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The NSA Era, Page 6

The end of the Match to End ALL Matches at CMX was striking… Charon Death kills her own father with the Crimsonlight gun. Charon became the first ever Absolute Champion but at what expense? Afterward, the NSA Network lead by Reverend Jones enlist several new wrestlers and Dylan “The Animal” George returns months later after a brutal match with Charon- but this time, he is more sadistic and declares that HE is now the most sadistic creature wrestler, not Darkspade. Lord Mortismere takes notice and places Dylan under his wing and proclaims him as The Dark Dylious!

Meanwhile, the shock of Charon killing her father on a pay-per-view did not set too well with fans and Charon is having to contend with disgruntled fans on her way back to Death Manor; once Charon is there she investigates the phenomenon that occurred between herself and Darkspade and calls it “Archlight.” Then in a dream, Charon visits the spirit of her mother, Julie, and finds out that Mortismere is the key to everything and that Charon is Mortis’ weakness.

Then, The Unholy Knight of Darkness emerges from the netherworld as a result of Darkspade’s body being destroyed as a mystery opponent at a Friday Night Platinum Overdrive event… fighting Dylious and Saras in a triple-threat match. Dylious wins the match but Charon comes out and is tied up to a “M” symbol… but Kizmat appears and saves Charon

Later, Kizmat and Charon get together and discuss about everything regarding the origin of Lilith since the Knight appeared again… Kizmat believes that since the Knight is not a physical being that Hell Cat could not possibly become pregnant by normal means. Mortismere was planning everything, including conjuring an unnatural being by using the Unholy Knight and Hell Cat.

The spirit of Julie somehow intervene during the unnatural birth and negated all evil from the baby. Eventually the child Lilith was taken by her uncle, Dalkiel, into the dreamscape to keep her safe… but the evil Lilith came as a result of Mortismere actually entering the dreamscape at a future time and decided upon himself to impregnate himself with the good Lilith’s DNA. Thus, two Lilith’s existed.

Kizmat recalled a moment in his deep past, which was still unclear to him from the amnesia, that Mortismere summoned the Evil Lilith through the will of the Unholy Darkness. And the good child Lilith, born through Hell Cat, was brought into our world through Darkspade’s sorrowful memories of Julie. Kizmat hypothesized that the good Lilith, if she was based on Julie’s design, had to been the first Vaolrixous.

Page 5 ends by Charon stating that: “…the Unholy Darkness is the hatred and negativity of a person. Mortismere was the toolmaker and Lilith was simply the instrument.”

CW Kreature Of the Ring 2011


The Kreature of the Ring was here and the event eventually set in place important changes that rippled throughout all of CreatureWrestling like never before with the match between Charon and Dylan.

1. Absolute Undisputed Championship: Charon(c) VS The Dark Dylious: Cage match

For quite some time, The Dark Dylious has been mounting up a lot of momentum coming into this match… especially after proclaiming he is the most evil in all of CreatureWrestling and lead by Lord Mortismere. The match was a brutal storm of pain which Charon eventually fell into unconsciousness… then, The Unholy Knight of Darkness emerged which costed Dylious the match.

Suddenly, the interference caused an official to run down towards the ring and addressed the ring announcer.

“Ladies and gentlemen, due to infractions negating the stipulations in which both competitors signed, this match has fallen to ‘No Contest’ and the Absolute Undisputed Championship has been vacated.” – said the Ring Announcer

The cold emotionless form of the Knight of Darkness seemingly brushed through the air in a haunting. And before Charon could retaliate- the Unholy Knight of Darkness stopped- stared deeply into her eyes and whispered something in her mind which made her face turn icy pale!! It happened in only a split second– the Unholy Scythe was unsheathed and it was about to decapitate Charon. But this was to be so- as an apparition of the Spade’s soul materialized from thin air and clamped the sharp edge of the scythe by it’s ghostly hands. The power of Spade’s soul seemed to overcome that of the spirit…. The Knight backed off and growled at both Charon and the apparition before vanishing into a cold mist…. however, the Unholy Scythe was left behind and dropped on the canvas floor.

Dylious was standing after the interference but then, shockingly, Lord Mortismere appeared.

