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The Virus Saga, Page 2

Charon has been through a lot. In the first page of the Virus Saga we find out that ‘someone’ has been unsuccessfully cloning her; and a hit-list was found made from the ‘Watcher’s Council and The Death Family was on top of the list. Charon also shot at the newly re-instated CW President, Richard Arcane, while diffusing a bomb in a state of amnesia… Kizmat and even Angel are not convinced of Charon’s mental stability– Angel nearly stabs her own mother in a fit of frustration especially since Angel was briefly kidnapped with controversy surrounding who was responsible.

Also, Charon’s worries did not end there as she lost her CWE Heavyweight title to her own father in a prison match.

The beginning of page 1 of the Virus Saga also showed The Dark Sincentius resurrecting as a result of Darkspade summoning the Dark Embrace… Sincentius promises that Charon and the Death Family will be destroyed. When we came to the end of the first page- Sincentius is shown killing a Creature of the Night while commandeering the Wraith along with Lord Mortis overseeing everything and was video tapped and picked up by Seer off of the ground.

Richard is greeted by The Wraith as they give Richard a video tape; showing bits and pieces of the murder from Dark Sincentius!

The plot thickens more and more as the wheel turns…

More Judgments and Answers

On Monday, Charon was due in court for a meeting in which she would enter a plea for each charge against her. The DA had already decided that the evidence against her was too insufficient to bring charges for the explosion, it was all circumstantial and so Monday was for her lawyers and herself to argue and discuss the charges being bought against her by Richard Arcane. Later in the day she would enter a plea regarding the remaining charges of attempting to kill several armed officers.

Charon shuffled painfully into the meeting room off the main courtroom where she was led to a chair next to Dewey, Screwem and Howe. Across the table was Richard Arcane with his lawyers and off to the side was the judge residing over the case. Charon looked right across at Richard, Richard seemed to find it hard to keep her eye and kept looking down at his hands on the table. She had an idea why, she’d deliberately wound Darkspade up to snapping point and beyond, she wanted to make Richard feel guilty, in fact, it was essential to her game plan.

Charon demonstrated that she could not shoot any weapon randomly but if the target was selected on purpose she could hit it with pin-point accuracy. After demonstrating this to the Judge the Judge determined that Miss Death missed the armed officers because she aimed to miss them and in the process Mr Arcane accidentally got shot as he was in the way.

If Charon wanted Richard dead she could have quite easily strolled his office and killed him. The Judge also took into account papers which were handed to him several days ago regarding the case- it shed new light onto what exactly has occurred and are highly classified. The Judge granted bail at $1,000,000 and a trial date in six months time with reduced charges to common assault with diminished responsibility.”

Richard’ was beside himself over more ‘bad’ news… for him.

Outside of the Courthouse
Richard and his lawyers had begun yelling at each other soon after the meeting was finished, Charon had spent the time signing a whole wedge of paperwork regarding bail and her release. Dewey, Screwem and Howe had bought her a change of clothes and she now changed out of the orange jumpsuit and into black jeans, t-shirt and boots. She pulled a jacket over the top of the ensemble before consenting to having an electronic tag fitted round her ankle. When she walked out of the room, Richard was seething and he glared at her.

Suddenly as Charon was answering questions by the media outside- a shot rang out overhead! What followed could only be described as complete chaos. Everyone, with the exception of Charon, dropped down to the ground. Richard was sort of half crouched, he was torn between running or watching to see if Charon would get her head blown off. Charon on the other hand had already had eyes on the gun man but could do nothing as he grabbed a journo and her camera team and took them as hostages for his own wacko tv show. He began to rant and every word was broadcast across US networks.

The gunner screams out-loud:

“Let’s get some things straight shall we, yeah, I think we will. I kidnapped Charon and Angel Death, I was the one who programmed them to kill Richard Arcane. I was the one who programmed ANGEL DEATH to set that fucking bomb in Richard’s office but noooo Charon Death, you had to interfere didn’t you? Yeah, you had to find it and try and defuse it, even if it meant blowing yourself to kingdom come! THEN, you take the fucking biscuit and you take the credit…ALL THE CREDIT for my hard work and planning!! Oh my god! I can’t believe you, you’ll do anything to stay top of the game!”

When the gun man caught sight of Richard- he raised the gun to shoot but he’d taken his eye’s off Charon to do so and she was placed directly between him and Richard. He squeezed the trigger and Charon dived, moving like lightening. The bullet caught her right between the shoulder blades and the force propelled her right into Richard. The momentum now knocked them both down and they began an uncontrollable roll down the steps at the front of the court. As they rolled the man shambled chaotically after them swearing and still dragging the journo with him. Richard and Charon now crashed to a stop at the bottom of the steps, no one else had moved, they were either too frightened to or too busy filming the action as it happened. Richard now stared at Charon who was laying on her back apparently dead. Richard now screamed at the man as he approached. The gun man couldn’t bring himself to say the words “you’ve killed her.” The gun man merely looked at Richard as he approached- the gun man raised the gun and pointed it right at Richards head. Richard closed his eyes waiting for the inevitable shot. The gun man now stepped too close to Charon and she moved so quickly it was difficult to tell what exactly she did but the man now tripped and rolled. The gun man let go of the journo and he screamed as he got back to his feet, his attention once again on Charon. Richard just sat there and stared in shock.

“You spoil my whole plan, I was going to frame Angel for Richard’s murder and then I could have made a miraculous return and took the reigns of the CW. Mortismere would have been sorry then! He’d be begging me to help him!” – Said the Gun Man

“Alex, you are never going to win this war, so just give it up.” – Said Charon

The gun man pulled his hood down and people gasped in shock, whispers could be heard from all over the place….. Alexander Arcane!!

Alex shot her right in the chest. The only people left were Charon, who was being carried away by one black clad person, Alexander Arcane, who was now disarmed and handcuffed and Richard who was now being helped up by a couple more of the black clad figures.

The Wraith who had Richard by the elbow merely directed him to one of their emergency vehicles as the FBI turned up. Richard wondered how they were going to explain the situation but one of the Wraiths shook the lead FBI agent by the hand and then pushed Alex toward them. There seemed to be smiles all round but Richard felt like his whole World had now caved in around him. Richard Arcane put Charon through hell and for what? To find out that his own brother was behind the whole thing.

