huge commotion when a body soaked in blood landed directly in front of one of the camera’s. Amile looked up, as she did another body barely missed her and Seer used Kizmat as a shield as several more bodies dropped from the ceiling area. The balaclava’s men with baseball bats ran from the studio to help security, the audience sat there for several minutes before realizing they could leave while everyone was distracted by falling bodies.

Amile was now shrieking and Seer was cursing as Kizmat merely stood where he was as more bloody bodies dropped from somewhere higher up.


People seemed to be running all over the place but the cameramen stayed put recording everything as it happened. Seer was cowering behind Kizmat.

“See, what did I tell you? She’s a maniac!” – said Seer

A shadowy figure could now be seen flitting across the lighting ramps pursued by security, as one got close, he stopped suddenly and fell spraying blood in a huge arc through the air.

Several hours later, after the police officers and detectives arrived on the scene to dispense with the dead bodies and to question EACH and every person that was present at the show…. Reverend Jones walks in from the side of the big SP logo- that was covered with blood- and shakes his head in disgust… It was a dreadful scene and Mrs. Amile Bubilefark was surrounded by officers trying to calm down the bitch..err lady!!!

Rubbing his chin. The Reverend knew of Charon’s past history before with Richard and Alexander- however, he was told never to reveal that Alexander was alive because Charon would in fact, murder him. Instead of Charon as the primary suspect, The Reverend immediately thought about…. The Chainsaw Killer.

The Reverend continued to walk until he left the backdoor…. another angle from the outside shows the Reverend shaking and looking all around the surroundings. It was late at night and the studio grounds was vacant….. Then another angle, one coming from behind him shows The Reverend pacing to his black Camaro SS on the other side of the lot and quickly speeding away out from the NSA Studio main gate….

Charon watched the entire CW Standpoint on tv and it wouldn’t be long before the police turned up to question her.


Hours later, The Reverend’s black Camaro SS comes speeding up a path… Jones had a lot on his mind…. Charon, Chainsaw Killer and Crimsonlight. The Reverend gets out of his vehicle and disappears down a dark and dreary alleyway. Drunks and homeless often make their way back here- which at this hour you’re practically guaranteed to be robbed or rapped or both…. however, The Reverend felt it was vital that he meet with his ‘contacts’ even though he was told never to come here without an appointment. The Reverend runs as fast as possible into the 666 Nightclub- worrying that someone was following him.

The Reverend knocks at the door… no answer… he knocks again… again nothing. Then, he reaches for the knob and the knob is turned. For some reason the door was unlocked…. The Reverend was so upset he didn’t think anything of it- and then entered inside of the club to see that indeed it was closed for the night…… could Richard and Alexander still be in the building??? The Reverend started to look around for them….

Back with Charon…
The police finally reached her location and a tall police officer wielding a piece of paper appeared in front of her front porch with a warrant for her arrest and to search the premises.

“You are being arrested on suspicion of a multiple homicide perpetrated at the studio of the tv show Standpoint earlier today and the attempted murder of Amile Bubilefark, Seer and Kizmat.” – said the officer.

20 minutes later they arrived at the police station where she went through the usual process of fingerprinting, photographs and they took her laces etc. She was then re-cuffed and dumped into an interrogation room with a large mirror facing her, she grinned. She made herself comfortable and simply waited. The police officer accused Charon of the murdering… then when asked what she was doing at that time, Charon said that she broke into Reverend Jones’ office attempting to gain access to his office safe. The officer was beside himself from the explanation and decides to give Reverend Jones a visit to see if anything has been missing from the safe.

Later that same night…
Officer Chuck approached The Reverend on the street in-front of Club 666. The officer explains to the Reverend that Charon broke into his office to break open his safe during the scene at the CW Standpoint. Chane joins in on the discussion and then the idea of security tapes showcasing Charon’s act, though still criminal, is a perfect alibi. Chane was irritated that there was evidence to prove Charon, at least, innocent about the murders… Suddenly, Moebius’ limo pulled up to the curve and an Impromptu press conference happens right there and then!

Photographers were pushed aside by reporters and Jones and Chane both looked puzzled. Moebius waited patiently for the chaos to settle down, while that happened he pulled some papers from his inside pocket. He looked up, looked round and then smiled again.

