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The Resurrection Era.

After Kali was cast into a dark void, the entire CWE organization drastically changed both internally and externally within the power structure of the Wrestling organization. During this time major discoveries in the lives of Charon and Darkspade emerged which eventually lead to a climatic resurrection of The Dark Sincentius.

Ancient History Lessons

Dark Sincentius and Lord Mortismere collectively nearly whipped out the entire creature race. However, there was 1 family which proved to be most troublesome: The Death Family… and Sincentius blamed the entire Death Family for the disorder on Earth.

One night, Sincentius, Mortismere and their followers, infiltrated the sacred Death Temple. The guards and family members present where killed or left to be killed. Eventually, Sincentius and Mortis reached the hall where the eldest and most powerful members of the family resided. The two elders were Charon and Brandon Xavier A’Court.

Dark Sincentius made quick work of Charon but Brandon proved to be more of a match- however, Dark Sincentius attempted to evoke the Holy Darkness and hurled it at Brandon- the ability to channel energy from Unholy Darkness for positive purposes in order to counter Brandon’s Holy Darkness. The move was ineffective as Brandon stopped Sincentius with his own powers.

However, Charon made a choice, a choice which was unsettling with Brandon and would forever shame the Death Family. Charon believed that Sincentius was too powerful to control and interfered in the battle by evoking Holy Darkness. All three known forces collided together in one place- thus ripping a hole in the space/time fabric known as the Gateway to the Apocalypse. The deal with Sincentius and Charon was tampered when Brandon unleashed a final attack on Dark Sincentius and sent him flying into the Gateway.

Part of the deal, was the ability to even use Holy Darkness. Sincentius had mastery over Holy Light and Unholy Darkness but was unable to use Holy Darkness for he was unpure and tainted. Charon gave Sincentius part of his power to destroy Brandon but Brandon did not realize it until it was too late.

In effect, Sincentius’ body and soul were separated in the rift because only those with balance in their heart could successfully enter the gateway. Sincentius’ essence was imprinted into the Death Family’s DNA as a result- starting from the connection with Charon.

Brandon vowed to hunt down Sincentius even if it took thousands of years… but before Sincentius completely evaporated from existence- he gained the gift of foresight and prophecy of the coming of the Death Family twins and his re-birth.

This one event changed the Death Family forever and in effect have indirect and direct influence with many known Sagas in the Creature of The Night Universe.

Dark Sincentius and The Twins of Destiny

Charon’s actions inevitably sealed his fate, his life and the lives of many others to come. After Sincentius’ essence was implanted into the Death Family DNA, Charon was held for treason in a grand trial which included elders of all major Creature family lines. Sentencing was carried out, after he was found guilty on all charges, and he was to serve as the ferryman for the dead until such a time he was to name a successor. A successor had to be named from the living and this burden was carried out as a tradition for the Death Family.

Thousands of years had passed.

The Death Family’s dirty little secrets kept mounting even after Sincentius and Charon. Each time a set of twins was born in the family- appropriate measures where taken to make sure that they were not the twins in prophecy. This included exile and even murder– even if the twins were not born at the last stroke of midnight- paranoia exited within the Elders circle.

Eventually, as more time passed- the prophecy became myth and even the oldest Elders were skeptical that Sincentius would ever come back.

That all changed when Spade and Serin Death were born at the last stroke of midnight! Archangel and Deaths Wind were terrified that the elders would find out that the two twins would be killed. Sincentius did not appear… but there was an odd power which existed between the two twins- the closer that they were together made this power stronger… it was believed that if Sincentius could not return for as long as the twins remained a part… so the twins where kept secret and separated through many distances.

The Holy Darkness

(See: )

Back to the present: Brandon saved Moebius by deflecting the Dark Embrace by Lord Mortismere… but how exactly was that possible as the Dark Embrace was a lethal, non-deflectable dark power?

It was revealed by Seer that Brandon’s power derived from an opposite force to Lord Mortismere called the Holy Darkness. Basically, Brandon walked the line between good and evil and was able to slow the effects of the Dark Embrace by muttering incantations in an unknown language.

The heroes finally arrive at Death Manor- after the battle at Castle Mortis. Gray had gone to bed hours ago but Kizmat was still mulling over their conversation. He had now ensconced himself in the library and was now surrounded by piles and piles of books including the Death Family History book. He had a small notebook open by him and he was scrawling notes in it in a language most people would not understand. He looked up suddenly as he heard a noise from the upstairs landing, he left the books where they were and went to investigate.

Charon had awoken from a disturbing nightmare that included Mortismere dancing with Barney the dinosaur and somewhere along the line the teletubbies got involved and Alex, Kali, Fein and Seer had turned into them and couldn’t say anything other than squeak in those stupid voices they had. Brandon had also been in it, he’d been the sun and Darkspade had been the moon, it was weird.

We find that Brandon was nursed back to health at Death Manor and Brandon only knew he could counter the dark embrace spell if he just applied himself. Apparently, as Brandon explained it, Brandon always had the ability to use Holy Darkness but not control it until now. Brandon also explained that every living being contains good and evil, holy and unholy. The difference is your choices. Choices are the thing that unlocks new potential. Brandon chose to put himself between Mortis and Moebius because he knew he could make a difference.

Darkspade traveled back to his own manor in his sportscar and along the way contemplated his existence and role. Darkspade’s estate was a mess… Spade saw what his lifestyle turned into….. a prison. The very first thing that came over Spade was Charon’s acceptance and warmth as a daughter to him. Spade was even laughing!!

But that laugh quickly turned into an uncontrollable mountain of tears…. Spade turned to his dresser and pushes everything off of the top to the ground! He places his hands on his face and then looks at the cracked mirror on the dresser…. he saw emptiness. Past sins resurfaced quickly in Spade’s distorted mind. However, the words of Dark Sincentius also came into light.

“You must decide which side to follow for you cannot follow both…..”

The next scene takes us back to the forbidden compartment of Hell itself… Kali-Shoel. The wasteland that dominates the realm is littered with the souls of the most damned, vile and wicked. A black shadow from Mortismere’s giant and mountainous Citadel moves across this wasteland as the black star high above shifts from sunrise to sunset. Mortismere is seen at the highest terrace- his eyes were saturated with Unholy Darkness….. and he was wearing his battle armor. Mortis pointed out to the black hills far out into the distance. Spoken in a unknown language… Mortismere chanted an incantation which produced a series of mysterious symbols floating around his body…. what is about to be seen was telepathically sent to Brandon… whether that be in a dream or wake. Mortismere takes this opportunity to explain to Brandon that he will slip and fall to the Unholy Darkness…. and decimates the landscape with a gigantic Dark Embrace. Mortis smiled and looked deep within Brandon’s mind….. twisting it… distorting it…..