The Wraith, who carried Charon over his shoulder, lowered her gently onto the stretcher. McDonnell jumped from the back of the paramedic ambulance to assist in helping Charon. Richard was also loaded into the rear of an ambulance in a severe state of shock. The paramedic eventually sedated him to get him to lie down so he could take a proper look at some of the bumps and bruises now starting to develop across his body from the fall down the steps. Richard’s ambulance hit the emergency bay first and he was rushed through to a private examination area. Only a minute behind the ambulance carrying Charon hit the same emergency bay, she was unloaded and rushed through to x-ray. The media circus was already there trying to get photographs as ambulances began to arrive, several shots of Charon were achieved and rushed to the relevant media outlets. Charon and McDonnell have a conversation about her physical status to wrestle but then Detective Miles arrives with good news: “Well I can at least get back to my desk for awhile now and no more Parker. FBI are questioning him now with the help of a Wraith liaison officer. All charges against you have now been dropped so you’re free to resume your cover.”

Charon responds:
“You must have seen the reports of creatures going missing, including wrestlers within the CW itself? Well, put that together with the hit list that turned up, I think our next targets might be The Council and as I understand it, Jake Murphy is not in their good books.”

Hours later, Charon visits Richard in his hospital room to explain everything:
“You’ve heard of Wraith, I know you have because they are the people who’s been heading up your protection. I was approached for my help and because of my unique position within the company and the fact that the Technocracy partly funds the Wraith project and provides them with unique technologies. Well, I was curious. They talked me through the plan.”

“I’ve been a member of Wraith from it’s conception, the Technocracy funds the project and supplies it with unique technologies. Wraith takes on it’s own projects and also takes on contracts from other government agencies. On this occasion, the contract was with the FBI. They approached us with a contract to take down Alexander Arcane after they discovered his body was nowhere to be found and that there were a couple of eyewitnesses who said they’d seen a man fitting his description in the area. We drew up a detailed plan of how we were going to be able to draw Alex out, this meant detailed profiling. Alex is a natural showman and would want people to know what he’d done but first we had to find out what it was he planned to do. He was put under constant watch.”

Charon touched her ear and then looked at Richard who was listening intently.
“Every member of Wraith has a special ear piece embedded deep in the inner ear which allows us to communicate constantly. It wasn’t long before we realized that Alex was going to use Angel and shortly after that it became clear he had two main targets. You and me. He wanted you dead so he could take over CW and he wanted to frame Angel for your death so he could keep me out of the way. We took the decision to allow Alex to execute at least part of his plan which meant I had to allow myself to get kidnapped. What we hadn’t planned on was the EMP he used to destroy my nanobots, thankfully it didn’t completely destroy my ear piece and Wraith were able to trace me. The next part of the plan was much more difficult and required everyone to believe I was insane, including both you and Kizmat. No one was told what was going on because it was important that Alex truly believe the whole thing. I knew by taking responsibility for the kidnapping and bombing that Alex wouldn’t be able to stay in the background for too long and would be itching to tell the whole World about his brilliant plan. That’s exactly what he did today. By the way sorry about the tumble down the steps, there wasn’t much I could do about it.”

Richard stared at her.
“What the hell was the thing with Darkspade all about?”

Charon smiled.
“I needed you to be angry at me so you would attend court with your lawyers, I needed Darkspade mad at me so that Alex would have no idea he was walking into a set up. Darkspade has too many close ties to Mortismere and if Alex was to get wind of any suspicion from Darkspade about my motives, it would have blown the entire plan. I knew the best way to get you thoroughly mad at me was to betray you in such a blatant manner that you would want to strangle me.”

“Is it true you told Angel that I was her real father?” – Said Richard

Charon grinned now.
“I had to get Angel angry at me so she would carry out Alex’s orders without question. What Alex hadn’t realized was that his grip over Angel was lessening by the day and I needed her to remain under his control for long enough to get him to believe he’d partly completed his plan of framing her for attempted murder of her mother. Actually, I gave her, her original birth certificate….. Remember anything I tell you now, falls under the official secrets act. Angel was raised by Kizmat and because Angel is a shadow demon like myself, although I’ve never told her this, it means she will take the form of the people who raise her. Hence she looks partly like me and partly like Kizmat because she believed Kizmat to be her father. Kizmat adores Angel and vice versa so they both needed to be angry at me for different reasons. I needed to keep Kizmat as far away as possible and Angel needed to be so angry she’d want to kill me regardless of whether she was under Alex’s control or not.”

Richard lowers his head and holds Charon’s hand
“Why would you keep such information to yourself? Why didn’t you tell me I was a father?”

Charon shook her head at him.
“Do the math Richard. Angel is sixteen years old. I couldn’t risk her being a target for Alex as well as Mortismere. I was already a member of Wraith and the contract with the FBI to take out Alex has been ongoing for a long time. Kizmat never knew. I love Kizmat and he was desperate to have another child and it was easy to tell him the child was his.”

Richard looked like he’d been punched in the guts.
“Did you ever feel anything for me? Was it just pity or was I just another way for you to get to Alex?”

Charon was silent for a moment.
“I came to look for you when you disappeared, you always trusted me and I think the time we spent together on the island after I found you should speak volumes about my feelings.”

Richard shook his head.
“The problem is Charon I can’t help feeling that I was just a way to get Alex. You have no idea how I feel when I see you and Kizmat together.”

Charon looked down at her hands and without thinking about what she was doing she reached over and kissed Richard on the lips. He reached up and pulled her closer to him and the two kissed deeply and for a long time.

The Banning

Charon makes peace with her father after everything that transpired. Darkspade takes a visit at Death Manor and they are seated at Charon’s desk mulling over the hit-list. They both question the hit-list as being badly put together and noticed that the wrestling names, not the real names, were used. Darkspade is confused until Charon explains:

“Have you been watching the news channels? Jake approached Brandon and Doom, Brandon naturally came to me to ask me to take a look at it. Shortly after the list appeared, creatures start disappearing and then Richard received a video tape. The video features my voice, now either someone is desperately trying to keep me out of the way or they are trying to frame me for the creature murders. The Council have a long history with our family and it occurs to me that their true targets might be members of Wraith.”

Several days after her meeting with her father, Darkspade, Charon received a call from Richard Arcane’s secretary requesting she attend a meeting at 9.30am on Wednesday morning… Charon gets into a car and head off to CW Headquarters. Charon walked into Richard’s office and raised an eyebrow when she saw that Darkspade was already sitting in a chair opposite Richard looking very bored, his arm still in the black sling. Neither one of them said anything to the other and Charon looked at Richard as she sat down.