“Okay. First of all I need to make an apology for the chaos this incident has caused. I’m afraid it’s a case of non-communication. Due to an e-mail glitch top executives and security personnel were not informed of the test of security that took place at the CW Headquarters this evening. Unfortunately, Charon Death was arrested earlier today due to the glitch. I chose Charon to perform the test due to her unique way of thinking and unusual skills. As security and perpetrators are changing, I thought this would be an interesting challenge to CW Security. Since Charon was successful in breaking into the executive offices and the safe that was chosen for its high security, it seems there are weaknesses that need addressing. My next step after leaving here will be to go and get Charon released from the local police headquarters.” – said Moebius

Jones and Chane looked at each other, now they were unsure if Charon knew anything.

Dine WITH Us….


During a live tapping at a CW area…. Kizmat exits from the stage with a custom made sportscoat and Seer is quickly behind him grinning provocatively at the camera. The Lord of Mortals stops in-front of the ring and to everyone’s disgust, Kizmat took Seer by the head and dips him slightly while sticking his 13inch tongue down Seer’s throat!

Seer had to literately force Kizmat’s tongue out of his mouth in order to inhale!!! Kizmat smirked again at the camera and then walked up the steps where he stopped and opened up the middle ropes for Seer to enter through. Kizmat re-joined in the center of the ring and gave a disturbed Micheal Cole a grin as the interview starts….

After getting through sick and grotesque acts between Seer and Kizmat about “nom noms”… Micheal Cole asks Kizmat who he wants to challenge at CreatureMania X…

“Hmph. I don’t care about titles. I only care about satisfying my lover, Seer. [Takes the mic forcefully from Micheal Cole’s hand] However. There IS someone I do wish to challenge on CreatureMania X. And that is my ex-girlfriend Charon. Listen honey. I know you’re contained at the police station for trying to kill me and Seer- because you’re insanely jealous of OUR relationship. But I am willing to drop any charges if you show up and settle this love lust. Hopefully for you after I defeat you- you will see that I am over you and you can get your own nom noms. It is the right thing to do Charon. And while we are at it, I will also drop my custody claims over the kids if…. and that is a big if…. you defeat me. Likewise, if I defeat you- I obtain FULL custody rights to the kids. I think considering your in a tight spot- it may be the only chance you will ever have to live a peaceful life…. think on it hun.” – said Kizmat

Charon suddenly appears beneath the CreatureTron with a mic….
“Lets get a couple of things straight shall we. First of all, I had nothing to do with the massacre at the tv studio because I was busy breaking into Reverend Jones Executive offices and his safe on instruction from CW Executives who wished to test the security of the building. Second of all, I accept your challenge, however, I have a small stipulation of my own. Right here, right now, I want the CW Doctor to take a DNA test from both of us to prove parentage of the children. By that I mean I’m not so sure that Angel is actually Kizmat’s and to be perfectly honest I can’t be 100% sure that Kizmat is the father of Crimson and Harkin either. Contrary to popular belief, Kizmat might be large in that department but as I remember it Kizmat had some problems getting it up and was told on one occasion that he was in fact firing blanks if you get my meaning. Thirdly, the chances of either one of you getting custody of my children after you’re little display out here is a little less than zero. Oh and fourth I have a small concern, Seer, perhaps you overlooked this little problem but you told everyone Kizmat was pregnant, has he been cleared by the doctors to wrestle me at Creaturemania because if not I’m afraid there are laws preventing me beating on pregnant women, men, kindreds and demons?!”

Kizmat gazed at his nom noms with an unemotional look. Seer finally responded in Kizmat’s stead.

“Cleavveerrrr little gurl. Heeurrrrrr… *cough* Well. Your former daddeh nom noms has NOTHING to hide from the likes of you. And hun. I find it quite interesting you said he can’t get it up because my ass has been aching for weeks- let me tell YOU something miss. Kizzy is pregnant, but that’s not going to stop him from tearing you A PART AND TAKING THOSE KIDS. Hooowweeeveeerrrr…. a DNA test? how are we to trust you??? How desperate are you?.. WELL either you take our challenge the way it is or MY lord WILL take his children forev…. [Kizmat, even to Seer’s surprise, took the mic…]” – said Seer

“I ACCEPT EVERYTHING!! [Seer double takes]. Charon. You want proof? You will get my DNA- I have NOTHING to hide because those kids MUST BE from these lions- and it they are not, then you would have proved just how much of a whore you really are.. the courts will STILL take those kids away from your insane self which then means me and my love dumpling can adopt them without any interference from YOU!!!!” – said Kizmat