Brandon decided that he needs to pay Darkspade a visit… and so upon arriving at Spade’s Manor- Brandon saw with his own eyes just how degraded Spade had become. Darkspade wished Brandon to see a past memory and inside of a dark room… a vision came to life:

Brandon walked forward and tried to address himself to the people but they ignored his presence- then, voices were heard once again in his head!!! MORE LOUDER THAN EVER!! Brandon was hurting badly and he even fell to the marble floor holding his head he then looks up and was shocked to see Spade Deathen and Julie entering the ballroom! Everybody bowed as they entered… Spade’s hair was black and his face was alive and full of vigor- Julie was goregous…. Brandon instantely stood up and adjusted his collar and tried to slick his hair back but it quickly fought back and nearly cut his hand off! Brandon was about to introduce himself when suddenly, realized that Julie was in a wedding dress… this was a celebration of her marriage to Spade…. so this would mean…. this was the past. But why? Why would Spade show Brandon this particular moment in time? Brandon needed answers and he tried to ask anybody in the room for a clue but nobody answered. Instead, in the background everybody was watching on as Spade and Julie danced…. Brandon saw that only Damien, Darkspade’s older brother and Brandon’s father, was the one at the party not pleased.

Brandon stared at Damien, he knew who he was but had never seen anything other than photographs before. He watched him closely and soon realised that although he had Damien’s height, he looked nothing like him and in a way he was relieved. He tilted his head and watched the scenes unfold in front of him.

Brandon’s head was splitting with a massive headache the size of Mount Vesuvius but he soon noted how Damien looked at Julie and at Darkspade. It came back down to choices again, everything did in the end. Damien chose to take Julie away from Darkspade, Darkspade chose the Unholy to get back at Damien but it backfired because the Unholy darkness could not be trusted and neither could those who used it. Darkspade’s mind clouded by the Unholy power had made him take his anger out on Julie but Brandon realized very quickly it should have been Damien Darkspade was angry at.

Brandon also saw at the corner of his eye the presence of Mortismere… Brandon turns to speak to Spade, “Are you sayin’ that Mortis had sumfin to do with Julie’s pregnancy? You can’t be bloody serious, you think he engineered the whole friggin fing? Got Spade to knock her up and then somehow pushed Damien to try and do the same? That’s nuts!”

But as Brandon’s mind worked round in its spiraling manner, it all started to make perfect sense to him. Spade was powerful no one doubted that for a minute but Mortis wanted control and to do that he would need Spade to experience the most powerful forces in the universe – love and hate. Brandon realized the entire opposites thing was present here as well!

“He [Mortismere] can only control one at a time otherwise they would cancel each other out and then you’d achieve perfect balance. He controls Spade because he can’t control Serin at the same time. He controlled Charon until Kali turned up…..oh shit.”

Past Revealed

Brandon’s connection with Spade’s abruptly disconnected and suddenly a big gash of blackness swooped in from all sides. The cheers, the music and the people disappeared into the darkness and what was left, was an old room with furniture draped with aged sheets. Darkspade appeared from behind Brandon and he startled the equally weird English chap with a simple tap on Brandon’s shoulder….

“Played? What nobody knew at that time was Mortismere was indeed orchestrating the entire downfall of the Death Family. What you may not know Brandon, was after I killed Julie- controlled by sin- I searched long and hard for the killer.”- Said Spade

“Oi! but the killa wose ye alls along!”- Said Brandon

Darkspade’s eyebrow lifts trying to figure out Brandon’s thick English accent
“I accepted the Unholy Darkness because I experienced the ultimate loss, not once… but twice. After Julie died, I eventually settled down and put away my anger… tried to start a family. But Mortis found me and he sent his deadliest assassin to kill my second wife and my two sons. The power of hatred and love can twist your will, I was already of the Unholy but that sealed my fate. I had no choice. I had to take revenge because I had to be strong enough to end Damien’s life- even if that meant, to become a slave. I often think about that night, still, there are passages of my mind that still haven’t been unlocked but seeing Mortismere at the ceremony was something I never knew.

I AM THE UNMERCIFUL! Don’t you realize that for as long as Mortismere lives, I am forever his slave and Charon… Kali…. even you will be hunted down till you either die or accept the Unholy Darkness! And GOD knows just how many times I’ve tried to kill that bastard. Mortis is an immortal… because he himself separated his soul and hid them in things, places. He possesses inanimate objects…. and bodies. There’s no way to stop him. The will of the Unholy Darkness commands me even right now to slit your throat and take your life! YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO HOLD BACK! You…. you better leave Brandon.” – Said Spade

Darkspade revealed to Brandon the truth behind Mortis’ immortality. That Mortismere used the darkest of the Unholy Darkness to create ‘soul chains’ that bound his soul to people and objects of significance… so if Mortis was gravely injured he always had the means to return. This put a big dent into the plans of everyone wishing to kill Mortismere… but if they were able to destroy all of the chains then Mortis would be defenseless and capable of being destroyed. Also, Brandon figured that Mortis wrapped a soul chain around Charon and Kali Death on the night of their birth which is why he never destroyed them.

Happenings Around in CreatureWrestling

Often we get so caught up with the big picture that the usual day-to-day happenings for Wrestling IN CreatureWrestling is overlooked.

1) Alexander Arcane seeks his old position of power and exhibits Unholy Dark Powers
Alexander challenges Moebius’ position of authority on television through an interview with Amile Buiblefark. When Moebius appears, Alexander demonstrates his Unholy Dark powers but Moebius is not impressed. Then police officers are called in and Alexander is sent to jail for attempted assault on Moebius.

2) Darkspade & SideShow forge an alliance: Rise of the Unholy Underground Carnival
Sideshow appears on television and states that he is back to find who killed his wife and destroy who that could be… along with becoming the Undisputed Champion. Then Darkspade appears and demonstrates his powers to Sideshow, stating that the Undisputed title belongs to Darkspade. Eventually a standoff happens and Darkspade informs Sideshow that he will never find who the murderer is but if they join forces then even the Unholy Empire would be no match and it would be possible to find who the murderer is. Sideshow teleports Darkspade to the Carnival Universe and shows Darkspade the last message from the ‘Killer’ which happened in the old CWF days… Meanwhile, F’ein Dacor is alerted about the disturbance and views what is happening in his magic ball- F’ein declares that there is nothing Spade or Sideshow could do as phase 2 of the Evangelion project is close to being finished and the rise of Lilith was inevitable.

Meanwhile upon returning to Earth: Darkspade offers the knowledge of the Unholy Darkness to Sideshow if Sideshow does the same and teaches Spade Carnival Majik along with the usage of the Soulisk Cane in order to render Mortismere enabled.

Eventually Sideshow takes one-half of the CW Dual Core titles in a match at CWE Halloween Terror TV Special (See: from Gunther, but is now partnered with Brand-X because Darkspade lost in that match– Darkspade orchestrates a triple-threat match at KOP’08 which basically becomes a handicap match preparing for Spade to take Brand-X’s title away from him so that Sideshow and Darkspade can be the Dual Core champions.