“I’ve requested this meeting in the aftermath of the Prison Match up because to be quite honest, the two of you are either crazy or suicidal. I’m not sure which but you damned near killed each other and I am from this moment forward banning either of you from ever wrestling one another again.”

Charon and Darkspade are shocked and then after a lengthy argument with Richard- Charon and Spade agree to obey the banning based on the idea that they would kill each other if they are in the ring again. Charon then points out her real threat is not her father but the Watcher’s Council… “The Council have sent out a hitlist, my name’s at the top. We’ve been looking at it and they’ve got the video that was sent to you as well by the way. Anyway, we think the real targets are members of Wraith, it’s difficult to tell and we’re sort of clutching at straws but our techs are crunching the data as fast as they can. Worryingly, your names at number seven.”

CW Post-Platinum – Friday Night Event!

A week had passed… it was quite possibly the most electrifying evolution that CW has underwent in its 10 year history. The fans are quite and then, the music of the President of the Greatest Wrestling Organization on the face of the planet plays throughout the arena!! Everybody stands in anticipation for tonight, The CW Executive Officers will unleash the results of the Brand Draft…. The Wheel of Chaos will finally be spun! and, the fate of the CWE World Heavyweight Championship will be decided……

Richard Arcane emerges and was about to reveal the results of the the first Brand draft when all of a sudden Chane McMahon emerges with Lord Mortis. Mortismere attacks Richard but the CW Chairman, Moebius, comes out and suspends Mortismere for the attack and placed him under the ECF brand and it’s DP Gunther. (See: CW Post-Platinum – Friday Night Event!. Suddenly, Gunther comes out with Samantha Fox and he talks about his songs and leaves– and leaving everyone confused. Then, the CWE Heavyweight Champion, Darkspade emerges and demands what is the fate of his title belt…. Moebius claims that the belt will be representing the “Best of Both Brands” and exists on both brands allowing Darkspade to work on either CWE or ECF.

The entire broadcast comes to a screeching halt as two Wraiths emerge and grab Moebius by the arms and escorted him away from harm and in the chaos a third Wraith appeared on it’s own. The third Wraith pulled out a gun and pointed it right at Mortismere’s chest. The Wraith pulled the trigger and Spade ‘accidentally’ knocked the Wraith off to the side stopping the bullet.

Spade grabbed the Wraith by the arm and transported to the backstage. However, Darkspade’s grip had loosened and the Wraith had twisted away from Spade and disappeared into the shadows and left Spade standing there seething. An attack by a “Wraith?!” what was going on here…

Julie’s DNA Strand

Spade was a complete mess after everything he has endured during the course of the entire Summer… but just when he thought nothing else could get worse…. the hitlist that Charon shoved into the side of his boot was filled with controversy and mystery. Charon was not tainted by the Unholy Darkness, but Darkspade immediately thought that whoever devised this elaborate kill list had to be connected. He could feel it deep inside of his bones. Sometime later, Spade retired to his quarters- the room was fixed up… at least, it wasn’t shredded by what seemed to be a wild, unstable beast- and Spade could finally relax and take a little time off from participating in CreatureWrestling arenas and promotion shoots. Spade unwrapped the hitlist again and read over each name carefully…. something was off… something else didn’t seem quite right besides the observation he made earlier.

Number one, Charon Death, number two Doom, number three Angel Death-Blood, number four Brandon Xavier ACourt, number five Spade Deathen, number six Richard Arcane, number seven Lord of Blood Kizmata Dema..

Spade read it back to himself. What really struck him was the name usage. He’d been listed as Spade Deathen yet Charon should technically be listed as Lady Blood Angel Charon Death Dema and Angel should be Angel Death-Blood Dema and yet Kizmat was listed by his full and correct name. It was odd. He also wondered about the inclusion of Richard on the list, that made it even stranger especially since Brandons real name wasn’t even ACourt.

Darkspade lifts his body up from the side of the bed in agony- favoring his re-injured left shoulder and ribs, and makes his way to out. The next scene shows the garage door opening and a red sports car roars out and speeds off into the night……

Charon visits Death Mansion and looks for clues in the Library… and is joined by Darkspade. Charon and Darkspade think back on recent events concerning Mortismere trying to turn Charon completely to the Will of the Unholy Darkness…

“What makes you think that the connection between yourself and me has anything to do with Mortismere not being able to turn you toward the Unholy darkness?” – Said Spade

Charon thinks about it and realizes that that must be the reason…
“What if the connection is the my mother and not you? I know you still see her and talk to her but then so do I, what was it about mum that was so special that we both still maintain a connection with her? What was special about your mother? There has to be some sort of connection. Crimson and Harkin are my kids, they’re twins and so far I’ve managed to keep them together but what would happen if they were split?”

Spade frowned as he thought about what she was saying.
“It would be like cutting them in half, twins always maintain a connection like you and Kali always had a connection but that connection loses its power if you split them up…..” – Said Spade

Charon grinned.
“Of course! Twins would be more powerful together than they would be apart but why would that be dangerous to someone like Mortis? Thats the part I don’t understand?” – Said Charon

After some time into the night, Charon was still researching.. Darkspade was bored. A man of his ‘energy’ couldn’t sit for more than a second and so he gets up pacing around in the library pretending he is looking for a book but is overwhelmed with boredom…. Darkspade leaves that part of the Library and enters the backroom of the Library where he accidentally drops a jar of jellybeans… As Darkspade collects each one of them he notices an ancient book he hasn’t seen before. When Darkspade goes to collect the book- a paper emerges from it with strange letters: “CUUCUCGUUGCAAAUACCCTAGNANCCCNCATCANGAGGCCGGCCACCNGCACCAGAANNCNCTAGNAGCCTAA” and signed by “M.”

Charon heard the crash from the study and appeared suddenly behind Spade without so much as a warning with a big black gun drawn and cocked and pointing directly at Spade. Charon pulled her nailgun and shot at a hitman by the Watcher’s Coucil. Spade shuffled to one side kicking jellybeans under the desk in the hope Charon wouldn’t notice extra mess. Charon re-holstered the gun once again and stared at the thing now laying with a large hole in the centre of it’s forehead.

