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The Virus Saga, Page 3

What we have witnessed thus far from page 2 of the Virus Saga:

Darkspade and Charon fight in an unsanctioned match at a prison – but find out that the entire match was a setup as Lord Mortismere and Dark Sincentius try and take a portion of Charon’s blood. Charon and Darkspade escape before her blood was taken – this raised alarms… and so Charon and Darkspade try and locate clues at Death Manor and discovered Death Wind’s Diary and in it contained a note about a DNA pattern strand connected to Julie. Darkspade hypothesized that Death’s Wind found out about Julie’s innate Creature abilities and Mortismere had her killed because of it.

Richard Arcane was revealed to be Angel’s true father and Charon was discharged of all crimes after Alexander revealed that he was the actual culprit responsible for the bombing and downing Richard’s aeroplane- Alexander is taken into custody.

Members of the Watcher’s Council are dressing up as Wraith to cause inner turmoil… then, Charon is taken by men after leaving a hospital to an undisclosed location. The leader of the kidnappers is revealed to be Seritus, just as Jack mentioned when he was contained for working with the Council as a spy, and asks who were the Vaolrixous and what was the real name of Brandon. When Charon resisted- Seritus shows Charon & Kizmat’s twin children: Harkin and Crimson are also kidnapped and harm could be done to them if Charon doesn’t comply. Suddenly, Mortismere and Sincentius show up and it is clear that they were running the show. Sincentius rambles on like a madman about Death’s Winds interference a long time ago… Interestingly enough- Sincentius talks about how he transverse throughout the Death Family DNA line for generations… Once Charon got all the information she needed- she manages to escape with her twin children with the aide of Brandon.

Page 2 concludes with a scene with Darkspade, Charon, Angel and Kizmat applying everything that they know so far and figure out that Charon has chimera DNA from an unborn third twin!! For some reason- Sincentius wanted that DNA strand… and they figure that Lord Mortismere tried to experiment with Julie while she was pregnant.

Then The Dark Sincentius is shown disobeying Mortismere as the ghost of Serin superimposes on top of Sincentius’ face & Sincentius strangely shows emphasis with meeting up with Doom… When asked why by Mortis, Sincentius cryptically replies that Doom was once called his ‘mother.’

Introductions Are In Order…

Sincentius visits Doom at her Carnival Tent
The dark sky gave little light upon the carnival as doom looked around her home watching as a chill went down her back. doom wasn’t sure where she was walking to but it lead her to Jack’s tent or what was left of it….. she looks back unsure at first to go in or not but Doom finds herself standing at his desk as she looked down at fold piece paper. It was old and she could tell that Jack must had it since he got her. She picks up the paper and unfolds it the handwriting was kind of faded but not enough to where Doom could not read it. The writing on the paper was different from Jack’s as doom look closely at it but could really be?!

The note… the note that Jack guarded with his life was a message from her parents saying that she was born into this world with a special purpose. But what of it? WHAT could that purpose be? Doom was not feeling well. She was exhausted and drained. After Chance left, Doom decided to retire but as she walked down the sod covered ground to her private tent- she could feel a presence. She completely expected anyone… anyone she knew. But a cold descended upon the carnival from up high. The tents where flapping furiously against a raging and violent wind- and on top of that, but the atmosphere was thick and hazy. So much- that the moon appeared to have been drenched in a blood curling red hue. When, in fact, what was happening – was an intense manifestation of Unholy Darkness. The sound alarms which Brandon and Charon have applied in the carnival then sounded off… warning that an Unholy Darkness user is amidst but nobody came. It was as if, time itself had slowed down- because as Doom turned around and around in an endless confused state- she noticed that the flags that waved aimless on top of the highest perches on the tents… the lantern lights flickering… and the animals in their cages- where ALL frozen in time. Except. Her. Suddenly, two multicolored eyes cut through the darkness from behind her. She could feel an odd and yet familiar presence that cannot be described by mere words alone. This was also no creature of the night… it was a human being but one that she sense possessed amazing yet turbulent powers.

“Who…. who ARE you? How did you do this?” The figure stops short of a few feet from where Doom was standing. A side view now takes place… the view slowly pans from a low horizontal angle from Doom to the figure and then back again as Doom continued…. “I DON’T WANT YOU HERE! BEGONE!” The figure grunted and then, it removed its cowl slowly for Doom to see with her own terrified eyes who it was…. “You do not have a choice when I propose this to you DOOM. It is because, quite simply, it is your destiny. If I wish, I can end your life right here… right now. It matters not to me. Nor does it matter much for my followers… its all the same with you WRETCHED Creatures. But, your special to me. So very special… I know your confused… it will become clear eventually for The Angel of Lust hehee…”

Doom was beyond words… she knew from Charon’s descriptions of this man that he was The Dark Sincentius. A psychotic madman that hide in the DNA of the Death Family- awoken in Spade Deathen’s body…. and then possessed the soul of Serin Death so he could once again walk in the land of the living. Dark Sincentius was a huge threat… even for Doom, she was uncertain she could deflect him. Suddenly, time was starting to return to normal as the animals began to move slowly in their cages and from the far distance once can see Chance rushing to Doom’s aid… but he was running in slow motion….. Dark Sincentius then suddenly, and without any notice or warning– appeared just inches from Doom… she was stunned. Too stunned to move– frozen in fear! Dark Sincentius opened his boney right hand and brushed her hair. He was heaving and puffing with a deep and thick breath…. and then, he stopped.

