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The Day Before

A scene that took place before Charon signed a contract to ‘work’ for Mortis shows that The Law office of Screwem was given specific instructions by Charon that genuine documentation was found that proves Richard Arcane is the President of CW. Charon suspected Moebius was corrupt but did not foresee Mr. Gray turning on her for cold, hard cash- but plans were put into place to protect Richard Arcane. Mr A’Court will be unofficially ‘helping’ Charon once she gains Mortismere’s trust; only at that time can the documentation be released officially.

While still the day before..
Charon had made numerous phone calls back and forth to different people and contacts, several had been back and forth between her and Dewey, Screwem and Howe. Brandon was a different kettle of fish, he pretty much would do anything she asked without question and he still hadn’t told her what he’d done with Gray, he just kept giggling when asked.

She left her locker room with her head down and a black woolly hat pulled down low and jumped into her black Aston Martin DBR9 and squealed out of the underground parking lot. Kali watched her go.

Several hours later she screeched to a halt in the underground parking lot at Death Manor, she threw her wrestling kit in the corner of the garage and hurried up into the main house. All the while she was having a private conversation with the nanobots, they weren’t happy with what she was choosing to do but they had finally come to a compromise. She stripped off the clothes she was wearing and leaped up the stairs to her room and changed quickly into a set of clothes Brandon and Dewey, Screwem and Howe had supplied for her.

Brandon had gone through them in detail with her, she liked the long knee length leather boots though, they were seriously cool. The trousers were black combat style and the t-shirt was black with a small skull and crossbones motif over the left breast and she dragged a short black motorcycle style leather jacket over the top. She stood up and looked over the schematics for the clothes in her minds eye courtesy of the nano technology.

“No time like the present I suppose.”

She took a deep breath and walked sedately back down the stairs to the garage.

EVA Progress & Moebius Plans His Next Moves

We are taken to a place…. not of our world but of our world. The barren landscape of once mighty cities, is now saturated with lifeless, perfect beings…. patrolling… patrolling the void of life. In the great distance, across what was once the Pacific Ocean was a vast citadel, known as Lilith’s Hive, covered with elaborate conduits. The size of the structure was unbelievable- but what was certain, was it’s role. A plant- to drain the life out of the planet and to fuel limelight. The scene now changes dramatically to the inner sanctum of Lilith’s Hive- where a being’s face is seen in brown liquid inside of a glass tubing. A man enters into this room- which we all recognize as F’ein Dacor.

Dacor meets with the Scientists and they exchange empirical evidence leading into the next phase of the programming…. F’ein turns, and gazes contently at the subject laying there in the glass tube. He gently placed his hand on the glass and could feel the warmth of the being inside—

Off to the side, the cold, emotionless, scientists attach a hose to the side of the tube container and limelight is feed. F’ein releases his hand and walks off- at that point, the being’s eyes open slightly and a limelight beams forward- overwhelming your screen with a green vibrant tint.

Moebius had been relieved to see Mortismere take Charon out of Alex’s office and he now sat at his own desk looking at the rising mounds of paperwork to be done. Moebius prepares a contract for a match for Markus at CM8 when Kali comes into the office and they talk about how out of character Charon has been for surrendering so easily and who is Moebius’ true father. It was mentioned that Moebius’ was actually the son of Mortis and his mother was one of his whores.

Charon’s Captivity

On the CW News channel Charon was being led from the CW building in chains by Mortismere. Darkspade turned the volume up and moved closer to the tv screen.

“In unbelievable scenes outside the CW Headquarters, the longest reigning CW Undisputed Champion, Charon Death has surrendered herself to Lord Mortismere. Charon Death arrived at the building some two hours ago by motorcycle…”

[cut to footage of Charon arriving at CW HQ on her black Ducati motorbike]

Spade leaned in closer to watch the footage, Charon was wearing clothes he’d never seen before and she was a creature of habit.

“We have no explanation other than she chose to protect Richard Arcane and she has chosen to do this despite fan’s and officials begging her to reconsider her decision and it wasn’t long before angry fans began to form outside the Headquarters. Many tried to prevent her from entering the premises but she simply got off her bike and walked into the building….”

[cut to footage of Charon walking through the huge crowd of people outside the building]

Darkspade almost missed it but he saw a figure off to the side who seemed to be tracking Charon’s every move, he moved closer to the screen once more.

“Now, it seems Charon is once again by Lord Mortismere’s side, her eyes are the typical inky black of those being controlled by the Unholy darkness and its a dark day for both the CW and the fans.”

[cut back to Charon standing in front of the huge crowd of people her hands, feet and neck chained and then a close up shot of her black vacant eyes]

Darkspade saw it again this time the figure had a crash helmet in hand, Charon’s crash helmet. The next shot almost made him vomit as he watched Mortismere pull Charon close to him and kiss her deeply, the cameraman must have had a strong stomach because he zoomed in on the scene. Darkspade stood back from the TV screen, something was off. Darkspade paused the live broadcast and re-wound it to when Mortismere pulled Charon to him. She didn’t resist him and Darkspade found himself feeling quite ill, it was a reaction that surprised him.

Darkspade watched for a little bit longer as Mortismere shoved her into the back of a waiting limo and then switched the tv off. He stared at the blank screen for some time as he thought about his conversation with her several nights before. Darkspade was at first disgusted but then realized finally who was the person trailing Charon was- Spade was filled with a new purpose and vigor.

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Then all of a sudden on CWTW, Erika Kanine comes out and changes her dumbass story about marring Seer which somehow made her the CW President. Instead, she changed her story and claims that she instead married Richard Arcane and gave birth to his child. HOW this made her the CW President baffled everyone watching… and so, Richard Arcane presents evidence which proved she was lying and as a result she was bared from the CWE. However, a Board of Director Member: Chane McMahon announces that Erika is the new ECF District Promoter- really, just to shut her up.

Meanwhile the REAL Story Continues…
Mortismere shoved Charon roughly into the back of the limo, she sat there looking forwards vacantly as though someone had switched the lights off. Mortismere kept running his good hand through her hair as though Alex and Moebius weren’t in the car with them, Charon didn’t appear to even notice that there was anyone else anywhere in the World.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the back of the limo as Alex and Moebius traded glances and it stayed that way until the limo pulled up outside the huge castle doors. Mortismere seemed to swell with confidence as he hauled his huge frame out and opened his arms wide, the doors swung inwards as Alex and Moebius followed him out. Charon continued to sit in the car without moving. Moebius cleared his throat as Mortismere was about to walk through the castle doors.

With Charon now his personal slave, Mortismere has Charon give him a massage and other sick slavery tasks– once Mortis was in deep sleep Charon used her cybernetic implants to remove the neck collar, she had noted that Mortismere had extended the chain so he could allow her to wander through the Royal Chambers but it allowed her to go no further. Now it was removed and she wandered silently from the room. Charon eventually unlocks the kitchen door to allow Brandon to enter the Castle. Charon tells Brandon:

“Everything is going to plan, you need to get these to Darkspade and make sure he’s here when the ceremony to turn me fully to the Unholy darkness takes place. He’ll know what to do when the time comes. Mortismere has instructed Moebius and Alex to neutralize him. Make sure nothing of the sort happens, do you understand?”

Charon lets Brandon out after he explains that everything is fine with the plans for Richard- but then asks what were the details of the agreement made between her and him… Charon wanted to keep the deal private. Eventually Charon made a scene where she escaped to eat and is returned to Mortis’ side in the throne room… Mortis wakes up and is anxiously happy about the Unholy Darkness ceremony that is to be performed on Charon but for now… time to have some fun!!