The CreatureTron illuminated with the haunting image of Mortismere….. as everyone anticipated Mortis’ arrival- inside of the Death in a Cell- a large form materialized from out of the Unholy Darkness which roamed around the ring….. Dylan turned around and was surprised to see his mentor Lord Mortis standing there with a sinister grin….

In one flash- Mortis grabbed the Unholy Scythe that was left there by the Unholy Knight of Darkness and rose it in the air and motioned towards Charon- but in a split second- Mortis turned around and instead

Dylan’s torso dropped to the canvas in a sea of blood….. but with his head severed from his body… Mortis looms over the carcass utterly amused at his handiwork…. an Unholy Mist… one trapped inside of the body oozed out and formed around the body of the Lord of Evil himself….. as this Unholy myst wrapped around Mortis’ frame… it slowly and methodically and intentionally solidified……… the lights flickered on and off violently and that was when Charon rose to her feet to witness Mortismere absorbing Dylious body and re-inventing it into his own. The electric energy from the Unholy Darkness caused the entire cell to rattle and to shake to the point that the scaffolding high above came undone and chunks of the cell were now falling to the ground……

The transformation was complete…. and Charon now bare witness to Dark Dylan still alive but his eyes… those sickening dastardly eyes were not Dylan’s……. but Lord Mortis’! Mortis possessed the body of Dylious and he was even more powerful than ever….. Charon, still drained from the match and of The Knight’s interference, tried to attack but she was instantly captured by Lord Mortious’ hand…….

“Mwwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Rich. This is SOOO RICH!!! I now have complete control over this FOOL’s PATHETIC and feeble body. WHAT A FUCKING WASTE he was. Such…… potential.. GONE TO WASTE!! Now why the hell would I EVER help this fucker out….. WHEN I CAN TAKE OVER HIS BODY AND ASSUME HIS DESTINY INTO A DARK AND DREARY PATH. Charon… I will not kill you. I don’t have the heart. I could have killed you when the contract was valid- but as Dylious thought he had betrayed me…. I BETRAYED HIM LONNNNNNNNNNNG AGO!! Now. Charon, with the power of the trinity by my side. I sincerely suggest that you join my side as my Queen and obey me because in due time the world as you know it…. WILL CEASE TO EXIST!!!” – said Lord Mortious

Charon was thrown with ease across the ring… and her back slams against a turnbuckle. As Lord Mortious raised his hands high up into the air- at that very instant- THE POWERS OF THE UNHOLY DARKNESS CAME CRASHING AND CONVERGED INTO HIS NOW ASSUMED BODY!!!…

Lord Mortious vanished……..



It was a cold. Cold night. A night, where you can feel that an eerie presence was watching. And awaiting. The scene begins as a black motorbike comes zipping by going 150 mph on deserted and black street road- completely and utterly passing each red light in session after session. The view then cross fades to that of a vantage point off of a street light over looking the road…. all what was seen was a flash of light illuminating from the motorbike- that was how fast the vehicle was traveling.

Charon kicked the stand of her bike and disembarked and she walked to the closest warehouse door and entered it. Inside, there were computer terminals covered in plastic- and in the center was a giant unfunctional crimsonlight gun. Charon walked around the terminals and approached a peculiar looking black box that resembled a casket and she opens it. A black bag was placed carefully inside with the remains of her father. Then, a shadow appeared to her in the haunting form of a young Spade Deathen. It was as she saw the form of her father the very single night that Mortismere sliced into him.

“So. You are my father’s soul. It took me awhile to figure it out. I have just one question and you will answer. [The form said nothing] How do you purge Spade’s evil spirit?” – said Charon

“….. I am sorry, and you are?” – said the Soul

Charon realized that there and then, the spirit of Spade was an echo of the past. And had no idea what happened to Julie and the twins

“That is you, that is what I did to you, I’m your daughter, do you see what I had to do to stop the rot?” – said Charon

The wraith looked at the pile of ashes, then looked back at her.

Charon frowned.
“Why what?”

The ghostlike Spade wrinkled his brow as though he didn’t understand and tilted his head questioningly.
“Why did you do that?”

Charon smiled.
“Because you could no longer continue to exist in the form you were in. Your soul had been parted from your living body far too long. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

Spade’s ghostlike image seemed to be pondering this, then the image wavered and was replaced by a slightly older Spade. Charon raised an eyebrow but waited patiently.
“Oh I understand. Give me one good reason I shouldn’t kill you right now?” – said Spade

Charon grinned.
“Because by name I am the ferryman of the dead, by nature that will one day be my job and one small perk of that is that I can’t die, also, I’m the only one who can reunite your soul with your body but I need to know exactly how to do that.”