“If you want answers. Then you MUST confront me on Friday’s event. I promise to you Doom, I will not use magic against you. Though- I will not hold back from freezing you over, in a Hell Frozen Over Match. Meet me in the ring with your answer… the ONLY answer that you can give… “

Then, just like that, he was gone. Vanished! Everything was now normal like it was once. But Doom collapsed to the sod covered dirty floor!!! Chance ran to her in fear….

At CW Platinum Overdrive Friday Night: Sincentius VS Doom(c)

Now… what exactly did Sin hold over DOOM? What did he know that she didn’t…. the idea alone that Sin may know something of her shrouded past was well enough to send DOOM spiraling down and down into a pool of blinding rage and transcend into an evil and vile being herself. The match endured on…. but as each passing moment- the atmosphere inside the cage grew colder and colder and colder… It was so very cold, that as the fans screamed and cheered on the outside of the huge glass cage cube- their breath turned into a white mist as the cold made the glass fridge to the touch. Inside the Hell Frozen Over Match, Doom was fighting with everything that she had!!!! against a monster that was both ominous, freighting and seemingly- toying with her every single emotion.

Doom could no longer feel any warmth from her body but it was adrenaline which had pumped her body with enough energy to swing furiously at Sincentius who was blocking and walking backwards until he shielded himself in a turnbuckle corner! Suddenly, Sin’s eyes illuminated violently with multi colors and he launched at her with a sickening uppercut and then followed up with a headbutt which sent Doom to one knee- however, Sincentius screamed like a manic and then hip tossed her clear across the canvas floor which hard as steel from the cold. Doom was breathing heavy as the cold was just too hard to bare and that was when she suddenly collapsed in front of an approaching Sincentius!!! A ref on the outside who was observing the whole thing to indicate who was the first to fall unconscious was about to signal for the bell but that was when, Mortismere appeared behind a veil of darkness right behind the referee!!! Mortismere swings his massive forearm – clobbering the ref from behind!! Mortismere looked upward and then gestured with a slit of his throat at Sincentius! Sincentius didn’t care what Mortismere wanted- he instead picked DOOM up by her throat and then dragged her to his sickening face!!!

“Tisk tisk tisk…. dear, you honestly think… to believe that…. you actually had a chance in HELL against me, childe?.” Doom kicked and screamed her face was swollen up from the evil that resided deep inside of her being… however, Sincentius was unaffected by everything he eventually squeezed harder- tightening his grip around her neck!!! Doom was in serious trouble she was gasping for any morsel of air that she could get!!! “Before. Before you DIE by my hands. I wish that you now know your true nature as the Mother of my horrible Sins.” Doom’s confused and glazed eyes looked at Sincentius- she muttered the words…. “H..HO..W…. I AM… A MOTH.E..R” Sincentius then leaned his head all the way back and then laughed so hard that a large fracture in the glass appeared and then a streak of broken glass lines traveled all the way to nearly the base….. he then looked coldly into her red eyes…. “Your death will NOT be in vain. For their is a powerful, ominous chi that is trapped inside of you, a power that your parents knew of and hid. Once it is released, I will be closer to the source of all Creatures. Let it be known, DOOM you are the catalyst that will bring upon the extinction of all CreatureKind!!!! MMMWWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!”

Charon had been watching Sin very closely for some time now and as she’d watched Doom struggle in the frozen cell, memories of her own match, many years ago, resurfaced and triggered an anger that had laid dormant for many years. The revelation was immense as she realized who had been pulling the strings for so very long and as Mortismere laid out the referee Charon seemed to explode.

She had a loud buzzing in her ears which blocked out any noise or conversation going on around her and her vision had become almost tunnel like in it’s intensity. It was like having another person take over your body for a time, she realized that she was able to tap into the second DNA strand at times of high emotion and this was one of those times. The difference this time was that she allowed the second personality to assume control.

The audience were suddenly aware of a figure sprinting down to ringside, once the camera’s realized they got a shot and people slowly began to cheer as they recognized Charon. Charon was focused completely on Mortismere and Sin. She picked up a metal wrench and slammed it hard down onto the top of Mortismere’s head and as he staggered and collapsed, she ran round the cell trying to remember how to get it open.

The wrench was still in her hand when she found the door with the lock still in place. She slammed the wrench down on the padlock, it snapped easily from the cold generated from inside and she flung the door open. She stepped inside and growled at Sin. “LEAVE HER ALONE.” – Yelled Charon!