The night full of love making and cuddling tired out Mortismere more than it did for Charon…. however, during the middle of the night- Charon had to go pee. She woke and looked over to see Mortismere drewling with his reptilan tongue sticking wide out…. he was also cuddling his favorite teletubby!

Charon was naked but then Mortismere turns over and flops his arms around her boosem and squeezed it like a bicycle horn!! Charon’s face flamed up red but she really had to goooo… slowly she peeled Mortismere’s hand off of her breasts and slid out of the bed and into her night gown. The chain around her neck was still attached but luckily, the bathroom was nearby and she could keep it on.

Approaching the door to the bedroom- she eased it open and immediately, thaumaturge knights unsheathe their swords and block the passage….

Meanwhile, in the bedroom with Mortismere…. a secret door reveals itself from a bookcase and Kali slitter out. She was dressed in a dark linguine and she eyed Mortismere in the bed sucking on his thumb!

Several days after he’d sped off in his car, Darkspade arrived back at his manor house and was greeted by his butler.

“Good morning sir, you have a special delivery package that arrived yesterday and it appears to have been sent from Death Manor sir.”

Darkspade was going to ignore the package but his ears pricked up when he heard Charon’s home mentioned, he turned round and took the package from the tray the butler had it on.

“Yesterday? Charon has been at Castle Mortis for days now…weird.”

The butler was already wandering off. Darkspade ripped the package open and several ripped pages dropped out with a locket. He picked up the locket and recognised it straight away, long controlled emotions began to surface but he forced them back down and pulled out a plain white piece of paper. He stared at it, it was in Charon handwriting.

“Dear father, I’m sorry I lied about the pages of your diary being destroyed in the fire but I needed some time to put my affairs in order and unfortunately that required a small lie to give me the time I needed. So please find enclosed the missing pages of your diary and I hope you find some closure soon. I’ve also included mothers locket as proof that this letter is genuine, I wasn’t sure that you would recognize my writing and writing can be faked too so there you are. I gave my lawyers instruction to send this to you once I had surrendered myself to Mortis, I look forward to the next full moon and hopefully one day you will understand why I’ve done this. Love you lots, Charon.”

Spade picked up the yellowing pages of his diary from the floor and stared at them not quite believing what he was seeing.

“Why? Why did it have to be Charon?”

Darkspade re-read Charon’s letter to him and stared at the reference to the full moon and suddenly he realized it’s significance. Mortis would be holding the ceremony to turn her fully to the Unholy at the full moon. He raced up to his study to get his diary from the safe

The locket…. the memories resurfaced. Even Spade couldn’t hold back his emotions… but sadly, the Unholy Darkness was brutal in his transformation and with each tear that spilled from his eye ducts- felt like smoldering liquid fire. Spade dashed out of the room and into his study- however he felt there was a presence in the same room. It wasn’t of the Unholy Darkness…. or any other ominous power… it was just…. a ‘feeling’ like he has felt only once or twice in his career. Darkspade reached the wall safe but then turned around slowly to address his univited guest into his house.

She was sited on his lovely black leather sofa…. legs crossed and in his right hand was a glass of red blood wine. She had pastel green lipstick on her lips and you can see the veins underneath her skin swelling at each passing moment. Yes she was most certainly a presence…. a bonified grade ‘A’ B….

Amile Bubilefark somehow entered his study- she raised a wine glass to her lips and tried to suck up the liquid- with the aide of her left hand… but as she ::GAGGED::, wine spilled and trickled down on her pastel looking pink dress from the 1960s. Amile was furious and stomped her feet on the ground, protesting that the wine was poor quality. The bitch stood up and tried to lift the right side of her face to produce what looked to be a smile but as she tried to pull that one off- flakes of her aged dried dead skin flick off and even landed on top of Spade’s black leather trenchcoat!! Darkspade flicked off the dry skin with his hand as quickly as possible but then his hand was covered with a slimy goo….. apparently Amile covered her skin with 6 or 70 layers of Noxzema in order to preserve her ‘appearance’……

She inched her way to Spade- all the while bobbing her head back and forth as if she was playing pin-pong in her empty fucking head of hers!!!! As if that wasn’t enough, Amile took out a spray can of pineapple and peas aroma and sprayed the air as if she had to match the environment to the smell of her own aged farts!!!!! Finally, Amile hands Spade a crumbled up paper… it was another piece to his diary and leaves. The very one that Charon claimed was already ripped before she ripped his. He turns around and with a wave of his hand the safe unlocks. Taking the diary and pieces he lets go a moment of /sigh. There was a sense of fear of the unknown- he did not want to read the pages.

At Death Manor
Brandon stripped off his most recent disguise and dropped it onto the tatty looking armchair, he stuffed his hair under the black woollen hat and pulled on his workman boots. Very few people knew about the rooms in this part of the sewers and it had taken him quite a while to set himself up here so he could be safe during the full moon. Charon had found him by accident when he’d tried to kill her, lucky for him she decided not to kill him but instead helped him out and it was not long before she knew who he was.

Brandon owed Charon everything but still he kept his little secret underground lair, he needed to clear his head sometimes and this is where he could do that. He walked through into the room Charon had helped him to construct for dealing with his little problem during the full moon – it was now a cell.

Brandon looked through the small peephole to see how things were progressing, he smiled when he saw the claw marks and the purple bruises round Grays wrists from the wall restraints. Brandon pushed the door open and bought a metal chair in with him. He placed it on the floor in front of Gray before closing the door behind him. Gray raised his head and glared at the unruly Brandon. Brandon straddled the chair and leaned on the back of it as he watched Gray curiously and then he gestured to the claw marks.

Unfinished Business

It has been quite some time that The Unholy Underground Carnival went defunct ever since Darkspade turned on Sideshow to get his half of the CW Dual Core belt… Then Sideshow appears on television with his goons Bonez and Madoxide wanting to know the ‘whys’… Darkspade appears and attacks Sideshow and his goons with The Unholy Darkness, making quick work of them. Spade finally admits that HE was the one who they have been looking for… the person who killed Sideshow’s wife: Fallen Angel!

A match was finally made at CM8 to finally finish this once and for all.

Mind games ensured between the two on screen in preparation for an Unholy encounter…

Strange Relationships

Then… back at Castle Mortis…
Kali watched as Mortismere stretched out his hand searching for the warmth of Charon’s body, she smiled to herself as she padded quietly over to the side of the bed and sat down. She drew her finger slowly down Mortismere’s chest, under the covers and down toward his crotch, she stopped short and then drew her finger back up towards his chest. Mortismere groaned and turned toward her, she climbed onto the bed and straddled him. He tried to push her off mumbling.

““…tired…no more love time …later…””

Kali wasn’t taking no for an answer though, bent her head forwards and began nibbling and caressing Mortismere’s nipples, all the while reaching under the covers and fiddling with other parts of his anatomy as well. Mortismere growled, grabbed her and flung her down on the empty side of the bed. He was on top of her before he realised something was different, something was wrong but he was ready to go now and go he would. That was until the bedroom door opened and Charon stood there staring in shock.

““What the fu…?!””

Charon stormed in like a hurricane contained in a small room, she grabbed the back of Mortismere’s neck and hurled him backwards like a child’s toy. He fell backwards off the end of the bed with a loud thud. There was a scream like a crazed banshee as Charon realised who was in the bed with Mortismere. She dived on Kali and grabbed her round the throat and throttled her until she began to go blue.