3) Charon Finally Gets Her Divorce
Charon and Mortis fight on on CW Inferno Crisis 2008 in a Divorce in Hell Match… after a brutal, life threatening match Charon wins and is forever released of Mortis’ legal binding and owns Castle Mortis. (See:……………………….+BUT+IT’S+TIME+TO+ACCEPT+THE+UNHOLY

4) Darkspade VS Charon of Death in a Disembodied Match on CW Inferno Crisis 2008
On the same night as Charon winning her freedom from Mortis in a divorce match- Charon also had to defend her Undisputed title against her own father in a Disembodied Match. The match became one of the most impressive, and bizarre, match in the history of CreatureWrestling! The objective of the match was to become separated from the body and the consciousness migrated into a dead body… the news of this dangerous match also caused Kizmat to appear in person to watch over Charon’s well being… as the match began, Darkspade suprisingly implanted himself into the Deadman himself, The Undertaker, but a force unlike ever experienced before spat Darkspade out and into another body… as the match pursued, Charon kept questioning why Darkspade turned on her and the Death Family, again, and allowing the Will of the Unholy Darkness to control him. Nonetheless towards the end of the match’s time limit,Charon called out to the spirit of her mother and used Julie’s ring to force Spade into Julie’s dead body. Once Spade was inside of Julie’s body he went insane and images of the past resurfaced the night of the wedding:

In a blitz rage, Spade and Damien clashed and each of them unleashed their hidden powers. The rest of the memories fade and break away as Darkspade is fighting for his own soul to escape the body…. Julie was not done with him… she wasn’t going to prevent him from running away…. what exactly happened that night? What was discovered would change everything….
Damien and Spade are fighting- using magic and weapons of any kind to hurl at each other. Till finally, Julie interferes and Spade accidentally strikes Julie down with an enormous dark forbidding power that nobody in the Death family has ever witnessed….. this immediately caused the Elders to rush into the now destroyed ball room and pull Spade and Damien a part….

Julie’s Soul: Spade… you MUST see what HE did to me….. what HE did to US!!!

The memory then reappears and we see the Death Family’s trusted tuitor, Lord Mortis waltz in with a long black cane holding himself up. Mortis runs up to Julie, who is unconscious and gently placed his hand along on her belly. Mortis whips his head and looks up to Spade who is being contained by the Elders.

**Speaking in Julie’s ear**
Lord Mortis: I will give you a chance to even the score if you do a favor for me… do a favor for your unborn child.

Before Julie could show Spade some more, Sideshow, Bonez and Madoxide infiltrate the catacomb and take Kizmat and Charon off guard…. quickly and suddenly, Sideshow pulls a switch which reboots the system! The scene then changed back to the parlor and Spade’s soul is being sucked away… pulled away from Julie’s body…. Spade losses all feeling and then all is black….. When Spade awakes he is inside of his own body… and just barely catches a glimpse of the battle between the Underground and Bloodsyn. Spade was too weak to fight and instead Sideshow helps unstrap Spade’s hands and feet from the chair and they escape into a dark void created for their escape…. Darkspade looks back as Sideshow pushes him forward– back at Charon…. and sees her being held by Kizmat….

5) Doom makes her debut

Quite suddenly and unexpected a newcomer called Doom emerges on scene- she called herself the Angel of Lust and is a resident of the same Dark Carnival Universe that Sideshow comes from and is accompanied by Ringmaster Jack. Doom announces in the wrestling ring that she offers any Diva a chance at defeating her– Charon answers the challenge by offering a #1 Contendership match the Undisputed title against Charon herself on the next pay-per-view, CW King of Pain, in a match of Doom’s making.

Doom eventually demonstrates her idea of what match she wants (see: but Charon is not impressed by Doom’s antics but also still cautious.

Darkspade’s Diary

With the sudden dramatic changes in her father’s demeanor– Charon decides to take a visit to the Death Family abandoned Cathedral and locates a hidden room that was used by Darkspade- she finds Spade’s long lost diary…

The broken seal on the diary was that of the Death Family crest… Charon’s body felt numb with the realization that the thoughts of a madman are contained within…. thoughts that could open doors to many mysterious that shrouded so many important events.

Charon pulled a chair out and lit a lantern on the table. Surprisingly, the diary was well written…. and not anything she expected. The diary started out detailing Spade’s stay at the manor and adventuring off to College. As each turn of the page endured- Charon noticed a very similar name… ‘Sir Mortis’ kept poping up in the passages….. At first Sir. Mortis was simply a trusted family friend but then gained a position as an adviser and tutor. Charon’s eyebrows frowned as she made the connection swiftly!! It was Mortismere.

But how on Earth could the Death Family not sense a demon lord in their midst? Let alone his enormous presence…. but the details in Spade’s diary painted a vivid picture of a humble old gray haired man that had to use a cane to hold himself up because he had a lump in his back. Mortismere’s dark magic was the reason why the Death Family could not see who he really was and ‘Sir’ Mortis kept his distance from Elders.

This wasn’t all of it- Charon carefully read each page and saw how it was Mortis that introduced Julie to Spade…. and Mortis took the position as World History professor to stay as close as possible to them….. to ‘protect’ them.

Charon’s anger rose…. Mortismere knowingly knew what he was doing but why Julie? What was special about her. The diary did not say…. it eventually turned into pages of love stories that the two shared back and forth between one another…. Charon skimmed a few passages until her thumb caught across a different textured page…. the page was marked up with a lot of black ink and now Spade’s handwriting was unreadable…. it was chaotic and mirrored the man she would expect would write such a thing.

The words that followed was that of religious babble. And almost every single paragraph ended with the word, “AMEN.”

Charon didn’t know what to think of this….. The diary then unlocked the truth that Mortis was planting the seeds of evil long before Spade accepted the Unholy Darkness.

The pages became unbearable now…. but upon the last few pages- Charon discovered that it was thoughts from Spade after Julie’s death….. clear thoughts… he writes,

“J…Ju…Julie is DEAD!, I vow to inflict a fate worth than death 10 fold on the killer!! The Dark voice that lured me out to this Chapel is that killer…. and Mortis will lead me to him. I was banished by my family for nothing more than protecting my love….. but I know that I have the good lord on my side in this campaign of righteousness. Amen.”

CW King of Pain Event 2008

The King of Pain Tournament had come and it included not just the KOP tourney but major matches facilitating major grudges such as the Army of None against the Unholy Underground Carnival, CW Undisputed Championship: Charon of Death(c) VS Doom in a Dark Carnival Match and the CW Dual Core Championship: Brand-X(c) VS Sideshow(c) VS Darkspade (Triple Threat X-Treme Division Match).

The highlights of the match were the shocking turn of events in the Dual Core match when Darkspade struck Sideshow in the back and nailed him in the BloodStrike DDT to grab a pin, and his belt; eventually Sideshow also defeats Brand-X for his belt. The winners were the new Dual Core Champions: Darkspade and Sideshow – but why did Spade attack Sideshow? The other highlight was the match with Charon and Doom… Doom put on an impressive fight but at the end, Charon won and remained Undisputed Champion.

But the most impacting revelation was at the KOP tourney itself… after a grueling elimination… Richard Arcane shocks the world and appears from over a year in absence ever since his areoplane was lost. Richard declares that Jake Murphy, the leader of the Army of None, is the winner.

Charon of Death is Brought Back to Rehab

“My name is Angel Charon Death and I’m a massive heroin addict.”

Charon of Death turned to heroin to lessen the pains inflicted on her by Mortismere for many many years. The entire Death Family was always worried about her and now that things seemed to have settled it was time to do something about the drug use… Charon agreed to go to rehab. Kizmat and Grey drive Charon to a rehab clinic.