Charon’s eyes were absorbed by the violent purple colour, however this did not intimidate the evil Dark Sincentius who had no issue at all to drop Doom to the cold blistering floor and sprint towards Charon with his own multicolored eyes shifting back and forth as the adrenaline was coursing through his veins! Charon ducked his clothesline but came around him and smacked the wrench across his back! Sincentius growled as he turned to her but before she could get another hit in- Dark Sincentius shot his boney fingers into her mouth. The move paralyzed her… and Charon looked down as her right hand dropped involuntarily dropped the wrench to the canvas. Her violet eyes turned to stare at the insane and compulsively obsessive mad man- smiling and snarling at her. Sincentius was able to raise Charon up with the Insidious Mythos slam but, surprisingly from behind, DOOM came with full momentum from the ropes- jumped into the air and then slams Sin’s head downward with a bulldog! Charon is let go– and gags from the move. Sincentius’ smacks into the cold and slippery canvas – his head shattered the ice covering causing him to bleed a black substance. Doom helps Charon up and the two then double teamed Sincentius!

The entire arena was up on their feets! Charon and Doom picked Sincentius up and then dropped him with a double atomic drop and then followed up with a double jump kick which sent Sincentius stirring backward and then his arms get caught and entangled in the ropes! Sincentius was screaming bloody murder at the two but the ice made the ropes hard to escape from. Charon grinned as she picked up the wrench from off of the floor and then walked slowly to Sincentius.

I been wanting to do this for a very long time mate!

“Grrraahhhh I bet you do. You sickening Childe…. DISGUSTING cretin!” Sincentius kicked and tried to power himself out from his entanglement but was powerless…

Charon raised the wrench but a purple Demon Lord with some really nice ornamented decorations on his robe- rolled into the ring and then runs over DOOM with so much force that she turned 360 in mid-air!! and then shoulder charged right into Charon into one of the turnbuckle corners!! Charon ricochets from the corner and Mortismere catches her by the neck to only slam her down with a choke slam from hell!! Mortismere turns to Sincentius who was looking upward at Mortismere with murdering eyes…. Mortismere carefully begins to remove Sincentius from the ropes….

Charon shook her head and then dived straight after Mortismere with a baseball slide along the icy ring. She slammed hard into the back of his right leg causing him to lose his footing and crash backwards hard and leaving Sincentius still tied up in the ropes. She cracked the wrench right into Mortismere’s face and continued until she could see his blood oozing slowly onto the ice. She tilted her head and watched him crawl along the ice back toward Sincentius.

Charon grabbed Doom by the arm and dragged her to the exit. Doom was arguing with her but Charon already had something else she wanted to do, revenge actually, for a match up many years ago. She slammed the cube’s door closed and pulled another, much more heavy duty padlock from the side of her boot and snapped it into place. She walked round the cube and found the controls. She pushed the temperature gauge down to sub zero levels before smashing the controls with the wrench and then she looked up and smiled.

This match was nothing but a setup. It was designed to trap DOOM and to ware her down so that Sincentius could take her- dead or alive. Mortismere interfered so that Sincentius could finally obtain what he wanted from her…. whatever that may be, we still don’t know. Sincentius called DOOM the “Mother of His Sins.” The questions keep piling up. Sincentius knows about DOOM’s past but to what extent? Charon came out to protect DOOM and to finally seek revenge over the two evil bastards. There is an odd connection between Sincentius and Doom…. could this be what Julie warned Charon about? The trinity…… or was this something off the charts — so completely off into another realm of mysteries??

What Charon did actually made some fans shout out and called her act as inhuman and evil! Charon didn’t care… of ALL of the things Mortismere and Sincentius has done to make her life and others a living hell. This was overdue justice. Mortismere reached for the ropes but his entire body was freezing and stiff. Even Mortismere’s silver right hand was beginning to freeze in place… however, Sincentius who was still caught in the ropes seemed to be unaffected by the sub-zero temperature and he actually appeared to be liking it!! Sincentius realized that the match ended and the magic binding was no longer in effect. As Charon walked slowly backwards up the steps to take it all end…. a HUGE EXPLOSION erupted where Sincentius was trapped and icy cold shards of huge glass came flying from the squared circle! but the glass coalesce into glass ball up above the ring!!! It was a sight to behold as the huge glass ball was being fused together by heat within its core…. Charon stood watching in amazement but it did nothing to change her feelings and emotions about Sincentius and Mortismere.

Sincentius was the only one left in the ring- now, standing. The horrific madman raised his right arm and with it- you can see his bulging muscles and veins pulsating throughout his entire body. This was his master over Unholy Darkness. Sincentius crumbles his bony fingers in to his hand and at the same time so did the enormous mass of glass up and above him- collapse into a condensed form till it swiftly disintegrated. Charon was actually impressed with Sincentius’ marksmanship with the Unholy Darkness but guess what? She was still standing. However, Sincentius returned the sentiments by glaring at her- with a smile that he is well known for. Then, the C-Tron lights up above Charon….. She turns around and Doom is rushing outside of the parking lot when all of a sudden, an unmanned big four wheeler truck roars in the distance with its headlights on- it drives down the lot with blinding speed and then you sickeningly see it crash and pin Doom against the back of another vehicle!!! Charon is horrified- and she quickly runs out of the arena….. Meanwhile, in the ring, Sincentius is still standing ominous… silent… and grins with evil delights over what he has done to Doom.

