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The Virus Saga, Page 5

In the previous page of Chapter 7, Richard Arcane and Seer dismantle the CW Board of Directors, illegally, and fires Moebius as Chairman! Richard admits Charon into CreatureMedical on the idea that she was mentally unstable!

Once at CreatureMedical, Sincentius makes a shocking appearance and explains that Doom is the catalyst to activating a deadly Virus which will “cleanse all of CreatureKind AND Mankind!” However, in order for the Virus to exist Sincentius needed three sets of chimera DNA strands referred to as the Trinity. Sincentius already had Death’s Winds DNA, he needed Charons and one other which he did not know who. However, Charon knows that her chimerism was not natural- a result of Darkspade manipulating her DNA.

Sincentius, then, dives into Charon’s mind to recover memories passed down through her DNA that were blocked to him despite the fact that Sincentius merged into the Death Family’s DNA for centuries. A fight between the original Charon, Mortis and Sincentius occur at the Great Death Family Temple until Brandon surprisingly appears! Brandon exhibits the same chimera traits and uses The Holy Light and Holy Darkness to slow down Sincentius; but Sincentius was growing too powerful! Then by accident the moment Sincentius evokes the Unholy Darkness, Brandon evokes the Holy Light and Charon evokes the Holy Darkness- all three powers converge into one spot ripping a hole into the Gate of the Apocalypse- causing an unnatural phenomena!! The surprising revelation of the Death Family’s secret, a doorway capable of mass extinction, donned on Sincentius; and at that point Sincentius absorbed all three powers but was unable to hold balance and the doorway became more and more unstable. The Apocalypse was going to happen!

Charon made deal with Sincentius prior to the fight, but towards the end of the fighting Brandon sends Sincentius’ body hurling into the Gate of the Apocalypse altering the original deal! Charon immediately dies and Sincentius’ soul became the Guardian of Righteousness to lead in the cleansing of Earth in 500 centuries. Holding back the Apocalypse.

But because Brandon changed the conditions, the deal was altered by the gods to allow Sincentius to be resurrected again into this world and have the chance to bring the Apocalypse earlier than 500 centuries. Sincentius’ spirit was sent into a random Death Family member as part of the altered deal… until one day to resurrect into the body of a twin born at the last stroke of midnight. Luckily, though, the events that happened during the battle occurred before Sincentius merged into he Death Family DNA line and Brandon was able to use his magic to block those events in the Death Family DNA line. However, it was still unclear what were Charon’s motives for the deal and what happened to him after.

Back at the hospital… Charon seems to have died. Sincentius immediately sets his sights on Brandon and appear at the ruins of the Death Family Temple for a standoff…

Meanwhile, Moebius and the Wraith fail in saving Darkspade during a recovery teleportation process as Mortis, at the last minute, interferes by sending a shadow-copy-bomb to Wraith HQ… but, the real body of Darkspade was simultaneously taken by Sideshow to a safe location. Moebius destroys the Darkspade clone and then hears word from the scientists that a counter to the virus is possible.

The previous chapter comes to a close when Mortismere has Charon’s body preserved in ice and shipped it to his castle for some devious reason.

The End is Swiftly Approaching At Last!


The Ruins of Temple Death…
Could it be? Could the balance shift to the side of Evil? But to Sincentius, ALL CreatureKind was evil and he was the divine savior of the human race and of Earth!!!! Sincentius gloated as he broke the cane into two pieces…. Brandon was left on the stone floor un-moving and Sincentius wants to make it so that he STAYS THAT WAY!!! Sincentius reached down and sunk his two fingers deep inside of Brandon’s throat!!! The diabolical madman raised Brandon by his jaw- up to his corrupted face!!! Brandon was dangling in mid-air and his eyes open wide open to recieve the full fury of The Dark Sincentius!!! No other horrible being in the history of this federation- no- in the history of the entire Earth- has there ever been such a threat like this!!!

Brandon tried to kick and tried to conjure the forces of Holy Darkness and Unholy Light but the paralyzing hold was already taking its toll… and just like that, Brandon’s eyes rolled into the back of his skull and his arms which was trying to prey himself from Sincentius’ grasp… dropped… to his side!!!! Sincentius was grinning from one end of his sinister face to the other. And to add insult to injury, Sincentius lets Brandon drop from his grip to the center of the etched emblem on the stone floor…..

Gunther watched and honestly did not know what the fuck was happening!!! Gunther tried to lure Sincentius with a ding dong head bop but Sincentius answered back with a swift flicker of his hand!!! a tidal wave of Unholy energies shot out sent Gunther’s back impacting against a stone pillar!!! Gunther dropped to the floor but then, something caught Sincentius’ eye… Gunther’s mullet was sending off a shimmering residue that he has never seen before…. “Hmmm… his mullet…. is shimmering? I’ll never understand these pathetic Europeans…. they after all are a part of how the golden era of mankind was sent into a spiraling end…. but tonight, yessss.. tonight [looks down at Brandon]…. revenge is finally here at LAST!!!” Richard and Seer suddenly appeared which surprised Sincentius, nonetheless… they were on time and Seer gave Sincentius a special syringe with a diamond tipped needle…. Sincentius knelled down and raised his arms into the air… and pierced the needle into Brandon’s back of the neck and sucked out his precious blood!!!!!