::whispers into Kizmat’s ears which Charon could hear some of it::
“Psstt… are you certain this is wise M’lord?!” – said Kizmat

[Kizmat stares blankly at Seer and nodded]

“I am risking my life and the life of my unborn child to PROVE you are wrong. I know CW will not allow me to fight- but only if this was an Unsanctioned fight. Winner takes all. What do you say?” – said Kizmat

“Fine. Get the ringside doctor out here now and I’ll happily take a DNA test now.” – said Charon

Eventually a doctor takes samples from Kizmat and Charon but the samples are suddenly stolen backstage.

Darkspade and Markus


Darkspade was backstage during the same live tapping that had Charon meet Kizmat on…. Markus appeared from the darkness with a grim smile slapped across his face to meet Darkspade. After an introduction by Markus- he warns Spade of a “storm approaching.” Markus brings up a long forgotten fact that never was explained and that was how Lilith was born from the Unholy Knight of Darkness… and the only way for Darkspade to spare his family when Lilith returns is to give up his very life… otherwise, Darkspade will die as a result of the degration and the Unholy Knight will emerge again!

Brandon was listening in on the conversation from down the hallway and immediately leaves to tell Charon with what he heard. Sometime later, Brandon reached Charon and explained the conversation… Charon was confronted with other things too: the DNA results regarding Kizmat, the backing of the Shadow Realm, and now confirmation that Markus was beginning his web of lies. She already suspected that Darkspade was struggling without the presence of Sincentius and was working on a solution.

“I’m working on it, trust me. I must admit Markus has come out of the darkness a little sooner than expected but then life never does follow rules does it.” – said Charon

Brandon nodded.

Darkspade and Charon Death


Charon arrived at Spade’s manor and walked up to the front door- she knocked the door hard. Darkspade appeared at the front of the door looking drained and pitch white… Charon enters regardless and says to him:

“…So, the problem is you’re dying, you’re scared, I get that but remember one thing, I can’t die. So, whatever Markus said to you, it’s complete bullshit. He’s trying to force you into making a stupid mistake, that means something we’ve done has made them move earlier than they wanted. I’m guessing its something to do with the freaky energy thing. So?”

“Charon. Daughter. I know you cannot die unless you wish it- but still, we ARE talking about Lilith here. Your fight with her was just in a simulated world in her mind. Can you just imagine what could she could do if she awoken? I don’t know honestly if even Lilith has the power to kill you… but please don’t take me for a fool. I don’t know why the energy you gathered made them act out in pace- but all of the theories in the world isn’t going to save us right now. I know I said before I am not going to go off and do something rash and I learned my mistakes. But…. I am not good enough to live. I mean…. seriously, this is a shell of a man. You say you are working on it but HOW?! How on Earth can you FIX me??? Take a g’dam needle and sew my body, soul and spirit together! My concern is that the more and more I become distant… the more and more the Unholy Darkness will fully take control. I don’t have much longer… if I die unnaturally, then The Unholy Knight of Darkness will rise again… The Knight represents my ambitions and remorse for the evil that I committed to others- especially to you. It was from this spirit that Lilith herself was born. The Unholy Knight WILL come after everyone that I hold dear….. in other words, you. Gawd. Just. Listen I understand the situation….. but if I CHOOSE to die. Then my soul and spirit will die with me.”

The plague of irrationality now flowed through Spade’s mind… even as Charon tried to reason with her father- it was clear, that Markus had begun his mission as directed by the Queen Bitch herself. Then F’ein takes Markus to The Unholy City of Xanderaz and to the center of the city where a great tree grows. This underground city was built for one purpose- to harbor the evil source of the Unholy Darkness… it was also at one time the final resting place for Queen Lilith.

“This. This is the Tejeha Tree. Our most sacred relic of the Unholy Darkness. This tree was born from the remains of Hra’gad himself!! It was, also, the caretaker of Queen Lilith’s remains…. Now Markus. Charon and those pests have their hands on the Lights- we must act accordingly before they find a way to ruin everything!! We cannot have a repeat of what happened in Neo-Earth.” – said F’ein Dacor

Markus stood there coldly and kept looking at the tree
“From it’s fruit bares deep dark Unholy energy…. we will use its power to unleash a greater Hell on Earth than Hell itself!!!” – said F’ein Dacor

As F’ein manically laughed in a screeching voice, the view twirls around the dark and dreadful looking tree- its black thorns oozed from it pure saturated evil.