Where in the World…..?!

Charon was stood on the wall of the dam, the wind was blowing directly into her, making her hair and loose black clothing flap out behind her. The dark, night sky seemed to reach out forever and Charon looked round as she heard footsteps crossing the gravel footpath to her left. A dark figure walked unhurriedly toward where she was still stood. Charon looked down at her as she stopped and looked up into her face. Charon jumped down off the wall grinning. “What’s happening?”

The woman smiled at her.
“I thought it was time we had a little chat about a few things.”

She sat down on the wall and beckoned for Charon to join her. The two sat together and it was difficult to tell the difference between the two other than the second woman had grey hair. Charon shrugged.

“Okay, so what are we chatting about today then?” – Said Charon

The woman smiled.
“Chimerism or rather dual DNA.”

Charon frowned.
“I already know all about it, why would I want to discuss it with you?” – Said Charon

They both looked out over the moonlit dam water.
“Because you aren’t the only one with dual DNA. Think about this as well, sometimes a trinity is more powerful and destructive than just twins.” – Said Charon

They both grinned and walked a short way with each other before Charon now bought up the subject of chimerism.

“I have dual DNA correct? Why? A trinity suggests three and I’m hoping you mean three creatures with chimerism and not one person with a triple set of DNA that would be weird. Am I right?” – Said Charon

The odd woman reveals herself to be the spirit of Julie…. and nodded, Charon noticed the troubled look on her face though and then asked if Darkspade also had chimera DNA…
“Darkspade has very little memory of tampering with your DNA and neither does he have any memory of his DNA being altered as a child. You need to keep this to yourself to keep him safe, to keep the entire creature world safe. The third chimera is a natural chimera and may hold the key to protecting you all. I need you to understand that but together you will be powerful enough to bring this saga to an end.” – Said Julie

Charon asks how can a single drop of blood endanger all Creatures of the Night? Julie answers: “Just do your research into the Vaolrixous and the Death family, eventually, you’ll see the light.”

Charon was about to protest when the wind picked up again, she turned to where Julie had been standing and she was already gone. Charon swore, when she awoke she was bathed in sweat and had the urge to go straight down into the family library.

The library finally recovered from the mess Darkspade caused several weeks ago. A scene is shown with Charon entering through the back and she walks in the direction of the library when all of a sudden, she hears the tele on. Who in world could be up this late of the hour? Charon rushes into the library and Spade quickly changes the channel. Charon placed her hands on her hips and looked down at her dad who made himself comfortable on the recliner chair…. Charon noticed that the jelly bean jar was open and hidden behind the coffee table. She reached down and picked it up… Spade’s face turned beet red and he swore it wasn’t him. It was the cat that managed to climb the shelves, pulled it out from its secret hiding place and managed to climb down with it to the floor and unseal an air-tight lid. Charon shook her head but it was a relief that Spade was back to whatever is normal was. Darkspade then asks what she was doing… Charons asks her father if he knew anything about Trinities?

“It didn’t really make much sense to be honest, I thought twins were supposed to be powerful but she said something about trinities being more destructive. Not sure what the hell she meant. She doesn’t always make sense to be honest. Only thing that DID make sense was the fact there are three chimera’s.” – Said Charon

She looked to Darkspade to see if he could shed any light on it whatsoever, apparently right now he couldn’t as he was munching jellybeans and trying to work out where he’d put the remote for the tv. She slouched down into the comfy chair and stared at the ceiling. Darkspade thinks about patterns of three in his life and as he was eaing jellybeans he brainstorms:

“Okay think about it- we’ve had 3 crystals, 3 forms of Lilith, I’ve been split into 3 forms as well… and then you have the 3 known powers associated with this balance you keep talking about…. you know, Unholy Darkness… Holy Darkness and Holy Light. See.. [holds up his fingers] 3 [then he turns his hand around to show the other side]… yep. Three as in trinity right? Oh man my head hurts.”

Yeah I see your point. I have 3 children and then you have 3 ppl with chimera DNAs. It is quite odd but there is a pattern- or could it be a coincidence? – Said Charon

“I don’t know but this is the longest damn saga in the history of sagas and I want to get to the chapter where we CAN KICK SOME ASS! Save the day and win a damn CW Megaslammy!” – Said Spade

Trying to do some research


Charon had been thinking about the trinity for some time, it had occupied her thoughts far more than it should have done and her training was suffering as a result. She looked over at Spade and cocked an eyebrow at him.
“Right, yeah, we’ll just pop over to Castle Mortis on the pretense of wanting to borrow a cup of sugar. I’m pretty sure by the time they realize we’re there to kick their asses it’ll be way too late for them to kill us or worse breathe on us.”

Spade almost pouted but he did stop and look at her for a few moments.
“Okay so the plan has a few tiny flaws.”

