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The Virus Saga, Page 6

In the previous page of the Virus Saga- Brandon meets Sincentius finally at the ruins to the Great Death Family temple… but as Gunther interferes by using his unusual mullet to cut a hole into a barrier around the temple… Brandon is attacked as he tried to save Gunther from Sincentius and is captured!

Meanwhile, the present Charon is finally dead after the events at CreatureMedial… and when she arrives in hell to meet Death, she names her successor which was the original Charon… the same one that made a deal with Sincentius! The present Charon gets the original Charon to spill the beans on his motives for why he cut a deal with Sincentius– and now with the truth told, present Charon tells the original Charon that all he had to do to get out of being “Charon” again was to name the present Charon… “Charon.”

Then in the land of the living… Mortismere transported the dead body of Charon from CreatureMedical to his Castle where he sets up an elaborate wedding ceremony to marry the dead body… but surprisingly, Sincentius arrives and crashes the party- revealing to Mortismere that he never intended to help Mortismere, the so-called master. Mortismere attacks with a Dark Embrace but Sincentius stops the attack and instead harms Mortismere into submission.

Sincentius increasingly showcases his insanity as he explains that an air-borne dormant Virus created from the 3 Chimera DNA strands (Charon, Death’s Wind and Brandon) is circulating the globe and the moment when the Virus enters Doom is when the spark will ignite a world-wide annihilation of every Creature and Human on it! Not only that- but Sincentius is going to possess Doom’s body so that he will remain immune and be reborn into the perfect being that will inherit the Earth!

At an executive meeting at CWHQ… Richard calls back the disabled Board of Directors for a meeting then shocks everyone by announcing that his brother, Alex, is back somehow from prison and is now a committee member! Chane McMahon becomes the most irritated in questioning the direction Alexander is leading the company in. The meeting comes to a close when Alexander announces that Mortismere is the #1 contender after winning King of Pain and is going to face Doom at CreatureMania IX: Vindication.

Then, Charon returns to the living and meets up with Moebius and Darkspade and a new comer named Stephan Black… The anti-virus was fully developed and released into the atmosphere as a result of Sincentius’ miscalculations of who were the Trinity members and they create a game plan which surprisingly starts by infiltrating CreatureWrestling HQ. Once they reach CW HQ, the four reach the executive suites and find out that Alexander Arcane is not only back but he is engulfed in the power of the Unholy Darkness!

Meanwhile- Mortismere is back in action as a CreatureWrestler and after winning King of Pain he immediately targeted Doom through various promos in saying he will annihilate her and obtain her title belt.

The hour of Alex is almost over


Charon & Darkspade stood stock, but Charon instantly grabbed a hold of Alex’s wrist freeing Angel and slams Alexander to the floor with a sudden force. Then, Angel took the knife from Alexander, raised it and was about to bring it down on him when Darkspade grabbed her wrist and stopped her. Angel looked up at him and glared angrily, Darkspade merely shook his head in the negative. Alex recovered more quickly than anticipated and tried to escape but Charon captures Alexander in the process and knocks him down again to the ground.

“What makes you fools think that you can even get out of this building alive!! I don’t need the Unholy Darkness to destroy YOU ALL!! If I am going down then I am taking you all down with me. Creature Wrestling is my goddamn show- how DARE you tell me what I can and CANNOT DO!! [shoots a glare at Charon] I could have made you into a god Charon… a never-ending champion like myself!” – Screamed Alexander

Thoughts of that unfaithful night poured into everyone’s head over five years ago. Alexander never changed- in fact, if any, he was worse! Charon was the first to take a step forward but suddenly Alexander reached into his pocket and pulled out a crude detonation device with a big flashing red button at the top near an antenna. Everybody suddenly stopped what they were doing- and held their breath! Alexander had a gleam in his eye that said it all…. Then, Alexander takes out a crude detonation device and threatens to blow the entire building up along with everyone with it!

And without any warning, a bullet flies by and impacts through Alexander’s forehead!!!

Alex’s brains were splattered across the back of the large planned glass window!!! The force struck Alex so viciously and so hard that Alex shot from off where he stood and broke through the window!!! Charon and Darkspade made a mad rush- as so did Moebius to capture the tumbling detonator switch. Charon barely caught it- and as she did the three looked up from the ground at the person who just shot Alexander in the head….

