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The Virus Saga.

The Resurrection Era laid the foundations for what was to come… in the last Chapter we left off when Darkspade used the Soulisk Cane and absorbed one of Mortismere’s Soul pieces into it… it was found that Kali Death, not Charon, had a Soul piece but that still did not make any sense to anyone considering the long standing belief that Charon was the one who Mortismere needed. Only Mortismere knew the truth. However, Darkspade had a little surprise for Mortis in the form of a Dark Embrace as he ascended into his Unholy Cardinal form-

Darkspade had finally mastered the Unholy Darkness… but the enormous amount of Unholy Energy was too much for Darkspade to handle and then from out of nowhere a brilliant bolt of pure lightning struck Darkspade down and in an amazing shock- The Dark Sincentius absorbed The Dark Embrace in-between his fingers! Everyone watching in the throne room witnesses the resurrection of The Dark Sincentius!!!

Mortismere was quite pleased with Sincentius arrival. Mortismere immediately orders for Darkspade to be locked up and Mortis takes away the Soulisk Cane and the Nethercore Championship title.

Charon and Angel of Death are outside when all of this happened about to ride Hell Hounds to escape with.

Arise the Tainted Priest


The Hell horse reared up suddenly, as a light appeared in front of them, Charon bought the horse under control and Angel slipped off the back to haul in the reins at the front. Dark Sincentius was stood silently blocking their way. Charon glared at him, instantly distrustful, something felt wrong and no one moved for what seemed like hours.

Angel was staring at him curiously, his energy pattern was odd and confusing and she tilted her head to try and get it more focused but it was like trying to see just one part of a kaleidoscope. She looked back at her mother whose energy was also cycling furiously between a golden silver colour and pitch-blackness. Their energy stood out wildly against the natural energies of the plants and trees around them.

The Dark Sincentius repetitively told Charon that she is about to die… Charon felt the new power emerge from Sincentius… it was the power of the Holy! But then she questioned him:

“How can you contain Holy Light when you are working for the Unholy Darkness? Surely once you accept the Unholy, the Holy then becomes a part of the Unholy? However, for that to happen surely there has to be an aberration in the Holy to start with to allow the Unholy to creep in. That means you then become a balance because you are trying to contain both Unholy Darkness and Holy Light, the two can’t exist within the same person which is why Spade’s soul split apart…. but then to reside as a living thing outside of Spade’s body would require a second soul, a soul tainted by Unholy Darkness. You’re not really part of Spade Deathen are you? You’re a trick, an anomaly, oh Mortismere is good I’ll give him that but he really shouldn’t try and pit his wits against mine. You’re only part of Darkspade not Spade Deathen. Spade Deathen is the Holy part of Spade the piece that never got marred by the Unholy. Darkspade was the result of the soul split but the problem was that Mortismere suddenly realized that Holy Darkness could zip the pieces back together given the right person with the right skills. And that’s why he sent you to kill me. Darkspade is close to rivaling his power but just as equally, Spade Deathen is also coming close to being re-united with his darker side.”

Sincentius grinned. Then Angel kept looking at her mum questioning her sanity! Charon looks at Angel and continues:

“Your Grandfather is close to working out how to put his fractured personality back together but of course Mortismere can’t allow that because it really would screw with his idea of balance. Interestingly enough, I don’t think Spade ever was evil, I think Serin was though.”

Sincentius raised his hand and a bolt of dark energy left his hand but never reached its target. Angel had lifted her hand and simply used a stop motion, she had no knowledge of how any of the powers worked but that was maybe why she was able to stop energy itself whenever she urged it to. It was the innocence of a child. Sincentius stared; he was confused as the ball of dark energy simply hovered statically in mid-air. Angel regarded it with the curiosity of a child watching a bird learn to fly, its construct was interesting to her but more interesting was Sincentius.

She had seen Darkspades energy, she’d felt it as he had blasted them with the Unholy Darkness and Sincentius didn’t feel the same, his energy was different. Angel flicked the dark energy back at him and he absorbed it. This time he flung brilliant white light at her, again she made it stop in mid-air, it was beautiful, almost hypnotic but it was tainted with something else. She flicked it back at him and again he absorbed it.

Angel frowned as the things energy changed again. Sincentius now attacked Angel. This time acting instinctively and with the ferocity that can only be conjured by a mother protecting it’s children, goldy silver energy burst forth from the end of Charon’s fingers and blasted Sincentius, paralysing him and holding him still. Her eyes had now become silvery and Angel saw that the energy didn’t emanate from around her but was coming from within, she stared as the energy neutralized anything Sincentius tried to use. Angel could feel the energies fury, its rage and its age. It was ancient, as old as the World itself and had existed from before the time of the first birth itself. The more Sincentius tried to throw at it, the more powerful it seemed to become. Angel could hear the golden energy singing, it was singing, it made you feel light and energetic, she felt as though in that moment she was capable of absolutely anything and everything in the whole World and she was.

“What magick is this?” – Said The Dark Sincentius

The Dark Rider, as he was once called long ago- was sent by Mortismere to end Charon and Angel’s lives. Unexpectedly, an ancient magic unlike anything ever seen before prevented even Sincentius to carry out the wishes of a Demonic crazed lord. After the brilliant bright energy emanating from the forest subsided… Sincentius lowered his hand and watched intently at the two.

Angel knew what it was and she smiled, as it seemed to entwine her and bind her to Charon. The energy was reaching out as it built, golden tendrils seemed to search its surroundings and it wasn’t long before Mortismere could see the bright energy emanating from the forest. He stomped round angrily demanding to know what was going on but it had already reached into the castle itself and to the dark place where Darkspade was now shackled, it reached into him and told him something that deep down he already knew.

“Though it will be amusing to see if you two can truly deflect my power, I leave you two in peace. For now. Why? I answer to no-one. Tainted by the Unholy Darkness? Wench! I command all that I wish to command…. I AM THE WILL of Unholy and Light.”

Charon could indeed feel the power but she also saw the resemblance of Serin…. it was true, Mortismere used Serin to contain the essence of the formless entity of Sincentius but this new threat could not harm Angel and herself….. The Dark Sincentius poses a grave warning that they will be killed…

“Pray thee that you grow stronger, the both of you. I annihilated not immortals but gods! I destroyed Knightmare Kefkas and Nexroths with utter ease. What makes you think that that spoiled brat could stop me from twisting Darkspade to his true destiny! I will not allow him to rebuild his body…. Your child is strong, Charon…. however, tell me this- can she outlast the will of the Holy Darkness? You speak of tainted….. [points at Angel]… THAT is a freak of nature. And I shall purge her soul as I have purged the ages past of filthy… sinful…. disgraceful Kindreds….”