Charon sighed.
“The problem is, until we know exactly what Sincentius wants, I don’t really know what we can do but then on the other hand, I’am worried that if we wait it might already be too late. This is ridiculous. Spade go home and do whatever it is you do when you’e high on sugar”

Charon felt the need to do some research on the original Sincentius problem and the original Charon who’d defeated him. Spade seemed to be lost in his own thoughts once more, even as Charon tried to shoo him out of the library and in the end she shoved a large jar of jellybeans into his arms and shut the front door on him. Ten minutes later she could hear him chasing hell hounds round the grounds.

Charon slipped out a side door and walked towards the Death Family graveyard and soon found the crypt her mothers body occupied. Charon opened up the door and walked in – descended the steps slowly and walked through into the main chamber, several books tucked under her arm.

It was odd, everything in crypt room was in threes. Three stars painted above the coffin, a three stranded knot design on the coffin itself, the number three was everywhere but why?

Charon put the first book down and leafed to the page regarding Sincentius, the Charon who had defeated Sincentius had a three stranded knot design on his top. She turned to the volume regarding the Valrixous, again they had a three starred emblem on their tops. Again, Sincentius, Death and Valrixous, three sides, a triangle. What was so bloody powerful about the number three?

It wasn’t long before another emblem began recurring through the books and the crypt, it was a triangle with a dot at it’s centre. Charon had no idea what it meant and the whole situation was driving her to distraction.

The next scene slowly cross fades into the meditation chamber deep down within the dark recesses of Castle Mortis’ Catacombs. Sincentius is seated down with his legs crossed, and in the center of a blood painted pentagram which was surrounded by black candles. Sin’s eyes were closed however, a bizarre overlap of Serin’s face is overlapped over Sincentius’s face. As if this picture wasn’t odd enough- the view now shifts from behind Sin’s backside; the view tilted upward and you can see a large worn out mosaic painting, of ages pass, depicting the epic confrontation between Sincentius, The Dark Rider, and the first Charon.

It was a subject matter which was filled with heroics and dread…. the composition was littered with iconography that made your spine tingle as once you realize the meaning behind the imagery. On the left side of the wall was the army of “righteous” human knights and on the right side was the kindreds. It was a war scene…. a scene that showed countless bodies on both sides- all slain. Then the focal point was of Sincentius and of course, Charon- coming together in a triangular format in the center of the scene. But there was a figure standing below them. It was of a woman fully cloaked in a angelic robe- which felt serene.

An old man walks out from the shadows and once he came far enough to the candles- it is now clear that it was Seer. Seer gulped his thick saliva and then addressed Sincentius…. Sin’s eyes open slowly- eyes that were multicolored and completely enraged with overwhelming hatred and spite.

I came back Sincentius. Just like you heee… commanded me – Said Seer

The enigmatic being, The Dark Sincentius, rose from his seating position and as he raised- he lifted his arms upward and then stretched them high above his head… exhaled and then lowered his arms – to then roll his shoulder blades. Sincentius stared at Seer “You done very well Seer. Very well indeed. Though, I was unable to secure a sample of Charon’s blood… there is yet another place we may be able to retrieve a sample- the hospital that treated her after the CW Headquarter’s explosion. I am certain that they have a sample. We MUST act now and fast, the moment is coming to past. Charon is also nosing where she is not suppose too- that goddamn family of hers wrote down too much in their libraries. Hmph. It matters not. By the time she figures out the significance of the Trinity, it will be utterly too late. Utterly too late Mwwahhhha…” Seer smiled along with Sincentius….

The transcendental being, The Dark Sincentius, approached an altar at the far end of the large dimly lit room and removed a tiara with a three stranded knot design emblem and rose it towards the mosaic painting “As I prophesied, Charon, I came back to finish the genocide of the kindred race and the paradise I will create, will undoubtedly come to past. It WILL be glorious.”

“Awh hum…. Sin, and what about DOOM?….”

“Need not to worry about her. Charon and Darkspade will never understand her role… and by the time they do, their kind will no longer pose a threat and interfere in our evolution!”

Mayhem at CW Headquarters

Several days later….
The shot opens to the view of the newly constructed CW Headquarters. Ever since the bombing this Summer, security has been TIGHT! Only the top officials and executives are allowed permanence. Then suddenly as the estabishing shot is cemented, a cross-fade brings us into the elaborate CW conference room with the board of directors. On one end of the long mahogany and contemporary in design conference table- was the CW Chairman: Moebius while on the other end was the CW President: Richard Arcane. The other members of the board included the District Promoters: Chane McMahon and Gunther; Mrs. Amile Bubilefark and Jim Ross. The tension in the room was already mounting.