Richard Arcane was standing proudly with a 55mm nailgun while wearing a black leather glove. The nailgun was something very unique and Charon instantly recognized it as the one she shot Richard with it in this very room so long ago. Richard pointed the nailgun at the three and then informed them that the police were already in the building making their haste up to the executive offices.

“Are you trying to set this up? to make me look like I killed Alex? You won’t get away with it” – by an irritated Charon

“Dear Charon, don’t take it personal. Don’t take it personal at all. I was only following orders by my Lord. You will find that the security cameras are malfunctioning- how unfortunate the timing. But who will they believe? A respected charitable citizen -or- a crazed loon who has already attacked an Arcane on top of breaking into the CW Headquarter’s before. Once they find that the nail matches this gun- Charon, there will not be a hole deep enough that you can crawl into that could hide your stench!!!!” – replied Richard

Sirens could be heard down into the street… Charon stands up with the detonator in hand and looks down at the ambulances and police!!! people were running out and screaming at the dead body of Alexander Arcane that had plummeted straight into the roof of an suv. Suddenly spotlights are shined high above and Charon is illuminated by the bright light!!! then a helicopter in the distance comes storming in from the west….

“Charon Death…. you are under arrest.”

“There is yet one other thing…..” – said Richard

Richard pointed the gun at his left leg and pulled the trigger!!! the nail broke through his skin and shot out on the other end!!! flesh and bone splatter in all directions and Richard crumbled down into a fetal position…… Charon looked pale and stared at everyone in the room.

“Goddamn. Stephan are you bloody done yet? We need to get out of here.” – said Charon

“Arrhh…. there is no escape.. Charon. Wh.what ca.can you possibly do.. to stop Armageddon now?!” – said Richard

Stephan dropped the steel shutters down on all the windows and doors in the building, then Charon asked Stephan if the webcam on Alexander’s laptop was still operational and they found that it was

“It was a live stream right into the CW arena’s all over the World, with a copy being stored on all local servers.” – said Stephan

“You’ll never get out of this building now! Not now all the security shutters are in place!!” – said Richard

“Have fun Richard, I hope you enjoyed being an asshole.” – said Charon

The scene ended as the police came rushing into the room but Charon and Darkspade could feel in their bones that Brandon was in trouble at Castle Mortis. Staphan activates an escape vortex with a remote control device aimed at Castle Mortis and all four disappear.

The Dawning of Creature Annihilation

However, far away…. time has came to an end for Creatures.
Dark Sincentius looked upward as so did the row of creature patriarchs– the violet gas-like substance had made its way and around Castle Mortis. All of the patriarchs, chained and shackled to the floor, begged for their very lives. However, Dark Sin just stood there smiling as if he was fulfilling a divine prophesy… a prophesy commanded down by God himself!!! Doom was without clothes…. she was uncomfortable slapped on that stone table and chained down like a beaten dog.

The omnipotent being, known as The Dark Sincentius raised his hands up high and the Virus swooped downward passing the rest of the creatures and was absorbed into Doom!!

Could this have been Sincentius’ true agenda??? Was the threat of a virus nothing more than a distraction?? Sincentius looked upward at Brandon who was trying his darnedest to shake himself free from the cross… but to no avail…. Sin immediately stared down at Doom and an ECU revealed that Doom’s face has drastically changed into a polished skin violet surface…. Sincentius’ body vibrated and you can now see two forms existing in one plane… one of Serin Death and one of the man…. Sincentius himself…. In a split second, Sincentius dove straight into Doom’s mouth! Serin’s lifeless body dropped to the ground floor and tumbled down the stone steps to the garden!!

Doom moved slightly more… until she stopped moving completely. All Brandon could do was watch and pray… watch and pray for a miracle to happen…. but then, Doom’s eyes opened wide…. and they were multicolored!!! She broke free from the chains and as she stood up- you can see the bizarre ghostlike Ora as we have before from Serin’s body….. Dark Sincentius was now inside the most perfect and pure blooded Creature of the night on the planet- complete with the deadly alpha strand!!!

Whether it was out of fear or desperation- but one of the aristocrats broke free from their chain and dashes at Doom with blinding speed with its fangs drawn out… Doom just shot a cold glare at the creature and it was transformed into a murky black goo that dropped to grassy floor…. Doom grinned devilishly and looked upward at Brandon on the cross…..