Mortismere had finally regained his senses and watched with some glee as Charon attempted to kill Kali but realized quickly that he had to separate the two. He simply grabbed the chain round Charon’s neck and hauled hard pulling her right off Kali and down onto the floor at his feet. She coughed and spluttered as she tried to get her breath. Mortismere stepped forward and then grabbed Kali by the hair, his face was close to hers as he growled.


Kali smiled even though she was suspended in mid-air by her hair, she looked him up and down as though she were appraising his physique. Mortismere grinned evilly back at her.


He threw her from the bed, she landed lightly, looked down at Charon, grinned and disappeared. Mortis walked back to where Charon was still sitting. Charon grinned back up at him as she rose slowly until she reached the one thing that made Mortismere’s eye roll back into his head. She pushed him gently back onto the bed and rode him until he passed out.

CreatureMania 8: The Bloodlines.


Only once a year the Greatest PPV comes into your living room… it was not that time. So many heated feuds ready to be put to the test.

The Unholy Darkspade(c) VS Sideshow(c) in the first ever Undisputed Dual Core Championship:

The two combatants fought long and hard until Darkspade revealed a dark hidden truth to Sideshow by showing him the past:

As if witnessing an old scene right out of Hollywood, the environment changed into a sepia color scheme and Sideshow saw the locker room open. He enters and Fallenangel is sitting on the bench… crying!!! Sideshow reaches out to her and tries to run for her– but then he stops cold as he sees himself enter in from the right! The vision of himself of the past looks down at FallenAngel and then SLAPS HER ACROSS THE FACE WITH A BRUTE HAND!!! Fallenangel falls to the ground, crying and whimpering from the abuse!! she is also bleeding from the head wound!!! Sideshow, who is watching a past scene, is shocked!! he cannot believe what he is seeing.

The scene grows dark and now Sideshow appears in a cemetery. He sees his old self dragging the body of Fallenangel into an unmarked grave and then throws her lifeless body into it!!!! Sideshow runs towards himself but just before he was to grab the figure- everything turns into dust and Darkspade stands before him!

“You killed FallenAngel Sideshow! Then, in grief you banished YOURSELF INTO THE CARNIVAL REALM SO YOU WOULD NEVER FACE THE REALITY!!! THE REALITY THAT YOU ARE A COLD FUCKING MURDER!!!!” – said Darkspade to Sideshow!

Sideshow was riddled with regret and confusion and then Darkspade sunk a knife, intended for him, into Sideshow’s back and covered Sideshow to become the first ever Undisputed Dual Core Champion.

Charon of Death(c) VS Doom, Undisputed Title Match:

Charon was well on her way to defeating Doom a second time to defend her belt when suddenly the lights went out. Charon could sense Doom looking around trying to work out what the trick was but the eerie green limelight that appeared at the top of the rampway was no trick and Charon stood stock still. She watched as the figure made its way to ringside, it picked Doom up and flung her to one side like she was a piece of garbage but she landed relatively safely and struggled to her feet as the thing advanced on Charon. The figure that emerged was not Markus but an upgraded cyborg code-named Mark III.

Eventually Mark 011 squeezed hard round Charon’s throat then the thing turned to face one of the corner posts and hurled Charon hard into it. Doom secured a pinfall on Charon becoming the NEW Undisputed Champion. Paramedics dashed to help Charon as the cyborg retreated to the backstage where F’ein Dacor waited…

The two figures watched on, cold… calculated as the medics try and sustain Charon. That was when the cloaked figure opened up it’s eyelids and a blast of limelight radiated outward!! The bizarre light was so intense…. so saturated that the arena looked like viewing from a lime lava lamp….. Charon, dazzlingly looked up at the figure’s face and then blacked out again_

The BloodLost Tournament:

The next match, literately after the shock we experienced from the Undisputed, was the BloodLost match which were 8 Hell in a Cells connected to each other which had every title on the line. The Mark III Eva, a clone of Kali, showed up along with Kizmat and Charon… eventually at the end of the match revenge came as Kizmat defeats the new Evangelion…

Kizmat nodded to his love and he rolled to the side… Charon unleashed her nailgun… pulled gently on the trigger and a volley of 2inch nails easily cut through the mesh wall creating a door way into the third cage!!! Charon walks in along with Brandon and they happen to see EVA seemingly unconscious and stuck underneath the mesh door…. Kizmat nodded to Charon and then they embraced each other with a long luscious and savoring- intense kiss….. however, Charon collapses and Mortismere appears takes Charon away into a portal… leaving Kizmat worried.

After CreatureMania 8

Mortismere saw Fein Dacor, his temper rising like a huge volcano and he stormed to ringside. He glared at Fein, the only thing coming from his mouth was a huge, rampant tirade of expletives. Fein merely laughed in his face and disappeared with EVA somewhere into the backstage area.

The paramedics had packed the wound on the back of Charon’s head and wound what seemed like acres of bandages round it to stem the flow of blood. She was now drifting in and out of consciousness, she wanted to get off the stretcher but the medical team had taken the decision to cover her up and strap her down. The nanobots were going nuts, throwing up streams of binary in what seemed to her like random and erratic bursts. They finally made the decision to shut down her systems and repair the damage. Thankfully the worst damage they could find was the cut on the back of her head, the metal mesh they had deposited around her skull had absorbed the worst of the impact.

Mortismere stamped angrily down the ramp as the paramedics wheeled Charon up it, the sight of her laying unconscious and heavily bandaged was too much for Mortismere and he expelled a huge charge of Unholy Darkness and disappeared into it trying to track down Fein and EVA.

Meanwhile, Kali and Moebius were lying in bed exhausted from several hours of love-making. Moebius rolled out of bed to go and make them a drink when his mobile bleeped, he picked it up to read the message. He grabbed the tv remote and clicked the flat screen on, he looked down at Kali who was still bruised and battered from her match with Doom and then watched as a live feed from CM8 showed the interference in the Charon vs Doom match up.

Kali paid no attention to the feed but Moebius watched as the figure picked Charon up like she was a lightweight rag doll and threw her. It then cut back to live action showing Charon being wheeled from ringside by paramedics. They then cut back to the recorded action, Kali sat up suddenly as the hood of the figure slipped back slightly.

Charon was taken to the hospital where the doctors discover that she experienced memory lost and doesn’t remember the matches that she had on CM8. Mortis appears and shows genuine worry about here condition.

The same world, yet different dimension. Neo-Earth, viewed from outer space, looked like a patchwork of circuits laid across the landscape. There was no green lush forests- only brown patches- void of life. Then after a fade in, F’ein promptly steps through a mechanized door and the camera walks backwards as F’ein marches forward… we see his arrogant, pompous smile gleaming back at us.

Then the scene shows the interior of a large laboratory. There were many scientist workers hasty turning knobs, pressing buttons and conducting experiments. F’ein stops and stands infront of a being- cloaked in a metallic long garment and is strapped to a metal chair- bent slightly backwards. F’ein crossed his arms and spoke clearly for the being to hear.

F’ein is mesmerized by the new Eva, Mark III which was a clone of the Dark Kali. The next scene takes place inside of a small spherical room- which has a gigantic liquid metal ball hovering in mid air in the center of this room. As F’ein and EVA enter- EVA gently places it’s hand on the exterior of the liquid metal ball and that was when all of the LCD monitors in the room go nuts with binary code….. a face then is formed in the liquid metal and then drips to the floor to only form into a representation of the Queen Evil her very self… the very one sleeping a sleep of creation, Lilith.