A Visit to Castle Mortis


Days had passed since Charon visited Darkspade and tried to reason with him to no prevail… Charon decided to go home to the Death Family Estate and conduct research in the library. She knew she had a visit to Castle Mortis to make and then her mind wandered to some vague recollection of some evil seed and a tree. She shook her head and yawned, what was now very obvious was she needed to make a stop at the castle first before she could formulate any solid plans. Several days later Charon was well rested and dressed entirely in black from head to toe. She checked her watch, it was almost 1am, she smiled to herself and then there was a quiet pop as she disappeared to Castle Mortis.

Castle Mortis…
It had been some time since Charon visited Castle Mortis. The fortress Castle was littered with darkside followers and legions of Dark Thaumaturge Knights patrolling the castle heights and grounds. When Charon appears on the castle grounds- she noticed that a brand new central tower was built. There was feeling of dread coming from the tower and she saw Markus up there in the window tending to Lilith.

Charon entered the central hallway on the top floor and unsheathed her Katanas to destroy a magical locked door which she felt harbored the cause behind Kizmat’s odd behavior but before she could break it open… behind her stood Kizmat!

Charon turned, gulped down the urge to vomit and pasted a grin on her face- she hoped would look sexy and inviting. Charon grabbed Kizmat, as he was distracted by her beauty, and threw him into an adjoining room and straddled him before locking the door. Charon returned to the magical door and destroyed the lock on it… once inside, she shockingly found the REAL Kizmat Laying in a pile of rags and drugged up while attached to all sorts of monitors. Charon pulled the wires off and the drip that was attached to his arm. Next, Charon dragged Kizmat through a secret corridor to escape in the shadows.

Soon after….
Meanwhile…. in the room with the ‘other’ Kizmat… Seer is walking down the hallway with a box of nom noms. The old crazy man grinned provocatively as he noticed that his daddy nom noms was inside the playroom already!!! Hoping up with joy- Seer knocks on the door….

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. is anyone HOME! [Kizmat: Mumbles… mmmmhmmmm] OHHHH GOODY!!! [hops up and down with his hands clapping] READY OR NOT HERE I CUM!!!” – gleefully said by Seer

Seer opens the knob and springs into the room in an almost dramatic and elaborate introduction of glee… but then, as Seer glances around the room he sees his daddy cakes fully naked and squeamishly on the couch….

“OH my!!! OH MY LORD areeee you okay?? is my nom noms ready for some luvings? Hmm what is the matter darling???? Grrr… that dam machine. I’ll go fix it RIGHT AWAY!!!! Heeeuurrrrrrrrrrr….” – playfully by Seer

Turning towards his left, Seer was just about to take his key out to open his magical door… but then he noticed that a wall protruded out… Seer looked worryful and then entered through the corridor to noticed that someone had dragged the real Kizmat out from his cell!!! Seer screamed like a crazy old hag and immediately dashes out of the room leaving his daddy on the floor trying to lick the “nom noms” from out of the box!! The ENTIRE Castle went into a frenzy as alarms sounded off and Knights hunted the grounds for any intruders….

In another view, Seer is seen running out of the castle with nothing but his nightgown on! and into the courtyard- just several feet from the main gate. Seer was screaming and cussing like an old homeless man as he noticed that two sets of feet left a trail out from the castle gates!!!!


Free. Free at LONG LAST!

With his eyes opening slowly and cautiously. The first image that the real Kizmat saw was the radiant face of the woman he loved with all of his heart- Charon Death! She was by his side on the edge of his medical bed with her two hands clenching his weak right hand. Kizmat’s face looked like it had its life drained from it and was so pale that it was whiter than the sheets he was in. Suddenly the bulkhead doors leading into the infirmary open with a burst of over excitement from Crimson and Harkin! They ran and clamored over the sheets all to hug their father!! Charon was happy but had to protest to this as since their father needed the much needed rest… after all he was trapped in Castle Mortis for 8 long agonizing months. As Charon peeled her kids off of Kizmat- Angel was just standing there with her arms crossed and showed signs of disbelief…. then, she lashed at Kizmat with a knife!!! Charon grabbed Angel’s arm swiftly and noticed how quick she had gotten with her training with her grandfather…. Charon screams at Angel that this is her real father. The Lord of Blood could barely keep his eyes open- he tried to raise his right arm and mutter Angel’s name but then drifted back into unconsciousness….