“Fucking Council moron’s. I guess that answers my question as to whether they really are watching the house.”

She turned back to Spade who stood looking guiltily at the jellybeans rolling round on the floor and holding a book and a piece of paper in one hand. Darkspade looked at her and at the creature curiously, he then turned the book over in his hands a couple of times.

Charon picked the book up and turned it over in her hands. She flicked through the pages, it was Death Wind’s diary but it was the piece of paper she was interested in and she grinned. The letters were DNA strands… but whose DNA were they referring too?… and the “M” might refer to Mortismere.

Charon furrowed her brow and looked at the ceiling.
“Maybe he didn’t leave it there, maybe someone else found it and put it there for safe keeping? This house is the safest place, it has the most shielding from Mortismere of any we own.”

Darkspade has an epiphany

The wraith attack the other day was unsettling but what’s new for Death Manor? Dark Creatures constantly try and find a way – and they always meet the same fate. However the recent discovery was very interesting indeed… just when you think the mysteries are close to being solved- another element comes into play which throws the whole episode apart. If this was indeed a piece of a DNA code and written by Mortismere, then why was it inside of the diary of the Death Family head mother?

Charon was scratching her head and then Darkspade blurted out quite possibly the most ingenious discovery in his life…
“Dammit Charon… how the hell am I suppose to e’fn know wtf this all means. Times like this I wished I was a normaie. Ergggh. I cannot take this anymore. I can’t think of any reason why Death Wind would carry such a thing, what do you expect me to say? Something cleaver like, Death’s Wind found out the secret to Julie’s innate abilities, which is why Mortismere killed her, and this DNA code has something to do with why Mortis introduced me to Julie in the first place? I GIVE UP and I AM GOING to enjoy some g’damnn jelly beans if its the VERY last thing I do in my miserable life!”

Charon reaches her computer and then pulls up DNA profiles on record of the DNA strand that they found in Death’s Wind’s Diary…. shockingly, Julie’s profile comes as a strong match which confirmed a part of Darkspade’s assumptions. However, there was still the matter of the recent attack by a “Wraith” and then Charon accidentally finds the connection she was looking for while continuing to look up related documents concerning Julie’s death- the name Marie Mellow Murphy came up, one of the investigators of Julie’s death, which was odd. Charon cross references the name with members of the Wraith and discovers that Jack Murphy’s birth certificate on file at Wraith HQ proved to be a fake- his parents were members of the Watcher’s Coucil. Charon decides to go to Wraith HQ and call in Jack Murphy…

Fake Birth Certificate and A Dead Son

Charon had a lot to think about and as she sat at her desk at Wraith HQ she put a call through requesting that Jack Murphy attend a meeting with her in about an hour in her office. She’d amassed a whole load of files on Jake, Alexis and Jack Murphy (former members of the Army of None) and what she read didn’t exactly please her. The files were sat in front of her when Jack knocked on the door and then walked in and sat down opposite her. Charon stared impassively at him; he smiled. Charon accuses Jack of lying about his birth and his connections with the Watcher’s Council. Jack denies that he had anything to do with the hitlist but then Charon pulls up proof in his records and has Jack taken away.

The Wraith that attacked Darkspade and Charon days ago was Jake Murphy… he was secretly working undercover for the Watcher’s Council underneath his father’s command. When Angel of Death looked for Jake she found him mortally wounded by hitmen from the Council and taken to a Technocracy hospital….

It was only then that Jake began to notice the advanced technology keeping track of his every important body function including the read outs from his brain. He stared at Angel, he found himself getting tongue tied and unable to talk to her without going red. She smiled at him.

Jake looked at Angel and then back at all the technology. He knew he had to come clean about everything. He knew he owed his life to the Wraith.

“Angel,” said Jake, “the reason there is so many holes in the hitlist, is because the other names that were supposed to be on there are Alexis and my dad. Yes the council wanted me to annihilate the entire roster. Now The man behind the Council is Seritus. Now Angel, you wouldn’t understand this, but since I helped bring the council down, my life will be terminated within the next three days. Your mother is asking my father who my mother is, well tell her to look in the hallowed halls of CW HQ. My mother was a distinguished member of the CW.”

With that, Jake passed out. Soon the machines that were keeping him alive flatlined. Angel asks for the body to be put into cryo-stasis thereafter.

X-Treme War Games PPV: CWE/ECF Heavyweight Championship Rematch


Darkspade and Charon were to have one last rematch together but Richard’s banning prevented forbidden this. However, because the match was held outside of an unsanctioned CW arena, the re-match was accepted…. this time, at another prison- Galzamec Prison… a prison for Creatures and enemies alike. The match was called the Chamber of Horrors!

Darkspade and Charon fought long and hard as they always do– proving again what Richard was most afraid of and that was them killing each other… the objective of the match was to find keys which could allow them to progress through the entire prison.

Just as Darkspade and Charon moved onward they end up dropping down into the deepest darkest catacombs of the prison.

“I don’t feel right. Mind the snakes, bats and rotten corpses… DAD! put that skull down – that isn’t a football…. Argh. You and your obsession with dead things…” a faint sound is heard down one of the dark corridors… “Shhh.. did you hear that…” – Said Charon

Eventually the two reach so far down in the catacombs that they become lost… it was only them and the cameraman. And so, Darkspade and Charon cease fighting at least long enough to find a way out of the catacombs. A faint sound is then heard in the distance and the two go chasing it…

Charon’s gut instincts were saying that this was “too” unusual… The two decided to follow the noises- so they walked down the dark corridor. It didn’t take too long at all and now they were walking in waist high raw sewage water. The cameraman was complaining about the smell… and the hundreds of rats that had occupied the passageway. Darkspade became irritated not at just the complaining emitting from the cameraman but from the simple fact alone, that he wanted to kick Charon’s ass and win this freak’n match!! Suddenly just before Charon was to turn around and punch her father’s lights out- they exit the corridor and enter a temple that had to been buried 20 or so feet underground. There was no more need for torches for the cameraman for now there was a hazy dim light from up above… a cracked opening.