“This meeting begins. Alright everyone, first and foremost let me address the concerns. I know that 2009 has been our biggest year yet but you do not have to worry about the building exploding anymore. We’ve reinforced the building in the latest defense and magic binding technologies. I realize that the checkpoints leading up to this floor was overwhelming but it is vital for the security of CW. For the next concern, I will pass this to my partner Mr. Arcane.” – Said Moebius

I know. I know what you are all thinking. First, don’t forget I am not my brother so you don’t have to worry about me going apeshit. I am not too happy that Charon is still a part of our roster- after all, she nearly killed me. She has defied our rules and continues to run a muck in the e-fed going after the people she CLAIMS is going to destroy the world. But I must say, where is the proof? [Moebius tries to interrupt] WAIT I am not finished Moebius, don’t interrupt me, listen I am all for saving the world but how can we believe a half-crazed woman that has been hospitalized countless times…. I want to also address this fact. In light of her ramblings, I have acquired a sample of her blood from the hospital they first sent her. I want this sample to be carefully reviewed and tested. Furthermore, I require that Charon is taken in by our medical professionals and her brain is examined. Moebius don’t look at me like that! I will not book her in another match until OUR medical doctors say she is mentally capable to wrestle. – Said Richard

Moebius is outraged
“AND how did you acquire her blood sample?”

“That’s classified.” – Said Richard

The next scene takes into the home of Spade Deathen.
It has been several days since Darkspade payed a visit to his daughter- but nothing else was brought up since then. The whole idea of a trinity seemed plausible. After all, there has been weird references to the number 3 throughout the entire world of the creatures of the night. It first started with the elusive and quite bizarre Crystals of Legend. As the legend says, 3 crystals were created which brought together could control the balance between the darkness and light. But more specifically- two of the three crystals were in actuality the remains of divinities. The third crystal came into being by the will of the other crystals which created a balance between the two opposing forces.

Even so, the crystals were still vessels of our own nature. Light and Darkness exists all around us- it is the choices we make which determines our fate. Sincentius’ agenda is clear- he is convinced that the Creatures caused the evil in this world and he wants them eradicated so that a future of mankind can reign. Sin’s decisions are morbid and hypocritical. The crystals are long gone, but their essence can be felt all around us. The war between the dark and the light wages on.

Darkspade is seen in his own library…. he had pulled countless dusty books… and was asleep on many of them on his table. A figure emerges from the darkness…. it was Kizmat! Kizmat takes a book and SLAPS it in the back of Spade’s head!!! FINALLY Spade wakes up to see Kizmat looming over him with a book. Kizmat senses Spade has been holding back information about the Vaolrixous and the Death Family! Kizmat accuses Spade of secretly enjoying all of the problems that the Creatures are having… When Kizmat leaves, Spade stares down at an old and decrepit book with the same three stranded knot design that Charon found at her home. Spade turns to a bookmarked page- one of which, showed an illustration of 12 Vaolrixous tribesmen and women walking through a portal. “Julie…. I promised.”

Charon reached CW headquarters and was about to go up to the executive floor when she was blocked by four burly security officers. She tried to walk round them but they seemed quite certain she wasn’t going anywhere. Charon was slightly annoyed.

“What the fuck? Let me past so I can talk to Richard!”

A slightly scary man seemed to ooze his way out from behind the reception desk and smiled pleasantly, a smile which didn’t reach his cold, black eyes.
“Miss Death, my apologies but Mr Arcane is in an important meeting right now, perhaps you’d like to make an appointment and come back later?… [Charon protested] Well, you see there is the slight issue with you having blown up the building and shot Mr Arcane. He is somewhat wary of even letting you have a pass for the building but despite our recommendations he let you have one.”

The guards try and contain her but Charon bypasses them and enters a ventilation shaft. Charon arrives infont of the Board of Directors room and listens on the conversation:

“Moebius, she is obsessed with destroying Mortismere and now her focus has fallen on Sincentius as well. She’s already tried to kill Darkspade numerous times. That’s hardly rational behavior is it?” – Said Richard

“Charon always has a reason for everything she does and this conversation can be easily turned round. Mortismere is the one who is obsessed and Darkspade has tried to kill Charon more times than she’s tried to kill him and yet I don’t see you ordering tests on fucking Darkspade or Mortismere!” – Said Moebius

Charon waltz into the room alarming Richard… she had some choice words to say:
“I can see you aren’t prepared to listen to what you consider the ramblings of a mad woman and I forgive you now because when the shit hits the fan Richard, and it will, there won’t be any time for regretting the decisions you made in this room today. Time is running short, not just for me but for the whole roster and the whole of Creaturedom. So when you look round this table at all these good people, only you Richard are human and you will be the only one left when this whole sorry shit of a mess is over. What are you going to do without Creature Wrestling? Hmmm? There won’t be any more creature wrestling because there won’t be any of us left breathing, let alone wrestling in it!”

Richard stood up now and slammed his hands down on the tabletop.
“ENOUGH! Enough of this shit Charon! I should have done this a long time ago….”

Charon simply watched as Richard raised a tranquilizer gun and shot her in the chest with it. She looked down at the dart sticking out of her chest and then back at Richard. Charon shook her head as Moebius was about to launch himself over the desk at Richard and she looked at him long and hard.

“You just signed the whole of creaturedom’s death warrant.”

Moebius watched as Charon’s eyes rolled up into her head and she collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Several things happened at this point. Moebius yelled so loud at Richard it was a wonder the windows didn’t shatter, security arrived and so did several Wraiths. There was several moments of chaos when the Wraiths attacked the security and attempted to get at Richard. The security men tasered the Wraiths, downing one and making the others retreat. Moebius dived round the table and managed to fight his way through the middle and drag Charon to safety while managing to take a swing at Richard and connecting with the corner of his jaw knocking him sideways.