After a talk with Angel…. Charon feed fresh blood into Kizmat’s IV drip. Suddenly, Kizmat’s eyes open wide exposing his iconic bloodshot pupils. He looked at Charon and smiled at her…. Charon returned with a warm smile and after rubbing her hands softly across his bare bulging chest she bends down to kiss him softly on the lips… Kizmat rolled his fingers through her hair and pushed his lips ever so forward. As the two embraced after months of separation… Kizmat laid back down but then he tensed his enormous muscles after a realization unfolded in his mind…. he was betrayed by Mortismere and Seer.

“The last thing that I could remember was visiting Darkspade at his manor and to try and make some sense out of the Sincentius threat. I decided to take a little visit to my brother in order to stop him and to make him realize that Sincentius was using him. However, when I arrived, Sincentius was already there and convinced Mortismere to seduce me with the power of the Unholy Darkness. I don’t remember much but it was Seer who contained me in the meditation room… keeping me sedated and Seer used some type of a machine to connect my mind to that of that “creation” he made from my DNA. I vaguely remember him calling that a Shadow Clone. That thing Seer sleeps with actually believes he is me and when my mind was connected to the machine, I could see and remember everything that the Shadow Clone did and said… yes. It was worse than being sentenced to an eternity in hell. I tried so hard to fight back- maybe at times I was able to feed thoughts into the Shadow Clone and stopped him but as time pressed on… I became weaker. I WANT TO RIP THE SPINES OUT OF THOSE COWARDSSSSSSS!!”

“I know Seer and your brother are the first morons on your mind- but this isn’t the only threat. The Queen Bitch is back… and she’s in our world. Is there anything that you can tell me that could stop her?” – said Charon

Kizmat tilted his head slightly to the right and then thought about things
“”Remember that my memory has been wiped from my previous life and that I was used by Queen Lilith to resurrect her by hiring Evangelion.”

“Resurrection? You mean to tell me she died before?” – said Charon

“Well yes. Of course. Queen Lilith was stopped over 10,000 years ago. But no matter how hard we try, there just isn’t any resources available in our library which explains just HOW it happened. I suppose. If there was a place we could check would be the Unholy City of Xanderaz. The once final resting place of Queen Lilith.” – said Kizmat

Mayhem before CreatureMania X: Revelations!

Happenings During CMX Mayhem
1. See and his Kizmat:

2. An announcement by NSA President, Reverend Jones:

The announcement was shocking to say the least! In an amazing backstabbing- Reverend Jones comes up with Alexander’s will and testament and evokes the power of attorney to fire Moebius and re-hire Richard as the CW President… even though that months before the situation was reversed when Moebius acquired the stocks from the Death family to get his position back. Reverend declares that the Death Family is to be sued for of 17 billion dollars for negligence and harboring the “serial killer.” Further, Richard strips Charon of the CW Undisputed title… and declares a new title in its place by merging the CWE World title with the Undisputed title. The result was the Absolute Undisputed Championship!! (which btw was on June 27th 2010, while DWF’s dumbass bullshit ripoff of this idea occurred many months later… coincidence? LOL!)

Lastly, Richard shocks everyone further by officially announcing the rules to the much talked about main event match:

“The main event on CreatureMania X will be for the Undisputed title. And the match will be the first ever of its kind. As we all know there are those that threaten the safety of CW’s survival and thus deprive the world of our sport. So. The remaining stock holders who sold their shares to the NSA and are now enemies of our fine establishment will be participating in this match. My scientists have created a unique energy that can differentiate the sinners from the righteousness. For their punishment, our CW Megastars will hunt down these stock holders all across the world in one match and blast them with our energy which will win them a point. If just 1 enemy can survive the process, then the Arcane family will drop all charges and the match is immediately over regardless if there are still enemies unattended for. The megastar with the most points will win the greatest prize this sport can offer. Are there any questions?” – said by Richard Arcane

The announcement ended with a sickening display by Seer and his Kizmat when Kizmat threw Charon through a table of food and pastries.