Sincentius was tainted by the Unholy Darkness and given the soul of Serin to make him live and Angel possesses a strange power that is somehow able to deflect The Dark Sincentius!

Charon with Angel kicked the hell horses flank and turned it away from Sincentius. Before he could respond, the horse had taken off at breakneck speed toward Death Manor and Sincentius was left confused and angry with both Darkspade, Mortis and himself.

Charon returns to Death Manor…
Charon just finished placing Angel into bed and covered her with the sheets- then gently Charon kiss Angel on the forehead before leaving the room and closed the door behind her. As Charon turned to walk down the stairway- Kizmat was in front of her… Without hesitation he hugged her with his massive arms and they kissed deeply and passionately for several minutes.

It felt like one had to take a crowbar to separate Kizmat and Charon kissing- finally, as they withdrew their lips from each other… Kizmat gently and softly contours his right hand across her warm face. Charon smiled at Kizmat… and Kizmat again, hugged her. Kizmat’s chest was strong… he was a strong father and lover.

Charon explains everything that had happened at the Castle, that was when Kizmat reveals his vague memories of The Dark Sincentius:
“I have vague memories of that man… oh yes he was once a mortal- now, tainted by the Unholy Darkness. Believe it or not, Sincentius was once a holy man- Mortismere’s corruption can do amazing things. Right now, my love, we must focus on our children. We are forging a new Death Family….. it must be a nightmare for my brother to know that he is incapable of destroying us…..”

Charon thinks about that and everyone turns in for the night… a night of rest deserved.

It’s a New Day, YES it is!

A great deal of changes happened all around. Not only has Sincentius been resurrected but Mortismere now has Darkspade his prisoner and he was even showboating this fact by showing up on network54 with Spade chained! (See:……). But there was a lot of unfinished business and questions that still needed to be taken care of. For one, whatever happened with Richard Arcane and the CW Presidency? and what was the document that Spade had in his possession in relationship? Alongside all of this was the increasing, annoying, popularity of the Army of None. And top this all off with the looming threat posed by The Dark Sincentius.

Brandon Seeking Out Doom

Then, Brandon shows signs of attraction to Doom for some reason… Finally after a match that Doom won, Brandon looks to check on her which lead to much more.

Brandon had stared open mouthed for several minutes, his brain registered that Doom had won but in a most displeasing manner. He felt Doom’s annoyance, as did most of the fans at ringside who had spent a good deal of their hard earned money to see this match up, only for it to end in such an abrupt way. He found himself getting angry, he dropped his popcorn on the floor next to the chair and left his water where it was.

He stormed backstage looking for Jake, he really couldn’t give a shit if Erika had been kidnapped or been run over by a bus or whatever, a match was a match and he’d put his name on the contract. How Dare Jake walk out on a match with the lovely Doom? And there is was, he’d said it, even if it was only to himself, his mind wandered to the lithe body he’d seen relaxing by the pool on the cruise ship and caught himself just before a sliver of drool escaped the corner of his mouth.

He checked his hair in the reflection of a door window and was startled as Doom walked right through it and bumped into him. He was gangly as opposed to muscular but he was tall and Doom’s face only came to his chest, there was some embarrassed shuffling around as Brandon tried to extract himself from Doom, who seemed mildly amused at his embarrassed tippy toe dancing. Brandon stammered an apology, he wasn’t usually so awkward around women but Doom wasn’t like other women he’d met. Usually they were quite sleazy and would sleep with him for the price of a bottle of vodka but he sensed that Doom could throttle him quicker than he could sneeze.

The scene fades as Brandon and Doom have a great time out.

The night after with Doom…
Brandon opened one eye, it wouldn’t focus so he closed it again. A few minutes later he ascertained that he was in fact laying face down, half on and half off a not so unfamiliar sofa. He couldn’t remember how he’d got there and when Charon walked into her study she shrieked making his head feel as though it might as well have been cleaved down the centre with a pickaxe. He clamped his hands firmly over his ears to try and muffle the sound. Once Charon realised who it was she grabbed him by the arm and sat him into an upright position and then grinned at the bloodshot eyes and the stale smell of alcohol.

“Someone had a good night from the looks of it.” – Said Charon.

It wasn’t a question it was a statement. Brandon caught sight of himself in the mirror over the fireplace and winced. His hair looked as though someone had backcombed it and then knotted it in a hundred different places, he had lipstick smeared down the side of his face and on his collar and had no idea who it was from or where he got it. He was sure he’d been wearing a black jacket when he left the house but now he was just barely wearing a white shirt that had been ripped down the front, as for his underwear, he wasn’t sure whether he’d worn any or not but he certainly had nothing on underneath his tight leather trousers now. He tried to focus on Charon’s face but was too intoxicated.

Shifts In Power

The Army of None faction eventually rose to dominate the landscape in both Brands… and it had appeared that even the Powers That Be: Alexander Arcane and Moebius were backing them up. AON’s power grew even more once they were awarded the first ever Faction Championship… and an even bigger announcement that CWE and ECF were united as one along with BloodSyn fired!

Alexander Arcane: “It has been awhile but greatness takes time to develop! I don’t speak only of the awe commanding Creature Wrestling organization but I speak of Creature Wrestling Entertainment! First, before I speak of CWE…. I know many lot of you are pondering what exactly happened between Richard, Moebius and myself. And why each time my little bro’s air time has been cut off on each and every single event that has played since his arrival… heh. Well, I don’t really know. Richard has been quite…. maybe he finally realized that its best to leave Creature Wrestling in the hands of the axis of true power…. Instead, of catering to you scums!!! [the fans released an uproar of boos and hisses] However, what’s further ironic is that hay…. Moebius and myself are willing to allow you to become the CW President bro…. but if your nowhere to be found. Then….. I guess you don’t want the job or the responsibility to help lead the federation…. Interestingly enough, I didn’t come out here to babble on about my bro, but instead, I am here with good news to some…. while some [looks at a fan holding up a BloodSyn sign with the words “Die for US”] might feel a bit left out and depreciated heh…. ARMY OF NONE is THE force in this sport! and on behalf of CW Moebius we have choosen to reward AON with the CW Faction Championship! It gets better……. I realize that ECF and CWE hasn’t been on the same terms….. but TONIGHT is a historic moment…. ECF and CWE are UNITED AS ONE FORCE! With Chane, Erika and myself with the blessings of the CW Moebius…….. the CW will usher into an era of UNITY! So, bro, if your watching….. CW is fine. There is balance! Maybe… erm… except for BloodSyn. There is just no place for failures and BloodSyn… tisk tisk tisk…. YOUR ASSES ARE FIRED!!”