The older looking ghost was immediately suspicious.
“Prove what you say.”

Charon took a deep breath and was able to step from her own body and touch the old version of Spade. The space between life and death was deadly quiet, sounds fell with a thud as though they were too heavy for the air, Charon smiled.
“We aren’t in the afterlife but between the two, this is something I’m able to do. I have a foot in both Worlds but I can’t be fully in one or the other because otherwise I would be either fully creature or completely dead. Now I’ve proved my words, I need to know how to reunite you with your body?”

And just as the older Darkspade was just about to answer- it was though Spade was pushed to the side as another form took over… since Spade’s physical appearance cannot pass the age of 25- this form was predominantly much older in the use of attire. Charon recalled the words of her father and understood what was happening- that in fact, the soul was assuming moments in Spade’s life- like that of an echo… but the peculiar part was that she met the past, she met the present… and now… the future? Proof that at one point Spade passed the threshold of death… surely the future self could provide all of the answers?

“You’re the future so I assume you know how I saved you. Could you tell me so we can get this over with? There’s a pesky over-inflated apprentice I’d like to finish off for good…” – said Charon

The future Spade said nothing then a ghostlike form emerges from the future Spade and speaks…

“He’s not going to help you. The future has not been written yet… what you’re witnessing are the decisions being made at this very moment in the present. Look at him… your father is slipping away from the hallway between life and afterlife all because you can’t figure shit out tisk tisk…”

Eventually, Charon saw three forms of Spade Deathen from the past, present and future. Charon was confused and then the future apparition explained:

“Perhaps this may shed some light, child. When Mortismere disembodied my soul from my spirit and then from my body- it was as if my soul became a mirror. And that mirror was placed in-front of another mirror, the spirit. Both reflecting on one another thus… infinitely creating an illusionist space from which there is no escape from. A prison.”

Charon understands that even though that all of Spade’s forms do different things and seemingly act independent- that in fact, they are connected and reflecting upon one another… and right now, The Unholy Knight of Darkness is acting like the central mirror reflecting its evil upon all forms… Charon figures out in order to free her father she must destroy the Unholy Knight.

Monday Night MAD!


It didn’t take too long until the next event took place, this time, on Monday Night MAD! A lot of unanswered questions was in need of answering, primarily the fate of the Absolute Undisputed Championship from the KOR event.

Suddenly, The Reverend entered through the ropes and has greeted by a cautious crowd which mostly booed at him for his bizarre appearance. On screen graphics displayed his title… The NSA Broadcasting President. And with a tap from his black glossy cane on the canvas floor- he demanded attention as he spoke to the mass….

“Retribution to those that have repented for their sins! Praise praise the lord. Kreature of the Ring was the not just the most watched PPV in this sport- but it was also the shining light in a dark abyss of sin. Far too long has this Absolute Undisputed Championship has been held by the unrighteous…. but with it’s rescue… comes hope. Charon. And I know you are watching, somewhere, in the darkness… but the simple fact alone that you are alive is a miracle. The Lord spared you…. do you have anything to say to that? Do you have anything to say for your sinful ways??? you can’t. Because you are nothing but a harlequin and a sinner… in a family of sinners…….” – said Reverend Jones

Charon emerged along with Alexander Arcane…
“You seem to be laboring under the misapprehension that the contract was fulfilled, if you care to check you’ll find that the only name scribbled on it is mine. The unfortunate Dylious never inked his name down and as for the title – it was a means to an end. I just wanted you to think that it was the thing I wanted more than anything and you showed your true self, just a little, didn’t you? You’re a hateful, nastily little worm who thinks he has the right to trample over every body else’s thoughts and beliefs and guess what? I’m not going to allow it Jones, if that’s what your name really is, because I really have my doubts about you and your motives within CreatureWrestling.” – said Charon

Reverend Jones replied:
“Your very soul is cursed with sin, my child. Your manipulating ways will not work with me- your entire family is nothing but manipulating liars who for the longest time have broken their core values and oaths as one of the first ancient clans. A chosen warrior, sent by the Lord, was needed to cleanse the evils that your family has committed over the many generations. You know so little about me, but I know everything imaginable about you. [Steps forward] Call me anything you like, but [pats the Absolute title belt] it matters not- yes child you got to see what kind of person I am. I am your judge, jury and executioner!!”