“You have lost Brandon. I must say you underestimated the wrong pychopath…. I sensed that Charon and the others went after CW HQ… thinking that their pathetic anti-virus would stop the annihilation of creaturekind…. how fucking wrong they truly are!!! I AM ANNIHILATION!!!!! AND YOU WILL BE PROMPTLY SCARIFIED!!!”

However, oddly enough, the Virus which was airborne across the world did NOT activate as expected once Doom was absorbed by it!!

As if all hope was lost Brandon and Sincentius stared in disbelief as Charon, Darkspade, Angel and Stephan appeared!

“You always did have a flair for the ridiculous Sincentius. What exactly did you think you would achieve? Have you noticed that the Virus is not active?” – said Charon

Sincentius glared at Charon for ruining his plans. In the distraction, Darkspade removed Brandon from off the cross… that was when Sincentius then turned towards Darkspade and tried to emit any form of the Unholy Darkness or Holy Light but nothing happened! Charon could already feel the power of the anti-Virus doing its job by stimulating the dormant DNA.

Sincentius could do nothing but stand there and watch as his grand plan crumbled- he waited over a thousand years for this one chance for revenge. With Darkspade, Brandon, Charon, Angel, Moebius and Stephan along with the anti-virus taking its course and neutralizing Dark Sincentius’ omnipotent powers- all of the planning was all for nothing. Once everyone was freed- Charon, Darkspade, Brandon, Angel and Stephan made their approach towards Sincentius!!! Suddenly, Dark Sincentius raised his hand to halt their ascent.

“GWHHHMMMWWWWHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Charon looked at Sin as if he totally lost it even more than usual! “You ARE the most insane person I’ve ever came across- and all you can do to defend yourself, even with that ‘perfect’ body, is to laugh? I guess now is a good time if any to laugh because where your going you’ll be screaming in pain and agony for all eternity!” The laughter increased and Dark Sincentius, the Dark Rider- always believing that he was sent by God to eradicate the evil in this world, stood triumphant in front of the heroes and crossed his new arms. A black ivy rose from the ground and wrapped around his new nude body and the ivy fabricated a dress made out of organic material… at that very moment everybody, except Charon at first, turned around and was shocked to see who just made his appearance known…… “My Love… you must realize that Sincentius is the savior for both human and creature a-like…..”

“Ok now so what were you saying about STOPPING ME?”

Charon knew the voice clearly and she closed her eyes briefly and turned around to open them to see Kizmat walking up the steps to join Dark Sincentius!!! Kizmat agreed with Sincentius that the world needed to be saved and then Darkspade attacked The Dark Sincentius with a blast of Unholy Darkness which stunned Sincentius… but Sincentius was able to regain some of his powers again now that the anti-Virus was diluting around her and strangle Darkspade with telekinesis but then Charon then places her nailgun on top of Sincentius’ head! Darkspade was gladly released but everything changed at that point as a violent black vortex opened wide revealing that Harkin and Crimson were in fact kidnapped and held hostage by Seer at the ruins to the Great Death Family Temple.

Charon was overwhelmed with horror and then PUNCHED KIZMAT SO HARD WITH THE EDGE OF HER NAILGUN THAT HIS JAW WAS BROKEN AND DANGLING OFF OF ONE SIDE!!! Kizmat came at her by slapping the taste out of her mouth with a headbutt causing Charon to tumble down the steps…. immediately, Sincentius and Kizmat dashes into and through the portal!!! Darkspade and Brandon tried to run up and follow but the door closed shut.

Sincentius’ Backup Plan

The idea of a Virus to eradicate all of Creature and Mankind did not work so well. Because Charon was not a natural chimaera- there was a weakness in Sincentius’ Virus and Moebius was able to devise a counter to the Virus and release it into the air days before Sincentius released his Virus. However, Sincentius had a backup plan and that involved the aide of The Lord of Blood!

At Ruins of the Great Temple of Death:
Dark Candles, lit in a circle, encompassed the two children – bound and gagged in the center of the trinity floor mosaic…. In the background, Dark Sincentius was orchestrating his/her next move with Seer. Kizmat showed no emotion whatsoever… suddenly, Harkin cried and he tried to force out from the chains but Kizmat went over and took the blind fold off of Crimson and Harkin- making sure that they did in fact see the man who has betrayed the creature race!!!