Then suddenly, Charon appears and enters the ring. Moebius and Kali appear with a briefcase and when we all thought they would come to Alex’s aide…

There was a loud explosion and suddenly Know your Enemy by Green Day blared from the PA and at the top of the ramp stood Moebius with Kali with a briefcase in hand. There was a stunned silence and Alex was looking all round to see what was going on. Moebius strode confidently to the ring, he took Kali by the hand and walked her up the ring steps and then followed her through the ropes. As Alex went to greet Moebius, he held his hand out and placed it on Alex’s chest as though to ward him off, he plucked the mic from Charon’s hand and grinned around at the fans, some of who were booing and others who just made rude noises.

“Now, now, now…” – Said Moebius

Alex tilted his head, there was something familiar about the start of the sentence.

“Before everyone starts getting all uptight and starts trying to fire people’s asses all over the place I have a few things to say first.” – Said Moebius

Moebius turned slightly away from Alex and then suddenly bought the briefcase up as though he were going to hit Charon, as Alex grinned as though he knew what were going on, Moebius slammed the briefcase hard into Alex’s mouth sending him sprawling to the floor bleeding and trying to find all of his broken teeth. Suddenly the audience erupted and everyone was looking at Alex crawling around in his own blood, suddenly he didn’t seem quite so smug. Brandon smelled the blood and pounced on Alex holding him by the scruff of the neck, he sniffed greedily and bared his teeth, Alex wet himself. Kali held Moebius round the waist and smiled up at him. Moebius raised the mic once again.

“Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted.” – Said Moebius

Moebius took a bunch of papers from his briefcase and placed a pair of glasses on the end of his nose.

“I have here three contracts that were signed at the beginning of the year and they all state that Charon Death, Brandon Xavier A’Court and The Lord of Blood – Kizmat can not be fired by anyone less than Richard Arcane himself. In Richard’s absence it states that the three wrestlers in question can only be fired by a certain person going by the name of Moebius Augustus Death. Not one person has worked out that my initials spell MAD and there is good reason for it and tonight I really am good and pissed off type of mad. I’ve been manipulated for too long and to let Mortismere know…”

Moebius signalled for Brandon to haul Alex up from the canvas, they were nose to nose and Moebius could smell the urine and he wrinkled his nose.

“Alex Arcane, go and tell your puppet master, I don’t give a shit whether he’s my father or not, I am no longer willing to be his puppet or do his bidding. Another thing, AoN, to let you all know, if you fuck with Bloodsyn, you fuck with all of us and remember who drew up your contracts…” – Said Moebius

Moebius grinned.

“I hope you all have very powerful magnifying glasses and very good lawyers because there are some lovely little clauses written in there about what I and other members of Bloodsyn can do to you and guess what? It’s all legal and above board and you signed them.” – Said Moebius

He handed the mic back to Charon. Charon smiled, there was something exceptionally sinister about it.

“Mortismere, did you think I didn’t have back up plans? AoN, do you really want to take on the most powerful faction in the whole of Creature Wrestling? None of you have seen what we’re all truly capable of when we work as a team and tonight was only the tip of the iceberg, we have fingers in every pie you can think of and in places you can’t even imagine yet. Money talks, you’re damned right, maybe we’ve even bought and paid for EVA, who knows?” – Said Charon

She gestured around to the other members of Bloodsyn, who all grinned but said nothing. As she spoke EVA’s music began to play and everyone turned round apart from Charon who started laughing at Alex’s face, as he looked at her he realized they were trying to mess with his head.

Richard Arcane is President

With the news spread leaked out, the re-instated CW owner and President, Richard Arcane- is quite possibly the most wanted man! Richard and lawyers hired by the Death Family promptly wrestled power from underneath Mortismere and Alexander’s grasp…. even with the cancellations of many confrontations- nothing could stop the inevitable. However, would peace come at last for the Creatures of the Night? Moebius is still the CW Chairman and rivals Richard’s decisions but Richard now has the authority needed to bring about a new administrative staff.

Nobody knows where Richard is at but as the establishing shot of Death Manor appears from a cross-fade effect, Richard Arcane is seen exiting a black stretched limo with Dewey, Screwem and Howe. Richard turns around and he shakes each of their hands and then turns to walk up the steps to only enter through the large mahogany double open doors. Richard arrived here by his own will- he was not ready to be seen in the public eyes- not yet.

Richard was a nervous. He realized that he couldn’t trust everybody…. and with what happened to him and Moebius still lurks in the back of his head. Charon was the first to make her presense felt as she arrived on scene and shook his hand. Richard asked if he could sit- and she gently panned her hand downward to the soft sofa. Richard sat down and he crossed his hands….

“Mrs. Charon Death Dema, first. Thank you for your support and patience. I know this has been a long road for both of us… but moreso, for CreatureWrestling. Before I deeply consider what the new administration will consist of, I need to know about Moebius. He has a flaky past… could you shed some light on who he truly is? For I am still uncertain if I can trust him.” – Said Richard

Richard didn’t know what to believe but Charon has performed admirably, not just as an employee but as a close friend. He owed a great deal to her- as she was the one that orchestrated his rescue, re-entry into the company and now gained a position to help the company move into the best direction possible. As he made himself more comfortable on the sofa, and treated himself with a Shirley temple, he cracked a smile at Charon.

Charon nodded and was quite happy to see Richard’s smile return… she could feel the energetic charisma and never-give up attitude that he had in 2005! Though CW has drastically improved and regained its rightful position as the leader of its own sport- there were still forces out there that caused disturbances…. AON and Mortismere with Alexander Arcane.

Richard then admits that Erika Kaine needs to be removed as ECF DP and asked Charon what she thought… Charon admits that where this was going was to appoint her as the DP but presently it would be too traumatic for her… Charon then explains that: “Someone’s been making threats against Angel and myself, I’ve been spending all my spare time trying to track down who it is. My initial thoughts were it had to be Mortis but he’s been keeping a low profile, Fein only seems interested in killing me not sending death threats or threats of kidnap so it only leaves AoN but I can’t find a connection.”

Richard is shocked that Charon didn’t mention this to him before. Charon replies with: “Whoever it is threatened to kill all my kids if I called the police or told anyone about it. I trust you enough to know if I tell you to keep your mouth shut, you will.”

Death Threats


Kizmat was looking for some papers in the study when he found some letters stuffed right at the back. He pulled them out, all they had written on the front was Charon’s name, he opened one up and started to read. His face began to darken and anger began to boil in his veins and finally he screamed at the top of his lungs. Kizmat had found death threats to their kids! Kizmat asked why she kept a secret and Charon responded by saying that she did not want to worry him… then, Charon takes out an envelope and shows Kizmat grainy black and white photos by the person or persons threatening their kids. There were a couple of photos of himself and Charon making love in their bedroom, a couple of their kids, one of Angel undressing in her bedroom and several of the twins in their new nursery. Kizmat grows angrier and demands for Charon to call their lawyers, Dewey, Screwem and Howe.