[eva_prime] EVA_PRIME ACTIVATION CODE: #1168154981hbd___APPROVED_

The projection of the virtual Dark Queen Lilith appeared… EVA3 acknowledges Lilith as it’s ‘mother’ and sickeningly sucks on Lilith’s nipple as the scene fades to black.

Back at the hospital
The nanobots were working overtime, they had somehow accessed information from the new EVA and they were now processing it… Charon understood what EVA 011’s mission was about and for some reason Doom was on the top of it’s hitlist.

Charon slept fitfully, waking regularly to new binary streams all telling her the same thing, the new EVA, although smaller, was far more powerful than before. She knew who it’s targets would be after reviewing a tape of the CM8 match with Doom and she didn’t need the bots telling her who they thought it’s likely targets were. She was bound to be number one, she would be its primary target since she posed the biggest threat, it would then be a toss up between Mortismere and Kali as to who posed the greatest threat. Charon had recognized the new EVA, she’d been shocked initially but now her plans would have to change slightly.

She sat up suddenly and the caught the arm that was reaching for her, she twisted and was rewarded with a stifled scream. It wasn’t until she heard the voice hissing through teeth that she realized who it was.

“Charon! For fuck sake! Let go, its me! Kali. Please, I need to talk to you?!”

Charon turned to look at her and then relaxed her grip, Kali held her wrist and tried to get some circulation back in it.

“For crying out loud! Did you just use your cybernetics?”

Kali was slightly confused and Charon sighed.

“You tell Mortismere that my nanobots are still operational and I will tear your head right off your shoulders, that’s if EVA doesn’t find you first!… I need to get Mortismere to trust me implicitly, I can’t explain any more to you than that but now its more important than ever. I will be EVA’s prime target, I contain EVA programming and EVA nanobot technology, in that technology resides the residual energy of Markus, something this new EVA doesn’t have. You and Mortismere will be targets, Mortismere because he realizes that Fein is a loose cannon and you because F’ein used your DNA to construct the new EVA 011. I don’t think it will be too bothered which order it eliminates us in.”

Charon further explains to her sister and to her father, Darkspade, that plans have changed now that a NEW more powerful Evangelion is on the loose that contains Kali’s DNA…. Charon states that everyone is in danger but Doom is EVA 011’s prime target.

Dam. Days of Our Creature!

The new Evangelion_ then terrorizes the wrestlers of CWE by attacking them in the ring and elsewhere- eventually Charon confronts EVA with intent to destroy but EVA proved to be too powerful… in one encounter Kizmat appears and saves Charon and they embrace, reminding of the BloodLost match. Eventually this caused Mortismere to get involved, again, but Mortis was more focused on the new EVA and F’ein Dacor’s treachery than keeping Charon his… Kizmat was furious with Mortismere for trying to take Charon and Mortismere was furious with Kizmat for ruining his plans. Charon was annoyed with them both AND the new EVA 011 for screwing up her own plans!

And because of those plans now changed- what will happen with Richard Arcane and the legality of the CW President position? What was the document that was given to Darkspade for safe keeping until the time when Charon was suppose to be completely turned to the Unholy Darkness? Since Kizmat intervene in Charon’s plans with gaining full trust from Mortis- what ripple effects will happen as a result of all of this!?

Darkspade wanted Mortismere dead which would mean him killing either herself or Kali plus destroying several other Soul Chains. Mortismere wanted control of her because he knew she was one of the most powerful creatures on the planet. Kali wanted both Fein, EVA and Mortismere dead – F’ein for using her DNA to create Eva and Mortismere because he controlled Moebius and she wanted him for herself. She wanted EVA dead because the longer the thing lived the greater the possibility of Lilith returning and trying to destroy her relationship with Kizmat.

AoN were now edging into the picture and trying to piss everyone off including herself, this really only left one outsider, Doom. Charon liked Doom and was now deciding that if Doom ever needed her help, she would get it regardless of the situation.

Eva wanted to kill her because she was the only living being with a chance of killing EVA and with it Lilith, all of this meant a re-think in the plan especially since Kizmat had rocked up unannounced.

Eva was the prime problem at the moment and she mentally pushed Eva to the top of the pile. Mortismere was top target, he was most hated on virtually everyone’s list, so Charon pushed him mentally to the left. That left Darkspade in a problematic spot, he not only wanted to kill Mortis but he wanted to destroy him but to do that he would need to kill either herself or Kali and she knew he would kill them both if he had to.

This threw up another issue, Charon couldn’t die but she knew that if Spade killed Kali, Kali would stay dead and Charon couldn’t allow that, it would upset the balance of things.

F’ein got pushed into the pile with Eva and that left herself, Kizmat, Kali and Moebius. Darkspade was issued with a question mark as were AoN. If she could persuade Darkspade that Eva was a far more pressing problem than Mortismere then perhaps it would make things more interesting.

She listened as Mortis and Kizmat started to trade blows, what if she could persuade them all that Eva was a far bigger problem than any stupid feud they had with each other in the past? It was a long shot but she was willing to try unless she killed them both first that was.

Sudden End to Eva Mark 011

In an ECF Dark match, EVA Mark 011 appeared again in order to terrorize everyone along with F’ein who gloated about his new perfect creation… then, Charon appears and states that Eva corp technology always has a flaw.

F’ein Dacor whole heartlessly did not care what Charon of Death spewed from her trap! The conniving mastermind rolled his eyes over to his left and then sharply turned his attention over to the perfect weapon beside him. He raised a mic to his lips and gazed at Charon as though she was a simpleton.

“Ho ho ho… this is rich. If you destroyed EVA, then why is it that EVA stands in this very ring? Evolved. You wave your threats, little one, as though they have any merit of value- but yet, it amazes even me that no matter the amount of failures that surround your decisions, you avoid reality. How much more obvious can it be? Markus was unworthy to don the mantle of the perfect killer. Though the imperfect fool could have destroyed you, it choose to spare you and give you a small morsel of the power of EVA! And look at you, you squandered that gift. You are a pathetic, joke! [pauses, the camera performs an extreme closeup of EVA… it stood there emotionless] Its been a year since that night- a night where Augustus allegedly prevented our Mother Queen from entering this realm. Think you have a shred of a chance? You are wrong. I will carefully slow down my words, so you can understand- Heh heh you and EVA are one and the same. You work for us even though you are too stupid to realize it. Child, there is no happy ending for you this time.”

Charon and Eva fought back and forth – this time, Charon’s own nanobots adapted to every move made and Eva was having a hard time deflecting Charon’s moves… then suddenly, Kizmat appears beside Charon and together they fought Eva to the point that Eva was badly damaged and F’ein, in disappointment, saves Eva Mark 011 by conjuring a portal with his joyeuse and they both disappear.

Strangely days later a broadcast was sent showing Eva Mark 011 giving a cryptic message before shutting down for good.



Loving Family

When the Bloodlines Swelled at CreatureMania 8… Kizmat could not hold back for much longer and he interrupted Charon’s plans based on protecting her from the new EVA threat… Very soon after, Kizmat and Charon’s love grew and they made love whenever possible!