Several days later, Charon was exhausted from the constant withdrawal symptoms which the medication didn’t seem to ease in the slightest and the constant emotional upheaval, of the constant talking through memories of her childhood and the constant torture she was put through at the hands of Mortismere. She was laying on her bed trying to focus her thoughts when someone knocked on her door. Darkspade came to visit her daughter but to also acquire back his lost diary… Darkspade was taken back by the fact that Charon gave the diary without a fight and then she passes asleep.

Hours later Charon wakes up to the buzzing of orderly and nurse James along with Doctors who were trying to save her from a drug overdose… however, the entry point of the needle was found to be in the back of her spine which is impossible to do… Eventually as Charon is rushed to the intensive care room, she twitches and goes berserk muttering binary chatter and her pupil glows a limelight lime color. Grey is immediately called and appears 15 minutes later and finds Charon in her life threatening state. Grey notices that a usb hub entry point grew out from Charon’s skin and decides to attach his laptop to the entry point. Once the connection was made with his laptop- EVA_corp binary code and prompts start showing up on his screen. Grey logs into the EVA system and finds that something caused Charon to overdose and the nanobots inside of her body were re-acted again and attempting to repair Charon…. a cybernetic technology 010 program is mentioned to stop this deliberate overdose.

James held his head in his hands. There was a knock at the door and a lab technician walked in.
“We’ve checked the results on the sample we received from the main lab and the sample we took when Charon arrived. They’re not the same. Someone either sent the wrong sample to us or it was done deliberately. Charons blood type is pretty rare, its AB negative and the sample we were sent from the lab was A positive. The sample we took when Charon arrived was significantly higher in opiates than the one we received from the lab. I’d also say that the fact she was taking in so much opiate probably saved her life in the long run, her body would have had a much higher than normal tolerance.”

James thanked the technician and watched the man walk from the room; he then looked up at Gray.

“I think that settles it. Someone has been planning this for some time.”

Gray was already on the phone, he didn’t like bringing in the police but he felt it necessary as he was already stretched resource wise. He finished his call and then looked up at James.

“You can’t mention the cybernetics to anyone, its the one advantage she has now and it should make it much more difficult for the individual or individuals who’ve done this. You have to understand that Charon hasn’t got the full picture concerning her childhood. She sometimes thinks she remembers things and then they turn out to be false memories put there by a second party to try and deflect her from the truth. Up until a couple of months ago she always considered Damien Death to be her real father, then things got complicated. Somehow Darkspade discovered he was the twins real father and yet Damien was always led to believe he was their real father and he raised Charon and Kali until they were 3 years old, then they were kidnapped and disappeared. Those of us who searched for the twins often speculated what had happened, it seemed to send Darkspade into an even darker spiral towards the unholy darkness but at the time we never connected the events.”

James ran his fingers through his hair.

“So this Darkspade is her real father? What happened to Kali, the other twin?”

Gray shook his head.

“Kali turned to the unholy very quickly. Darkspade had no knowledge of Kali until she turned up years after Charon had returned. Charon returned with both mental and physical scars, she was very difficult but Damien persevered with her and eventually got her back on the right track. I was bought in to help train her and instil discipline but it quickly became clear she had more knowledge than Damien could even guess at. She was always secretive and distrustful and it wasnt until Moebius turned up that the reason for some of the secrecy became clear.”

James flipped open the files sat in front of him.

“Moebius is her son and yet she told no one about him?”

Gray smiled.

“Moebius was very unusual, he was a small but powerful child with genius level intelligence. Charon led us to believe that Moebius was the product of Mortismeres rape of her but there was always that small doubt that sat at the back of everyones mind. Eventually, when Charon found Moebius again, he was a grown man and they finally admitted that Moebius father was actually Kizmat. Charon and Kizmat had been together for quite some time, it would seem that Kizmat despite his appearance had formed a bond with Charon when she was very young and she too had grown to love him as she got older. She’d feared that Damien wouldn’t approve of her relationship with Kizmat and so had hidden it under layers of lies. The problem is Charon is now finding it difficult to separate her real memories from those that were somehow implanted. She has constant nightmares; she only recently had a memory surface of being injected with drugs at about the age of four years old. I think shes probably talked with you about that?”

James nodded.

“I wasn’t sure why that particular memory would surface now, at this particular time. Shes had a lot of success despite her problems and with a new influx of wrestlers perhaps her self doubts about her own ability to cope without drugs may have brought it to the surface to help her understand that the problem wasn’t created by her but by someone else? I cant be sure.”

Charon’s usage of drugs escalated right after Kali was “killed” but it was mentioned that no one was certain that Kali died… Charon impaled Kali but Kali was thrust into a portal made as a result of Kizmat appearing during the fight. Mortismere sent Kizmat to go “rescue” Charon but in reality Mortismere knew that he could channel his Unholy Darkness through Kizmat and conjure up the portal to save Kali.

James and Grey then further contemplate the past in great detail which explains the engagements between Mortismere, Darkspade and Charon. It was Charon who told Grey this:

“Fine. Now bear in mind this is what Charon told me, so I have no clue exactly how much she told me or how much she sanitised it, but basically at the age of eight or nine; she wasn’t entirely sure how old she was at the time but she said she was young and that it seemed like a long time ago. Mortismere tried to force her to accept the unholy darkness, she once again refused. He ordered his druids to chain her down to the floor by her wrists and ankles. They did as they were commanded despite her struggles and her screaming, they also clamped a metal ring round her neck and attached it to the floor so she couldnt see everything that was happening but it kept her still. Mortismere ordered the druids to fetch Darkspade, several minutes later Darkspade entered the torture chamber and stood facing Mortismere. He ordered Darkspade to carve the pentagram into Charons back using a blunt, rusty knife, it was part of his own acceptance of the unholy darkness but at that time he couldn’t complete the task. He cried and asked Charon to forgive him, she could do nothing more than cry and wish herself dead. Mortismere ordered the druids to take Darkspade to the dungeon and chain him there until he was available to deal with him, just as they dragged him out through the door, Mortismere had a change of heart. He had Darkspade chained to the wall of the chamber with several druids holding his head, as they did this Mortismere finished the carving of the pentagram himself, taking great delight in doing it as slowly and as painfully as he could. He even went over areas in order to drag the whole thing out longer. Charon maintained her consciousness for the whole time and listened as Darkspade sobbed, often begging Mortismere to stop. When he was satisfied with his handy work he stepped back but it wasn’t Darkspade he asked to accept the unholy darkness, it was Charon he asked. She said at that point she wanted the pain to stop, she wanted to die and came very close to accepting at that point but she knew it would piss Mortismere off more if she said no. She told him to go fuck himself. Darkspade was released from his shackles and dragged from the room while Charon was left chained to the floor. Mortismere spent several more hours torturing her. I have no idea what else he did that day, she never went into any more detail.”