Much Later in the Same Day
After the call to their lawyers, Charon went to pick up Angel from the airport. She’’d taken the Aston Martin on purpose, it was mat black with tinted windows and several modifications that were’ not entirely legal.

Charon was relieved to reach the airport without incident, parked and got out. Charon locked the doors and went to the terminal, as she reached it she saw Angel walking towards her with a strange man. Angel seemed relaxed and happy but Charon was not.

Half an hour into the journey back to the mansion, part of Charon knew there was something off because the road was barely maintained and was over hung by tree’s and creeping plants.

A car was parked across both lanes of the road, Charon put her foot down, Angel screamed and at the last possible second she handbrake turned the car into a donut and accelerated back the other way. A second vehicle was now coming up the road, Charon zig zagged the car left and right before drifting it to the right. The car cleared the lorry by inches, she tugged deftly at the steering wheel, getting the car back under control but instead of heading straight back down she hauled the car round again and faced back the way they’’d just come.

Charon reached under the drivers seat and pulled out a nailgun that Angel had never seen before, Charon loaded it and as she did the two vehicles had turned and were now headed down the road towards them. Angel stared in shock.

Charon stared at the vehicles, gunned the engine and put her foot down. The Aston Martin reacted with the power of a highly modified engine and it reached 60 mph within seconds. The lead vehicle slew to the side and crashed into the ditch at the side of the road. The second vehicle drove straight at them, Charon drifted the Aston broad side, it would have to stop or crash full pelt into them. Charon wound the window down and aimed the nailgun, huge bolt like nails crashed and ripped into the front grill of the car, she took the front tires out followed by the windscreen. Charon gunned the Aston again and drove at the wall of trees, donutted to the right and brought it back round to face the direction she wanted to go which was towards Death Mansion.

Charon was driving like a maniac and accelerated away from the scene of destruction she’d just left behind, a couple of bullets pierced through the rear window and both of them ducked. Angel swore again… all the while questioning what was going on!

Charon explains to Angel that “The Death family are powerful and rich as is your father’s family. Greed and jealousy are powerful motivators. What better way to destroy me than to kill my children first?””

Eventually, the pursuers were gaining up on them and Charon had to abandon her vehicle. Both Angel and Charon fired nails from their nailguns and Angel was using her ‘powers’ which alarmed the kidnappers… then at the last desperate moments at least ten black clad men wearing balaclavas warily approached Angel and shot her with close to twenty tranquilizer darts. Charon rolled over as they grabbed Angel and handcuffed her, bound her feet and then carried her to a concealed black van. One of the men pointed a gun at Charon’s chest and shot her at point blank range and then followed up with a shot to her head. Charon saw the white flash from the muzzle and then everything went black.

Sometime Later
Kizmat looked at the clock on the wall above the mantelpiece and then out of the front windows of the living room. Kizmat paced for another ten minutes before grabbing the phone and dialing, he was put straight through to Dewey, Screwem and Howe. “Charon and Angel are late and she is not answering her cellphone.”

There was a short exchange of conversation, only minutes later several police cruisers were at the front door of Death Mansion. Half an hour later Kizmat had handed over all the death threats, kidnap threats, torture threats and all the investigative work Charon had done in her own time. There was a crackle of static and some information given out which the officer listened very carefully to, Kizmat could not make head nor tail of it. He looked up at Kizmat.

“Sir you need to come with us, some hikers have found an abandoned Aston Martin which matches the description of your wife’s car.”

Kizmat swore and followed the police men to their car. They wasted no time and drove worse than Charon at times, they ended up on a road Kizmat had no idea even existed and came to a stop at a police cordon. Kizmat climbed out of the passenger seat and ran to the cordon, ducking under it before he could be stopped. He stared transfixed at the pool of blood next to the drivers side of the car, one of the officers approached him.

“I know this must be difficult for you but can you confirm that this is your wife’s car?”

Kizmat stared at it. The skull and crossbone motif on the licence plate and the personalized plate reading De’ath Dema were enough for him to identify it and he nodded.

The kidnappers taunt Angel with Charon’s body and then kicked Charon’s body out onto the road where it bounced and rolled into a ditch. Several hours later, Charon opened her eyes, she was badly hurt, she knew that and without the nanobots to repair her organic body tissues she would die. Charon could not die, not this time, she was already in trouble for getting killed too many times in a short space of time and they’d warned her that they may keep her dead permanently next time. Charon could not’ allow that, she had to get Angel back. She had to get up onto the road or she may just rot where she lay, she had several broken bones and winced as she moved. She moved slowly as the loss of blood was making her dizzy and disorientated.

Hearing the ‘Bad’ News

Alexander Arcane was en route in his long black stretched limo headed to the CW Headquarters in New York City. Alex was enjoying chilled champagne when an LCD monitor flips open from the roof. The screen crossfaded to the image of Lord Mortismere. The unexpected conference call made Alexander double take but this was not that unusual of Mortis’.

Mortis explains to Alex that Richard is back in power… and that all deals were off! Alexander pleaded to Mortis to give him another chance but Mortis denied that chance.

Alexander then noticed that Mortismere’s sudden silence was enough to know something was off. Alex payed attention to where the limo driver was taking him and that was when he noticed he was no longer en route to the CW Headquarters. Mortis’ facial expression said it all and the screen went static! Alexander saw the doors lock in on itself. Alex screamed at the driver… but no response! Suddenly, Alex kicked, repetitively, the chauffeur’s inner window in until the glass shattered, and saw that nobody was driving the vehicle. What was driving the vehicle, was the power of Mortis’ telekinesis. Alexander looked ahead and saw that the limo was driving on the Brooklyn Bridge and cutting off other cars to only…… DRIVE OFF THE EDGE!!

From another vantage point, the black stretched limo is seen breaking the powerful rails and plummeting straight into the waters below.

Happenings Around CreatureWrestling

Brandon & Doom
Brandon was finally accepted by Doom and they were dating. Everything was going so well for Brandon that even Richard Arcane renewed Brandon’s wrestling contract with opportunities to have both Brandon and Doom appear more together in events.