The attacks…. the insane, outrageous and unpredictable attacks. The ‘anything can happen era’ is back again…. just as CreatureWrestling was in it’s golden era years ago. However after the confrontations, in a disclosed location Kizmat was with Charon. She was resting on top of a cot and Kizmat was over her, comforting her. The nanobots relayed information from her central nervous system to the rest of her body- any damage in the exchange was quickly repaired. And just like that, her eyes open wide…. at first she didn’t know who was over her- but as her vision improved, the face of the Lord of Blood formed. She was excited to see him!! Only on rare occasions recently has Charon had a chance to be with Kizmat- especially after submitting herself to Mortismere….

“These attacks. The new creatures and new factions are repeating the same pattern years ago. Does this mean that balance is again disrupted? Charon. Please tell me before you go back to him…. what do you intend to do to my brother, Mortismere? He has been insanely quiet for months…. I fear there is a something wicked between Evangelion’s appearance as well.” – Said KIZMÄT

Charon rested her head back on the pillow and sat there, thinking deeply about everything. She had forgotten about Mortismere ever since Kizmat arrived to save her from Evangelion and F’ein Dacor weeks ago… So many things happened so quickly in the federation, that Mortismere’s own movements was un-monitored…

Kizmat tore his leather vest off exposing his chiseled and smooth chest. His tattoo of two serpents intersecting over a burning anti-cross glistened from a sepia effect caused by the nearby opened window. Charon took a deep breath and they deeply… embraced.

Kizmat gently stroked Charon’s long black and shinny hair. She eased her body into his awaiting- strong arms. Her full breasts rubbed against his chiseled chest….. her long legs that Kizmat often fascinated over time after time in his own erotic afflatus solace dreams- wrapped around him and squeezed him as tight as his throbbing genitals. She mounted herself across his waist and pushed him back on the cot…. Kizmat reached upward- but Charon forced both of his massive arms downward and locked behind his head. Winking- Charon licked Kizmat’s chest and then rubbed her breasts fully across his mouth. Kizmat smiled, as so she did. Both of them were sweating ferociously…… their bodies slid against each other as they made love…. deep past the moonlight hours.

As Charon lay exhausted in Kizmats arms, listening to his deep breathing she wondered when would be the best time to tell him. She’’d known for months of course but had said nothing because of everything that had happened so suddenly within the CW and now she bit her lip. She needed to get their child to a safer place first before she could tell him. She turned over and looked down at his face, it was relaxed and content.

““I think we should move now, under the cover of darkness, take our baby to a safer location?””

Kizmat and Charon decide to relocate their protected daughter, Angel of Death, to a training school in Japan… once they enter through a portal and leave her their– both Kizmat and Charon leave the area and are attacked by two dark creature figures… possibly likely assassins by either F’ein or Mortismere. Kizmat and Charon easily destroy the figures but then Charon falls down in pain and demands to be taken immediately to a hospital. Immediately did Kizmat open a portal and took Charon to a trusted secret hospital facility for Creatures… Charon was giving birth! And this time, to natural born kindred twins.

It was late into the night. So much happened- so quickly!! First Angel, the protected child, was relocated to a new training school in Japan and now, in a sudden time frame- Charon delivered not one… but two bundles of joy! Kizmat was with Charon all night long, and fell asleep with his hands clenching hers… but the safety of the two kindred twins was at stake. Kizmat released his hand and stood up from the chair he was seated in. His body de-materialized into a swarm of shiny orichalcum shards and then he re-materialized inside of the nursery. He quietly passed by the rows of ‘normal’ children and then entered a secured backroom that had a special keypad mounted to the wall. Once inside, Kizmat saw his two new bundles of joy. The twin kindred children were adorable and reminded himself when he was first born. How quickly they were sensitive to Kizmat’s presense. The male opened his cat-like red eyes and reached with its tiny hands to daddy.

Kizmat ripped apart his left sleeve… exposing his strong arm, and then gentle picked up his son in his other arm. The little tiger instantly went for Kizmat’s exposed arm and unleashed its tiny fangs. It made Kizmat smile as his own son sucked on his own moist and cold blood…. after awhile, Kizmat placed his son back into the crib and the poor little thing burped! Kizmat was tasked to help out find names but he was too preoccupied with how cute his children were!

Charon yawned when she realized that Kizmat was gone but sensed he was in the nursery. She pulled on her dressing gown and wandered down the corridors where she eventually found Kizmat busy juggling the two kids who seemed quite happy being thrown about through the air!

Charon chuckled and caught her daughter as she flew slightly out of control over Kizmats shoulder, her daughter burped, flames shot out and hit Kizmat in the back of the head, the fire made the child wiggle up and down and giggle in glee. Kizmat was still holding their son who was busy gnawing on Kizmats forearm in some sort of effort to hurt his father. She was amazed at how quickly they were learning.

“What about Harkin Kizmat Death-Blood, sound alright to you?”

Kizmat seemed to be thinking about it, he spoke it out loud a couple of times and then looked at their son who seemed quite happy about the choice.

“What does Harkin mean anyway?”

Charon shifted their daughter from one arm to the other.

“Harkin means blood red and since he’s your first son he gets daddy’s name in the middle. Junior would have been a cruel thing to do to a kindred child surely?!”

She laughed as Kizmat pulled a horrible face and nodded.

“What about that little horror you’re holding?”

Charon’s face contorted as though thinking hard, her daughter reached up and smacked her in the chin just to remind her that she was there. She looked down at her daughters ice blue eyes.

“I think Crimson Hitomi Death-Blood.”

Her daughter squealed before trying to sink her teeth into her arm. Charon shifted her quickly and she bit Kizmat instead, Kizmat pulled another face as Charon took Harkin from him. Harkin’s eyes had turned a repitilian yellow now and he flicked his tongue out at her, it was long like his father’s. He jumped up and down in her arms.

“What does Hitomi mean?”

Charon was busy holding Harkin by one leg as he swung acrobatically trying to grab her other arm.

“Hitomi means blue eyed. I like both names but you have to agree on them to make them official.”

Kizmat nodded.

“I like both names, I agree that our children should be so named Harkin Kizmata Death Blood and Crimson Hitomi Death Blood. Are you not naming any child as a charon?”

Charon shook her head…. and didn’t want to name a successor to any one of her children for the burden a “Charon” holds.

At Death Mansion


Kizmat had made sure that Charon was safe within the walls of Death Manor before he was happy to leave her to recuperate. Charon was sure that the amount of security around the mansion was ridiculous. If she went to the kitchen she had someone following her and refusing to allow her to enter any room until they had checked it. By the end of the first day, she was getting incredibly bored by the whole thing and ended up going to bed really early.

Her personal security guard insisted on checking her bedroom before he would let her go in, she sighed and rolled her eyes. She leaned up against the doorframe while he found nothing of any interest; he waved her in and then closed the door. He was standing outside occasionally reporting to another security guard elsewhere in the mansion.

She was about to draw the curtains when she noticed the figure pacing up and down outside the main gates as though they were trying to make up their mind about something. Charon frowned and watched them for a few more minutes, a patrol car lit them up momentarily and Charon could see the pale drawn face of a young woman. She pulled the curtains together and eventually fell asleep listening to the security guards making regular reports to each other.

Eventually Charon woke to the alarm that a woman was wandering the estate grounds… Charon meet the woman and found that her name was Kate O’’Neal… Kate found the estate after she spent a lot of time researching who Charon was and she was the figure who had been shadowing Charon since Mortis took her months ago. Charon sensed that Kate had Mortis’ blood in her veins and explained the whole story about a dying prostitute that Mortis had killed which bore a child. Kizmat and Charon buried the body in the backyard’s cathedral and the child was sent away to an orphanage.