Night before CMX


After the police and FBI agents performed a final search of the office of the NSA President– the officers could not find any trace of Charon’s current presence. Reverend Jones was seen looking out at the city through a murky dirty window. One of the agents approached the Reverend with an assessment report. “Reverend Jones, we have concluded that there has been documents stolen from your safe but the security tapes and all of the investigations up to this point presents an unusual occurrence which coincided with Charon’s alibi… this happened but not on the date and time she indicated” The Reverend looked at him funny- with his catlike eyes- and rested his glossy black cane against the cold window.

“Yes. For one, the security tapes in fact shows Charon entering the building and making her way through the air-ducts up through the hallway and into your office where she removed the documents but the digital tapes were dubbed from an unknown location over the network. We found this out after our agency performed a level 5 diagnostic over the CW Network for any leaks. Sir. With this in mind- we also observed now closely each frame and noticed that the calendar that is seated right on top of your desk showed to be a week before the ‘incident.’ Apparently, whoever altered the digital security tapes was using state-of-the-art CGI and were able to cover up anything which showed the real date and time….. except for that one mistake.”

The Reverend rubbed his chin and glanced at the other officers who were already finishing up. Jones had a half-smile as he returned his gaze at the FBI Agent.

“Thank you for your time… The NSA will take over the case from here on out- since this is a private sector matter…. the Standpoint Show occurred on NSA property and well… in the interest of contamination to the public we no longer require your ‘help.’ Blessed it be.” – said the Reverend

The officers left the office, including the FBI agent who looked back and watched as how the Reverend continued to stare out of his window. Then the very single moment the door shut closed- The Reverend picked up his glossy black cane and SWUNG IT IN A FRET OF RAGE AT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN HIS OFFICE!! And, whether it was by shear coincidence or fate, but after a picture frame fell to the floor and broke in two- there behind the frame was a torn paper tucked behind the edge. The Reverend knelled down and noticed that the paper was oddly marked “Red Spyder, “The Chainsaw Killer- Hitlist.”

Cold shivers down his spine- The Reverend opened the note- it was another roster report that Trish Skankus could not find weeks ago. All roster reports in the CW was a detailed collection of facts, even facts that were not released to the public- but this one was kept hidden for some reason. As the Reverend sat down, in his chair, he read off each and every single person that Red Spyder was responsible for horrendously sending to the hospital- many which had their careers ended…. or died. Then at the bottom was a number clearly scribbled by hand but by whom?

With intense interest- The Reverend dialed the number on his smartphone. After several rings- nobody answered but shockingly once the answering machine played it was a voice he was all too familiar with: Alexander Arcane.

“Blessed it be.” – said the Reverend.

CreatureMania X: Revelations


The time was here. CMX had two major matches and an interview with Charon on Amile’s Standpoint show…. the two matches were:

Unsanctioned Match:
Charon Death VS Kizmat
(Winner Takes All. Loser Looses All- including the kids!)

The match the world has been waiting for was finally here. When Charon emerged she was not alone… she was with the REAL Kizmat! the match quickly turned violently for the worse for the impostor Kizmat- who was already having troubles focusing after being cut from the real Kizmat. Towards the end of the match, Charon takes a sledge hammer and decapitates the impostor Kizmat (GayKiz)! A puss purple blob oozed out from out of GayKiz’s abdomen… Seer’s eyes literately bulged out from his cranium and screamed to high heaven at Charon…


Charon dropped the sledge to the floor and along with Kizmat- they walked over to the heaping pulsating sack covered with guts and smoking ooze. While disgusted at the sight of the thing, the body of GayKiz melted in a black puddle of infested Shadow…. However, even as disgusting as that was- the two could not keep their eyes off of the sack that oozed out from the body. Suddenly, whatever was inside of it- began to push against the walls of the sack as though trying to break free from it. Charon Charon shook her head and locked and loaded her nailgun!! The fans screamed, “KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT” before she aimed at the sack of purple puss… but then, she held back and then pointed it right at Seer who was literately crawling on his hands and knees towards the sack…… it was both disgusting and sickening.

Seer managed to leap and cover his body on top of the bag containing a fetus.

A few volleys of nails blasted out from the gun as Kizmat grabbed it and aimed it at Seer… they shot out and strikes Seer in the middle of both of his hands- pinning him to the canvas!!!! And as Seer screamed in agonizing pain- Kizmat kicked the purple cesspool bag from underneath him… the bag rolled off to one of the turnbuckle sides and didn’t move anymore…..

Charon then stops while Seer in the background was still screaming in agonizing pain….
“I think it needs to be studied.”

