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The NSA Era, Page 5

The bizarre and disgusting “relationship” between Seer and Kizmat grow more and more bizarre and disgusting. Seer and Kizmat appear on the CW Standpoint TV show with Amile Bubilefark… Kizmat, who won the King of Pain tourney, gets to choose who he wants to face at CMX which becomes Charon. Suddenly, dead bodies fall from the raptors and everyone believes it is the serial killer and to some, like Reverend Jones, believes it is Charon Death. As a result, police take a visit to Charon at the Death Family estate and ask her if she has an alibi. Charon’s alibi was quite odd: she admitted to breaking into CW HQ during the tapping and broke into Reverend Jones office in order to crack his safe…. tapes from security cameras ended up confirming this was the case.

Darkspade’s body is deteriorating even more rapidly than ever before ever since the Dark Sincentius was removed from his body. The Unholy One, Darkspade, is acting more mentally and physically unstable with each passing day and secludes himself at his estate. Then, during a scene at Darkspade’s estate: Markus shockingly appears from out of nowhere and informs Darkspade that the Resurrection of Queen Lilith is near and that he (Darkspade) should decide which side to align to… and to save his life. Later, F’ein Dacor takes Markus to the Unholy City of Xanderaz and to the Tree of Life which was once feeding on the corpse of the ancient Queen Lilith from back in the Lilith Saga…. F’ein shares knowledge to Markus of the Tejeha seeds which sparks Markus to decide on a course of action. Eventually, Charon pays her dad a visit and notices that her dad, Darkspade, is in a deteriorating state and promises that she will find a solution.

With the bizarre behavior of Kizmat still on Charon’s mind: she pays Castle Mortis a visit and contains the impostor Kizmat while she rescues the real Kizmat from behind a locked door and from a “shadow” device which connected Kizmat’s thoughts and powers to the impostor Kizmat.

Before CMX events take place and after the police and FBI agents performed a final search of the office of the NSA President: Reverend Jones. The Reverend discovers a missing roster list containing “Red Spyder” and connected his name to the “Chainsaw Killer.” Reverend now sees the truth that Red Spyder was the murderer.

Then at CreatureMania Mayhem, chaos reigns supreme as Richard shocks everyone by stripping Charon of her title and merging the CWE World title with the Undisputed to create the Absolute Undisputed Title! Furthermore, Richard reveals the details of the main event match which is for the new top title and explains its gruesome design as a way to kill off key people.

At CreatureMania X: Revelations and at the Kizmat VS Charon match: Charon reveals the true Kizmat and he assists her throughout the match against the impostor Kizmat (GayKiz). To the end of the match, GayKiz is decapitated by a sledgehammer and the fetus bag pops out which is taken away by Seer during a distraction once a kidnapper, under a black mask, kidnaps Angel and takes her away!

Then during the CMX main event- Richard reveals to the world that his brother is still alive!!! Alex shows up and explains that if the contestants for the match do not perform for the event that something bad will happen to Angel! Darkspade, Brandon and Stephan Black all appear and travel through a portal to another location in hot pursuit of the kidnapper and Angel… then eventually, Charon also appears through the portal.

At one point in the hot pursuit- the kidnapper reveals that he is Red Spyder and the terms of the match- and gives everyone the CrimsonLight guns and GPS devices to locate the targets…. the objective was ultimately to kill off targets to progress through the end and the prize was saving Angel and obtain the title.

Then as the GPS device is turned on: Red Spyder is declared as the first target!! Red Spyder was double-crossed by the Arcanes! Charon manages to inflict a poison nailgun into Red Spyder as he fled which slowed him down. The contestants pursue Red Spyder until Darkspade corners him and attacks him unmercifully… but before Darkspade could seek his revenge, Charon shows up and blasts Red Spyder in the chest with the CrimsonLight gun!!!! Red Spyder implodes and is destroyed…. what remained was a pearlescent portal to the next location and target.

CreatureMania X: Revelations… Part 2

Location: The Fountain Studios in Wembley, London.
Target: Simon Cowell
Details: Red Spyder was hit squarely in the chest by the crimsonlight blast from Charon’s gun- and in the distortion wave- Red Spyder was consumed by the life sucking energy, though, an unusual outline of Red Spyder was left in the wave’s wake…. It had appeared that Red Spyder did not survive the process and thus the game continues….

All of the competitors fired their crimsonlight guns at the same time, destroying Simon and ripping a new portal into the next location.