Then Alexander told Reverend to hand over the belt… but at the same time the fans in the arena were looking upward at a figure in the rapters. However, the Reverend tried to turn the tables on Alexander and Charon by stating that it could have easily been Alexander who sent the Knight. Suddenly, Lord Mortious arrived!!!

You should be thanking me Charon. [Charon looked confused] I spared you the humiliation of defeat and thus your utter demise. [walks close up to her lips] There was another reason besides complete control over the Holy Darkness and in due time, Holy Light…. I saw how you looked at Dark Dylious. Don’t give me that confused look- I saw how you wanted his body. You were practically drooling!! It occurred to me. That it couldn’t have been my charming personality but the fact that I was TOO overwhelmingly TOO good looking for you… so… it dawned on me. That you deserve a lesser looking man… So assuming control over this body was my plan from the very beginning. By corrupting Dark Dylious’ mind and weakening him to my will… he did EVERYTHING that I commanded him to do!!! Mwhhhaaaaa… and now. Charon. We can now be together and rule this world under our diabolical evilness. But there is yet another little snag… my brother, Kizmat. Charon, denounce your marriage to that buffoon RIGHT here… RIGHT now…”

Charon only managed one word…

“Oh my word! You are sooooooooooo waaaaaaaay off the mark! As for swearing, the only swearing will be this…..FUCK THE HELL OFF YOU UGLY, EVIL, FUCKED UP LUMP OF TWISTED, SICK DONKEY VOMIT! THE ONLY WAY I’D GO ANYWHERE NEAR YOU WOULD BE IF FOR SOME WEIRD REASON I NEEDED TO RAISE AN ARMY OF BLUEBOTTLE FLIES!… [Alex tried to calm her down] No, listen to me, I didn’t say I agreed with him….yes I know he’s a fat, purple fruit loop with a dick the size of half an atom and I agree if he had a braincell it would die of loneliness…..Charon! I know! You need to calm down.” – said Charon

Charon was clearly beside herself but then the Reverend injected by saying that a Battle Royale will determine the champion tonight… Charon and Lord Mortious were involved in it!

Battle Royale Match for the Absolute Undisputed Championship
The match started with Charon and Mortious going at it– then, the figure which was watching in the rapters since the start of the program emerged as the reincarnated form of Dylious called Zedek. Zedek went after Lord Mortious immediately and nearly decimated him when Reverend Jones interfered:

Charon stared at the broken body of Mortious and sighed. White face now had a name but that didn’t matter to Charon once she shot a cold calculated glare right back at him from the ring. At that very point in time- Lord Mortious’ formless body evaporated into the atmosphere in a black gas-like form and traveled all the way up the steel rafter beams where Zedek was last seen- however, lightning crashes again along with the lights flickered on and off. Once the lights resumed it’s illumination…. both Mortious and Zedek were no longer seen….. Charon was now left in the ring but not alone…. The fans were beside themselves with what they bare witness too… suddenly, Charon turned around and was face-to-face with Reverend Jones…..

“It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths you Creatures will do to each other. It has come to my understanding that Charon has won this match but I refuse to award you the Absolute Championship title because you quite frankly DON’T DESERVE IT!! You had no right to use your powers in the ring (Charon was about to say that Mortis was the first… but Reverend interrupts)… and Mr. White Face up there in the rafters had NO right to brutally attack Mortis. Sinners!!! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT SINNN…”

Charon lost it!! She pulled out her nailguns and shot them into Reverend Jones’ feet pinning him into the canvas.. before she could do anything more, the Unholy Knight of Darkness emerged and told Charon to “Remember.”

Charon swiftly turned the nailgun at the Knight- pulled the trigger but the nails went right through the armor and the form evaporated into the darkness…. the lights resumed and for some act of a miracle- Jones was free from being impaled in his feet to the canvas floor- but he was crawling on the canvas while trying to get away!!! Charon turned to Reverend and literately pinned him down to the floor with her foot on his back…. Once again the Reverend was placed in a life or death situation as she pulled him up to his bloody feet and demanded Reverend to reveal his secrets…..