Kizmat double takes

But before Charon could answer, the lights then began to flicker on and off…. after awhile in the dark, the pulsating placenta was the only thing that was illuminating light… and then the lights slowly rose to luminosity and from the top of the ramp-way a masked man with Angel in his arm was seen by all. The sack…. mysteriously disappeared along with Seer!!!!

Charon and Kizmat were shocked…… and they rolled out from the ring to follow the kidnapper!!! who then disappears with Angel into the back of the stage!!

CW Absolute Undisp. Championship:
Brand-X, Darkspade, Markus & Stephan Black
Match to End all Matches

Before the main event match started, Richard emerges with a person tied and covered with a black hood then, an opalescent stream of energy BUSTED through the ground and tore the entire ring into pieces. The person tied was Angel of Death who was abducted earlier tonight. Richard takes her by the shoulder and THROWS HER INTO THE STREAM!!! Instantly, the CreatureTron lights up and it shows Angel appearing in the City of Lost Angels- Los Angeles California- as indicated by the on-screen graphic displayed.

Angel is seen hurt and covered in mud until a masked man takes her by the arm and drags her up to his face. She is trying to fight back but the man stuns Angel with a stun gun and carries her off through a doorway into an empty aircraft warehouse. The entire match takes place at several locations with 3 main locations in all.

The objective to winning the match was to travel in the stream to reach the 4 main locations- but to activate the stream, one would have to use a Crimson Light gun and kill a target with it.

Location 1: Los Angeles California. USA
Location 2: London, England
Location 3: Tripoli, Libya
Location 4: Greenwich, Connecticut

The match begins…
Darkspade, Brand-X and Charon Death emerged at the stage- the three Death Family members made a mad rush down the aisle and stopped in front of the opalescent Stream. It was Darkspade who stared deathly at Richard and jumped into the swirling vortex without hesitation. Charon and Brand-X looked at each other and then back at Richard……

The next scene appeared on the CreatureTron, Dakrspade just exited out from the opalescent stream and landed on his hands and feet. Branden exited from the opalescent stream and quickly meet up with Spade to tell him that Charon did not go through the portal because she felt that this was a setup. Brandon explains that Moebius is hastily determining the location via GPS system and to stay put– but, Darkspade reacts with his emotions and doesn’t listen. As a result, Stephen Black and Markus emerge from the portal. Markus took a-hold of Stephan’s head and smashed it through the window of an abandoned car then turned his sights at Spade and Branden with evil intentions….

In the arena, Charon Death was already present and eyeing Richard Arcane with a purposeful stare. Richard Arcane snatches the mic to calm Charon down… but Charon was just about to kill him with Alexander Arcane finally emerges in public after falsly being killed by Richard!

Suddenly the entire arena was in hush. Women and children watched in shock as Alexander walked down the aisle while fixated at Charon. Many even screamed out-loud that he was a ghost – not of this world….. Charon stood her ground as Alexander came around the side and for the first time in over a year since the “incident”…. Alexander Arcane, Charon Death and Richard Arcane were in the same place just as that unfaithful night. There was no words coming from them…. just a cold stare. Finally. Alexander grabbed the mic from the announcer and addressed Charon.

“It was simply a matter of business. Don’t take it personal dear.”

Charon laughs at Alex and says that it was funny how Alex and Richard tried to pin all of the murders onto Red Spyder. Charon says she will even agree participating in this match just to save them from being killed by her!

Fine by me. You know, whether you want to admit it or not Charon, you and me are practically on the same page. Just we play for different teams. You’ve been very cleaver but you still haven’t figured out why we are eliminating people. [Charon responded with, “Yeah you’re eliminating the stock holders….”] Hahhaaaaaaa….. perhaps… or perhaps not. So GOOD! go and play our little game of Cat and Mouse. – said Alex Arcane

Charon approached the multicolored opalescent stream then turned around and fired a few volleys of nails at BOTH Richard and Alex!!! Suddenly, up on the CreatureTron, Charon was seen at the location and entering the warehouse which already contained the others looking for Angel and the masked man.

The group of wrestlers were inside of the warehouse determining where the masked man and Angel were hidden.

The participants enter a warehouse and find Angel gagged and tied and suspended in the air by rope. Angel was all alone which was odd… then, Darkspade again reacts without thinking towards Angel and a ghostlike energy emitted from the darkness and struck Darkspade in the chest and sent him straight down to the ground!!