Army of None is Done
No one understood what was going on in the heads of any Army of None member Jake, Marcus and Erika anymore… maybe the impact of losing their greatest supporters Alexander and Mortis made them crazy! When Erika claimed she was the CW President and married to Richard, the Death Family lawyers found proof in Erika’s own writing that not only did Richard not marry her and this was a whole elaborate scheme but all of AON were charged with embezzlement, fraud and unlawful conduct in a public office. AON appeared in court and were able to get out with a mutual agreement waiver that allowed Richard to become CW President. As if AON was done and over with for good… they come back and announce that they know about Angel’s kidnapping and Charon’s disappearance. Erika then states that she is Darkspade’s sister and begins her lies again. It was finally over with for AON when CW Chairman Moebius emerges and suspends AON indefinitely with consent with CW President Richard Arcane, “AoN, I have been speaking at length with Richard Arcane regarding your future here at Creature Wrestling and it seems he’s of the same opinion as me….you don’t have one.” – Said Moebius

Darkspade Gains His Independence
It was also during this time that Darkspade re-gained his independence from Lord Mortismere primarily after the power shift in CreatureWrestling; Mortismere surprisingly was absent for months. However, Darkspade was a changed man and he deteriorated more and more both mentally and physically from The Unholy Darkness. But- that did not stop Darkspade from competing in CreatureWrestling matches so that one day he could reclaim the Undisputed title!

Gunther Trying to Serenade Doom Away
Gunther renamed the ECF Cruiserweight title into the European Sex God Champion… but that wasn’t all. He was also trying to steal Doom away from Brandon! A scene had Gunther entering Doon’s carnival tent and sung “Mmmmm My Ding Ding Dong, my Tra la la!”… Doom made quick work of rejecting Gunther but this startled Brandon.

Escape Plan


‘Charon’ was found in a ditch, barely alive, and found by a man named Samuel Marks… luckily Samuel Marks had experience medical survival techniques and took ‘Charon’ to his camp to administer antibiotics and patched her up. In the meantime, Kizmat was increasingly getting more worried. Days went by without any results and the police were useless.

Angel was kept chained to a wall in some grotty basement somewhere and she had spent most of her time running through escape plans. The kidnappers tried to mess with Angel’s head by blindfolding her and then pretending they were going to shoot her but that had soon stopped when she’d told them to go ahead and shoot her so that she could get out of the smelly basement. Angel was a patient person and she simply waited for one of the kidnappers to screw up. That opportunity came when the kidnappers tasered her and she was able to direct the energy into the locks and sprung herself from the chains. Angel grabbed the chains, wrapped them round the kidnapper’s throats and snapped their necks and freed herself. Angel was in a deserted shack or shed– and so she grabbed some food and escaped in a black van. Hours later, Angel arrives on her own terms to Death Manor. The police and especially Kizmat were shocked to see that Angel escaped… but Charon was nowhere to be found. Angel explained that the last time she saw Charon was when her mum was thrown out of the van– likely dead in a ditch. Kizmat immediately searched for Charon or what was left of her body.

Weeks Went Bye and ‘Charon’ slowly recovered but she showed signs of memory lost… Samuel Marks and Charon eventually travel on the road and were attacked by thugs, then Charon exhibited powers and kills the thugs. When asked how ‘Charon’ gained those abilities, she could not remember and collapsed. Samuel Marks rushed ‘Charon’ to the hospital.

Despite the Police literally spamming every type of media outlet in the USA, they got a total of about three calls, all dead ends in their search for Charon Death and they were running out of reasons for the lack of response from the public. Detective Myles was almost ripping his hair out, he had figured that Charon had to be dead due to lack of sightings. His phone rang for the umpteenth time and he picked it up irritably… Detective Myles and his squad arrive to the location which matched the location mentioned by the anonymous caller. Once there, the team did not find Charon but instead a warehouse full of clone attempts with Charon’s DNA.

Charon Cloned

Local police had been tipped off that a house was being used to store and sell illegal drugs some weeks ago… when the police raided the house they found a woman was sitting in a metal chair barely alive and had the word “Death” printed on the inside of one of her boots. Kizmat was immediately called…

Charon was rushed straight to surgery as soon as the helicopter landed at the medical facility and remained there for close to ten hours. Surgeons battled to piece together fragments of bone with titanium bolts, screws and plates; with much of it being held together with exterior frameworks of metal. The nanobots handiwork hampered their job with her bone being criss-crossed with strange metal meshwork and wire. It was quickly established that the nanobots were out of commission and no readings could be made at all and so the surgeons battled onward with what was essentially a huge jigsaw puzzle.

Kizmat arrived at the hospital as Charon was being prepped for surgery and so he had no time to see her but at the same time the clone was also being rushed to the medical facility. She had collapsed and Charon’s personal doctor had made the decision to have the clone transported to the same hospital as the real Charon. Dr McDonnell met Kizmat in the waiting area.

“Kizmat. Charon is in good hands but there is someone I want you to meet, are you up to it?” – Said Dr McDonnell

It was explained to Kizmat that someone tried to clone Charon and produced hundreds of failures… it was brought up that the clone could have been F’ein Dacor’s handiwork but the technology used was not EVA_CORP. Lastly, the clone was also dying…

It was several weeks later when Charon woke up properly; she had been in and out of consciousness almost constantly. The clone had continued to weaken and could barely lift an arm.

The first thing Charon noticed was the lack of binary in her minds eye and then she noticed the frightening looking metal constructions sticking up out of various parts of her body. She hurt a lot which was usually a good indication that she was in fact alive and not stuck in some personal hell. There was a shadowy figure standing back from the bed, Charon turned to see who it was. Myles walked into the light and smiled.

It took a full month for most of Charon’s injuries to heal, she made statements to numerous police authorities, she took no interest in the clone at all, even though McDonnell had tried to persuade her to look. She was still weak and was told she had to remain at the hospital while she received physiotherapy.

A week later she was strong enough to walk by herself, she saw a shadow pass by her room and so she decided to follow it. It was an odd time for anyone to be wandering around, it went into the clone’s room. Charon took a deep breath and walked in noisily, she was knocked to the side as a figure rushed out past her, she moved over towards the bed where the clone lay still; it was weird. Charon reached over and touched the clone, she was warm, she wasn’t sure what she’d expected really and as she moved closer a syringe caught her eye. She picked it up to look at it and as she did, alarms started going off all over the place. The clone was flat lining. Nurses and doctors rushed in and grabbed Charon by the arm and rushed her out of the way as they attempted to revive her. Charon looked down at the syringe, it had a weird looking yellow liquid in it.

Security arrived on scene and confiscated the syringe from her and promptly arrested her. She was escorted back to her room and cuffed to her own bed. She spent the next couple of hours answering stupid questions until Myles arrived.