Finally, Detective Inspector Richards appears after Grey calling the detective concerning the attempted murder on Charon’s life. Grey explains that someone managed to get into the centre and inject a lethal dose of heroine into Charon’s back of the spine while she was sleeping. The Inspector is taken back by the mentioning of Charons’ name- realizes that she is a CW wrestler. Grey runs down the list of potential suspects to the Inspector: “Well top of the list has to be Mortismere, then theres Darkspade, Sideshow, Doom, Jake Murphy and just about anyone connected to that bloody carnival, Fein Dacor, Alex Arcane and to a lesser extent anyone who would like the Undisputed Title.”

(See ):
The scene shifts to a desolate highway restaurant… it is raining outside and you can see Darkspade pulling up to a parking lot. He exits his red sports car and enters the restaurant. The waitress is helping some hicks- but then looks in the direction of the odd visitor…. Darkspade stood out easily with his long black leather trenchcoat… it was studded with black chains and even included kevlar padding on the shoulder and elbow regions. The Gothic looking Spade seats himself down in the back booth and then takes out an empty vial. As he was memorized by the vile, a gray bearded man comes up and sits infront of Spade. Darkspade slowly moves his eyeballs up and stares a hole straight at the individual…. “Yeah. I visited her, and I have the diary.” – Said Spade. “::COUGH:: Ack..ack…kkk… Let me ask you Spade. The night, the night that it happened. When you disobeyed your Lord, what was it like to know Charon was being tortured for your insolence? You could have made it easier on yourself you know. You could be truly whole if you had accepted the Unholy Darkness without resist. It’s not ass..ackk…kkkk asss hard for you…. considering you murdered Julie. “ – Said Seer. Darkspade is furious by the outrage and then evokes his Unholy Cardinal form and claims that he is “complete” however, Seer responds by bringing up additional knowledge of past events:

“I’ll explain.. Dear… ackk.. Spade. That night, as Mortismere shackled you to the dirty…. wet….. walls of the torture chamber… heh… I was there watching. I always watch tortures… consider them, heh, a past time favorite of mine. Mortismere was done etching a pentagram into Charon’s back…. but you, cowardly fell to the floor and crawled on all fours to your Lord. You begged for mercy… not for yourself…. but for that child. Mortismere had just about enough of yoouuu… Mortismere wished for Charon to accept willingly and your role in all of this was merely an example of what would happen if she didn’t accept! After your failure to do your part in fulfilling the pledge to the will of the Unholy Darkness…. dear god, he beat her….. HE BEAT HER ALL NIGHT LONG!! The screams from that child still echoes in myyyyy distant and gone mind hehehehhe….. later, when the screams stopped… you escaped your prison. You planned to betray your Lord and Master and kill him.”

Darkspade nearly stands up and leaves but Seer suddenly whipped out an old heart-shapped locket

The locket that Seer showed belonged to Julie, Darkspade’s wife and mother of Charon. Spade showed this very locket to Charon at the time Charon was tortured by Mortismere- the locket contained a faded picture of Julie. Seer puts back the locket and replies:

“Hmmmmm. Ye seee, you had a monster living inside of you…. you are by design…. a puppet. When Mortismere saw the monster he was pleased and understood that the only way to fully control you is to separate your body into three entities…. this way, your human emotions will never interfere again. Good ol boy, Spade…. her death was very well done… I was so proud to provoke the monster out from your hideous emotions…. I saved you that night! AND YOU BECAME DARKSPADE! The act of your sin sealed your fate as a faithful follower of the Unholy Darkness… forever more.”

Seer explained that Darkspade killed her which prompt Mortismere to take on Spade instead as his apprentice… Darkspade goes berserk and accuses Seer to be a liar then leaves abruptly.

Charon Awakens

Charon woke suddenly, she watched the binary in her minds eye and realised very quickly that somehow the nanobots had re-activated. She felt good though, focused and clear headed. She sat up and pulled all the monitors off, thats when she noticed the police officers stationed just inside the door and they seemed to be unsure as to whether they should call someone or not as all the monitors flatlined. As soon as the monitor alarms went off two nurses raced past them to get access to the room and then stopped just as suddenly when they saw Charon sitting up in bed, her eyes back to their normal piercing blue. Charon made an attempt to get out of bed but the nurses were having none of it. Charon cussed.

“I’m fine. Let me get out of bed!”

Several hours and many tests later they found that Charon was now totally clean of any opiates in her system and that she was in fact as fitas a fiddle. Charon was asked by nurse James if she remembered the night of when Mortis tortured her and she explained that she accepted the Unholy Darkness to save Spade’s life and does not remember what happened afterward…

After Charon left the office she traipsed up to her room with the two police officers in tow, the others were sent off to patrol the grounds, even now she knew they wouldn’t last long and she shut the door on them so they couldn’t see into her room. She’d removed the last couple of pages from Spades diary because at the time she hadn’t really understood what they’d meant but the memory that the nanobots had unearthed had thrown new light on it and she now re-read the scrawling pages. She hid them again and sat down thinking. She then instructed the nanobots to unearth old memories from her childhood and show them to her. They were reticent to begin with because as they informed her, it could send her into a mental shutdown. She argued that if she wasn’t mental now then she couldn’t possibly go any further after being raised by Mortismere.

Suddenly a visitor is allowed in and it was SEER! Seer tells Charon that she owes him for keeping the past a secret and enlightens Charon about a completely different outcome of the night of the torture by Mortismere. “Yes, yes, you owe me everything. You’re the reason Darkspade accepted the Unholy darkness; its all your fault. YOU killed him! YES! YOU!” Charon explains that she knows Darkspade killed her but it was not his fault and it happened after Charon was exposed to the Unholy Darkness not of free will – but Mortismere lied to Spade to begin with and ended up slicing Spade up into three parts even despite the fact that Spade gave himself up willingly to save Charon.

Charon explained that the pages she kept from Spade’s diary and being clean of heroine allowed her to piece everything back together again…. Seer frowned and says: “I know what you did. You accepted. You’re just like him.” and then Charon replies:

“But it didn’t work did it. No, it didn’t work because you forgot to inform Mortis that acceptance must be by your own free will, not forced and in the circumstances not only was the acceptance forced it was done to save another life. The only thing I accepted was the Holy Darkness and that really screwed things up for both you and Mortis didn’t it? I’m not sure how or why, I’m not sure I want to know but I can tell you this now. Fuck the hell off and leave me alone! I don’t care any more and in case you hadn’t noticed, I own Castle Mortis now and I am seriously considering having the place blown up.”

However, even as Charon expressed her knowledge of the past, Seer explains:
“He he he heeee… that’s fair enough. You speak so boldly that that night was all about forced choices. Spade had a choice… and he didn’t kill you because he felt sorry for you… he killed you because he wanted to be a part of the Unholy Darkness. Foolish girl, you have nooooo idea what the Unholy Darkness is and who it will take! You are just like him…. and the clock is counting down by it’s seconds… down… tick… tock… tick… tock… he he he he….. keep resisting. The Holy Darkness is uncontrollable… unpredictable…. and with just one single push and YOU WILL ACCEPT THE UNHOLY DARKNESS WILLINGLY!”