Location: Royal Palace
Target: Gaddafi & Charlie Sheen
Details: After Simon and Susan melted like cheese, our competitors must seek out the slippery duo of Gaddafi and Charlie Sheen!!


It was glorious, seeing Gaddaffi’s carcass light up like a Christmas tree!!! and as the energy burnt away at his flesh… and made it’s way up to his nose- it lit up like Rudolf the red-nosed dictator and just like Justin Beaver’s head POPPING like a pimple like on SouthPark…. Gaddaffi’s head exploded and blood splattered in all directions and slipped off of the marble walls!!!

Where Gaddaffi stood, a stream of energy ignited from deep deep below the compound and through all of the ceilings to reach this point!!! Spade ran and jumped into the stream, followed by Brandon and then finally…. Markus…..

Location: Colossus Arena in Greenwich, CT
Target: ?????
Details: With Gaddafi & Charlie Sheen out of the picture for good!!! We can all live in a much better and safer place! but what could be in store for our competitors now after traveling the world….

Everyone appears back in a CW Colossus Arena. A massive steel hell in a cell was sat up exclusively for our competitors. It seemed a bit…. too predictable. But nonetheless, as the ground shook and rumbled, two streams of multicolored light erupted while inside of the hell but outside of the squared circle. As this was happening, a very familiar music plays as The Reverend himself exited out….

“Ladies and gentlemen, for those viewing in New York City and for those of you in attendance here tonight- this is the final showdown!!! First, let me introduce to you, the President of NSA Broadcasting… the honorable… Reverend Jones!!” – said Lauren C. Mayhew

The Reverend exited from the stage as the CreatureTron showcased many scenes with the Reverend in them. The ominous and methodical Reverend walked slowly with his black glossy cane and sporting his black top hat. And as the Reverend reached the ring, from one of the streams came forth from it- Charon Death and Stephan…. while the other stream came forth from it- Darkspade, Brand-X and Markus. With a sly smile, Markus stares at the confused competitors from outside of the cage and pulled a mic to his lips….

“Forbearance is the weakness of the human condition. [pauses] I’d like for all of you to see that you are no longer armed. But, there, dangling on a wire in the middle of that sacrilegious hell in a cell cage is 1 crimsonlight gun for your use for double the points per kill. As of right now, Charon is ahead by 3 killshots with Darkspade 2… and the rest of you with only one. You have exactly 15 minutes to retrieve the gun and to use it and if you don’t use it, Angel dies.” – said Reverend Jones

The wrestlers looked oddly at the Reverend….
“Against who?” – said Brandon

Returns with a grim smile

“Why. Against yourselves. It is your decision to make. Who amongst you will have the guts to decide who lives and who doesn’t. Then again, if just one of you sinful creatures survives the process….. you can end it all. The suffering…. for your soul and for your precious precious little Angel. This, is my gift to you. Blessed it be.” – said Reverend Jones

[With that said, Jones turns around and walks up the ramp as the bell rings for the final confrontation.]

At the height of the match, Charon shocks her father and the world by firing upon him wit the Crimsonlight gun!!!

“I am lost for words- I pray he doesn’t die and the countdown is near it’s end!! FIGHT IT SPADE FIGHT IT!!!” – said Jerry, “The King” Lawler

As the camera angle slowly panned around Spade in an all encompassing angle- it actually seemed to be working! The power that was inside of the Unholy One was enormous!! Darkspade even stared at Charon the whole time with a smile… Charon smiled right back and then sickeningly she PULLS THE GODDAM TRIGGER NOT JUST ONE MORE BUT A TOTAL OF 5 TIMES AT HER OWN FATHER SHE EVEN ENJOYED IT!!!!

After the explosion. Nothing was left of him. Not even a stream opened which was peculiar. Charon stood there with the gun firmly in her hand and the bell rang with the announcement.

“Your winner, and NEW Absolute Undisputed Champion… Charon of Death!” – said Lauren C. Mayhew

Charon had the gull to then demand that the ref place the belt across her waist- she didn’t even ask for Angel to come out as her most precious award….

Stefan had to grab Brandon to stop him attacking Charon, He had a quiet word in his ear and Brandon seemed to lose all his fight. Charon in the meantime, lifted her arms in victory to the huge audience in attendance who didn’t seem to know what to do, it was simply stunned silence and a low murmuring.

Elsewhere, the guards holding Angel turned as she asked them the time, had they lived, they wouldn’t have actually been able to tell anyone exactly what happened next because suddenly Angel wasn’t Angel any more but a ten foot demon with blood dripping from its mouth and eyes and it ripped them limb from limb.