Explosion at CW Headquarters

The establishing shot breaks through the dark clouds during the darkest of nights. The magnificent CW HeadQuarters is seen in the middle of New York City as the highest skyscraper… from the helicopter view- the entire city was blanketed with lights. Then as the the view fast approaches the CW Building- another scene crossfades starting from the ground up in the hallway leading up to the CW Presidency Office. Sounds of men’s boots clambering across the ground is heard and then, from around the corner- police officers arrive and then pass the camera’s perspective. Suddenly, the scene cuts to Richard who is in his office, wearing glasses and reading the roster report and the success the company is having. The double mahogany doors open wide and the officers enter the office. Another man then walks in between the officers and is the first to approach Richard.

Detective Miles appears to Richard and asks about his relationship with Charon and accuses Richard of having something to do with Charon and Angel’s kidnapping… Richard is further questioned about the year and a half he was ‘missing.’ Richard says:

“It cannot be proven but it was foul play. My brother gunned down my jet plane. But before the crash, I managed to escape in a lifepod. The lifepod had a homing beckon that only Charon can track down if anything should happen to me- listen, [leans forward]- I owe my life to Charon… she found me and we have an unbreakable bond of trust. Detective, your out of your mind to think I can be a suspect.”

Then, Detective Myles questioned Richard on the authentic of Charon’s children. “Detective Myles, I not only welcome you to track down those birth certificates… I willingly provide them to you. You will find that my lawyers have all of the legal documents concerning Charon’s children and the arrangement made to have a beacon attached to my plane using Technocracy technology. As you are well aware, Charon inherited the Death Family technology and is an adept at this type of stuff…. See what I find interesting, Sir- with ALL due respect….. certainly, that there is a logical explanation to EVERYTHING you not necessarily asked but insinuated to me tonight! I believe if you have any further questions you channel them through my lawyers….” – Said Richard Arcane

At Death Manor
Charon kept leaving the house for hours on end without telling Kizmat where she was… this got Kizmat worried. Then one night Charon drove to CW HQ on her motorcycle and found plastic explosives in Richard’s office… As Charon was tring to diffuse the explosives- Richard enters the room and thinks Charon was trying to blow up his office. Charon denies it but Richard would not let it go – so Charon shoots off warning nails from her gun at Richard. Suddenly, the police appear- as a result of Richard calling them before entering his room- and demand for Charon’s surrendering… suddenly, the office explodes and Charon is shot out of the room…. when she wakes up she is in handcuffs and taken out of the building.

Every journalist in the vicinity had dropped everything to report on the explosion at the CW Building. Charon was led handcuffed from the building and led to a police van by New York cops:
“Charon, is it true you tried to murder Richard Arcane?”

“Charon, over here! Did you blow up Arcanes office?”

“Charon! Charon! Why have you been arrested?”

Charon grinned like a loon and started to scream and yell to be heard over the clamour of noise.


The back door of the van was slammed shut and drove off with photographers trying to get shots through the small armored windows of the van.

Later Charon was interrogated and she was transported under the guidance of one of McDonnells colleagues to a secure psychiatric wing in a large sprawling prison.

After the Explosion…
Risk assessors and structural engineers had poured throughout the CW Building for several days. Arcane himself, accompanied by several bodyguards and a police escort had been into his office to see if he could salvage anything from the carnage. There was absolutely nothing left of his desk but he’d been able to salvage some paperwork from his mangled filing cabinets and a couple of DVD’s were still intact but that was about it.

Every news channel was buzzing about the explosion, the arrest of Charon Death and her subsequent removal to a secure psychiatric wing of prison.

Darkspade had received a phonecall at 6 am on the morning of the explosion and had been told to switch his TV on. He’’d watched in utter shock as he watched his daughter being led handcuffed from the CW Building, he listened to her ranting and felt nothing but disgust. He’’d sat and watched the footage about twenty times now and he was beginning to question whether there was the possibility that she had in fact accepted the unholy darkness more willingly than she made out. Elsewhere, Kizmat was approached by Police questioning Charon’s motives…. it felt out of place for Charon to just up and cause an explosion… then, Angel went to look for answers at the estate that would prove her mother’s innocence.

Richard Pays Charon a Visit
Charon sat opposite Dr McDonnell. The prison had insisted she remained handcuffed at all times since technically he was a visitor and they considered her to be dangerous and unstable.
He had sat here everyday for two weeks now, he and his staff were slowly undoing the conditioning she appeared to have been put through.

McDonnell was almost sure she had not planted the bomb in Arcane’s office but he took the opportunity now to question her again for the first time in two weeks. She still had not = really said much at all which was largely out of character. Charon stated that all she remembered that night was she “argued with Kizmat and then got a phonecall… then everything else was fuzzy until she was at the CW Headquarters diffusing a bomb. Several days later the guards came to Charon’s cell, cuffed her and led her through the corridors. Charon walked in and saw Richard Arcane sitting in the chair on the other side of a metal table which was bolted to the concrete floor. Charon turned immediately and was restrained by the guards.

Richard asked why Charon shot her and her reply was simply she does not remember the event. Then, Richard pulled out paper work which could suspend Charon indefinitely as a member of CW and as Heavyweight Champion. But- Richard states that it was by his discretion to decide if she should defend the title regardless of where she was or in any mental state. The contract also stated that if Charon does not wrestle she will be permanently fired from CreatureWrestling. Charon points out that the contract is only active if she signs it but Richard points out that she is sectioned and not considered complis mentis. Richard only needs Kizmat’’s signature as the next of kin; or Charon’s main doctor, or any doctor that has treated her.

The early morning of the next day, Richard Arcane exits his bathroom with no shirt on. Elaborate bandages blanketed the wounds on his shoulder and he was limping from his thigh being shot days before. Richard pulled out a stool and sat on it, carefully, and poured cereal into his bowl. The moment he picked up the newspaper to read the front page with a bold headline:


Richard gets a phone call and agrees to meet Darkspade at The New York Marriott. Darkspade asks Richard to grant Darkspade a match with her for the Heavyweight title…. Richard is reluctant to grant the match and the scene fades.

The Watcher’s Council

Charon was dragged down to the private interview room for the second time in as many days. When she got there Myles was sitting at the table with a folder stamped top secret which he’d taken the time to scribble out with a heavy black marker.

She was shoved into the metal chair and her hands cuffed to the metal tabletop. She looked across the table at Myles and he shoved the folder across to her.