The police officers noticed Seer’s irrational behavior and he was now standing on top of the coffee table…. in horror over realizing that Seer could be stripping off his gray, urine stained potato bag of a dress of at ANY SECOND, the officers dashed to him and took him down from the coffee table…. Seer was crackling up with a laughter and that was when a dirty old locket falls from underneath his clothing and lands inches from Charon’s feet. While the two police officers were manhandling Seer’s filthy frame from the coffee table, Charon snatched up the locket and shoved it into her pocket. She knew what it was and also knew that Seer shouldn’t have it. Eventually as Seer was being dragged out of the building- Seer called out that Charon is exactly like Spade.

Charon went up to her room and pulled the locket from her jeans and sat down. She opened the locket up and memories flooded back, only a single tear ran down her face as she began to realize she hadn’t forgotten, just simply hidden from the truth for awhile.

Alexander entered his office after a night of partying and drinking with all of the high brow socialites in the city…. he loosened up his bow tie and went over to his bar to pour himself some scotch… then suddenly, a red myst covers the floor and the temperature rose. Alexander places the bottle on the counter and then walks over to the other side of the bar to see what is going on. The lights dim and suddenly, Lord Mortismere materializes in front of Alexander from the myst. Alex immediately bows down in front of Mortis’ presence.

Mortismere knows about the murder attempt on Charon’s life and came to warn Alexander to not destroy her as Charon still contains his essence. Alexander is noticeably resistant in obeying Mortis’ wishes. Then Mortis explains to Alexander that Richard is alive as seen on King of Pain… Alexander grows upset and claims that when he downed the aeroplane that Richard shouldn’t have survived. Mortismere raises doubts.

The Fire… and Kali Returns

Although Charon rarely slept, she must have dropped off while reading and was woken by the klaxon like wail of a fire alarm. She jumped up and strode to the door to find it well and truly locked, she pulled at it a couple more times to make sure it wasn’t just sticking and she swore profusely. She sighed and was about to smash it down by giving it a good hard kick when there was a hammering at the door.

A fire erupted at the rehab center!! and a figure emerged as claim to the fire- it was Kali Death! Charon and Kali talk for the first time since the attack at Castle Mortis… Charon raises the question to Kali that all of the elaborate schemes that Kali has been playing was all to destroy Charon’s body and make he stay dead and that there is a puppetmaster behind the scenes. Kali explains that she is doing all of this as a result of being tired of constantly being under Charon’s shadow but does not challenge the idea that there is a puppetmaster.

Kali escapes into the darkness while Charon escapes the burning building with the aide of her nanobot cybernetics.

The next few days…
Charon had contacted Gray and told him everything that had happened and had set up Death Manor as a temporary place for the residents of the centre to stay at, after all it was big enough and its not like she used any of the rooms other than her own and Kizmat’s. Her next call was to Detective Richards but it wasn’t him that answered it was some guy who was beneath him in the pecking order. Charon calls Detective Richards and yells at him to do his job concerning the attempted murder on her life… Charon brings up Kali and as well as another suspect Jake Murphy.

Charon cut the call off not waiting for any pleasantries and tapped the phone against her chin thinking. She dialed Gray’s number again and relayed the new information to him. It was probably time to visit Darkspade but she didn’t relish the idea of wandering through that damned carnival holed up in his grounds, so she took some time to think and plan….

Ashes to Dust

(See: ).

*The scene opens as a storm beats down on the dark carnival. Doom is seen in her tent looking at the storm as if watching hell itself attacking the dark carnival and everyone in it. Memories of the past seem to call to doom like a unknown force. Doom looks into the night as her mind seems to race with things that only now have come back to haunt her. Finally she turns and walks back to her chair by the mirror. For the first time in the candle light a long scar is seen across Doom’s nose and a short one across her left eye. She just look into the mirror thinking of everything that seems to make her mind race this night. Finally Doom looks as jack stands in the entrance of her tent without a word he sits in a chair by her coffin and takes off his top hat. Doom looks at the mirror as she picks up a brush and slowly starts to brush it through her hair.*

Charon wandered into Doom’s tent. Doom was immediately on guard and was about to shout but Charon held up her hands. Charon waited for Doom to relax slightly. She was glaring at Charon who had somehow managed to escape from King of Pain with her title still in tact.

Charon explains to Doom that the match that they had at King of Pain could have been performed better because Charon didn’t give her all. Doom was offered a second chance at the Undisputed title at CreatureMania 8: Bloodlines with one catch: Doom had to help Charon get into Darkspade’s manor. Doom agrees to Charon’s stipulation.

Meanwhile, a scene opens up…. ironic enough, it was at Darkspade’s manor. The Unholy One was in his study, shifting through his old diary. He stared at his words, blankly, as if this was the first time he has ever seen them. Though they were his words, apparently, he didn’t remember the events- minus a few details here and there. He stopped in the middle of reading a paragraph concerning Sir Mortis tutoring him and coaching him in the dark arts…. Spade stood up and then looked deeply in the burning fire of the fireplace. Imagery forms in the flames…. burning…. images of Charon smiling at him. Even when Spade was stricken down by the Unholy Darkness… Charon still considered him as her father. The concept of forgiveness was alien to the man once known as Spade Deathen. As the images of Charon evaporated… new images resurface over the outcome of the Undisputed Championship match at the King of Pain. Prior to that, Charon and Spade fought literately to death and back….. it was a shame that Doom couldn’t put away Charon. But he realized that the tides of Creature Wrestling are changing. Darkspade had a lot on his mind…. Charon and the attempt on her life, The Undisputed title and of course…. Jake trapped in the 7th compartment of hell with the lurking watch of Mortismere. Spade turned around and picked up his old diary and noticed pages were torn out…. one name to his mind…. CHARON!

Meanwhile, Charon and Doom appear on Darkspade’s estate grounds:
“Okay, I know the grounds well and the inside of the manor fairly well but I can’t get in by myself, it needs two people. I could just smash a hole in the wall but let’s face it, it’s not classy or subtle and at the end of the day he is my father.” – Said Charon

Doom asks why Charon just doesn’t pass through the walls of she is a Shadow Demon- Charon explained that Kizmat bonded her to him in order to prevent her to transform into a Shadow Beast. After, Charon and Doom made their way towards expansive lawn of the Darkspade’s manor.

Charon watched as Doom checked that they weren’t being watched and then simply appeared to walk right through the wall and into the room beyond. Charon realized she had her mouth open and laughed at her own incredulity, it must be how people reacted when they saw her materialise up through floors or down through ceilings or out of the shadows themselves but that seemed like a long time ago now. Doom moved to the window and opened it and Charon jumped lightly up onto the windowsill, pausing quickly to check they hadn’t set off any alarms.

Charon reached into her rucksack and pulled out a large envelope, in it was a contract for Creaturemania 8, she laid it on a small side table and wrote rapidly on it and then handed it to Doom.

“I want you to know that when I say I’ll do something that I keep my word.”

Doom read it three times.
“Are you serious? You barely know me yet you are offering me the biggest title in the sport, why?”

Charon grinned.
“Because not enough rookies get the breaks they deserve in this sport. I had to work bloody hard to get where I am and because of that I like to help where I can. Win or lose Doom, this match will make you a very big fish in a very big pond. This time though it’s my rules.”