“You honestly believe that it is simple as that?” – said Red Spyder

Everyone turned their sight to Dark Spyder who removes the mask from his face. Grinning devilishly- he addresses each and every single one of the fools who now are in complete and utter shock at what they are seeing……

“You are all wondering. Why. But it is not hard to explain really. Richard presented me with an opportunity to finish what I started last year with you Darkspade. Simple as that. But it is much more than my in-scalable hunger to destroy you once and for all, Spade, but to know. To know if I am righteous….” – said Red Spyder

It was hard to sink in what was happening. The legendary Hall of Famer, Red Spyder had just committed a sin greater than any before. Red walked over to a black briefcase with a silver insignia of “MONOPOLY” plastered across it. He whipped around and placed the black briefcase down on the ground- opens it and then slides it to the four standing. Red stood upright and behind Angel.

“Inside that case are smartphones with a GPS system, and a vial of Crimsonlight used to eliminate your targets with the guns provided. You simply, locate your target and shoot them with the crimsonlight. If your target survives the process, then hallelujah! congrats you just won a doorprize! And that would be the Absolute Undisputed Championship along with Angel… now, if your target does not survive, then they just proved to the whole wide world that they are nothing but a sinful bags of shit…. and to the depths of HELL they will belong. But don’t fret, the chase isn’t quite over yet…. for another stream of light will emerge and upon entering, you will be taken to another location which will automatically charge up your weapon for another chance for salvation. Do Be-careful where you aim those toys btw, if you shoot each other then Angel will be killed on the spot.” – said Red Spyder

Branden picked up his gun and the phone. Upon opening it up, it bleeped several times and a map showed every-bodies locations…. they were marked as green spots with their names. Whereas, a red spot showed the target and the name….. Red Spyder

“Red, Ole Chump, looks like Richy double-crossed you….” – said Brandon

Red’s eyes lit up and he was overly amused!! Suddenly, Angel disappeared in a myst of Unholy Darkness before Darkspade picks up his gun- and dashes towards Red and attempts to shoot the gun!! Red kicks the gun out of Spade’s right hand and then strikes Spade with a vicious uppercut to the throat which sent Spade stirring into the hands of Markus who then met Spade head on with a clothesline!!! And then, Stephan picks up his phone and gun- aims and shoots the crimson light straight at Red!!! Red ducks out of the way and with a blinding fury- he launches a double lariat causing Stephan to shoot straight into and through a deceptive window….

Charon enters through the portal and spotted Red and shoots white hot poison nails at him but he manages to escape- with one of the poison nails striking him. Darkspade gets irritated and shoves the gun in Charon’s face but she didn’t flinch and after arguing they decide to work together.

Eventually everyone hunts down Red Spyder until Darkspade and Red reach the boiler room of the warehouse. After an intense fight between the two- Darkspade ascends to his Unholy Cardinal form to finish Red off. However, Red was poisoned and taking its toll… Charon arrives- followed closely behind by Stephan and then Markus- into the room.

Both Brandon and Markus, launch themselves into the fight between Red and Spade. Charon sloped off to the side tucking the nailgun away in the small of her back. She made sure the crimsonlight gun was charged and ready as she watched the action carefully, somewhere along the line the fight had broken apart with Brandon pasting Markus and then Stefan turned up barreling into both Markus and Brandon. Again a look was exchanged between Stefan and Charon.

Seconds later, with virtually no warning, Stefan broke away from Brandon and Markus and speared Darkspade, splitting apart him and Red. Red turned to swear at Stefan and was hit squarely in the chest by the crimsonlight blast from Charons gun!!

She walked right up to him and watched as the light seemed to work from the inside out. Red seemed to be consumed by the light although Charon thought she could see a fuzzy outline, she filed it under things to investigate at a later date.

She watched as a stream opened up suddenly, it cycled through a myriad of colours and was actually beautiful. She frowned as she realized it was almost exactly the same as the stream that was created between herself and Spade, then she grinned as an idea bubbled to the surface. She stepped into the stream and was instantly deposited in a street as a red double decker bus roared by – she knew where she was by the destination on the sign on the front of the bus – LONDON!

It was actually only the second time she’d been to London, she hated the place herself but she realized she was stood outside a theater where the sign announced there were auditions for the X Factor. The stream opened again…. and the match continued.

Concludes Page 4…

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