Spade crawls on top of rubble and rolls down on his bum. He was now standing directly underneath the large cracked hole in the ceiling and then raised his hands…. evoking Unholy Darkness to ascend into the air but a **zippppp** of air zooms passed by him!! nearly whatever it was, barely missed! and then the projectile strikes and demolished the large statue of Christ on the cross up ahead!! Darkspade whips around and there stood three figures dressed as “Wraiths”!! and more two figures in the background watching intently…

Charon makes quick work at the imposter Wraiths- destroying them, and then one of the figures watching in the background reveals itself to be Lord Mortismere while the other, shockingly, revealed itself to be The Dark Sincentius!

Mortis was covered in rubble and as he extracted himself, Darkspade also came pounding down the corridor and used Mortis’ head as a springboard to catch a hold on the edge of the hole. Charon transformed completely and simply stepped into the room above before collapsing into a heap. The transformation had taken a lot out of her. She lay there breathing heavily, aware that Mortis was now making his way up along with Sincentius. Darkspade grabbed Charon by the back of her wrestling top, Charon grabbed the cameraman and the three ran chaotically through the lower regions of the dungeons.

Charon, Darkspade and the Cameraman entered through the hole and were now in the lower dungeon regions- it was a mad race- as the three rush for the next tier upwards… so were Mortismere and The Dark Sincentius! But suddenly, Mortismere cursed as a few blasts of Unholy energies shot from his wicked hands – missing each mark- sending down columns to the ground. Finally, the three reach the exit out from a rusty door and into the torture chamber. It was a large wide room with many varieties of torture instruments. An iron maiden rested against a blood stained gory brick wall first caught DS’ eyes…. and he went over there to admire the craftsmanship! “Nice! I could use one of these” **Charon rolled her eyes!** “DAD! this isn’t time for shopping!” The cameraman was in front of the rusty door taking middle shots and extreme closeups of our heroes when suddenly HE IS THRUSTED INTO THE AIR AS A BLAST OF UNHOLY DARKNESS DESTROYS THE DOOR AND THE ENTIRE HALF OF THE WALL!! The camera man is caught by Darkspade and he drops him down on his feet… the magic seal was beginning to affect DS and Charon’s powers but it was still very faint and everybody was still able to use their abilities to full… this enabled DS to reach deep inside of himself and pull energy from all three of his entities…. transforming him into he Unholy Cardinal!!!

Charon and Spade stood en-guard waiting for anything to happen, as the smoke disappeared from the destroyed wall…. a small man with a gray long beard with rats climbing in and out from it steps out!!! he holds up his hands as if he was an innocent bystander and just strolling through the prison at 8:00pm at night!! Charon slightly lowers her nailgun but then reaches and grabs the old man by his dirty gray twisted bearded and was disgusted to see that it was our fun loving dirty old man… SEER!!!

Darkspade was ready to tear the old man a part when, Seer revealed that he had the last silver key!! Seer held it up as if it was a peace offering…. DS looked at it and in the back of his head he also knew that his title was still at stakes! Suddenly, without thinking- which usually what DS is well known for, he SNATCHES the key from Seer – turns and runs out into the opposing doors from the torture chamber!

Charon frowned and thought about sticking Seer into the iron maiden but realized that her father doesn’t know the way out even with the last key left…. Seer DID know the way out… so, she yanked Seer by the beard- nearly pulling it off and rushed after Darkspade! the cameraman picked up all the action as he was now running behind them……

Charon ran after Spade hauling Seer with her and followed reluctantly by the cameraman. She hated following Spade, it usually meant trouble and more pain than it was worth but then Mortismere and Sincentius were also in pursuit so she figured beggars couldn’t be choosers.

The four started running again just as a blast from Mortismere took out the supporting column for the doorway they were standing behind. Charon loosed off several more volleys of nails and was rewarded with some swearing sounds. Seer opened up a door and they ran up the stairs as they took it in turns to drag the trampy looking, rat infested maggot with them.

Whatever was happening outside the prison, it wasn’t going too well because the spell preventing them from using their powers seemed to actually be very patchy indeed. One second Charon had a nailgun, the next second it disappeared from her hand to only re-appear in the waistband of her trousers. Spade himself was also having trouble maintaining a stable personality and kept fazing in and out of each aspect of himself; he swore…a lot.

Outside, technicians were battling to keep the transmission from failing, Richard was going mental and insisted on constant updates. Computer techs were unable to keep a track of how effective the spells were and cables and relays were fizzing and popping all over the place.

Mortismere and Sincentius were still in pursuit of both Charon and Darkspade, Charon and Darkspade were dragging Seer along and the cameraman kept wetting his pants. They managed to get up to a higher level before Mortismere and Sincentius got a clear shot at them again. Darkspade took the opportunity to sprint off dragging Seer with him. Charon grabbed the cameraman and shoved him ahead of her to try and give him some sort of protection should he get in harms way.

The spells were still really patchy and Charon was about to curse that fact when a blast of Unholy Darkness was stopped by a pocket of magic and just missing them. She had no idea where she was and just kept running.

Nowhere to Hide…..
Darkspade and Charon where stuck between a rock and a purple crossdressing Demon Lord and a psychopathic madman! After several more blasts of Unholy Darkness- Charon rolled from behind a column and then sprinted up the next tier of stairs. The patchy spell binding was indeed causing some unsual effects- Darkspade’s complextion reverted from pale to gold to pale to gold again as he tried desperately to control his multiple personalities. However, he caught glimpse of Charon running upward and he shot a volley of Unholy plasma to distract and deflect any projectiles as he too rolled out and ran up the flight of stairs. Seer and the cameraman were already at the top of the dungeon steps and were waving Darkspade and Charon on as if they were in a marathon! Once Spade and Charon reached the top- both of them reached high into the air and aimed at the stone bolted archway. Charon’s nailgun kept phasing in and out of reality- frustrating her to no ends. Spade too was having much difficulty conjuring enough Unholy Darkness.

The shadows of Mortismere and Sincentius were now seen at the bottom of the stairs… they were gaining on them fast! FINALLY after Charon cursed the Earth that Mortismere farted on- A BLAST OF EXPLOSIVE NAILS shot from her nailgun and at the same time- a blast of Unholy Darkness came from Spade’s right hand! The two blasts annihilated the stone archway- causing debri to come toppling down and quite literately blocking Sincentius and Mortismere from approaching any further. At least for now!!

The four looked at each other and sighed… this match turned into a big mess. Charon slapped Spade over the head! and after a reply of innocent protests from Spade – the four walked down the dark hallway and entered a narrow passageway with a metal bridge spanning from the mouth to….. the EXIT OUT FROM THE DUNGEON!! Finally they had reached the end of the road but a silver magical padlock can be seen from afar… literately taunting Darkspade and Charon. The moment was at hand…. Seer was in the middle of the two with the only key left. Charon turned to her dad….