Charon eventually got Jones to spill the beans that the key to destroying the Knight was to destroy ITS ARMOR WHICH ACTED AS THE MIRROR!!

Charon explained to Alexander that the Reverend is not to be trusted and he was out to destroy CW and that they needed to work together in order stop the Reverend and the NSA.

Days After Monday Night MAD


The entire CreatureWrestling Universe, (btw, WWE I invented that before you did *wink*), came to grips with what happened on MAD. Once again we were left with no one named as the Absolute Undisputed Champion and on top of that- Charon was away from the office for days. The scene now takes us to the grounds of the illustrious Death Family Manor. A black BMW SUV pulls up to the front of the manor and out from the driver’s side- was shockingly Richard Arcane. Richard has never visited the manor…. especially since he hates Charon with ALL of his guts!

Richard walked up the stone steps and knocks at the door and finds that Charon was sweeping the feet off of a student in her very own custom ring inside of the manor.

After a brutal flying scissor kick followed by a double chop to the chest on to the student- Charon turned around and noticed Richard was standing there looking at her like a deer caught in a head lights….Charon smiled and greeted Richard after all of this time.

“Awh hum. Just so that you know Charon, this was my brother’s idea. Not mine. [Charon smiled] He is simply checking in your condition, seeing that you’re his greatest asset at the moment. [steps forward] But keep this in mind Charon. My brother doesn’t know you quite like how I know you…. I been watching your every move and I am not liking what I am seeing. So tell me. What exactly was said to Reverend Jones in that ring…. why is it so important to you to know who he really is and what is the deal with this staff I keep hearing about?” – said Richard

“First of all, I don’t think Alex sent you, I think you’re here because you don’t trust me and you think Alex shouldn’t either. Secondly, my health is just fine as you saw. As for Jones and the staff, I’ll be honest it isn’t really any of your business except….. If I told you I have a deep seated mistrust of the so called Reverend Jones would that help you to trust me a little more. Honestly, you and your brother have no idea what you’ve managed to get yourselves into the middle of. Mortismere serves no one but himself and he’s had control of Jones right from the beginning. Essentially, you’ve had a spy in your midst right from the start, that’s why the two of them have always been one step ahead of us. The staff can help break Mortis’ control and give us the edge we need right now.” – said Charon

Richard explains that NSA was indeed a cover up by Reverend, a fact that Charon and others already knew, and that Chane was in on it. Reverend Jones is still a Creature of the Night still, but denies it. Alexander and Richard regretted working with NSA and they used CreatureMania X’s murders to frame Reverend Jones and pin all of the blame on him so that Reverend would be removed and CreatureWrestling would take over all broadcasting to increase revenue all around the world!

Charon stressed that she is more interested in the Belt and Mortis’ staff. So Charon pitches that she will help Richard stop the NSA if she can get Mortis’ staff; but, deep down, she was already conspiring against Richard. Richard acted at first he had no idea where the Staff is at but then breaks down and believes that Brandon may have it.

Eventually, Charon visited Brandon (See: and after a long talk of where the Staff is- Charon find that the staff was always Brandon’s walking cane. Charon takes the staff of Mortis with her as she leaves Brandon’s residence…. meanwhile, Richard visits Alex and explains to his brother that Charon apologized for everything done to him – Alexander seemed unmoved.

A Visit to Castle Mortis


Charon reached Castle Mortis and immediate entered the grounds which alarmed Mortis’ Druids… Mortis always welcomed Charon with open arms so the Druids tried to guide her to the throne room but she already knew where it was- and so, Charon walked right up to where Mortis sat in his “new” body, the stench was unmistakable and Charon almost retched.

“Finally you’ve come to your senses and you’ve come to arrange our wedding!” – said Mortious

“Uh….no actually. By the way, that rotting body odour is not doing you any favours, take my word for it. No, I wanted to talk to you about Alex and Richard Arcane… What is their connection to Jones, you and your bloody stupid staff?!” – said Charon

“I’ll tell you everything [Charon looks dumbfounded]. [raises his finger] NOT. To help you in your playful attempt to revive Darkspade…. My Staff is nothing but a worthless branch from the tree which protected the corpse of my mother, Queen Lilith. What made it incredibly powerful was it housed the Crystal of Darkness at one point. The Staff reflected the radiation from the Crystal of Darkness. It’s the only known source of it’s kind to do this… I gave the Staff to Darkspade so that he could use the Crystal without any further harm to his body. Annnnnnnnnd as we allllll know hahaaaaaa… the side effect of the Unholy Darkness… well. You know exactly what road your father was treading…. MWWHAAAAAAAAAAA!! Now. If you want….. [walks up close to Charon’s face and stuck out his tongue] …. to know more. You would have to please me……. and you know what pleases me the most……” – said Mortious

Interestingly enough, Mortis dodged the connection with Jones.