When Charon opened the folder it as a type-written hit-list from the Watcher’s Council…Charon explains her experience with them:

“When I was a kid living in England with some relatives, we had a lot of trouble with the council. They were mostly fanatics to start with, bear in mind their roots went back much further than that but they’d always called themselves something similar. It was always something like The Watchers, Watchmen. Over time and I mean over hundreds of years rather than just a few, they became the Watchers Council. They pride themselves on being pure blood human beings, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage, but when you decide to hunt down and kill anyone who isn’t pure blood human then it gets nasty. The Death Family members were their top priority; we had money, power and positions of authority. We tried to maintain a balance, we were always fair to both our own kind and to pure humans but the Council decided we were a threat. As you know it’s always a minority who spoil things for the majority and so it was with a small proportion of half breeds, rebels without a clue, got all uppity when the council started poking it’s nose into things and they made the first move. They killed a pure blood and the Council seized upon that one incident and used that as a way to recruit more people to their cause. Eventually, the Council became more and more bloodthirsty, they made rules and regulations stating that any half breed or hybrid was to be killed on sight and a reward would be given to the man who bought in a half breed or hybrids head on a stick. It got quite barbaric in the end and the Death Family had to take action. We made the decision to gather as much intelligence on them as we could and take the whole lot out in one go. I figured they’d been destroyed but obviously not.””

Myles asks why did this letter get sent to her… Charon responds:

“I think the hit-list is a knee-jerk reaction to the media exposure the explosion and my subsequent arrest has received. I’m not overly surprised to discover that I’m top of their list, I’m surprised that Kizmat is so low down on it and why the hell isn’’t Mortismere on there? Have they got fussy in their dotage?””

Several days later she was dragged down to the private room again and cuffed to the table. She sat there for several minutes before anyone entered, it was Angel and she was on her own. Charon looked at her quizzically. Charon asked Angel if her father knew she was here- Angel did not answer. Within moments, Angel lunged at Charon with a sharpened pencil but Charon kicks her away. Angel was contained from the attack- leaving Charon wondering what had gotten into her as Angel was taken away by the guards… soon after, a new prison guard appeared and uncuffed Charon and led her back to her room.

It wasn’’t long before the Governor of the prison requested a meeting with Charon and again she got hauled along to his office and cuffed to the chair. The Governor waved the guards away and looked at Charon long and hard.

“”Mr Arcane has requested that you take part in a wrestling match against an unspecified opponent, I’’ve agreed to allow the match to go ahead but in light of the serious nature of your alleged crimes, I a’m afraid I have to ask you to wrestle while handcuffed.”” – Said the Gov.

Charon asked the Governor if her opponent also could be handcuffed to be fair- but the Governor could only suggest this to Richard. After that, Charon was relocated into a general population prison; and the place where she will be defending her CWE Heavyweight Championship.

Duo-Pay-Per Events: CWE Obsession & ECF In-Your-Face


CWE Heavyweight Championship Match

During the PPV- Richard Arcane appears in the arena. Richard raises his hands and at the same time as he was- stage crew roll out huge LCD plasma televisions to set them by ringside broadcasting the prison where Charon was kept. Richard announces that Charon’s opponent is none other than her own father, Darkspade! and Richard’s reason for her opponent was because he believed Spade could shed some light on the recent controversies.

The match was one of the most gruesome, legendary, fights between Darkspade and Charon – in the entire history of CreatureWrestling!! The two fought long and hard until Richard Arcane appeared and made the match continue longer than it should have just to punish Charon. Eventually, Charon and Spade fall a great distance in the prison and Charon’s heart stopped! Dr McDonnell was there and he had paramedics on scene to re-start Charon’s heart… however, Dr McDonnell declared Charon could not continue the match, ever after reviving her, and Darkspade was awarded the win and the CWE Heavyweight Championship.

After the PPV (Darkspade VS Charon)

Charon had been transported to the prison hospital as soon as the match had officially finished, it was here that she was attended to and sedated.

Two days later she was finally allowed to have visitors and it was Kizmat who finally turned up despite his promise to himself he wouldn’t visit her while she was imprisoned. He was still angry with her for everything that had happened but seeing the beating Darkspade had dished out to her, he’d immediately forgotten why he’d been angry with her.

Now as Kizmat sat by the bed watching Charon sleep and trying to see her face under the bruising and swelling his anger returned. Kizmat began talking more to himself than to her.

“This is crazy! It’s gone far enough! What on Earth was Richard thinking? I’m going to have to have a chat with Richard and I’ll rip his fucking arms and legs off and then watch him try and get to a phone to call the emergency services!!” – Said Kizmat

“The Watchers Council are on the loose, Spade has the list, its a hitlist. You need to protect Angel and the little ones.” – Said Charon

“Whats going on? I got a call that Angel is being treated for depression, then Arcane schedules a match between you and Spade, you don’t seem bothered that the two of you beat each other senseless, you give him a list and don’t seem too hurried about getting out of prison. You never miss with your nailgun unless you intend to miss and all of a sudden you couldn’t shoot fish in a barrel. Myles isnt a cop either is he?” – Said Kizmat

“You are so wrong on so many levels. I’m not a spy or an assassin or anything else, I’m just trying to keep the balance between light and dark, good and evil etc etc….blah, blah, blah you get the idea.” – Said Charon

Eventually Kizmat gets irritated of Charon and accusing her of lying… A week later Charon had healed well and fast and was now in a meeting with Dewey, Screwem and Howe. It was a meeting she had deliberately put off although the three lawyers had helped in stringing out the time by getting into all sorts of wrangling with Richards lawyers. Now, she was sat opposite the three men who had huge grins slapped across their faces.

Dewey was the spokesman for all three men.

“We have been looking at the entire case as a whole. Due to the fact that there is no evidence to support the claim that you caused the explosion at CW Headquarters and that the Security guard can’t even remember seeing you in the building, the DA has decided to drop the charges. After all, no chemicals or bomb making materials were found on your clothing, skin or in your home other than those deposited by you being very close to the explosion itself. Experts were also able to prove that you were running away from the bomb at the time it exploded and that the Security Guard, although suffering from amnesia, was pushed to the ground before the explosion took place. They proved this by looking at both of your injuries at the time. Other experts testified that the severe concussion you experienced as a result of the explosion would also cause you to make irrational decisions such as shooting Richard Arcane and the Armed Officers attempting to stop you exit the building. The DA wasn’t quite so keen to drop those charges since they have video evidence of you actually shooting at the officers and media coverage of you admitting that you were responsible for everything. We think we can pretty much get the charges reduced due to diminished responsibility especially in light of Dr McDonnell and his esteemed colleagues testimony that you were programmed to try and kill Richard and the Armed officers. The judge has set your preliminary hearing for next Monday, if there is any problem with this please let us know now?”

Charon smiled.
“Monday is fine. Thank you for all your help and I can promise you that you will be receiving a bonus before the end of Monday. You gentlemen have a good day.”

It Was Judgment


………Cold. So very cold. A Circle of Darkness, overwhelming, floats high above the Castle of Mortis.