“I am afraid for your sake and for your mum, that your sister is correct. But I resent your remark- I am NOT corrupted by the Unholy Darkness… The Will of the Unholy Darkness commands me to do what is right for the creature race. I know you two don’t fully understand why…. nor your mum… but you must trust me when I say that Dark Sincentius will save all of us. You must have faith…..”

Dark Sincentius turned away from discussing the next strategy with Seer and approached Kizmat…. Kizmat turned around and knelled before Sincentius…. “ENOUGH of this sentimental bullshit Lord Kizmat, these two youngins are the key to washing away the sin that the creature race has plagued this world for far too long…. Get ready Kizmat, for our guests will arrive…..”

Charon uttered some sort of command and Hell Horses arrived!

“Did it have to be those things….really? We couldn’t just open a portal?” said Darkspade

Charon ignored him, determined to get her kids back, and each person got onto a Hell Horse… it was now time to engage Sincentius and Kizmat!

Why so Bloody Mad Honey Bunches?


Kizmat was rubbing his chin as he leaned against an old decrepit pillar… suddenly from the distance a black cloud with fiery edges approaches! Kizmat stood up completely and was in a daze as the turret of fiery darkness came rushing- not only did it crack a hole straight through the protective magic barrier of Unholy Darkness– but the cloud trampled over a wall of Dark Wraiths!! As the dark cloud dissipated, Kizmat’s eyes bulge wide open seeing that it was Charon on a hell horse along with the rest of our heroes!!!

Not only did Charon completely ignore an awaiting Dark Sincentius but she zig-zagged around a series of pillars just to get to her luv dumpling…. Kizmat!!!

Kizmat stood his ground as she screamed and came at the Lord of all that is blood with hooves flying– Kizmat fell to the ground as the horse pinned him to the ground and Charon hopped off- kicked Kizmat’s hands to his sides and whipped her nailgun out and pointed right at Kizmat’s left temple…. Kizmat looked up at a seething Charon…..

“Oh hi honey…. have a bad day?”

Charon was so insanely angry that it took Darkspade, Moebius, Stephan and Brandon to pull her away from Kizmat but that left Angel, who had been incredibly quiet, to her own devices. Angel stood over Kizmat with a smile on her face and reached down to him as though offering him her hand, Charon screamed at her in pure rage but as Kizmat reached to take his daughters hand, she drove a metal spike through the centre of his palm and attached him to one of the stone columns. Angels eyes glowed an evil amber colour despite the contact lenses, Kizmat simply stared at his hand as though it were an alien object. Angel didn’t seem at all bothered by what she’d done and regarded him with about as much interest as some bacteria in a petri dish.

“You dare to call yourself my father, you are now nothing to me, you are merely a piece of flesh to rip apart.” – screamed Angel

Kizmat shook his head as though she didn’t understand what she was saying but she backed away and re-joined the group of people she’d arrived with. Darkspade had been moving them round protectively, he was aware that Sincentius was about and Brandon was so tuned into the energies around them his hair had become wildly animated. Charon almost tore free from the mens grasps when she spotted Sincentius-Doom.


It was made worse by Sincentius grinning constantly like the cheshire cat but Brandon was also moving them around and he now whispered something to Darkspade. Spade smiled, something that made Sincentius slightly nervous but not overly so. Moebius and Stephan had also been communicating, they both knew what their part was and now Brandon spoke to Angel, she nodded and moved toward Moebius and Stephan. Charon was still straining to get away but Spade and Brandon held her firmly much to her annoyance. Spade knew he couldn’t allow her to change either which is why he was keeping her close, he knew Brandon was trying to absorb as much of her energy as he could and Spade was doing the same.

Brandon stepped ahead of hyped and seething Charon… Sincentius stood in front of the children with his/her arms folded with a grin a galaxy wide! So much has happened to reach this point- it is unfathomable to take it all in but this tale seems to have reached its end…. but who will leave as the victor? Sincentius, an omnipotent… diabolical… superficial… ethereal… and satanic madman has been a thorn in the backside of not the Death Family but for every single creature of the night that ever existed! From the moment Dark Sin revealed himself as Darkspade’s inner power in the legendary match with Kefka’s Baby- from the moment Sincentius separated from Darkspade’s body to be re-borned in the lifeless form of Serin Death- from the moment when Sincentius calculated and anticipated each move by Charon, Moebius, Spade, Brandon and the rest of our heroes– and now finally, to the moment which is now! It was clear that Sincentius was not just after the fall of each creature of the night but to take the place of God!