Meanwhile in the Underground Carnival Realm
Sideshow had finally came to grips with being FallenAngel’s killer and embraced the evil inside of him… Shockingly, Sideshow saved Darkspade during the botched teleportation to Wraith HQ… Now at the Underground Carnival Realm- Darkspade informs Sideshow of the current happenings that Sincentius needs 3 sets of chimera DNAs from pure creature sources to forge a virus that can annihilate all of Creaturekind… Sincentius also wishes to ‘cleanse’ the human race! and so, a plan was required to stop Sincentius… but first, they needed to visit Moebius at Wraith HQ.

Sideshow teleports Darkspade out of his realm and back at Spade’s Manor in the Earth realm. Suddenly, Darkspade opens a doorway into Wraith HQ and the two woke up inside of the Wraith surgery room!!! Darkspade was strapped to a bed, and so was Sideshow. As a security measure- all incoming teleporters were contained and their DNA tested. Then, Moebius walked in and said:

“Sorry for the rude entry gentlemen but you have to understand that security is most important now that both Charon and Brandon have been secured by Sincentius and Mortismere. In answer to your question Mr Sideshow, the Wraith are a highly trained set of individuals sort of like a special forces team if you will but backed by Technocracy technology. They are able to teleport themselves with a great degree of accuracy to where ever they need to be. Unfortunately, we had to make the decision to go into lockdown due to the virus Sincentius is working on that will eventually destroy everything the Creatures have worked hard to build and of course it will kill us all. This facility is sealed and the virus will be unable to enter which is why as soon as you teleported, you were scanned, sedated and DNA fingerprinted. We are taking no chances at this juncture. Now Darkspade how can we help you?”

Darkspade was allowed to sit up after the restraints were removed. The facility was swarming with activity from every corner… as Sideshow was conversing with Moebius- Spade got up and looked outside of the large window. Down below, 30 feet to be exact, were selected and valuable members of creature families. Spade can tell by their insignias… the Wraiths were trying to save as many creatures as possible before the genocide…. Darkspade tells Moebius that they are there to help and then explains that he has in possession a book Julie kept secret: it showed the Vaolrixous, Death Family and another family that Moebius didn’t recognize off the bat all hurdled around a large circular portal. Upon close and shocking detail- there was a faint face barely visible in the cross-hatching which depicted the brilliant waves of light emitting from it.

“My best guess would be that to open this portal you need one member of the Death family, one of the Vaolrixous and one natural balance plus the spark or battery if you will. The whole thing seems to hinge around splitting the machine apart until its needed but you now have one very big problem. Mortismere has Charon and my sources tell me that she is very close to death. It seems as though Sincentius has played this very carefully but I also know that Charon had been up to something.” – said Moebius

Darkspade was pacing.
“So we need to get me, Charon and Brandon in the same place at the same time and then try and get Doom there as well? Thats shouldn’t be difficult, does Charon need to be alive for the portal to work?”

Moebius raised his eyebrows and looked back at Darkspade.
“Look at the illutration more closely Mr Deathen. The portal can only be opened in one place, its where Sincentius has Brandon right now but without Charon the thing won’t work. I’m guessing that there is a place in the temple where you would find this symbol inlaid in the floor but again, without getting all four people into the same place at the same time you are risking a hell of a lot.”

The doorway could spell disaster or perhaps… yes, a means to end Sincentius once and for all. This entire saga was a big ol game of chess… and Sincentius has placed his pawns in strategic places. First was Mortismere- Sincentius had no intention of helping Mortis. Though Mortis did acquire Charon, it was for her blood. If the virus was successful, even Kali-Sheol wouldn’t be immune to the virus’ reach…. mind you, the thought of finally ending Mortis sounded pretty good. But there are not many who could stand up to Sincentius- and ending Mortis could spell disaster at this point. The second set of pawns was actually Richard Arcane and Seer… Sincentius was cleaver manipulating these two figureheads. And now, all CreatureWrestling is in chaos…. without the Board of Directors and Richard’s head on straight- the wrestling organization became a prison for the entire creature wrestling roster!! A nice little place for Sincentius to use the virus. There were many other pawns and cleaver strategic moves on Sincentius’ part…. but Charon also had her own strategies… however, at this point, everybody in the room- even Moebius was unsure what it all entailed.

Darkspade then suggested that they look for Charon’s psychological records- there is a chance that the location of the gate is there. Moebius agrees and the two search Charon’s office.

It was Darkspade who suddenly looked up at the ceiling, Moebius followed his gaze and both of them saw the triangular formation at the same time. Mobeius finds a chair and climbs up on the chair and removed the light fitting. Inside the hole was a large manila envelope encased in a plastic ziploc bag. Moebius handed it down to Spade and explored the hole some more before jumping down from the chair and joining Spade and Sideshow at the desk where he’d already emptied the contents.