Several minutes later Angel exited the building, she brushed her clothes flat and walked away, eventually merging in with the crowds of people on the main street.

Happening in the World of CreatureWrestling

1. Charon became the first ever Absolute Undisputed Champion after winning the Match to End all Matches at CMX by killing her father with the crimsonlight gun.

2. After Chane McMahon announces the revival of B4Pro, Hollywood Hoogan emerges with Scotty Halls and Kevin Dash in the new faction called: NFO (New Food Order) and challenges Brand-X.

3. A fake RuKKus impersonator emerged, clearly hired by Chane McMahon, to upset the roster but he is ultimately defeated

4. Dylan ‘The Villain’ George comes back to CreatureWrestling and he is ‘darker’ and more sadistic looking than before and claims to have been ‘chosen’ to take the place of the dead Darkspade as the most evil Creature of the Night. Alexander Arcane comes out to the stage and experiences Dylious new evil powers… this sparked Lord Mortismere show up on the CreatureTron. Mortismere offers to take Dylious under his wing and teach him the ways of the Unholy Darkness:

“Dylious. Allow the Unpurity of the Unholy Darkness to dwell inside of you….. allow it to swell and boil…. allow it to guide you and envelop you in absolute EVIL- and through my tutelage you SHALL become my next dark apprentice. To accept my gifts of evil, all you shall ever have to do is willingly obey all of my commands without hesitation— ATTACK Alexander Arcane in that very ring!!! Destroy him my apprentice… Mwwuhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

Dylious grabs Arcane by his leather belt, lifting him from the canvas… then, everything went suddenly silent, the flames died and a cold wind swept through the arena. As the emergency lights popped on it became clear the Absolute Undisputed Champion was standing right behind Dylious. She tapped him on the shoulder and grinned.

“You really do need to pay more attention sunshine. I already put Darkspade to rest to get my hands on this lovely shiny bit of tin. Now, you called so what the fuck do you want? Cos I am getting a little tired of all these interruptions.” – said Charon

Alex took the opportunity to slide out of the ring and sidled off. Dylious turned to face Charon, he glanced down, noticing her title belt sparkling from the flood lighting. His coldly collected glare rose back up to meet hers, a gut gripping grin slid its way upon his face… his eyes, black… his glare, impenetrable. Dylious grows more insane as he explains to Charon the reason for his transformation… At an episode of MAD is LIVE, Charon and Dylan the Villain George are in a cage match. The match was so brutal that Dylan lost a lot of blood and grew ravage… Charon’s relentlessness assault stirred something deep within Dylan- apparently this awakened his dark powers.

Immediately after, Charon attacks Dylan and Alexander places the two in a match for the title at Kreature of the Ring.

The Archlight

Shockwaves were still rippling through Creature Wrestling, Charon had to literally fight her way through crowds of angry fans as she made her way to the parking lot. After fighting off fans- she gets into her car and drives off to Death Manor. Charon heads to the kitchen and shoved her hand on a scanner to open up a passageway down to a private laboratory. Once in the lab, she goes to her desk and locates a file on her laptop labelled ‘Darkspade’ and opens it.

Charon had numerous screens open and she flipped them backwards and forwards on the enormous touchscreen monitors. Video’s from the CMX matches were playing in the backgrounds, one was at the front playing full screen, it was of Red Spyder being destroyed by the crimsonlight, in fact all the crimsonlight deaths were on a loop including Darkspades.

Several other monitors showed profile shots of Darkspade and his many alter ego’s, lines had been drawn from one to another, notes had been made. Spades entire known and unknown history was up on screen, other tabs were open underneath these labelled with various different things including limelight, crimsonlight and a light termed arclight.

About 4am Charon pulled the file on ‘arclight.’ It consisted of scans of the pages of an ancient looking book and it appeared to show two people apparently connected by an arc of light. She enlarged the image and then sat back in the chair and stared at it for some time, she then closed her eyes trying to replay the one time she had connected to Darkspade in a similar way. The archlight is what was evoked at Lilith’s Hive and destroyed it… and it needed to be researched more.

The whole thing bugged her, it really did. She opened her eyes and began reading the archaic language, a language she’d learned many years ago when she’d studied in the Shadow Realm.

The Ceremony


The courtyard consisted the entire legion of Mortismere’s Dark Unholy Army…. Dark Thaumaturge Knights lined up- dawn where their twisted dark swords- as the view dramatically rushes down the bloodstained pathway and up a flight of steps. There. There be-seated in a throne created from the bones of demons and the flesh of sinners- was Lord Mortismere… grinning sadistically. And by the Lord’s side was Seer and his evil babeh strapped on his back in a black carrier.