Charon propose to leave at the same time causing the match to be a draw… Darkspade eventually agrees.

Seer was quite he had stepped back a ways from Charon and Darkspade and then a sinister smile covered from one end of his mouth to the other!!! he dangled the silver key in the air and then he let it drop down!! the key bounced several times until it finally fell through the bridge planks and you can hear a splash from underneath them. Charon whipped around and drew her nailgun out and so did Spade with his incantations! Seer just bent backwards, yelping out a twisted and corrupted laugh that echoed throughout the narrow space!!! Seer lowered his head and then tilted it sideways. Seer stops, laughs and explains that he never intended to help them!!!

Darkspade and Charon were double crossed!! The cameraman behind them suddenly felt a cold and shivering air coming from the silver door! He turned around and screamed out loud as a dark myst came swooping past and through him!! Darkspade turned around – and a limb from that dark myst swung and CRASHED INTO HIM!! Charon screamed as her dad fell over the bridge and dropped 20 feet down into the moat below!! a huge splash of dirty water erupted upward…. Charon then withdrew her nailgun but then the magical made it disappear again and it didn’t re-appear!! the dark myst then coalesce into….. the intimating and awe inspiring fearing force, known as The Dark Sincentius!!! Sin is an arrogant, maleficent being that care not what he has to do too accomplish his sinister tasks!! Sincentius slowly waved his right hand from left to right and a vine of Unholy Darkness oozed from his body and slithered across the ropes and floor beams, and wrapped around Charon! She was caught and trapped! Dark Sincentius quite literately hovered in mid air and then approached Charon – finally in his grasp.

“Charon, Dear. I am still surprised that you are oblivious to the fact that this was a setup. And I do not merely mean, Seer. I warned you, I warned you AND your precious Angel that I shall spare you until the faithful day till I DECIDE your fate. How ironic must it be, Charon, that the chimera DNA which flows in your very veins holds the key to justice in this world! So, yes my dear, you do hold the balance in your hand….. once the Creatures are all but a memory, then balance shall be restored to the world of mankind.”

Dark Sin came upward with a bounty of laughs!!! Even Seer laughed manically in the background…. suddenly, Sin came down with a brutal punch that would have crushed Charon’s face in half but her powers was partially working enough to sustain mild damage! Nonetheless… it was just insult to injury… Dark Sin was here for only one thing.

Sin removed a special silver tipped coated syringe which was dressed with enchanting symbols that were oddly familiar to Charon but she couldn’t remember where she had seen them….
“PUT YOUR ARM OUT YOU SICKENING THING YOU! FILTHY CREATURE! Let your smothering red blood flow like milk… let it FLOW FOR ALL TO TASTE ITS DEADLY DELIGHTS BBWWMAHHHHAAA!!!!!” – Said The Dark Sincentius

Sin cursed and swore but Charon somehow managed to release herself from the shadowy bindings. Mortismere now stepped into the cavern and tried to stop her but she sidestepped him, rolled across the ground and headed for the bridge. Mortismere shot a blast of Unholy Darkness at it and destroyed it, laughing and cackling manically as he did. Sin was now back up and advancing on her, albeit slightly more warily than before. Charon ever the logical and calculating person did something she rarely did these days, she took a risk that would either kill her or save her.

She ran toward where the bridge had been and dived. Initially both Sin and Mortismere thought she was trying to make a desperate leap for the other side of the bridge but then realized she was diving straight down at the point Darkspade had been pushed off the edge.

Transmission to the CW arena had been lost when the cameraman had been knocked out but audio was still being fed back. Richard began to panic when he recognized both Sin and Mortismere’s voices, he screamed instructions at his technicians and had a chopper made ready so he could fly out to the prison island immediately. Officials were already trying to break down the door where the two wrestlers were supposed to exit. It became apparent quite quickly that Charon and Darkspade were either not saying anything or they were dead…possibly both.

Fifteen minutes later, officials got the door open to find the cavern empty apart from a still unconscious cameraman and a damaged camera which was still recording even as it was picked up.

Kidnap, The Council, Vaolrixous and More


After X-Treme War Games PPV
The following day Charon swung her legs out of bed, her ribs felt as though they were grinding against one another and there was barely any skin showing through the array of bandages. Her face was like a giant patchwork of stitches, her left eye was swollen shut, her top lip was punctuated with a criss cross of short, neat cuts and numerous fingers were taped together. McDonnell walked into the room and she looked up at him. McDonnell shook his head and gave her a large selection of pill bottles and a wad of papers.

As she made her way toward the exit, she was grabbed from behind and hit with a stun gun. She passed out and appeared in a dungeon possibly hours later. Eventually the door to the cell swung open and four figures wearing black ski masks stood over her. The men search Charon and discover weapons on her and took them away… but then they also asked what was her birth name. Charon said it was Angel Charon Death and the men refused to take that as her answer. Suddenly, the men asked if she knew anything about the Vaolrixous. Charon answers:

““The Vaolrixous? Only what I’’ve read, personally I don’t think they’’re real, it’s certainly never been proven to be a true story. I know Neo-Earth is real and Lilith but the Vaolrixous have always been slightly sketchy. That usually means that it’s something been made up by someone to make the story more exciting…. “Go get yourself a fucking library card! I don’t know shit about them okay? I don’t know who they were supposed to be or what the hell they were doing in Neo-Earth or how they found themselves there. They were probably just some unfortunate bastards looking for a new place to live…. How the hell should I fucking know?””

Then one of the men asks, ““What is Brandon Xavier A’Court’s real name?””… Charon smiles and doesn’t answer… then suddenly, the men show Crimson and Harkin in the other room also kidnapped! Charon is stunned that her twins are there and then answers ““When I met him he was using the name Steven Smyth-Stanley, I knew it wasn’t his real name but I also didn’’t want to know his real identity because I didn’’t want to know details of his past. I gave him a new identity and in return he would sign to wrestle for CW for five years.”… “He tried to mug me, it turned into a fight and I could see he had talent. The police were about to arrest him but I said we were just practicing. I told him afterwards he had two choices…well three actually. First, was that he joined CW and I’d give him a new ID so he could start afresh, second was if he refused I would turn him over to the cops and the third was I’d beat him and kill him. That’s really all I know about him, you want to know more and you’ll have to ask him yourself.””