Moebius unfolded a large detailed map- it suddenly was clear where the temple was located. Three of the pillars in the temple were arranged specifically in an equilateral triangle and the gateway was central and marked by an eye symbol. Moebius emptied the rest of the contents of the envelope out. Photocopies of colour plates taken from books with references and dates ranging from modern to ancient fell out. They seemed to be illustrations of what the gate looked like when it was open. Most of them involved some sort of molten fire connecting the three pillars. The three did not kow for sure what this meant- but they gathered their equipment to teleport to the ruins of the Great Family Temple!

Somewhere in the Twilight…

Charon seemed to be halfway between this world and the next and Mortismere was right, she could hear him but she couldn’t help grinning because one of the hospital techs was about to make a lethal mistake. Mortismere misinterpreted the smile as one of pleasure to hear his plans for her, the smile was wiped from his face when a final injection was administered and instead of the screen showing a gentle line with the odd blip signalling full hibernation of Charon’s body, it registered a mindblowing klaxon like noise, the line went red showing a brutal flatline of complete death. Mortismere glared at the tech, picked him up and threw him hard across the room swearing at the top of his mighty lungs. He was pushed aside by Creature Medic staff with resus paddles, they shoved a tube down Charon’s throat and attached a portable breather. The shout of clear rang across the small room several times but a pulse couldn’t be regained and the heart couldn’t be shocked back to life. Mortismere was livid, he looked down at Charon’s pale face, her lips were already beginning to turn a greyish blue. He swore again but he also wanted to make sure Charon couldn’t come back to her body when she saw fit. Mortis figured he’d have to encase her in an acrylic block like a twisted Damien Hurst like way and he could have her on display at the castle. Mortis grinned to himself, he quite liked that idea way better than the hibernation. Mortis eventually addressed the medical staff:

“It is my sad duty to inform the good people of the Creature World and of Earth, that an hour ago at 10.40am, the former and longest reigning Undisputed Champion of Creature Wrestling, Charon Death, passed away after battling an, as yet, unknown illness.”

Meanwhile in the afterlife
As Charon entered the familiar surroundings of the afterworld she was immediately ushered to Death’s office and shown in. Death sat behind his desk and looked nothing like the images and drawings in the human world, he was a quite portly man who wore a conservative looking black suit and half moon glasses perched on the end of his nose. Death signaled for her to sit down and he pondered her over the top of his glasses.

“Angel Charon Death, you leave us in a quandry because you have not yet named your successor and there are some moves being made from within about a change in Charon, meaning you would be removed from your role as Charon and replaced by another from your world. What would you have me do?” – said Death

Charon smiled and then asked for a request… to name her successor here and now!
“I name the first ever Charon as my successor.” – said Charon

Death frowned.
“Why have you done this?”

“Because I can’t accuse him of corruption on the destruction of Sincentius unless he’s summoned, I now formally summon him as my successor.” -said Charon

Charon then requests that Death bring out the original Charon to answer a charge with deception and endangering an entire species by willfully making a deal with the being known as Sincentius. The present Charon tells the original Charon to tell her everything that the deal included… the original Charon agrees to explain everything.

The original Charon explains that he never wanted to be Charon in the first place- that it was random. So before Sincentius attacked Death Family Temple- the two met up in secret and arranged a deal to make it look as though Sincentius would be destroyed at the Death Family Temple. The original Charon would be damaged just enough to be able to name a successor and get out of being the ‘Charon” and live as a regular human being; while the Death Family would enjoy 500 centuries of protection before the coming of the Apocalypse. Sincentius on the other hand, would get to become the Guardian of Righteousness and caretake one of the Gates of the Apocalypse and be exempt in the eradication of all life on Earth in order to inherit it. However, not everything turned out the way it was planned and once Brandon interfered by sending Sincentius’ body into the Gate of the Apocalypse – the gods intervened to set balance. That was how Sincentius merged into the Death Family DNA… if there were two twins born at the last stroke of midnight, then Sincentius could take over one of the bodies and partake in opening the Gate of the Apocalypse long before the 500 centuries of protection.

Finally it all made sense and the original Charon was pissed off that he was the successor- the present Charon explains that all he had to do was name her as his successor to get out of being “Charon” again…. and so, the original Charon does just that! With relief- the original Charon is taken away and the present Charon is “Charon” once again.

Till Death Do Wed!