Dylious slowly walks up the dark steps and kneels before his Unholy Lord and Master. Lord Mortismere “knights” and infuses Dylious in The Unholy Darkness and says:

“From this day forthwith, you are my property. You are the feared, you are the Unholy, you are now, Dark Dylious. Mwwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..”

Friday Night Platinum Overdrive


At the start of the event, Lord Mortismere emerges with his brand new apprentice: Dylious!! Mortismere threatens Charon that she will lose her belt to Dylious and her soul to Lord Mortis. Then at the main event of the night it was to be Dylious VS Saras VS a mystery opponent… that mystery opponent shockingly came out to be The Unholy Knight of Darkness… the manifestation of Darkspade’s spirit!!! Without the body of Spade Deathen alive… the Unholy Ghost was not kept into check and it manifested into armor again.

Eventually, Mortismere emerged and helped Dylious win the match by pinning the Knight… then Charon emerges and she was caught by Dylious. Lord Mortismere then commanded Dylious to tie Charon up onto Mortismere’s symbol and marry them in Unholy matrimony… but Kizmat appears and attacks Mortismere and Dylious. Charon is saved by Kizmat but the feud was just beginning to take shape.

Series of Gruesome and Mysterious Events


Castle Mortis looked more and more like a fortress. With the resident evil, Queen Lilith slumbering in the highest watch tower and with Mortis out with his new apprentice causing havok in CW- Seer was all alone to care for his widdle babeh-pookins. The scene opens up with Seer making fishy sounds with his nasteh puckered up lips- which had a hairy mole- feeding nom noms to his babehkins…..

“Oah!!! you’re going to grow up and be big and sexy just like your dadeh!!!” – said Seer

The babeh went over to it’s dogfood dish and started to nibble furiously on it’s nom noms

It was clear that the babbeh was alive and disturbingly growing….


Charon looked more pale and withdrawn than she had ever before, she was working hard on many fronts including trying to keep Mortismere and Dylious busy while serving the Arcanes but her primary concern was Darkspades evil soul sucking piece of shit knight. She rubbed her forehead for what seemed like the billionth time, her little altercation with Dylious had served many purposes including how strong he was mentally and physically, what sort of power he had and how heavily he was being influenced by Mortismere. Now she just had to figure out how to get it all to fit together.

She was sat in front of a huge bank of servers and monitors, they all seemed to merge into one after awhile. Charon was dozing off but suddenly jumped at an unfamiliar voice which played on YouTube on her computer monitor. She watched fascinated as the next video was of the same man racing a motorcycle until the man performed a wrong maneuver and dies.

Charon watched fascinated by the flurry of movement as several people rushing to help but Charon was no longer watching the rider, she was watching the shadow standing near the corner, the one responsible for the horrifying slide. The shadow realm still held answers.

Back at Castle Mortis…
The Unholy Lord was at his throne made of human bones and the essence of tormented trapped souls. At that very time and place did the double doors into the throne room swing wide open. Lord Mortis slowly rose from his seat and expected anyone to make a foolish mistake and to challenge his Lordship. But that was when- an all too familiar feeling coursed through the halls….. as the Unholy Knight of most Unholy Darkness made his grand appearance in-front of the Unholy Lord. Mortis… for the lack of the words, was overjoyed at the presence of this diabolical spirit of malice and evil……

“Mwwhaa.. Why why isn’t it The Unholy Knight- Darkgeist. Did you surely enjoy the match on Platinum? How long has it been since we acquainted last?”

The Knight was silent- it progressed to move forward and stopped in-front of Lord Mortis- at this time- it unsheathed it’s long Dark Unholy Scythe

“I come to reclaim what you have promised to Spade Deathen but, yet, failed to deliver.” – said The Unholy Knight

Mortis removes his cowl and grins devilishly at the Knight from afar.
“Hmph. You know by now that is impossible. Though Spade Deathen was a valuable specimen- his body could not take the Unholy Darkness in full–“ – said Lord Mortis

Moves forward
“No. I come to claim Julie’s soul.”