Kizmat and I were meeting in secret, bear in mind I was only about sixteen myself when we found her. Somehow, she had survived, Kizmat was panicked because he knew what it would mean if we were caught together, let alone outside the castle itself but I persuaded him to help me hide her. As I laid a hand on her to move her I realised she was pregnant, I could feel the baby moving and I suppose I could identify with her at that time since I was hiding my own pregnancy. We only got her a few yards before she went into labour, Kizmat wanted to leave but again I implored him to stay and help deliver the baby. The baby came quickly and as it squealed she made me promise to look after it. How could I refuse? As soon as I made the promise she died in my arms. I made Kizmat bring the baby and your mother here to the church in secret and we buried her where we knew Mortis would never think to look. We had no idea what to do and so we named the child and hid him away so Mortis would never know we had his son. It was shortly after this, I gave birth to my own child to Kizmat. Kizmat had taken great care to construct an escape story; he told Mortis that someone had helped me to escape the castle so that he himself could remain within the castle to keep an eye on things.”

Charon further reveals more.. including that the CW Chairman Moebius is Kate’s brother….

“Mortis hates me and yet still loves me at the same time in some sick twisted way. I personally just absolutely hate him. I did it to protect Kizmat. I figured the more people thought I was a sick twisted bitch the better, Mortis would be happy to let me run round killing people and Kizmat would be safe. It worked for quite awhile but then he started actively seeking me out, as far as he was concerned I was his property and he wanted me back. I had to go back to my family, my real family.” “I was born Angel Charon Death, my father is Darkspade but my mother put his brothers name down on my birth certificate to protect me and my twin sister. So Damien took me in and helped me out with a lot of things without ever questioning me too closely. I think he knew far more than he ever let on but let me get on with things. I suspect he even knew about Kizmat. I think it sent Mortis mad when I publicly announced that Damien Death was my father, he knew damned well that Spade Deathen was my real father. I think Damien realised I needed a family, I’d never had one apart from Kizmat and my own daughter. Damien knew there was a child but he had no idea there were two. I had no intention of putting our own child at risk so I told Damien that Moebius was my child by Mortis. I knew Mortis would sit up and take notice, we had him where we wanted, we had the control but something weird happened. Moebius turned out to be a perfect balance, he still is, he still has the power to choose between good and evil but at the moment he needs to discover the true nature of the Unholy Darkness for himself. I don’t think now is a good time to tell him that you’re his half sister, especially since he’s shacked up with my twin sister.

Elsewhere….. during the same time.
The scene starts out with an establishing shot of the dreaded Castle Mortis from the outside. And then as the view zooms in on one of the tall towers, we arrive inside. Black candles flowing….. demon spawns eating dead carcasses overwhelming. Then, a loud sound pulsated from the large double twin-mahogany doors! They swung open! and a burst of Unholy dark mist pours out into the room….. two evil demon eyes burned through the darkness!! Then, a naked woman human is thrown out of the dark room. She is covered in her very own blood. Then, the figure emerges from the darkness……… we see from the floor up- following a long royale red ceremonial robe to the top of its head that this was the Lord Master himself……. Lord Mortismere.

Mortismere snarls and grinds his teeth at the whore he just fucked all night long and then beaten her to near death. Mortismere outstretches his arm…. his twisted, bony fingers twitched as he chanted in ancient Unholy dialect. The whore on the ground screamed with all of the air that she had left in her body…. she tried to get up but a great weight kept her clawing and clawing on the ground….. Mortismere’s body illuminated in a dark ethereal aura. And with a simple flicker of his wrist, the whore exploded into millions of pieces!!! The demon spawns gorging on their dinner raised their heads and then ran after pieces of the whore that littered the blood stained marble flooring….. Mortismere, with no emotion, turned around- with his red blood stained ceremonial robe flowing back in place…. Mortismere raise his hands up high and then a path of dark candles illuminated his throne room….. The evil lord enters and then sits comfortably down on his chair. He stared blankly forward…… but then, from the side Dark Kali Death…. dressed in a sleezy tight as her skin dress sits down on his lap and throws her hands on Mortismere’s neck… Mortis showed no attention….. no recognition what-so-ever…. he just stared blankly in the distance.”

“My most magnificent Lord, What troubles you at this darkest of hours?” – Said Dark Kali-Death

The view pans slowly around from the back of Kali and then takes on a double-shot of the two from Mortismere’s vantage point. Mortismere clenched his bony hands… scrapping the tops of the hand rests. Finally, in a deep….. scratchy and deathly voice… Mortismere answers her.

“……C.ccchhaaarrrrrroonnnnn……. Godammn her… SHE’S MY PROPERTY!!!!! MINES ALONE!!!” – Said Mortismere.

At this time, the CW Chairman of Creature Wrestling itself walks in from the grand hallway where the demon spawns are licking the blood from the marble floor. Moebius walks into the throne room and kneels respectfully for his lord. Mortismere’s red glowing eyes illuminated brighter from his arrival. Moebius smiled at Kali, and she got up to greet him with a deep…. luscious kiss. Mortismere raised his head and lowered it… he licked his chops with his reptilian tongue.

“Your royal unholiness, I overheard. We mere simpletons are not as quick as you are, so forgive my stupidity as I came here in haste to tell you what you already know. For the Lord of Blood, your young brother- Kizmat has seduced Charon and she now is with his company.” – Said Moebius

…… Mortismere sighed. He grind his teeth sooooo hard that it sounded like a dulled chainsaw cutting a granite wall. Mortis rose slowly up to his feet which promptly made Morbius and Kali kneel down so that they are not standing at the same level as their illustrious and magnificent Lord evil…… Mortismere waved his hand from left to right into the air- leaving a streak of Unholy mist which then wrapped around his body and then shot forward – passed Moebius and Kali and then exploded into the marble flooring in his throne room….. a ghostly image was seen…. similar to a movie but seen in Grey light. It was an aerial view of Death Manor……. Mortismere was searching for something….. and like changing channels, with a flick of his wrist- Mortismere frantically searched everywhere that he could for Charon’s presence….. Then, finally- he narrowed in on a chapel overlooked before in the courtyard…. Mortis steps off of the royale platform and then Moebius and Dark Kali move aside to let Mortismere pass them and approach the burning ball of fire. Mortismere’s eyes glowed in multiple colors connecting with Charons mind…. then, the eternal power of the Unholy Darkness finally breaks the divine barriers. The view now shows Charon with a woman inside of the chapel…. the view was becoming static…. as it seemed that the will of the Holy Darkness was trying to counteract the will of the Unholy Darkness…. and just like that, Charon looks up as if she saw Mortismere peeping at her and then the great ball of flame DISPERSED!


Moebius’ eyes expanded…. up till this point, it was thought to be a lie but if Mortis’ connection with Charon proved otherwise then it had to be true…. but, the connection was severed… Mortismere didn’t know anything else…. not yet.

Mortis was about to kill Moebius until Dark Kali interferes and tells Mortis that Moebius must be of his blood and she will find out the truth. Mortis agrees for them to find evidence but time was running out for Moebius!

Family Re-union… Sort of.

Charon smiled. Mortismere was curious, good. There was another reason she liked the chapel and Mortismere had just discovered why it was a good place to talk. She’d found out by accident some time ago that the chapel had been built for a reason and that reason was to prevent evil from penetrating anyone inside. It was a unique design, every part of its structure had been individually blessed with holy water and every stone had been impregnated with holy darkness so that the entire building was an exact offset against the Unholy Darkness. It meant anyone trying to access the mind of anyone inside it was setting themselves a thankless task.