“Do you know what Seer is up to? Did you know he was making deals with the White faced freak with that baby thing of his?…. You’re not the only one who has ways of finding things out and I’ll be honest, Zedek interests me, not in a good way, I think he’s a dangerous freak but hanging out with Seer, making deals with him……I think you need to keep a tighter leash on your pet.” – said Charon

“I will deal with Seer soon enough Charon. Provided that you keep your mouth shut. So if you really want to know… the connection. Then my dear. I’ll give you a slither. It all has to do with the “technique” in Unholy Deconstructionism- [grins as if he was the brains behind the entire thing]- You see, in order to separate your father into 3 pieces you require an instrument…… awh yes, I see it in your eyes now. That would be the Staff. Second, you would need a traumatic event…………… [grins devilishly]………. Julie’s ‘untimely’ demise. And last but most certainly the most important- willingness to surrender. That was the toughie. You see, it had to be either you or him. I was hoping it would be you but…. Darkspade oh I am sorry, Spade Deathen Mwwhaaaaa…. loved you soooo much that he couldn’t BARE to see you suffer much longer and the fucking idiot surrendered himself to me. I didn’t realize it at that time- but that was the best decision I ever made. He possessed the Crystal of Darkness within his soul and Dark Sincentius…..” – said Mortious

Holding back her emotions
“……….and The Reverend? And Seer? What did Seer have to do with the Unholy Deconstruction ceremony?” – said Charon

“If I find it amusing one day, I might allow myself to entertain the thought of telling you…… now as you can see by the way my guards have surrounded you that you can either go to bed with me OR you can be sentenced to the dungeon. Your choice. My sweets!” – said Mortious

Charon thought not and she escaped on her bike Before Mortis could enact his will on her!, however, Charon hears an explosion and turns her bike around to see Castle Mortis up in flames!!
Charon sighed and returned to the castle to see Zedek in the throne room looming over Mortious! Seer enters into the throne room with his babeh, at the very moment that Charon returned to the throne room, and the babeh flees from Seer and hides under a table. Mortis and Zedek were reciting a passage from Shakespeare when Charon decided to sit on the throne to watch the action but the Babeh jolted out from underneath a table and latched to the side of Charon’s back suckling on it as if it was a tick!

Charon automatically slammed her back against the stone walls of the throne room trying to get the babeh off and decides to use the nail gun on herself. The red hot nails pierced her skin and the nails hit the babeh which caused it to slither off- nails sticking out of it’s torso. Seer barreled into Charon sending her staggering into the wall, she sagged down to the floor holding her hand over the new injury and swore loudly.

Seer left with the babeh and Mortismere escapes leaving Zedek alone with Charon. Zedek decided that Charon was not his enemy and disappears- but at that point, Charon noticed a very familiar insignia embedded into the center column of the throne room she never payed any attention too before- but for some reason she remembered a password and chanted it out-loud which opened up a hidden staircase. Charon decides to go up the staircase.

An odd music was heard every step of the way, then Charon reached an old asylum with rusty cells. Suddenly, Charon locates a cell that felt familiar to her and she finds words written backwards in the stone wall “HTAED NORAHC” that say: Charon Death. This was the cell where Mortismere had kept her and her father contained in order to draw her into the never ending lost of hope that is the Unholy Darkness. A chime is ringed again and leaves the area for another bigger room… this was the place where Darkspade was taken too as her substitute when she didn’t accept the Unholy Darkness willingly… the very place where her father’s body was separated. And the chime was coming from her mother’s jewelry box that was resting on top of a table in the new room. Then, Mortious appears in the room watching intently.