Before anything else was said or done- The Dark Dylious emerged from behind the Knight- silent and awaiting Mortis’ orders

“You expect that this dog will save you? Surely you jest.” – said Dylious

“Hm. Awh of course- you must sense the imbalance. Spade’s soul. Well Darkgeist- what to do. What to do… Your threats mean absolutely nothing to me- for you were created from the Unholy Darkness and I am its Lord and Master. But I have a proposition instead for you. I sense that Charon will eventually come into contact with Spade’s other half… that is why you and Dylious will work together to interfere and to lure Charon back into my warm awaiting longed arms……” – said Lord Mortismere

Both the Knight and Dylious were silent. Dylious just stared at Mortis oddly as his master started to cuddle his arms thinking about Charon back in them……

Back at Death Family mansion…
Charon fallen asleep in the office chair, her head lolling backwards with one hand in her lap and the other still partially on a wireless mouse. In her dreams she was in Darkspades house wandering aimlessly through the corridors, there was a door she kept passing and it was beginning to irritate her. With a massive effort of will she made herself stand right in front of it, when she tried to reach for the handle it felt as though her arm was made of concrete. She concentrated even harder and made her arm lift, her hand push the handle down and the door swung open. The bright light was blinding and then……

She was standing in the middle of the gardens as they were hundreds of years ago, a scene she’d only seen in photographs, many of them sepia toned but this was vivid and bright. She knew then that this was no longer her dream.

“You are a very determined and wilful child.”

Julie smiled at her, then hugged her before leading her to a garden bench.

“I know you wouldn’t be here unless you really needed me, what has happened to bring you here again my child?”

Charon hardly knew where to begin.

“I killed Spade now I need to know how to kill Darkgeist. Mortismere and Dylious are in the mix as are the Arcanes. Not forgetting Mr slightly overzealous preacher man as well.”

Julie looked thoughtful for a few minutes then smiled.

“You were always a busy child! Mortismere has one huge major flaw, Dylious will blindly follow his master and Darkgeist can be manipulated through Mortismeres flaw. The Arcanes will remain blind while they see you working to the end you all want, preacher man will follow the Arcanes. A religious zealot is easily manipulated because they see only what others want them to.”

Charon furrowed her brow.
“What’s Mortismeres flaw exactly?”

Julie laughed and took up her hand in her own, holding it against her cheek.

“My child, Mortismeres biggest flaw is you!”

Charon made a gagging sound making Julie laugh even more.
“This path will not be an easy one and I know you are not keen on it but it is time to set the balances back as they should have been.”

Charon nodded solemnly, she sighed, she could stay here forever. Julie pulled her to her feet and looked at her seriously.

“Charon, whatever happens, promise me one thing?”

She nodded.


Julie held her hands tightly.

“Never give up, always remember and most importantly the strongest power of all is in all of us.”

Charon had no idea what she was on about but Julie seemed to have put the thought directly into her head, it burned there in strangely bright letters.

Charon woke just as she fell off the chair and crashed onto the floor.


She knew what she was going to do but she needed permission from the Shadow Realm first, they would need to know what was happening and then a visit to Mortis would be on the cards.

Lilith’s Origin and More Mysterious Events

Elsewhere that same night at Death Manor, Kizmat, The Lord of Blood and younger brother of Mortismere, was in the library researching on possible leads – not to reclaim Darkspade – not even to stop Dylious, but something which bothered Kizmat since his birth. HOW did Lilith come into being from the malicious entity known as Spade’s spirit- Darkgeist?

Kizmat knew as he unlocked centuries old manuscripts and books- that over 7 years ago the Unholy Knight of Darkness emerged in one of the many times that it did in the CWF. The last time prior to its current emergence- as a result of Darkspade’s body dying- The Unholy Knight made love to a Creature Wrestler who was infatuated with Darkspade known as Hell Cat. But at that time, Darkspade was missing and Hell Cat fell for the Knight…. Hell Cat became pregnant with the child Lilith who was an extraordinary child with powers that far exceed any Creature ever known.

But that’s the kicker…. that’s what just doesn’t make any sense. Darkgeist… the Unholy Knight… is not a physical being. There could have been no way for Hell Cat to become pregnant- unless, she was pregnant by other means. Eventually the child Lilith was taken by her uncle, Dalkiel into the dreamscape to keep her safe… but the evil Lilith came as a result of Mortismere actually entering the dreamscape at a future time and decided upon himself to impregnate himself with Lilith’s DNA!! Two Liliths existed at some point- the ‘good’ Lilith and the ‘evil’ Lilith. As Kizmat knew from CWE history- The Dark Queen Lilith could never escape the dreamscape so she made her own reality in-between the dreamscape and our reality- known as the Phantomfield. It was here that after an epic battle with the Crystals of Balance- that her palace was about to plummet into oblivion but F’ein Dacor saved Lilith and she fell into a deep slumber- thus, creating a world from her dreams known as Neo-Earth.