Eventually a dialogue continued between the main kidnapper and Charon:
“I think she genuinely does’t know about the Vaolrixous, her true birth name or Brandon’s true identity. She’s definitely lying about his whereabouts, I think the Wraith are hiding him but everything else, her body language says she’s genuinely confused.” My mother? She died before I was even born, she was murdered by Darkspade.” “No. Darkspade and others told me she was human so I never bothered to look into her family tree, I figured they’d all be pretty boring. Besides, I was never told what her surname was, so I never bothered to go any further than that.” – Said Charon

The main kidnapper reveals himself as Seritus and got up and gestured for everyone to clear the room. Crimson and Harkin were shackled to a wall opposite her where she could see them. Several minutes later two other people entered the room, Charon heard the door shut behind her again and a familiar smell reached her nostrils and she laughed humorlessly…. it was Lord Mortismere and Sincentius! It was clear by now that the Watcher’s Council were not lead by Seritus but worked under Mortismere and Sincentius!

Sincentius glared at Charon and said:
““You reek of Vaolrixous child. I smelt it when you saw me off in the woods with Angel. I find it amusing that your own family have never told you but enough of that, I want to know the whereabouts of Brandon and you will tell me or your children will be slowly cut into little pieces in front of you.””

Sincentius’ face twisted into an evil smile and he pushed himself away from her. Mortismere moved round and hit her in the face with a paperweight from the desk. She laughed, now she had their attention and Crimson and Harkin were fidgeting behind them. “You are protecting Brandon for some reason and I want to know the real one, not that bullshit you gave our interrogator.”

“That’s the reason you can never really control him, he accepted the Unholy Darkness willingly but to prevent any more harm coming to someone else. Darkspade might be an evil bastard now but deep within his soul he’s inherently good. Mind you it must be driving you mad that you could never get me to accept the Unholy Darkness, no actually that’s not true is it Morty? You did get me to accept, at least twice before but it never sticks does it? There’s something in me that fights it and gives me control back. It must anger you that I am always at the centre, always maintaining the balance and keeping you two in check at all times. Of course if you kill me, I’’ve already named a new Charon to take my place and I’ll never tell you who it is.” – Said Charon

Morits was ENRAGED and he blasted an ungodly wave of unholy darkness right at Charon- but then, both gracefully and powerfully, Sincentius raised two fingers into the air and the wave of unholy darkness made a U-turn in mid air and slammed right up to Sincentius’ finger… everybody, including Mortis, was speechless as Sincentius’ neutralized the attack. It amused Sincentius to no ends- and he approached Charon as though she was a peon to him

““Vaolrixous’ wench…. you arrogantly besiege the notion that you actually can control balance? Hmph. I AM BALANCE!! I transverse time and space inside of your family for generations- so don’t you dear PREACH to me what the fuck the name Charon encompasses. You are not even first on my list – your smell and the smell of those brats make me sick. More than any Creature of The Night that I have ever came across in my enigmatic lives… I can end your life and the life of any one you hold dear- and don’t think that the afterlife will save you. No. And don’t think for once we do not know of Death’s Winds interference….” Sincentius stopped as he saw Charon show signs of confusion…. “Hooo… why this is most rich… very interesting, Mortis, she has no clue what Death Wind tried and do. Well, “Charon” I suppose its only befitting we kill your squabbling brats here and now. That is, unless you have something your dying to tell us…..”

Sincentius’ inferno rage met no equal, it was amazing that one being could hold so much power yet is more unstable than anything Charon has ever came across. Yet- this instability leads to unpredictably…. Charon was brave in her actions, but there was a great fear for her children….

Charon stared at Sincentius, blood continued to pour down her face and her squabbling children as he called them had finally freed themselves of their shackles and seemed to be waiting for a command from their mother. Charon realized that if she wasn’’t important to them both she’d already be dead, as would her children.

“Kill me then and see what happens. I think you may have short-term memory loss. Do you not remember what happened last time you threatened my children and my life?” – Said Charon

Sincentius’ rage had now reached boiling point and Charon’s rage had reached the point where she was now incredibly dangerous to everyone around her because she no longer cared what they did to her or how much it was going to hurt. Sincentius shot a blast of unholy darkness at her, he watched confused as it split in two and went round either side of her as though there were an invisible force standing in front of her. Whatever the twins had been waiting for they now moved quickly and screeched around Mortismere’’s head biting, scratching and squealing. Mortis grabbed for them but they were too quick. Sincentius shot unholy darkness at the twins but again it seemed to bend and miss.

Charon’s handcuffs dropped to the floor just as Mortismere now shot a blast of energy at her. Instinctively, Charon also raised her hands and a blast of holy energy brighter than any sun shot across the room and intercepted the unholy. Both shots made a quiet “pop” noise as they hit and neutralised one another. Charon glared round the room as Crimson and Harkin, without any word from Charon now made their way to her. Harkin grabbed her round the head and Crimson clung to her front and she swung the door open.

Charon slammed the door and heard unholy energy slamming into the back of it until it blasted outwards but Charon was already halfway down the corridor with her kids. It was Sincentius who quickly realized that the one person they wanted more than Charon had actually been in the room with her the entire time. Charon dived pell-mell into the main entrance hall of Castle Mortis, Brandon suddenly appeared next to her breathing heavily. Brandon takes the kids to Wraith HQ…. just as a wave of Unholy energy was about to hit him and instead hit the wall behind where he’d been standing. Charon turned round and faced the two very irate beings that were Mortismere and Sincentius. She held her hands out from her sides and grinned….

Serin… Doom…. Fate Coalesces Into One Medium


The memory of that night resurfaced… Brandon had just disappeared after a tidal wave of Unholy energies came rushing towards him from a deadly and crazed madman– Dark Sincentius! Harkin and Crimson were taken to the Wraith HQ on Charon’s command. As the memory continues to un-wedge itself Charon held her hands on her hips just waiting for anything to come her way…. the shadows of Mortis and Sincentius were seen fast approaching but then… the shadows stopped! And then vanished. Charon realized at that point they knew Brandon was gone and they had no need… at least for now… to capture her.