She’d given Mortismere just enough information to keep him guessing and since he had no idea what her daughter looked like; that and she had an annoying habit of changing her appearance to suit her mood would make his task exceptionally difficult.

Her next objective would be to find somewhere to hide Kate; she knew the perfect place. Hundreds of years ago when the Death Estate had first been established, the family had been quietly religious and had built the chapel, with it they decided they needed their own priest. Several years later the priest’s cottage had been built; it was small but functional with the same protection if not more so than the chapel itself. The Death family had been acutely aware that should their priest become corrupt, it could corrupt many members of the family and they had taken huge steps to protect him.

The cottage was so well protected that very few people even knew it existed; Charon had found it by pure chance when she’d been looking for a place to hide out. It had been deserted for years but she’d taken the time to clean it up and sort it out. Kizmat had often met her there in secret and they could walk directly from the chapel underground to the cottage. The Death family had left nothing to chance.

She settled Kate into the cottage and showed her where she could find everything.

Kate was grateful for Charon hiding her, but Charon needed to address some long overdue unfinished business.

Several hours later, Charon had changed into black jeans, black leather motorcycle boots, black t-shirt and a long, black jacket. She had ridden her motorcycle as far as she could before security devices protecting the castle zapped the engine and made it useless. It was a good mile up to the main castle door but the distance didn’’t overly bother her. She knew Mortis would see her coming long before she arrived at the doors. Charon approached Castle Mortis and was met with opposition in the form of guards… but Charon easily passed once she announced who she was and walked into the throne room.

Charon threw the doors open and the druids were incinerated by Mortismere for allowing her entry to the castle. Charon made a theatrical display of bowing very low to the ground in front of Mortismere’s throne. Mortis growled.

Charon demanded that a meeting is to be taken place with Moebius, Kali and Mortis where she will explain everything… and so Charon revealed that “one of Mortis’ whores escaped Mortis, probably in your younger days. Unfortunately for Mortis, Kizmat and Charon found her just as she was about to give birth. Kizmat and Charon adopted the child as their own and named him Moebius. Charon pointed out that she was not the mother… and give Moebius the chance to find and experience love for himself.

And so, unexpectedly, Darkspade was stood framed in the doorway. Charon looked and was quite surprised that this whole thing was now opening up in ways she had never expected. Mortismere turned to look at him.

Darkspade fixed Mortismere with a stare and without looking at anyone other than Mortismere he struck both Charon and Kali with a lethal burst of Unholy Darkness that sent Charon crashing hard backwards off of her chair and striking the wall. She felt the life drain out of her. Kali was flung across the table and crashed hard onto the floor on the other side. Moebius screamed and ran to where Kali now lay, lifeless and slowly turning grey, her lips slowly going blue. Mortismere grinned and turned back to Darkspade who stood there still pointing at Mortismere.

Moebius noted that Kali now had a huge slash across her cheek and as he hugged her to him he saw the strange mist rising from her body. As the mist left her body he felt her heart flutter back to life, he looked over to where Charon still lay completely still, her lips also blue. Moebius glared at Darkspade.

YOU BASTARD!” – Screamed Moebius!

Moebius stood to move but then a small disturbance in the centre of the room made them all now look round again. A stream of ten inch nails shot from the cloud and embedded themselves along the centre of Mortismere’s head like a metal mohican. The cloud formed into a person who dropped down lightly wielding a nailgun. Darkspade stared curiously, while Mortismere was still trying to work out how the nails had got there. The figure waved.

“HI! Granddad… my name is Angel Blood of Death!”

The sudden and charismatic arrival of Angel Death was now here- properly introduced. Grandpa Darkspade placed his hands on his hips and stared at Angel as she playfully hot scotched to her mum and held her by the hand…. Spade screamed and clenched his fist in defiance, this was the moment he had been waiting for!!!

Darkspade chanted but it was not ancient Unholy incantations but rather, quite surprisingly- they were Dark Carnival Magik! Mortismere’s brow raised as Darkspade was spilling gibberish! It made Mortismere chuckle until he felt a queasy sensation in his stomach and then his entire skeleton felt heavy as stone. Spade suddenly pulled out the Soulisk Cane that was allegedly taken back by Sideshow! Mortismere fell down on both knees and looked up at Darkspade with a sinister, diabolical evil stare… the type of stare that would send you crawling back into hell if you ever found a way out!! Darkspade raised the cane up into the air with his left hand and the emerald jewel that was embedded into the evil clown like figure head started to glimmer with a brilliant light. Mortismere was bound but he was laughing harder and harder as Darkspade chanted each verse.

Unmoved by Mortismere’s insults, Darkspade continued to chant the verse. At this time, Charon had completely recovered and she motioned towards Darkspade. Moebius helped Dark Kali-Death to her feet but she was overwhelmed with fatigue….. in the middle of the room, Darkspade was glowing in a brilliant green aura and just as Darkspade reached the last word– he suddenly turns around and points the Soulisk at Charon!!! Charon froze like a statue! her eyes were pale white and her skin turned into a glossy waxlike texture. Angel Death shook Charon’s hand and tried to wake her up!!! That wasn’t all, Darkspade unbuckled his trenchcoat…. and turned around but kept the cane pointed at Charon. Mortismere’s eyes popped out as he now realized what Darkspade had hidden…. The Nethercore title! Darkspade explains once he kills Charon and the title that Mortis will cease to exist!

Angel Death whipped her head around and jolted out in a standing chartwheel turned insiguri kick to the back of Spade’s head! Darkspade dropped the cane but he kept his right hand outstretched keeping Mortismere bound to the floor…. Darkspade quickly turned around and then stared at Angel! The Unholy One’s own aura EXPLODED! and she shot up from where she stood and fell down on the table in the middle of the room- breaking it in two! Spade picked up the cane and with one flick of it- a green mist from the clown mouthpiece poured out and traveled into the air before descending into Charon’s mouth!!! it was over… but something wasn’t quite right! As the mist searched inside of Charon’s body she began to regain consciousness and the nano-bots inside resisted the magick…. it was simple, because Mortismere’s soul WAS NOT INSIDE OF HER BODY!

Darkspade stood there dumbstruck….. his mouth dropped open as Charon’s body expelled the carnival majick… literately by sweating out the green mist from her pours…. as the last of the mist evaporated into thin air- Charon fell into Angel’s arms… she was restored to normal.

Darkspade gripped the cane so tight- that his hand was bleeding….. but the reaction from Mortismere told a different tale…. Mortismere’s gaze now locked onto Kali Death. Darkspade was thinking hard and long about what just happened and then he pointed the cane at Kali- who was still held up in Moebius’ arms….

“..there were twins, born at EXACT last stroke of midnight. Twins….. The magic did not work for Charon, but I believe, it WILL FOR YOU! Dark Kali of Death!” – Said Spade

Kali was barely conscious, Moebius screamed at Darkspade, Charon was struggling to stand and Angel looked round the room taking everything in with the curious air of a scientist observing the reactions of several chemicals.