As the world was on the brink of destruction, Mortismere cared not. Charon had died but Mortismere had other plans… with her body and to save his own skin. The scene now opens with a stunning establishing shot of Castle Mortis being revealed by the sunrise in the far distance. As the view zooms inward across the beautiful and lush countryside…. the face of evil is seen from one the tallest watch towers….. The Lord Evil himself watched as the hurst pulled away from the castle…. he rubbed his distorted hands together as if he was ready to play with his favorite toy. Once Mortis left the window we see that he is dressed in an elegant purple robe with golden emblems studded in the fabric. Then the view slowly pans to the other side of the dark room…. we cannot see anything, that is until, lightning flashes from the stained glass window and we can see a royal bed… but there was something…. laying in it. As Mortismere made his way towards the bed, a series of black candles lit up all around the bed and we can now clearly see that the dead body of Charon Death was in the bed… dressed in a silvery wedding gown. Mortismere literately had his tongue out as he slobbered over the corpse…. The Lord Evil sat down next to the icy cold body….. he rubbed his hands across her cheek and then down to her stomach where he slowly unbuttoned the dress to expose her the rest of her gorgeous body…….

“Armageddon can wait my sweet. I think I LOVE you like this! Quite, obedient and ready to serve me even after death!! MMMWHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I shall do what I always wanted to do with you…. make sweet love, especially without your nagging and biting!… well, okay the biting was nice but tonight, I shall be the one biting!!!!! And once I am done with you here, we shall finally wed in my chapel in Kali-Sheol where you will be my eternal love making machine FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!!!!!! GWWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

The bizarre and disturbing scene fades to black as Mortismere closes his eyes and licks the tip of her tongue to only open wide and gorge down upon her dry and icy cold dead lips…………………….

Back in the afterlife…

Charon and Death strode through the corridors side by side until they reached his office. Death offered her the seat across from him and she took it as he sat down himself. He looked across at her.
“I think it highly unlikely that anyone would question your abilities as successor to the current Charon, not now anyway. I will make sure there are fail-safes in place as you suggest. I hope you took steps to keep your body safe in preparation for your return?”

Charon grinned.
“I take it you’ve seen Mortismere with my body dressed in a wedding dress?”

Death looked at her quizzically and nodded.
“I admit, I would be more concerned if I were in your position and yet you seem in no hurry to return?”

Charon looked at her watch.
“Poor Mortismere, he truly is stupid if he thinks I would be so lax in the security for my own body. It’s not quite the right time to reveal my next hand anyway but I can assure you that Mortismere doesn’t have my body, he only thinks he does.”

Death put his fingers together and then rested his chin on them.
“It maybe more prudent if you keep your hand closed until the appropriate time I do not wish to push you to reveal it before you are ready. What time are you looking to leave us?”

Charon checked the calendar on her watch, she was always amazed at what things worked in the afterworld but then again, why shouldn’t they?
“A week from now at precisely 10.01 pm, is that doable?”

Death nodded.
“No problem at all my dear, I take it you have a few loose ends to sort out while you are here?”

It was Charon’s turn to nod now and then she grinned.
“You got time for a couple of games of poker?”


Castle Mortis was elaborately decorated from the courtyard to the very tops of the wicked spiraling watch towers. It was a very special occasion… an occasion that Mortismere has been waiting eternity for. Even though Mortis married Charon before, this event re-cements their eternal love and passion for each other.

As the grand doors swing wildly open, a legion of Kali Thaumaturge Knights holding the banner of the house of Mortismere marched out. Creatures who where all invited to the grand wedding ceremony stood up from the rows of chairs to bare witness to the grandeur that was infront of them…. Elsewhere…

Lord Mortismere was in his room- knelled to the floor and draped in an elaborate gold and black colored robe. On his back was an intriguingly designed insignia of what has became the most feared symbol in all of the Creatures of the Night….

Mortis lifts his head- in-front of him was a tall 3 sided mirror- and as he grinned while the dressers completed his attire- Dark Sincentius is send in the background emerging from a black and vile portal. Following, was Seer and Richard Arcane but more importantly, was the unconscious body of Brandon. Mortis notices Sincentius arrived early…

“….. and to miss your wedding ceremony? I think not, Mortismere.” Brandon’s body was taken by Kali Thaumaturge Knights and dragged down the hallway with Seer and Richard following….. “I… I thought you were at the Temple of Death… AND WHAT WAS HE DOING HERE!!!” Sincentius, an omnipotent man that has been corrupted by the Unholy Darkness merely laughs at Mortismere as if he would be wasting his time with such trivial things…. “You seriously underestimate the wrong people Mortismere. I know you were going to marry that body and escape to Kali Sheol… I am not here to stop you but…. to give you my blessings. Then, once you have what you want from this world you have exactly 48 hours to leave it….. the Alpha strand is nearly completed…. we just need one last ingredient and she has no idea that she’s already mines. I could after all eradicate all of Creatures from the face of this blackened world RIGHT NOW… but, I am a man of my world…. Mortismere.”

Mortismere stood up fully and tilted his head to the side… deep inside of his mind he knew not to trust him and was formulating ideas to screw over Sincentius before Sin does it to Mortis first… for now, Mortismere decided to play a long…. Sincentius offers killing Brandon as a wedding gift… Mortis happily agreed.