Later that evening, Charon is seen walking out of an elevator at the Wraith Headquarters- much to her utter surprise, Darkspade was in the same room with Brandon, Angel and Kizmat. Charon felt a relief knowing that her family was all under one roof sorta-speak. But this was no time for celebrations. Darkspade was the first to speak up- first he updated Charon that Harkin and Crimson are very much safe and asleep in their quarters. Then, he pulled out an interesting DNA chart along with the diary from Death’s Wind….

Charon knew Darkspade failed High School biology even though he was homeschooled by the finest tutors in the Death Family… but she volunteered to fill in the blanks…

“So far this is what we know for a fact, Dark Sincentius is masterminding the attacks through The Watcher’s Council- many of which are dressing up as Wraiths to throw off the trail and cause internal turmoil in Wraith HQ. Somehow, Dark Sin has convinced The Watcher’s Council and select human beings to follow him in this cult like agenda. But why go after MY blood. This goes right back to what Death’s Wind must have found out. Now the key is in what Sin told me, he wanted my chimera blood. [Darkspade tilted his head to the side as if he was a lost puppy dog] Okay… chimera is when a person has two sets of DNA. Now, I am uncertain what this completely means… Sincentius quite obviously believes that I have two sets of DNA. It actually solves a lot of riddles… I think this also has something to do with the relationship between the Death Family and the Vaolrixous family. Before, I just thought they were just a folklore passed down from generation to generation but with all folk lore- there is something that must be hold a shred of truth… However, if in fact I have chimera DNA- wouldn’t this would mean that Julie gave birth to triplets, not just twins… and I absorbed the other twin to acquire the other DNA set! Furthermore, if that was correct, it would make sense why me and Kali did not full-fill one of the Death Family’s prophesy- we became something ‘unique’.”

Kizmat rolled his eyes and then rose suddenly….
Unfortunately, I really should know who or what the Vaolrixous are… but I still have much left of my past shrouded in a dark myst Charon…

Charon was happy to fill in what she knew…
“The Vaolrixous is a family line that broke from the ancient alliance when the Creatures of the Night first came into this world. I believe they must have found a way into Neo-Earth but to wage war against an evil demon god. That is what was told to me when I was a child….”

Everybody in the room stood in stark silence over the events…. then, Darkspade realized something strange…

“If… say if you did have two sets of DNA, then why did I…err Sincentius tried to meddle with your DNA while still inside of Julie?” – Said Darkspade

Charon turned around… as so did everybody else. That fateful night so long ago when Spade Deathen attempted to alter the child inside of Julie’s body by using Damien Death’s own DNA. It never worked out- Julie escaped with her life which afterward set the stage for the horrific events to come to past. But what was never answered- was why…. did Mortismere convince Spade Deathen to meddle with Julie’s unborn child?

“….. perhaps, it was simply to find out something. An experiment?” – Said Kizmat

Yet, somewhere else. Somewhere much… much darker and absorbed with the Will of the Unholy Darkness. The scene begins from the flickering burning blue flame of a dark candle. Then as the view backs off the establishing point is cemented- we see two figures standing in a large oval room which we have seen long time ago when Kizmat used this room to transverse time itself. The location, deep down within the catacombs of Castle Mortis!

The much taller of the two figures is easily recognized as the freakish Lord Mortismere– but standing opposite- shrouded by the darkness on one side and the burning flame of the candles that have littered the perimeter of the room- the enigmatic Dark Sincentius. The two evil souls were discussing something of importance- till then, Sincentius turned sideways and slowly walked towards a cauldron that was filled with molten mercury. As Sin gazed downward on the liquid- Mortis spoke out-loud-

“We HAD her Sin! We HAD her within our grasp and it WAS YOU wwwwwhhoooo let her SLIP AWAY!!!!” Dark Sincentius was still. He was more aware of the molten liquid which turned and brewed in front of him than the ramblings of a moron. “”Areee you even listening to me!!!” Dark Sincentius turned just his head and not his entire body a quarter turn to his right and stared at Mortismere with his corruptible and insane eyes… “… You assume the obvious Mortismere. Thusly, you obviously believe that she got away as arrogant as this may seem to be. I allowed it to be so.”

Mortismere was pissed off and destroyed one of his own statues of himself….

Was it fear? was it a grand plan? or what it just the ramblings of an insane, obsessive man? Dark Sin turned back to the cauldron and dipped his hand into the molten mercury!! Mortismere protest and was shocked! Then, as Dark Sincentius lifted his hand- a hand now which its flesh melted off of his bone- blood now contaminated the liquid and spread around it- spiraling out of control! Sincentius laughed- a laugh that echoed throughout the dark and empty hallways. Even Mortismere thought Sin was raging mad- but then, Dark Sin’s body shifted wildly out of control it was as if watching two bodies converging into one space. The other body was exceptionally hard to decipher but as the mercury traveled down Sin’s right hand and quite literately grew around his skin- the other form was approaching clarity. Mortismere was lost for words. After some time, nearly as the light from the flickering dark candles were loosing its illumination- The face of Serin appeared over the face of Dark Sincentius. Serin’s face was cold, pale and lifeless just as Darkspade’s was…. but much much more sadden… depressed… and violent. Serin flicks its eyes upward from its eye-sockets at Mortismere and came at the Lord with a screaming- ghost like howl!!! Mortismere shot blasts of Unholy Energies right at Serin but each one traveled through him and then struck the sides of the oval room!!! Mortismere withdrew his silver dagger and then prepared for a confrontation but just as Serin was about to strike- in the background- was Dark Sincentius. Standing there… standing there watching this with amusement and pleasure- Sincentius screamed back at Serin….

“That is enough Serin.” The ghost-like form stopped moments before colliding with Mortismere head on and then… POOF! vanished as a dark mist and then rose up into the air in a swirling vortex. Mortismere was enraged and dumbfounded over what just happened… carefully, Sincentius explained.

“Though it may take you some time to comprehend, the meaning… the purpose and the application of what just happened here Lord Mortismere. I want for you to know that Charon Death is exactly where I wanted her to be… with what I wanted her to be with. There is yet one other element needed, it is DOOM…. I and my kind will properly introduce ourselves to her in very short time indeed. “

Sincentius stared back at the mercury. His hand and everything about him was set back into place… then through the liquid the image of Doom was seen staring out into the dark sky– mesmerized by the stars.

“It is so stated- Mortismere, Doom was once called my ‘mother'”

Concludes Page 2…

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