Doom couldn’t help thinking there was an ulterior motive to this whole thing but she couldn’t see it. So far Charon had kept every promise she’d made and so she slipped the contract inside her pocket. Charon stuck out her hand and Doom took it and shook it firmly. She found it hard to read the expression on Charon’s face but some sort of understanding passed between the two before Doom turned and disappeared back out through the wall.

Charon closed the window quietly and wandered through the manor, she heard a creak from upstairs and grinned. So he was in was he, well it was time to pay him a visit. She ran her hands along the walls as she walked allowing memories to flood into her mind. She’d been here before as a child although she wasn’t sure why but she remembered running through the hallways giggling and laughing, before the madness and the torture.

She started up the stairs and then went along the wide landing. She was in no hurry and she was letting her mind wander until something hard hit her hard in the back of the skull. Stars exploded in front of her eyes as nanobots went mental dashing to the site of the injury and then finally shutting her down into blackness. She crumpled to the floor in a heap.

An hour later she opened one eye and saw Darkspade pacing backwards and forwards in front of a roaring fire in his study. She was laying on the large overstuffed sofa he kept in there and she automatically lifted her arm to feel the back of her head. Spade saw the movement and stopped suddenly, he glared at her.

Darkspade and Charon begin a discussion concerning the missing 4 pages from Darkspade’s diary. Charon claims that the pages were burned in the rehab building fire and there was nothing she could have done to save them. Then, Charon shocks Darkspade by saying she forgives him for everything that had happened in the past… specifically what happened at the torture chamber and him accepting the Unholy Darkness willingly. Then, Darkspade answers her:
“I am not sorry for anything Charon. What I did was by my own free will… you must understand that Seer is the only one that has provided evidence that it was by my free will. I don’t feel any remorse… for what I have done. But if I shed a tear, it is was a weak attempt on my part for trying to care… yes I cried and yes I realize the scope of my sins… but I am a part of the will of the Unholy Darkness. And I cannot even at this point tell you just how much… how hard it is for me to hold back and hurt you. I haven’t forgotten Julie’s soul reaching out to me… her presence at Inferno Crisis 2007 and 2008 is looking to be too much of a pattern to be sheer coincidence though. I don’t know, I am.. I am tired. It’s 2am and I surely wish you could have at least called up and arranged a meeting with me? What’s wrong with a luncheon at the warm hours?”

Darkspade explains that the is a slave to the Will of The Unholy Darkness and even though he has remorse for what he had done to Charon, even at Inferno Crisis 2007 and 2008 and the Disembodied Match- that he was too unstable and too dangerous to be around.

Charon explains to Darkspade that Kali Death was indeed the person who over dosed her at the rehab clinic… Spade is relieved but claims that he was tempted to cause more harm to Charon and then admits he used the Unholy Carnival only to snatch the Soulisk Cane from Sideshow. Spade had no real desire to help Sideshow find his lover’s killer… but instead, to use the cane to drain Mortis’ souls out from his chosen vessels. Darkspade snaps back and claims that he doesn’t need her at all to defeat Mortismere.

Charon was grinding her teeth.

She stood there seething at him so angry that she was unable to get anything more intelligable out. She was tempted to try and strangle him. She finally reigned the anger back in and glared at him with her frighteningly penetrating blue eyes. Darkspade seemed amused and was about to respond but she now spoke over him.

“I want Mortismere dead, just as you do, just as Kizmat does, surely it makes more sense to work together on this than at odds? This isn’t about revenge for fucks sake! It never has been. It’s about maintaining the balance at all costs, I thought I’d explained this to you already?!”

Darkspade and Charon argue even more but escalate to another level when Charon asks if instead there were triplets that Darkspade would of killed! Darkspade calls Charon ‘stubborn’ and then finally gives in to forge a truce to help put an end to Mortismre for good…. Darkspade reveals specifics about the process Mortis must have taken to create Soul Chains: “…Mortis separated his soul into pieces and biologically transmuted the essences through only the darkest… vile acts any living or undead life form could conduct. I know for a fact the Darkweight championship belt contains a piece of his soul… it will not be easy to obtain this item because it now rests inside of Alexander Arcane’s private office suite.”

Charon thinks deeply about what Darkspade revealed and then promptly leaves…
Charon didn’t wait for his reply and ran as fast as she could out of the house and into the grounds. She stopped briefly and left an envelope for Doom taped to the nearest tent, she didn’t have the time to stop and explain herself. Darkspade was left standing in the room as though his head had been banged against a brickwall for several hours.

Coming out… for a special announceimento

Back on CreatureWrestling television… Gunther comes out and enters a wrestling ring for a special announcement…… would it be about his defeat at King of Pain or his next match on CreatureMania 8? No…. it was that he was SOOOOO Sexy! But then suddenly Richard Arcane emerges with a mass of security officers with a REAL announcement. This was the first time in over a year we’ve seen Richard with an announcement. He explains that 3 years when the Federation was riddled with corruption that he worked hard to bring back the glory days… he promises that as the reinstated CW President that he will work alongside the CW CEO Moebius to stop all evil (namely Mortistmere and Alexander Arcane). Richard calls out Moebius for a ground breaking announcement for CM8. Moebius is ecstatic to work with Richard and then explains:

“In my briefcase I have some very interesting paperwork. It states that should Richard Arcane be missing for more than a year the current CW Chairman automatically becomes the new President. Now that would mean me and Richard…”

Moebius grinned evilly as he looked over at him and then at the top of the rampway where Kali Death had suddenly appeared and sauntered down to the ring.

“My new partner Kali-Anat Death.”

Richard stood there with his mouth wide open… shocked… even though Richard represented the dignity, respect and honor of CW- he didn’t expect Moebius to throw a curve ball and upset the balance… almost, literately representing all of the elements Richard tried to put an end to. While even though Moebius was correct that the CW Chairman can assume Presidency over the company if the original Chairman disappears for over a year- this created major problems for Richard. Problems that Moebius could have resolved if he’d simply stand aside and welcome back Richard… Questions like, “Why would Moebius place himself in this position if he was Chairman? just to bump head with Richard?” and “How can evil be removed from CW if Moebius elects a partner infested in it!” Moebius doesn’t have to exercise the stipulation in the papers… Richard looked down and then back up to see Kali Death stroll down the aisle as if her shit didn’t stink! Richard covered his mouth, as if he inhaled a fart bomb from Kali as she bent down under the middle ropes and joined the right hand side of Moebius…..

Richard Arcane: Moebius… I don’t understand… why?!

Moebius grinned as Kali joined him.
“You ask why, you should be asking how long? Do you have any idea how long its taken us to set this up? We managed to fool everyone along the way even my own stupid mother and my own dimwitted father.”

Kali now took the mic from Moebius.
“Who do you think raised this fine young man? I did. Where was his mother? Busy shagging her way to the top of the CW and ingratiating her way into Damien’s good books. Where was she when her son needed her most? She used him and then threw him away like a disposable play thing. But I was always there for him to pick up the pieces dust him off and set him back on his feet and together we spent years perfecting this plan. Of course it required some help. Fein and Mortismere were most helpful when they realised exactly how this move could improve their chances of taking over everything.”