Several hours later…. the final preparations were complete. The grand hallway leading up to the throne was blanketed in a luscious flush royale carpentry. The view from ground level looking upward to the high ceilings showed black ravens flying in a spiral up towards the black candled chandeliers….. the view then cross-fades to the perspective of Seer who is the priest… acting as first man was Richard Arcane. But Richard wasn’t looking happy… he wasn’t smiling nor showing any emotion… his beard had already grown in and has transformed into only a shell of the man he once was….

Suddenly…. the bells rang!!! and the flower girls came in showering the path to the throne with black roses….. ALL of the creatures stood up and turned towards the opening… where, the intimating Lord Mortismere towered above all!! As he made his approach towards the throne the view shifts from up and above… his long robe had what seemed to be a mile long cape which trailed behind him…. the cape was actually a scene showing the forces of Unholy Darkness triumphantly defeating the human race and near the end of the cape was Gunther who followed slowly behind puckering his wet and savoring red lips at everybody!!!

Finally, Mortismere arrived at the throne and turned around for his bride to be…..

== The Unholy Empire Presents To You…… The Union of…..==

Bells rang and black ravens flew high above and over!!! Everybody stood and turned to see a figure dressed in a pitch black wedding dress studded with sapphires and blood red emeralds. Mortismere looked at the approaching bride ,which had a veil over her face and its arms where holding a boutique of black flowers. It made Mortismere smile with a shine in his rotten tooth.

Trailing the bride were Knights pushing a platform underneath the bride with long poles…

Finally as the bride stopped in-front of Seer, Mortis and Richard- Mortismere licked his chops and then stood right next to his lovely bride… Charon Death!!! It was a moment he has been waiting for!!! and now he gets to finally have his one and true love FOREVER!!! Seer wiped away a tear and smiled at the two love birds……

“My my…. you two are match made in hell.”

Mortismere: “Ohhh you’re too kind Seer!”

Charon: ……..

Wedding Crasher & The Virus is Unleashed!


Just before the dead Charon was supposed to make her vows, there was a commotion. Mortismere looked round just seconds too late to see a molotov cocktail sailing gracefully through the air toward his slightly decomposed companion. Just a little too late he realized that the chemicals used to try and prevent the body from decomposing were incredibly flammable and as the molotov hit its intended target, Charon’s dead body, the head fell off and rolled down the aisle like a sad football as the rest of the body was immediately consumed in flames.

Mortismere shrieked like a girl, Seer legged it like the true coward he was and druids ran round like idiots trying to work out exactly who had got in and thrown the molotov cocktail. The decomposing head was kicked around by people as they rushed to find items to put out the flames, Mortismere bellowed, angry that his plan had once again been thwarted by someone and a dark figure darted out the back of the castle into the darkness.

Mortismere fumed out of the chapel- he was seething and again had the feeling that something was wrong, something was moving them round like cheap chess pieces in some giant cosmic game; then finds The Dark Sincentius is standing triumphantly in the courtyard doing nothing to help.

“Enjoying the festivities….?” “Sincentius!!! You were to have my back!!” Sincentius, a sadistic madman possessed by his own twisted self-righteousness returns the question with a cold silence… a silence that told a great tale… one of which, Mortismere just figured out. ….. “You released the virus already didn’t you! DIDN’T YOU?!” “It has not reached the height of this plateau Mortis, you do have some time to react but considering you cannot die until all of your soul pieces are destroyed- but do not worry, ‘M-y M-a-s-t-e-r’ I have some use for you yet!”

Mortis had lost his true love and could not escape Earth to Kali-Shoel in time to ditch Sincentius…. The Dark Rider had played Mortismere for the grandest fool and was every step ahead of him…. Mortismere fumed again and evoked the Dark Embrace. Sincentius tracked Mortismere with his multicolored eyes and laughed!!! It was hysterical to this omnipotent being.

Dark Sin raised his right hand and pointed two fingers high above into the air, a golden beam stuck Mortismere in the chest!!! The Dark Embrace collapsed in on itself and a powerful explosion of an incomplete summoning sent shards of debris scattering across the countryside!!!! Mortismere survived the blast but at that moment Dark Sincentius and the Watcher’s Council full of Dark Wraiths storm the castle and seize it. Dark Sincentius says:

“Long. Long have I waited for this unholy night. To see the look on all of your faces, before you all die. In an hour the virus that was released originating from Death Temple will reach these lands. But it is you… the filthy rich and spoiled aristocrats whom have no morals… no sense of righteousness who will bare witness to the birth of a being far greater than any god!!!! Yes, it shall be me. A human being who is far greater than any creature of the night…. for this….”

In utter shock to us all, as Dark Sin turns towards his right was Doom. She was blindfolded and dragged in by force by Dark Wraiths. Doom seemed to be out of it- more than likely drugged while at the carnival

“When the virus enters her body, the alpha strand will be completed but she will no longer inhabit her body for I, The Dark Rider shall take it from her. But, how can we not have this momentous occasion without our guest of honor…. BRANDON!!!”