Scene continues: (See:

Charon pushed the door open, a small smile played at her lips as she saw Mortious waiting for her and she held the duffel a little tighter nonetheless. She pushed the door closed, she didn’t want this conversation being overheard, she turned back toward Mortious, all humour slipping from her face as she fixed him with a thunderous glare.

“This is where we should have been married, you and I, but you just wouldn’t give in would you? You never will, will you? Darkspade did though, he was weak, love made him that way. He sacrificed himself, gave himself willingly for you. Now you want to know how to put the poor little Spade back together again and you expect me to tell you how to do it?” – said Mortious

Charon laughs and explains that she knows about how to bring Spade back together- Charon then shows Mortious that she has the Staff of Mortis…. Mortious tells Charon that she should give herself completely to him and the staff… but Charon explains she won’t and wonders why the staff is so important especially without the Crystal of Darkness. Mortious states that only a user of the Holy Darkness could bring Spade back together. Mortis reveals that he has command over the Holy Darkness with Dylious’ body and he will unlock more powers once Charon takes place of Spade’s position…. and in return, Mortious could save Spade.

Mortious couldn’t wait much longer for Charon’s decision and then the Unholy Knight shows up and attacks Charon… but Brandon suddenly, and unexpectedly, shows up!!! Mortious then loses it…

The attack was sudden, swift and without mercy- Lord Mortious evoked the Holy Darkness and manifested it into a shimmering arrow which he held in his left hand; whereas in his right hand he evoked the Unholy Darkness and manifested THAT into a long twisted bow made from the bones of a deadly hell serpent.

In just a wink of an eye- Mortious aimed and SHOT the arrow right at Charon’s heart!!! but as the arrow coursed through the air- Brandon theatricality jumped in the line of fire- and waved the Staff of Mortis around like he was playing a hand of badminton- and BOUNCED THE ARROW out of the way which then ricocheted and implanted itself into the side of a wall and left behind an amazing deep blue aura!!

Lord Mortious growled– ran shot by the Unholy Knight and leaped off from the altar to only come crashing down upon Brandon with his rotten body!! Charon saw Mortious and Brandon rolling down on the ground like two kids fighting for a stick– suddenly at one point, Mortious had a grip on the Staff but Brandon plucked Mortious right eyeball out and played with it by placing it in-front of his own right eye socket and imitated Mortious in a comical manner…….

“Ohi mate! I am the bloody Lord of Unsilly Darkness!” – said Brandious

Charon took full advantage and grabbed her nailgun and aimed it right behind Mortious head but before she could pull the trigger- the Unholy Knight of Darkness reached out from behind and wrapped it’s arm around her neck along with it’s scythe close to her head…. Lord Mortious rose and snatched the eyeball from Brandon’s grip….. then stared right at the foolish little brit…..

“THAT…. IS quite… ENNNNNNOOUUUGGGH!!!! One more stunt like that and Charon WILL be sacrificed….. Now. Give me the Staff Brandon….. GIVE IT TO ME!!!!” – said Mortious

Mortious peeled himself off of the floor and lunged at Brandon- the scene slowed in motion….. and a zippity zap zap BLASTED from the tip of the Staff which once held the Crystal of Darkness and ZAPPED the Knight’s breastplate which contained the insignia of The Darkspade …… the Knight backed off and shrugged it off…. NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!

“A simple act of forgiveness can shatter the darkness!!” echoed in Charon’s mind from Julie’s appearance weeks ago.

At that very moment- everyone turned to hear a crackle. A small…. minuscule at best…. crack in the Unholy Knight’s armor formed right in the center of the insignia of the Darkspade…. The armor was breached…. and a faint light could be seen shinning through….. Charon realized what she had to do next in order to break the spirit free of it’s prison….. Charon first takes the music box and tries to shine it at the Knight but nothing happened… then, Charon realized that all she had to do now was to forgive Spade Deathen for the death of her mother.

For a few seconds nothing happened, then the temperature seemed to drop and as it did, Charon felt the music box seem to heat up until she had to put it down. A strange mist began to curl out from the music box, it assumed the shape of Julie, she smiled at Charon and looked toward the Knight. Brandon twirled the cane round a couple of times as he watched.

“Ahhhh….so that’s it mate. Simple, would never have figured that out meself!” – said Brandon

Charon didn’t seem to hear what he said, she was staring at what was happening between Julie and the Knight…..

Concludes Page 6…

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