It took several minutes for peace to be restored, security grabbed both Charon and Moebius at this point. Richard was holding his jaw and he stared angrily at Moebius.

“I want him arrested for assault and take her to the secure wing of the nearest mental hospital to be assessed!” – Yelled Richard

Moebius hissed at him angrily.
“You fucking idiot. I’ve stood by you and now you dare have me arrested for trying to make you see sense! You’re right, you’re not like your brother….YOU’RE FUCKING WORSE!”

Richard sat down behind the table as Moebius was led handcuffed from the board room and Charon was carried between a couple of burly security guards.
“You fucking idiot. I’ve stood by you and now you dare have me arrested for trying to make you see sense! You’re right, you’re not like your brother….YOU’RE FUCKING WORSE!”

Richard sat down behind the table as Moebius was led handcuffed from the board room and Charon was carried between a couple of burly security guards.

Richard, pissed, reached to his right and stole a handkerchief from Chane’s shirt pocket and smeared the blood from his bruised jaw…. Richard turned around in the chair and watched the security guards leaving the conference room with no remorse over his own actions. Charon glanced over his shoulder as the security guards kept pushing her forward… the effects of the tranquilizer was taking more effect at this point and she could hardly keep pace…

“Dam you Richard! Listen to reason!!” – Yelled Moebius

Then, Moebius saw something he couldn’t believe… his own eyes had to be playing tricks on him… as Seer was walking down the hallway. His long grey beard was shaped and combed… and was actually wearing a suit other than the potato sack robe he accustomed himself with. As Seer came closer and closer… Moebius nudged Charon’s shoulder and as she turned facefirst- Seer was right in-front of her… with a smile so huge that his face seemed to be frozen!!

“Yes this is the wench that caused all of the problems. Your doing the right thing Richard hehehee..” – Crackled Seer


Richard got up and told the security guards to wait before entering the elevator.

“Moebius in light of your actions tonight, you are henceforth removed from your post as CW Chairman. The assault on me was your LAST mistake of your entire life and career…. Seer was humble enough to show me the truth behind everything and how you BOTH fabricated these LIES to take over my post…. how can I EVER believe a liar… Charon….. how can I ever trust you?? I see nothing wrong with creaturedom…. in fact, ALL of the problems started when YOU TWO came into our sport. Seer is the new Chairman and if there is anything even remotely wrong with Darkspade, Sincentius and Mortismere… Seer will resolve it since he was once the leader of the the Kindred Council.”

Charon was out of it she couldn’t keep her eyes fixated on Richard and that backstabbing Seer!!!
You… your… BLOODY MAD RICHARD!!! you..yo… – Yelled Charon

“Take these two away and conduct the medical assessment ON BOTH of them. I will concur when I receive the medical report if and when I will EVER release you back into society Charon. As for you Moebius, YOU’RE FIRED!” – Happily said by Richard

Richard turned and walked back towards the table… while Seer looks back at Charon and Moebius with a sly smile… the elevator then closed.

Game, Set and Match

Charon was virtually unconscious when she was manhandled into the back of the police car and Moebius was pushed in beside her. Even though he was handcuffed he kept nudging her, trying to wake her up but her eyes had become so unfocused Moebius doubted she could even hear him any more.

Inside her own head, Charon gave up, something she rarely ever did but the lack of sleep, the worry, the constant fight to maintain the balance was all too much and overwhelmed her at long last. Only there was this constant little nag at the corners of her consciousness, her mothers voice and the image of a triangle with a dot in its centre.

Moebius squashed her hard into the door of the police car and she struggled to look at him or even focus, he stared at her desperately.
“Charon tell me what I need to do…please? We need to fix this….”

Images whirled round dizzily in her head, they slammed round with frightening force, she struggled to pull her thoughts round to Moebius.

Several tranquilizer darts were shot into his chest and legs and it wasn’t long before both Charon and Moebius were completely unaware of what was going on around them.

Charon couldn’t be sure how long she’d been out but when she awoke, she was restrained and lying on a hospital bed in a padded room. She let her thoughts wander lazily round her head but she found if she tried to think it hurt too much and so she stopped trying. It wasn’t until several figures entered the room that she began to rant herself out for not trying harder, now it was already too late.

Seer accompanied them as they took a blood sample from her… Charon yelled death threats at Seer and then passed out.

Elsewhere, Moebius torn through his restraints and was attacking anyone who came near him- suddenly, Brandon appears from using his magic and teleports Moebius back at Wraith HQ in Charon’s office.

“Go back and fucking well get Charon! NOW!” – Yelled Moebius

Brandon shook his head.
“It’s already too late, they have her blood and they’ve already taken Darkspade’s from the hospital. It’s only a matter of time before they realize they need me too. Get changed, I have to take you to the Technocracy before Wraith HQ goes into lock down and isolates itself from the outside world.”