From another side of the courtyard the ground shook…. and a silo opened up wide to reveal Brandon, literately, strapped to a cross. The cross was raised from a platform in the ground was raised high above into the air…. Dark Sincentius was laughing manically!!! He then looks down on the creatures in disbelief…

“What? Were you all expecting a miracle? Some divine intervention before the arch villain succeeded in their grand plan? See… I am unlike anything this world has ever came across… I don’t spill my plans to the saviors so they can undermined me and I don’t lose! Hark!!! Look towards the Eastern sky….. the violent rain of death draws NEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!”

Everybody looked upward and in the horizon was a purple haze…. it was the virus arriving fast…. Dark Sin then walked towards Doom and removed the blindfold…. her head dropped and then he raised her head with his bony hand…. rubbing her moist lips and staring deep into her eyes as if he was sucking the life right out from her body!!!!…. what could be done to save us now!?!?!

Doom Recollects Memories

As the Virus soars through the sky Doom recollects memories from the past few days:

The last thing Doom could remembers was being back at the carnival just training when she was attacked by unknown force and taken out by force watching the world fade before she passed out. And now doom really looked around her this was not the dark carnival but in fact Castle Mortis. the drugs she was given made Doom weak and unable to move even if she tried it would do no good her body had no strength for such a thing.

When the blindfold was removed- Doom lifted her head the best she could and could not believe her eyes….

Sincentius’ grand plan continued to unfold- revealing that he needed 3 chimera DNAs from an assortment of Creatures of the Night with different conditions… DNA from Charon, Death’s Wind and Brandon! Sincentius accomplished concocting the Virus at The Watcher’s Council’s laboratory and it was released already in the atmosphere- but the Virus is dormant until it reaches Doom’s body. Sincentius deviously explained that the one vessel that could naturally withstand the Virus and evolve into a being worthy to inherit the Earth was Doom… she possessed the “Alpha” strand in her own bloodstream from being the last pure Vaolrixous! Perhaps this is what Sincentius meant that she was the mother of his sins!?- Sincentius intends to take over her body and alter the Virus to also target human beings and give birth to himself- this will keep Sincentius safe from the Virus. But one wonders if Sincentius realized that Charon’s DNA was not pure, Darkspade’s DNA was! Exactly how potent was the Virus!? Charon must have found out about the inconsistency- and a way to defeat the Virus.”

Night of Meetings


The CW company was turned upside down after the explosive changes. It has been over a month since that unfaithful day when Richard had Charon arrested and contained. It has been over a month since Moebius was kicked out of office and replaced by a sick perverted old man with own fleas for his pets!! Suddenly, the huge mahogany doors open to the wide open spacious conference room- the gigantic 25foot glass paneled window showing the cityscape of New York City was breathtaking– but what was more breathtaking was the people in the confernence room. At the far end of the table sat Richard Arcane who was folding his fingers and on the table was a lit cigarette.

The camera view shifts around and we see the cocky Mr. Alexander Arcane walking down the hallway with Mrs. Amile Bubilefark… they were laughing it up and cracking jokes about lesser federations and once they finally entered into the room- all of the brown-nosers stood up and clapped for Alexander’s return!

Alex held his hand out in a humble gesture but he was grinning from one end of his face to the other in delight of his attention. Alexander’s seat was offered by Seer and Alexander sat down- adjusted his cuffs and looked across the table. Chane McMahon, Gunther and many senior executives sat among there…..

Richard explained to the people present that they will be bringing back the Board of Directors after all but this time around, Alexander Arcane will be the head of the committe… this worried Chane most of all. Then, Alexander proposed that at CreatureMania 9 the main event will be Mortis VS Doom in an iron man match for 1 hour for the Undisputed title. This set off controversies mentioned in the room.

The Road to CreatureMania IX: Vindication

Mortismere, the #1 Contender:
After winning King of Pain… Mortismere immediately targets Doom for her belt.

Mortismere targets Doom for the Undisputed title in a series of promos


More Meetings

The lights flickered constantly from the slight surges in power created by the huge underground generator that kept the new Wraith HQ safe from the Virus. Angel had disappeared as had Kizmat and the younger children. Moebius had ordered the evacuation of most creatures that would go and now the scientists were close to finding an the anti-virus.

Moebius looked at the people round the table, Wraith had managed to retrieve one of their men from the ruins of the Temple of Death but he looked ill and had done for several weeks now. Moebius had, had to deal with constant inquiries surrounding Charon’s death and now he’d had to watch Mortismere “marry” her dead body. He’d also watched with interest the return of Jack, Jake and Alexis and had ordered an inquiry as to how Jake’s body had been removed from Wraiths scientific department. It turned out that Angel and Charon had ordered his body to be transported to an undisclosed area.

Moebius couldn’t help wondering how much of this whole thing had been planned and exactly how far in advance, now he’d had to watch as Richard and Alex tightened their grip on the CW. Moebius bought the murmurings round the table to a halt by clearing his throat.