Sincentius raised his/her hand- no power was emitted from the body but everyone stopped to see what he was planning to say or do…..

“Hmph hmph hmph hmph. It is amazing isn’t? That we are to finish this where it all started… so… so… so long ago. Though, it sickened me to exist in the Death Family’s family DNA for eons… I learned so much… my ability to foresee the future just did not begin now… I foresaw this very epic confrontation. [pauses and looks strangely at Charon] Yes… Charon, you do realize what I will do next? You and Brandon have 2 choices to make. Either allow me to cleanse this world of the Creatures or make the same pact that the first Charon made but this time. I will merge with your children DNA thus the cycle will repeat. You will save your children… the Death Family and all of the creatures on this planet for thousands of years to come…. I believe kindheartedly that is a wise, just and fair decision don’t you think? The creatures will, however, be destroyed when I reawaken when the next set of twins are born exactly at at the beginning and end of midnight. I won’t hide that fact against you… because you know it is to be true- that even with the powers that you possess- you CANNOT end the eventual arrival of creature EXTINCTION!!! So what say ye? Don’t make a foolish mistake, Charon… Brandon… Darkspade… and Moebius. You are NO match to me…. I am in possession of the not just these special twins of destiny…. but I am in possession of the purist Creature of the Night! The alpha strand has no counter.” Charon did not know what to think… she barely listened to Sin’s insane ramblings… and focused her attention… her love to her children who were tied to each other- scared. Brandon’s hair radiated with Holy Darkness nonetheless and was ready to give hell…. even if Sin was correct in that he was invulnerable… a chance must be taken, for they may never have a chance like this again…. but what can the trinity do to stop Sincentius… an omnipotent being.

“Charon- it is your destiny just as your predecessors to make a choice! Save your children… grow old and live life with Kizmat. Either it ends now or ten thousand years from now- Charon- eventually, everything WILL come to an END!!! Mwwwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Wiggling and yanking at metal spike that Angel embedded into his hand- Kizmat ripped from the object and stood full-right. Angel turned around unexpected – Kizmat dashes at her and pass her! Everyone turned and stared at Kizmat who made passed Sincentius- all you can see is a dark shape zipping passed the children! Sincentius was off guard- but before the shape could make another pass- Sincentius shot at Kizmat with a gauntlet of Unholy Energies… Kizmat fell in-front of Charon with Crimson in his arms….. Unfortunately, the rescue was not complete for now Sincentius plunged his fingers inside of Harkin’s mouth and raised him up in the air with the Insidious Mythos.

Dark Sincentius raised the poor child higher into the air! Conjuring and channeling the alpha strand to ignite and to destroy all creatures on the planet simultaneously. Sincentius stood dead center inside of the symbol of the trinity and high above the Temple- a swirling vortex formed from the god-ridden virus plaguing the night sky!! A choice…. a serious choice must be made now or forever live with Eternal Regret!

The Decisive Battle

A sudden calm descended on Charon and she stood and stared at Sincentius, she then looked at Spade and Brandon, they knew what they had to do. Then she looked at Angel, Angel looked back at her and nodded. Spade ran for one pillar, Brandon ran for the second one and it left just the third one empty. Sincentius laughed at her.

“You will never make it in time as you well know Charon!”

Charon now smiled.
“You may have my child, you may think you’ve won but I will hunt you down to the ends of the Earth and I will destroy you, I don’t care how long it takes.”

Sincentius was expecting more pleading, more respect for an omnipotent being such as himself and he frowned.

“Your words are hollow and mean nothing and if I am correct I am still waiting for you to make your decision.”

Charon shrugged.
“It doesn’t matter what decision I make, you will break whatever promises you make and so I choose to make no decision at all.”

Sincentius laughed.
“You are weak like all the filthy creatures of the night…”

He was about to continue but Charon interrupted him and he stared in disbelief at her her rudeness.

“There is one thing though that you never factored in…”

Charon grinned as she watched Angel move into position at the third pillar. Sincentius growled angrily at her.