Moebius wasn’’t sure how he’d done it but he could feel energy building inside his body and as the mist searched Kali’s body for Mortismere’s soul, he exploded or rather the energy exploded outwards, uncontrolled like a shaken bottle of cola. Darkspade was lifted from his feet, as was Mortismere, Charon and Angel. They were flung outwards; Charon and Angel slammed into one of the stone walls of the castle. Charon who was already weakened slumped unconscious to the floor, Angel who had been training so damned hard, managed a controlled breakfall and landed next to her mother breathing hard. Darkspade and Mortismere who had both been trying to use dark and Unholy power were now suspended in mid-air like some weird sculpture. Darkspade still held Mortismere as his prisoner but Moebius had somehow used Holy Darkness to hold both and so there they were glaring at each other.

Kali was now lying at Moebius’ feet, she was turning grey and her lips were now an ugly blue colour. Tears streaked down Moebius’ cheeks and he screamed at Darkspade.

“Undo it! Undo what you just did! You bastard you killed her!”

Darkspade could do very little other than glare at Mortismere but a small grin crossed his face. Mortismere looked genuinely frightened now that Kali was dead, it meant several soul pieces had been destroyed.

Charon groaned, grabbed Angel and whispered urgently to her. Angel grabbed her by the collar and dragged her over to where Kali lay. Blood oozed from a cut across her cheek, Charon lay her hand gently on Kali’s face. At first nothing seemed to happen and then Angel noticed the colour returning to Kali’s lips, then her face and then she saw the look on Charon’s face. She was in a lot of pain. Kali sat up suddenly, she looked all around and then down at Charon who was now writhing and thrashing in pain. She touched Charon’s arm, she stopped and seemed to relax and then Kali stood up and took hold of Moebius’ hand.

“Let them go. They deserve each other, we have already started to build a future together, I don’t want either one ruining what we have.” – Said Kali

She smiled mysteriously at Moebius. Angel was trying to get Charon into a sitting position; it was like trying to wrestle a large sack of potatoes up a flight of stairs covered in ice. Moebius’ shoulders sagged and both Mortismere and Darkspade fell to the ground. Both men sprung to their feet, Mortismere didn’t point at Darkspade though, he pointed at Charon and shot a huge bolt of Unholy Darkness at her.

It was Angel who responded the quickest of them all. She simply stood between the bolt and Mortismere. Time seemed to slow to treacle like speed and in the time the bolt took to cover the distance between them, Angel’s eye’s glowed blood red and she raised her right hand in a stop motion. She motioned to the right and the Unholy Darkness seemed to bounce off an invisible shield held in her hand. Mortismere stared in disbelief; it was enough time for Darkspade to make his next move.


Charon and Angel escaped through the main doorway…. then the scene focuses on Darkspade and Mortismere. The two stood within a few feet of one another- and their gazes locked like never before! Darkspade’s brow lowers as he makes an angry face- and within a split second- his entire body explodes with an unimaginable Unholy energy!! Darkspade had ascended to the form of the Unholy Cardinal. A form that can draw on the power his unearthly pieces: soul, body and spirit. Mortismere was unimpressed. He even let down his guard and completely seemed to forget what transpired here– The Unholy Cardinal screamed out loud and electrical bolts emerged from his body and shot in all directions! Striking and sending columns down in a heap of rubble. Again, Mortismere was unimpressed but he did stop to turn around and face Spade once again— a shot of the two evil entities was now seen from left to right…. it was a standoff…. In Darkspade’s left hand was the Soulisk- a piece of Mortis’ soul was now contained inside of the emerald jewel; in his right hand was the CWF Nethercore Title- which also contained a piece of Mortis’ soul….. Mortismere was genuinely aware of what Darkspade had in his possession. A great threat indeed…..

Mortismere let go a wicked laughter that he has contained deep within his lungs throughout the entire night!!! As he laughed at Darkspade’s ignorance, the demon spawns, the kindreds and the druids watched on in the dark halls in utter amazement. Mortismere removed his cowl- you can see his twisted scared demonic face. Mortis’ iconic red glowing eyes seemingly blinded anybody who gazed at them. Mortismere raised his left hand out gesturing to Spade to release the soul pieces to him. Mortis taunted Spade while infiltrating his disturbed mind.

The taunting and disrespect was pissing Spade off but deep inside of his soul he kept reminding himself that he must take control of the Unholy Darkness or the Unholy Darkness will control him…. Spade had enough!!! he raised off of the ground- holding both items outstretched!!! Mortismere merely crossed his arms- Darkspade’s eyes glowed an erie white… then, before him a sphere of concentrated evil formed into a large ball…. it was THE UNHOLY EMBRACE!!

Mortismere released his arms quickly and tried to open a portal for an escape but again, his skeleton was heavy like a stone statue and his body was bound where he stand. Mortismere looked up at Darkspade in denial over his mastery of the Unholy Darkness. NO ONE has ever conjured the Dark Embrace! Which would mean, that Darkspade committed the greatest sin of them all— murder.

But as the dark embrace was forming and gaining power – his body was shivering and twitching uncontrollably! Even with the Unholy Cardinal form- Spade was sacrificing way too much….

Mortismere growled and snarled at the thought of being bound back into hell again! He seemed more upset over that than losing two precious soul pieces!!! The Dark Embrace, conjured by Darkspade as The Unholy Cardinal was HUGE!! It was so large that it was now 3/4 the size of the throne room and expanding exponentially outward… it was now realized that Spade was going to TAKE CASTLE MORTIS DOWN WITH HIM ALONG WITH MORTISMERE!!!!! As Spade chanted in tongues…. in the most ancient Unholy of Dark arts…. a bolt of brilliant blinding light shot from the darkness and struck through Darkspade’s chest and out on the other end!

Spade’s eyes fill with a black inky substance and his mouth opened wide…. from a distance shot, Darkspade is seen falling down and crashing into a large smoking hole that he created upon impact….. the Dark Embrace was unstable but then, a large figure emerged from the darkness….. raised its right hand with two fingers drawn out. The powerful sphere of concentrated evil was suddenly absorbed and sucked in between the figures two fingers. Mortismere did not feel the weight anymore and he stood straight up… Mortismere smiled evilly at the unconscious body of his apprentice and we are in shock as the figure comes into the moonlight. At first, it was blurry but then it became quite clear….. it was The Dark Sincentius!

Mortismere let off another huge laughter, one that even the fleeing Charon and Angel heard as they escaped the Castle grounds…. the next shot, shows Charon and Angel outside by Hell Hounds… as Charon helped Angel up on one of the horses- she shoots back and sees a red glowing light illuminate several windows….

Angel Death: What’s wrong mum?

Charon Death: I am not sure. I felt a strange power from the Castle…

::Angel looks over her shoulder- back at the castle and shrugged::
Angel Death: Hm. I didn’t feel the Holy Darkness.

Charon Death: No, that wasn’t it. I felt that Spade summoned the Dark Embrace… but something, incredibly powerful absorbed it….. it was pure and angelic. What power could completely neutralize that horrific move.

Meanwhile, the scene changes. Mortismere is looming over a beatened Spade…. Mortismere picks up the cane and the title and turns to stare with a loving glee at The Dark Sincentius.

“…..Old friend. I am certainly glad you choose the right side. The Holy Light is now on the side of the Unholy Darkness!!! It is now time to destroy Charon…. she is worthless to me… now that I know she does not possesses a piece of my soul. However you decide on her demise, please make her suffer slowly.” – Said Mortismere

As the druids picked up Spade and shackled him in chains to be locked up in the guard tower, The ethereal face of Sincentius made your stomach queezy…. the monster simply nodded. It even made Mortismere edgy… and just like that, in a brilliant pure light- the sorcerer disappeared!

Sincentius arrival ended the Resurrection Era and the dreaded Virus Saga was next to come!

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