“I’ve called this meeting because everything now lies on a knife edge. It is time to impede the Arcanes and I feel the only way we can succeed is if we lock the whole CW building down.” – said Moebius


Meanwhile… Angel had fallen asleep on the sofa in the corner of the underground science lab, she was woken by an insistent bleeping noise and she rolled off the sofa to stare at the stasis pod. It was venting its itself and the chemicals it contained, she stared as she stood up and the door catch released and swung outwards. A figure stepped out and took a very long deep breath and then coughed, expelling the last of the stasis like chemicals from its lungs. Angel moved closer and then swore….. Charon stood there surprising Angel! Charon explains to Angel that now is the time to act! And so, Charon grabbed Angel by the arm and the two were transported to the Technocracy.

Moebius was at the transport centre before the alarms even began to ring in earnest, he grabbed the Wraith manning the computer controlled DNA ID database for the transport system. He stared at the screen as Charon’s DNA was identified in transit with Angel Death. Mobius now looked up at the transport pads and waited as members of Wraith filled the bay armed and ready.

Charon knew this was always going to be the most dangerous part of the plan and she stood stock still as she faced an entire room full of Wraith members. Both herself and Angel had arrived with their arms raised and they also arrived unarmed. She looked directly at Moebius.

“My full given name is Angel Charon Death, I am the daughter of Spade Death and Julie and you are the son of Lord Mortismere and one of his whore’s.” – said Charon

Moebius grinned and had everyone in the room stand down. Charon hugged Moebius and then Moebius introduces a newcomer named Stephan Black.

Charon is updated about the condition of the vaccine and the current situations… After accessing everything, Charon devised the first offensive in a meeting:
“Get the remains of the loyal Wraith members together, we leave tonight to take out the whole CW building.”

Moebius is informed that an anti-virus was successfully created given that the Virus was not developed through a pure Trinity strand. Charon and Moebius both agreed that it was finally time to release the anti-virus into the atmosphere to counter-act Sincentius’ Virus.

At CreatureWrestling HQ
With Charon was Angel, Stephan and Moebius, the four strode down the corridor to a room not very often used but one Charon had insisted on having. Charon was now wearing glasses and makeup, her hair pulled back as tightly as it would allow and her body had been squeezed into a corset to change her shape but it also concealed various different weapons. Stephan’s hair had been died blonde and cropped short, a mustache had been added along with a fake tan, earrings, gold rings a smart black business suit and an umbrella. Moebius had been given a dark wig of long hair that was tied back in a ponytail, his pale complexion had been slightly tanned, a pair of contact lenses changed his eyes to a dark brown and a smart brown business suit and briefcase along with a pair of glasses and a fake beard made his transformation the most startling. Angel didn’t look a great deal different but her eyes needed hiding so she had green contact lenses, her hair was now scooped up and secured on top of her head and a severe pair of glasses sat on her nose with a light grey trouser suit to top it off.

Four business people strolled to the main doors of the CW building and strode through looking as though they all knew exactly where they wanted to go. Charon headed straight for the elevator without attracting any interest from the idiots on security. All four stood inside as Stephan deliberately brought the elevator to a halt between floors. Stephan grabbed a screwdriver from the inside of one of his pockets and pried the panel off the front of the floor buttons. Behind it was a small console, Charon pressed her fingers to it and a larger panel slid open behind them. She pressed her hand to it and activates an evacuation procedure!!

Charon hit a hidden button next to the main doors and a steel plate shot down into place preventing anyone seeing, shooting, bombing or lazering their way in through the main doors. Stephan tapped away crazily and more steep plating began to descend covering all windows and doors, all elevators had been locked and they were about to go upstairs to find out who they’d trapped upstairs in the executive suite.

Charon, Angel, Moebius and Stephan ascend the stairs to the administration executive suite, and felt the Unholy Darkness as they opened the doors leading into the large extravagant lobby. The four plow through the security and reach the main executive offices. Angel pointed out that the security was oddly light. Finally the four break through Alexander’s office because that was where the Unholy Darkness was felt the strongest. Once inside, Alexander was levitating in the air and has an unconscious Richard under his right shoulder. It was unclear how Alexander got away from the authorities after being arrested.

Moebius, Angel and Stephan were about to draw out their weapons when suddenly, Alexander’s eyes filled up with a crimson red ooze. The entire room stood still except for Charon and Alex. Time had stopped in its tracks!!!

You lost Alex…. – said Charon

Alexander turns around and grins right back at Charon and then walks passed his desk to look out to the cityscape which is plunged under the darkness of night.

“I control Richard and Seer telepathically as directed by my master, Lord Mortismere. Yes, they are puppets in his grand plan… see, Mrs Death, you are not the only one with a plan.” – said Alexander

“I am surprised you can think of a plan in the first place considering how you couldn’t get the job done by yourself!” – said Charon

“I been a very bad boy indeed Mrs. Death but it pales in comparison with what your love Kizmat has done. [turns to look at the cityscape and changes the subject] A virus produced by your DNAs is ready to kill every fucking worthless cretin down there, and there is nothing you can do about it. So. What do you plan to gain by infiltrating CW headquarters? hmph? as you wait, the countdown is ticking.” – said Alexander

Charon pulls out her nailguns and aims it at Alexander’s red glowing body!! Then, wave after wave of unholy energies surged forth trying to destroy Charon. Alexander levitated into the air and then came down at Charon with as he transformed into a thick black myst! Charon shoots off a volley of nails at the myst but each nail went through and struck the sides of the walls. Charon executes a cartwheel and leaps ontop of Alexander’s desk… Alex re-materialized in-front of his bar- smiling devilishly at her.