Charon shook her head as a deep rumbling began to vibrate throughout the temple and a wall of fire shot up sealing them all within the temple and more importantly sealing Angel, Brandon and Spade within the trinity with Sincentius at its centre. Charon looked right into Sincentius’ eyes with a wry smile.

“I always knew I would have to make a big sacrifice to rid the creatures of your foul presence, what you never realised was that Angel contains the same DNA strands that I do….”

She gestured at the sealed temple to Sincentius who roared with anger.

Filled with intense and uncontrollable anger- Dark Sincentius growled at Charon who smiled devilishly at Dark Sincentius!! Darkspade, Brandon and Angel stood on top of dusty rusted ends of a faded glyph that had lost its luster thousands of years ago… Sincentius realized he was made a fool of and trapped!! He immediately raised his hand and conjured the forces of Unholy Darkness but all around him, in a triangular radiant wall of light burst from the ground and sealed him in the centre of the trinity!!!

Glancing at the three who stood ready… Dark Sincentius was not going out without a fight!
“YOU FOOLS. Cleaver have you been to conceal this truth about Angel… it matters not. For in my vision, I still see suffering… I STILL SEE CREATURES OF THE NIGHT LAY DYING!!! And it was not through my eyes but through the eyes of Crimson… your daughter Charon. I see the past, present and the future through your family’s eyes and there is NO DISPUTING THAT FACT…. I WILL BE THE ONE THAT INFLICTS VINDICATION!!! Charon payed no attention- she nodded and the three masters raised their hands up into the air….

The true Trinity with the pure chimera DNA all speak:
Darkspade: “For the Past Sins…. and for Julie…..”
Angel: “For my mum…. and for my daddy…. ”
Brandon “For world peace you crazy bloody transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania!!”

Darkspade ascended into his Unholy Cardinal form- thus evoking The Unholy Darkness!…. Angel’s hair raised as if she was struck by a large bolt of electricity and she evoked the power of The Holy Light! And…. Brandon, the most powerful of the three, his hair was already straight up and nearly touched the ceiling!! The Holy Darkness was evoked… Dark Sincentius was petrified in the center of the trinity and was attempting to break free from his binding… slowly succeeding!!!

Darkspade, Angel and Brandon thrust their hands forward but suddenly just before the three powerful waves of energies coalesced into the center of the temple with Dark Sincentius standing…. The Dark Embrace descended and struck the center as well just before impact! A loud explosion… followed by a multicolored plasma emitting from the center shot out from the temple and can be seen from outer space!

In the center of the trinity, a rift was left open! followed by vortexes leading into Neo-Earth opened and closed in random order all over the place! Some sections of the temple were being cut a part by the vortexes.

An interference caused the rift to stay open!! causing cataleptic space and time to distort…. but who.. who could have done this??? The view then shifts to Lord Mortismere descending from the sky and landing in front of the rift which was widening!!! Lord Mortis grinned at everyone there!!

“MWMWHAHAAAAAA!!! Do not count me out just yet!!! Doom’s body kept Sin alive… but my little interference caused an instability in the balance…. the rift will soon suck you all into it… and then widen like a black hole and absorb Earth. It seems that I have won….”

Dark Sincentius rose to his feet
“Oh no Mortis… just like with Charon, I am one step ahead of even you!!! If you don’t close this rift then anybody who meddles with the balance… good or BAD will be absorbed. Only a sacrifice will be able to close the rift!!! SO WHO WILL IT BE?!?! BUT LET’S MAKE THIS EVEN MORE INTERESTING… I am after all the Undisputed Champion…. IF THIS IS TO BE DECIDING FACTOR FOR ALL LIFE AS WE KNOW IT THEN LET US BATTLE AND THE WINNER IS THE CHAMPION!”

The burning flaming wall that caged the three was flickering wildly… Charon looked over to Kizmat who was unconscious on the floor with Crimson in his arms… but where was Harkin? Harkin was trapped along with the three and there was no way to rescue him!! Suddenly, Darkspade wakes from the blast and he is seen outside of the flaming wall!!! He tries to cut through but to prevail…. it seemed, that Angel and Brandon were all on their own.

The rest of the battle carried onward in the Main Event at CREATUREMANIA IX!

Concludes Page 6…

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