A black, poisonous myst blanketed the countryside…. the perspective hovers upward and gathers momentum as it passes through the myst and down a dark and twisted sidepath. After some time, the scene zips pasted trees, bushes, rocks and we are unsure where we are headed. Till suddenly, the scene stops- DEAD in the middle of the dark forest woods. The night was all around…. inescapable!

Then the sounds of Creatures of The Night- yelling no… screaming a murderous and scratching death bawling. The perspective twists suddenly and unexpectedly…. then falls to the hard ground…. the camera tumbles to the side and its light picks up the faint face of a woman- apparently, the one whom was holding the camera all this time.

Filthy fingers ooze from the side of the lens- you first see nasty, dirty fingernails… clawing at the lens as it picks up the camera. For a brief, disturbing moment- a face. A face that was absorbed with such incredible- evil that it made your eyes watery with a burning sensation. It was the face, the face of…..


Sincentius places the camera down on a tree stump and we are witnessing the entire scene from that one perspective. Then, from the dark woods cometh forth figures cloaked in elaborate ornamented ceremonial gowns. They come… they come around and circle the defenseless soul… soul whom of which has no idea what horrors will come of her, this dark and dreary night. Sincentius, he was just methodically circling her as his outer circle of followers circled him. Sin’s eyes were bitch black but the pupil was burning red! Sin then stops in front of her- as she is trying to claw and escape…. there is no where to run or hide dear.

“Oh Dear Childe. Be not afraid. No. For judgment has answered the calling of your forefathers. I KNOW what you are dear.” The woman was crying – one of Sins’ followers picks the camera up and zooms with an extreme closeup of the woman’s face from her right side. From the upper left corner of the camera view, Dark Sincentius’ twisted hands creeps everso slowly and then, he turns his hand down so that he could life her pretty face with his black stained fingernails. Dark Sin then, with his other hand, wipes the tears from her face and looks at her with loving eyes.”Tisk tisk… there there. It was destiny why you waltz into these woods. It was destiny why you came to me. I KNOW what you are, a Creature Of The Night. The woman’s eyes showed shock – she was already frozen with fear… “Creatures. Though it is the unpure and disgraceful half-breeding bags of waste that demand the Watchers absolute eradication. “PLEASE… sniff….. I…. I BEG YOU PLEASE! I AM NOT A CREATURE… I …”

Dark Sincentius UNLOADED a tremendous backhanded SLAP that not only shot her from off of the ground and land several feet away into a ruble of dead leaves but her skull cracked into two…. her blood slowly dripped into a small puddle, where, a few of Sins followers huddled to it and began to drink up the blood from the ground….. Sin was ::HEAVING: mad!! and rubbed the blood from off of his twisted fingers…

At that point, another figured emerged from the dark woods…. it too was cloaked in a long ceremonial gown but it was even more extravagant and formidable… we are still viewing this from the camera that was being shook around by its new owner…. The figure, once in view, was towering above all…. under its dark cowl where two evil eyes cutting through the infinite and unforgivable darkness. Dark Sin turns slowly to meet with the figure and says nothing.

“Are you sure she was a creature? Are you sure Sin, that this is the way into destroying Charon and that wretched Death Family once and for all? Tell me, Dark Sincentius- is adding fire into these pathetic humans really going to work….”

Dark Sincentius was quite. He did not answer but walked passed the figure and headed into the forest.

The figure turns while removing its cowl- as so does the camera moves to the front. Lord Mortismere stood with a dissatisfied glare as the back of Dark Sincentius vanished into the darkness.

[then, the camera falls to the ground…. and the humans drag the carcass of the dead woman into the dark forest]

The last of the disturbing figures exit into the blackened forest and Mortismere wrapped his ceremonial gown around his body- instantly- transforming into a mass of loctus which flew and spread into the night sky towards Castle Mortis….. then, some noise. What sounds like footsteps crushing the dead leaves. A figure, approaches and picks the camcorder up. The figure turns towards our view…. surprisingly, it was an old man…… Seer!

The next morning….
The New York Marriott. Richard Arcane was pacing in his suite. Myles had placed extra ‘security’ guards outside of his room and was watched more intently…. for his safety but Richard was not buying it. But what was upsetting him, just a little, was a decision. A decision to go ahead and make Charon compete with Darkspade on CWE Obsession. A lot was at stakes… and though revenge is in the back of his head, he knew that he should never go down that path for it was there, that his brother… Alexander Arcane… succumbed to the darkside. Richard had one of the biggest decisions to make in his entire career…. Suddenly, he hears a knock at the door. Perplexed, he gets up and walks to the double doors. Gently placing his right hand on the knob he then looks out of the peep hole…. there was no one there. Not even the security guards. Richard backed off- turned to his coat tree and removed a pistol in the front pocket of his black trenchcoat. Unlatching the safely- Richard slowly turns the knob and opens the door…..

Again. It was deserted… no body was there. Richard looked down the hallway on either side and saw nothing. When he returned to the door his foot hit something…. it was a package. Reaching down Richard picked up the package which was a cardboard box with duct tape wrapped around it like it was made by a madman… this instantly set off a red flag inside of Richard’s mind…. IT WAS A BOMB!!!!!

Richard dashed inside of the suite and then lays the package with shacking hands on the coffee table… he runs to his cellular phone which was laying comfortably on the kitchen sink and called Detective Myles….

Richard paced nervously, the lights flickered momentarily and like a half glimpsed shadow out of the corner of your eye three people dressed completely from head to toe in black, even their eyes were obscured by black material. When they spoke it was clear they wore voice changers to completely conceal their identities. Richard actually screamed and almost knocked himself out running right into the door.

“You need to calm down. Myles sent us, we are your new security, do you understand?” – Said a Wraith

The Wraith had in their possession a video tape that they wished for Richard needed to see-

“We are Wraith, you can tell people you’ve seen us but I’m afraid they’d think you were cracking up since officially we do not exist and you’ll never be able to prove otherwise.” – Said a Wraith

Richard froze at the name, Wraith was like an urban legend. You had the Council and their nemesis was Wraith, it was like all good stories, for every bad guy there had to be a hero. The tape hissed and then it began to play….

Richard watched the tape play. The first 20 minutes was nothing but static, progressive scan lines of RGB blurring across the plasma monitor and what sounded like….. Charon’s voice! The Wraith watched intently at the tape…. but Richard was feeling very uneasy and chills ran down his spine. Richard finally reached over to the monitor to turn it off when a picture materialized into focus…. It was of a young woman. She is walking down the street, late at night. Segments of the tape were damaged and jumped at points:

Concludes Page 1…

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