“As you can see, the pact I made with Lord Mortis awarded me with abilities that far exceed your own. But not only that, but I am naturally immune to the virus being that I am not a cancer infected creature!! I won’t release your friends from my power….. Charon, you would have to KILL ME!!!!!” – said Alexander

Alexander reached over his bar and unsheathes a black metal katana with a “MM” insignia etched in the center of the blade!

“Charon, listen…. there is no way you can win. Under my wing, you can become all powerful and remain the CW Undisputed Champion of this sport for all time!!!! Imagine that, imagine surpassing your father, surpassing any legend… and surpassing even Lord Mortismere!!! DON’T THROW AWAY THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!! I AM MONOPOLY!”

Charon explains that the Virus, that Sincentius created, was incomplete and that she and her family are immune to it! Alexander didn’t believe her and then Darkspade suddenly appears shocking Alexander as Darkspade was not affected by the time being frozen.

Alexander reacted by impaling the black metal katana straight through The Unholy One’s stomach!

Darkspade laughed! As so did Charon!!
“WUT!?! STOP LAUGHING AT ME DAMNIT!!” – cried Alexander

The blade was poking right out from the the other end of Spade’s body but there was no blood. With a cruel smile, Spade took a hold of the hilt of the sword and withdrew it from his own body. Instantly the katana dissolved into a puddle of black acid! Alexander took a few steeps back holding out his hands and shaking his head while Spade and Charon took steps forward….

“Now since your ego won’t let you realize the truth in-front of you- I will plainly answer your puzzlement over what just transpired here, Mr. Arcane. See your so-called power is connected to the will of the Unholy Darkness and this is proof that Lord Mortismere is in deep shit. The pact you made with Mortis to become all-powerful and to avoid Kizmat’s judgment has backfired. Year after year you keep adding creatures to your wrestling organization for profit and for power- but our bond, OUR pact is with our COTN family- something which you have NO control over. Alexander you lost and we will NEVER again allow you to control our fates ever again!”

Alexander was in complete denial… then, he around Angel- withdrew a sharp pointed dagger and positioned it underneath her neck!!! Suddenly time resumed its course and Alexander forced Angel to stand up and out of the chair to only walk backwards towards the large window overlooking the darkened cityscape….

Darkspade stopped in his tracks as so did Charon! Moebius looked around and got up along with Stephan. Richard regained consciousness and saw Alexander with Angel captured!

“If either of you come a step closer… this pretty little Angel will have a one-way ticket STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!” – screamed Alexander

The virus was arriving in an hour- every single creature that attended the wedding where shackled to from their neck to the floor with heavy chains enchanted by Unholy Darkness!!! Doom was forced out from her cell and a stone table, used for sacrificing human beings, was dragged by the backs of Dark Wraiths with long 1 foot thick chains. As Doom was laid across the stone table- she was shackled by her wrists, legs and around her neck with smaller rusted chains drenched and soaked by the blood of many slained Creatures…. Directly above her was the makeshift cross which held up Brandon.

It was a nightmare, but Sincentius was praising God by raising his hands up high and staring blankly at the heavens as if the clouds themselves formed the Kingdom of Heaven- Dark Sincentius is a madman… a madman possessed and corrupted by the Unholy Darkness. Nobody could ever comprehend just how deeply corrupted he is– until now. Sincentius looked down upon Doom with his raging mad stare and grinned before gently placing his bony hands across her head and them trailed them down to her chest where he literately RIPPED HER CLOTHES OFF!!! She was bare naked which was disturbing to everyone- especially for Doom…

“Creature… your parents were nothing more than my pawns. Pawns gave birth to the incarnation of the purist Creature of the Night. What does it make you feel to know that you are a failed experiment? You searched for your roots- but your roots are nothing but falsities fabricated by the man who is now over your head… up on a cross… READY TO BE SACRIFICED!!!!!! Arrrah… Pl..plleease let me go… I done nothing to you… Dark Sincentius just finished dressing himself in a long ceremonial robe and washed his hands in Unholy Water by the fountain which now sported the unconscious body of Lord Mortis… Sin whips his head and stares sadistically at Doom as if SHE was the one who was raging mad and completely corrupted!!!!! “HAH HAH HAH MMWWWHHHHAAAAAAA…. My sweet little Angel of Lust, its not what you have done, it is what you were MADE TO BE!! Do not worry for it shall be swift and painless once I take over your body…. merging with your DNA. The world will be cleansed of all Creaturekind and paradise shall spring from their dead rotten carcasses for all eternity!”

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