Kizmat’s head was spinning- all of the records, all of the manuscripts and all of the accounts from CWF and CWE archives did not shed a single light as towards HOW did Lilith… a being of incredible power and the one responsible for the kindred race come into being in the first place!!! Could it just be as simple as the “Will” of the Unholy Darkness. Or something much more sinister and covered up…. if there is one who would know- Darkgeist would. Suddenly, before Kizmat could open another book he heard a SLAM coming from upstairs! Kizmat got up and ran up to the west wing…. another shot coming from inside of Charon’s private office showed Charon on the ground- Kizmat BREAKS THE DOOR OPEN………. even though he could have just took the knob and open it up like a normal person……… and sees Charon on the ground!

“Charon, [runs over to her] WHAT HAPPENED!?”

“The key to everything is Mortismere….” – said Charon

Elswhere… Dylious is meditating and reciting Lilith’s poem

“Ye soon shall day come…
Man born of mortal blood…
Born in Holy Darkness, wretched without love…
Hunt he shall do…
Knowing not of what he knew…
One by one, Death lay by his feet…”

Then a mysterious white light emerges revealing the form of Altimac
“You know Dylious… there was more than one prophecy regarding you, one of which bares greater to your purpose.”

“It’s okay Dylious… remember? ‘You know not of what you knew’… It was I, Altimac who first foresaw you as savior of the earths and heavens…”

Altimac’s voice serenely soothing and safe.

“The Child born Dylious, Protector of the Earth…my last scion.
Raised with love and care will be Dylious, only to have it stripped by the forces of Unholyness…
Thus the trinity of forces will Dylious posse…
Wicked, uncontrollable, violent will his strength make him as he seeks to destroy the family line of the child of Death, Angel.
Easily manipulated he will be by the empire of unholyness…his ability’s are sought by them, and feared by them.
Misguided will the protector be, easily tricked by the forces of the Unholy side. Trials he shall face, but of justice the world shall taste…”

Yet again back at Death Family Estate….
After some time- Kizmat finally calmed down. Charon was in Kizmat’s large arms and they contemplated the meaning behind the vision that Charon had seen. Whatever sparked the memories lay dormant inside of Kizmat was not important- but what was was that they came out at a critical time…

“….Mortismere, my brother, is the embodiment of evil. Charon- If Mortismere is the key to everything, then I am certain that he made Lilith.”

Charon turned around and stared at Kizmat like one does when they smelled something rotten and had an idea who did it!

“Well. Yes I know dear, Spade even told me- he was there when Mortismere injected Lilith’s DNA and gave birth to the evil Lilith in the Dreamscape.”

Kizmat nodded but he had more to share.
“I lost all of my memories after the purge from Neo-Earth eons ago but I do not know how or why- but I remember this after our discussion. When I lived in Lilith’s Hive, F’ein Dacor disclosed a secret one night which propelled me to turn against my own brother. That Queen Lilith is not the mother by any means. Mortismere summoned Lilith through the will of the Unholy Darkness. And in fact- Lilith is a Vaolrixous. Since the dreamscape is neither past, present or future- but all time together. It is possible that the child Lilith born through Hell Cat was brought into our world through the sorrowful memories dormant inside of Spade’s mind.

Charon was scratching her head as through her mind went through a blended on high speed
“Okkkaaay let’s say this is true. Mortis created his own mother through Spade’s soul using the Unholy Darkness and Hell Cat’s pregnancy was planned by Mortismere as well?”

“Sounds about right. But the child which was born was balanced- which meant that there is a residue of good left inside of Spade’s spirit aka our good ole buddy the Knight of Darkness. It could also be possible that Julie may have intervened when Lilith was first borne into our world but that is purely hypothetical. Unfortunately, I do not remember anything else…. it’s all fuzzy you know. Something happened which made me turn on my own brother- but you are right, Mortismere does seem to be the key to it all. It is as if, HE is the will of the Unholy Darkness.”

“Urgh.. I don’t care what you call it. It’s all evil dammit! Mortis is a royal pain in the ass and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of that bastard!”

Kizmat put his hands up not wanting to be around Charon when she gets pissed
“Personally, I believe the Unholy Darkness is the hatred and negativity of a person. Mortismere was the toolmaker and Lilith was simply the instrument. I suppose, you could say, that I am also an instrument……”

Charon stared at Kizmat as he lowered his head in shame

Concludes Page 5…

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