“Charon was right then? The whole of the Creatureworld is in danger? Everyone?” – Said Moebius

Brandon nodded.
“She’s had the Technocracy working overtime on her own, Darkspade and my own blood. They’ve been trying to separate out the chimera DNA and work out what it does exactly. We need to get there because shortly after we arrive, Technocracy HQ goes into lockdown as well.”

Moebius looked round the office, Charon had photographs everywhere of all the people she cared about. There were photo’s of Kizmat, Angel, Crimson, Harkin, Brandon, himself, even Kali and Darkspade plus a very tattered black and white image of her mother Julie sat in a frame on the desk.

“So all we do is lock ourselves in and hope whatever virus it is, doesn’t get in as well?” – Said Moebius

Brandon shifted uneasily.
“We don’t know what the virus does yet and so there isn’t any guarantee that even in lockdown with virus filters etc that we won’t be affected and die.”

Moebius watched him curiously.
“She knew this would happen so why did she let it?”

Brandon sighed heavily.
“Charon’s biggest flaw and her biggest strength is how much she cares for people even if they don’t want it. I think it was her way of protecting you from Richard and Seer and the other prize loons. You got sacked, big deal, in a couple of weeks there won’t be a fucking Creature Wrestling to be Chairman of so I wouldn’t worry too much. Besides, she gave you full control of the Technocracy and Wraith HQ.”

Moebius was about to argue with him but Brandon grabbed Moebius’ arm again and teleported to the Technocracy.

The Madness of The Dark Sincentius

In an undisclosed location….

There were many evil doers in Creaturedom… but of all of the horrors and potential threats that could annihilate life on this planet… nothing ever came this close – we are within moments from creature of the night annihilation. Mortismere, ANEXOUS, Dark Kali and even the Queen of The Damned herself has never came this close to finishing off all that is good in this world… but the target was not good but rather the creatures… so you are told.

Charon awoke inside of a surgical room and strapped tightly with magical binding chains. There were “doctors” with surgical masks discussing something and looking at medical charts. Charon was still heavily sedated and she looked over to her left to see a drip administering drugs into her body. Then, the doctors moved to side as a figure entered through a glass rotation door. It was hard to see who it was at first but as the figure slowly made its way towards Charon she finally saw with her own eyes who it was which no doubt did not surprise her in the very least. “Aaaa..Sin I knew you were behind this.” Sincentius reached over and placed his bony right hand across her forehead and then creased her fine hair… he looked at her, humbled, and then softly placed his other hand on her stomach and smiled….”The tests prove that your DNA contains 1/3 of the alpha strand…. your DNA was tampered to conceal something truly one of a kind and magnificent… My dear, with your blood a new world will be born – see, you do set balance in this world. It will begin the moment all creatures are washed from the face of our land and our memories.” “You are a bloody fool. HOW is removing the creatures going to set balance? If anything, humans are the ones ruining the world with their irresponsible behavior to the environment and the wars they created throughout history! YOUR MAD!!!!” Sincentius was breathing heavily and seemed to be at the edge of his rope with containing his inner emotions but he acted instead, like every self-righteous hypocrite , as if she was wrong and blind to the truth.

“The cogwheels are already set in motion Charon, you may become Death itself but when I am through with you, you would wish you haven’t been borne!! Darkspade is also acquired…. but there is the question of the third strand needed to construct the alpha strand…. you see, throughout the evolution of creature history the alpha strand…. the instructions as it were, was tainted….. tainted by YEARS of inbreeding… YEARS of deceitful acquisition of mingling human dna with your own through sacrilegious practices which turns my stomach inside and out!!!! Only small pockets in your society managed to become pure… one was the Death Family the other was the Vaolrixous. Your own mother was thought to be the last of her kind, a Vaolrixous. However, on the night Charon defeated me and once I merged into the Death Family DNA I saw your family’s past, present and future. Yes Charon, it is your destiny no doubt to aid in the destruction of Creaturekind….. the only question remains is, who are you hiding! WHO IS THE TRUE CHIMERAN WHICH CONTAINS BOTH PURE DEATH AND VAOLRIXOUS YOU WRETCHED WENCH!!!?”

Charon, although drugged, found Sincentius’ request amusing and she laughed right into his face.
“You kidnap us, hold us against our will, you drug me and use my own DNA to destroy Creaturekind and you think I’m just going to tell you who the third true chimera is? You really are madder than, well, you’re just fucking insane to be honest. Believe me when I tell you I know who it is but you will never find them, besides do you really think I’m frightened of dying? Worse things have happened to me…”

Her speech trailed off as more drugs were administered and Sin screamed at the “doctors”.

Several minutes later Charon was staring up into Sincentius’s face, it took a few minutes for her to establish she wasn’t having a drug induced hallucination. She grinned when she saw the look of pure rage on his face. Sincentius demanded Charon to tell him who the “third element” was… Charon shrugged. She knew Sincentius would figure it out eventually but she hoped she’d stalled him long enough for the Technocracy to get a step ahead of the game. Sincentius turned and barked a couple of orders at the doctors. In Charon’s mind she knew Brandon was the third element- avoiding detection for three hundred years- and hoped that Brandon would succeed in accomplishing her plans…

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