The shocking news caused even Charon to emerge from the back and she stood there with a cellphone in hand…. she accuses Moebius of needing more mental help than Mortis and F’ein and asked if there were other people involved in the conspiracy.

A white limo strolls from the side in the arena…. it had the CWE emblem on the hood and then just like that, Alex opens the door and has the biggest smile smacked right on his loving little face!!! Alexander couldn’t but help look over and blow a kiss to the Undisputed champion….. then Alexander made his way to the ring…. Richard, who was speechless and filled with intense emotions, paced in the ring as Alexander slowly made his way up the ramp. Richard and Alex eyes connected….. there was a moment of silence but then, Alexander takes out a platinum mic….

Alexander explains that everyone bought it… even Charon. He explains:

Got ya…… line…. hook and sinker! Involved Charon? Involved could be accurate. You see, what you all failed to realize was that this elaborate plan was developed long before CWE ended. I made a pact with the demonic lord himself and his grand plan was total domination over all creatures! In order to wrestle the power away from the creatures, we had to bankrupt CWE! You could say… that yes, we used dolts like Gojinn, Darkspade and even you Charon to gain power. But what you couldn’t help but realize is that Mortis already knew about Augustus. The demonic lord and Dark Kali worked very hard to pull this off… but you couldn’t but help realize that the Bloodlines in Creature Wrestling was what we truly targeted. [Alex grins evily] It wasn’t easy I’d admit at first… F’ein and Kali worked behind the scenes to establish a niche for my elaborate return to power…. and once that was established the “accident” with my brother had to happen. Keeping him stuck in the jungle at least for a year was what we needed….. somehow, someway you Charon figured it all out and I guess I suppose your plan backfired when you thought you could find Richard and dethrone me.

Alexander gloats about the big scheme and admits on television that he was the one responsible for causing Richard’s plane to crash over an island… Alexander says that it is time for everyone to either accept Lord Mortis or die. Charon is disgusted and leaves the arena- then she talks to Brandon and explains that they need to use Mortis’ own greed against him and his followers and the plan is to put on disguises to infiltrate Mortis’ network.

When Charon turned around and left the sights of the thousands of fans… expecting a grandeur speech or some action to take place to show the world that good will triumph…. a harsh silence befell the arena.

Alexander stood proudly alongside Dark Kali and Moebius…. but then, Richard raised his mic to his lips…. the camera zoomed in as the former Chairman speaks with purpose in his heart and soul! Richard explained that balance will be restored and he is still a major stockholder- Alexander laughed and reassured that CW was under the mantle of evil. Suddenly Richard attacks his own brother, Alex, but Moebius comes in and side-walked slams Richard to the canvas.

Then quite suddenly, the idiotic leader from Army of None: Markus Murphy along with his equally stupid idiot (yes oxymoron): Jake Murphy comes out and says that Erika and Richard Arcane married and that made Erika the actual President. This did not make any sense- including to Richard Arcane. The crowd was SHOCKED….. Kali and Moebius were SHOCKED….. but most of all, Richard was downright beside himself. Rich, who was just assaulted… pulls himself up and rolls outside of the arena… he is then treated by officials and looked back at Jake and Marcus in bewilderment. Nonetheless, Rich and the officials escaped while Moebius was prepared to answer.. but then, suddenly….

A potato sacked and pop-corn beard covered Seer along with Amile Bubilefark emerge and they claim that they got hitched BEFORE Richard and Erika did- which magically made Amile the CW President. Everyone was wondering WTF.

The Day After and Charon Surrenders

CreatureWrestling Headquarters, in the Eastern coast, was very different after last night’s enormous upset.

It was as if a dark cloud shrouded the building. After last night, the leadership and direction of Creature Wrestling was divided amongst 4 people that lay claim to total control. CW Chairman Moebius, Richard Arcane, Erika and even Amile- all laid their cards down on the table. But only 1 of them could become the future leader of the company.

Then a shot shows two long black stretched limos outside of the complex. Alex and Moebius step out and of course, Dark Kali accompanied them. Reporters rushed up to both of them to get an interview… but the two high officials ignored them and pushed them aside. Off behind barricades were disgruntled fans…. they shouted “DEATH to Arcane!” and…. “Give back Creature Wrestling to the Creatures!.” These signs… these protests was answered by the corrupted laughter of Alex and Moebius….

The two execs enter the main entrance to the CW Headquarters- and pressed onward into the VIP elevator.

::Alexander leans against the side of the elevator and takes a deep breath to only let go. Alex looks up at Moebius and Kali hugging each other and enjoying each others bodies- and with a fascination… he smiles.::

Moebius: Interesting night wasn’t it?

Alexander Arcane: Interesting… more like a fucking party! heh You don’t know how long I’ve held back…. it was a good show wasn’t it Moebius. Heh I am still laughing it hard that I played fools like Gojinn into believing it was all about the Undisputed title…. like I care about that, it was the cold cash I wanted.

::Moebius and Kali nod in agreement::

Moebius: You certainly are a risk taker, Alex. Bankrupting your own company so you can buy cheap stock, and depend on Richard to pull the company through to raise the value. Ingenuous. But, I still am not the President….

Alex stops leaning and adjusts his tie
Alexander Arcane: You will be… don’t worry about it. Erika, Richard and Amile don’t have any thing…- we presented proof. What the hell do they have? Hell did you see Richard’s face when he heard he married Erika before disappearing… it was a desperate lie to suspend things… that’s all. They all want what we have and it’s just a matter of time before the company is ours for the picking!

The elevator reached the 25th floor

Alexander Arcane: Listen, Moebius… Kali, this is my floor… Mortismere is anxiously awaiting Charon. I trust we know what to do with her? She’s not going to be able to hold out for much longer… the pressure is overwhelming. She will bend to our wishes….

Charon had chosen her black ducati motorcycle to make her way to the offices of the CW Headquarters and as she arrived she could see the throng of journalists clamoring to see who was arriving. She slowly edged her way through the mass of bodies and was grateful for the black crash helmet covering her face with its mirrored visor. Journalists and photographers were scrambling to get ever closer to her and she could hear them firing question after question at her.

Once Charon meets Moebius and Alex she explains that ‘Moebius’ was just a runt kid and that the ‘real’ Moebius was kept hidden. Charon gets a beating of a lifetime from both Moebius and Alexander until Lord Mortismere arrives.

Charon pealed her head up and coughed up blood from the beatings…. she looked up with a glazed vision at that fucking bastard himself….. yes…… Lord Mortismere! Mortismere has some choice words with Charon, mostly the ‘B’ word, and then also takes her and the Darkweight title which was kept in a case in Alex’s office. Mortis then tells Charon to sign away her rights to him in a contract to save everybody she loves in her own blood… but she defies Mortismere and after yet another attack on her- Charon sucks up the blood that was left on the office desk and uses that to sign the contract. Charon, now a slave, licked Mortis’ boots and was put in her place.

It had appeared that finally Mortismere was not only in control of CreatureWrestling but of Charon.

This concludes Page 1 of the backstory to the Virus Saga…

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