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**NOTE: Due to many many many years of stories and the immense detail and time put into this game- it is impossible to cover every story created. Instead, this page will include a relatively “brief” summary of the main storyline which surrounds CreatureWrestling. This will give you a feel for and understanding for the entire gaming history.**


Alexander Arcane………. a man born with a silver spoon lodged in his twisted mouth, acquired the most sinister… darkest wrestlers on the planet into the most demonic and vile wrestling federation on the planet: Creature Wrestling Entertainment! The “Creatures of The Night,” followers of their leader: THE UNDERTAKER, fight against one another and against mortal wrestlers to be named the UNDISPUTED CHAMPION.

Amongst the wrestlers, heels… faces… and neutrals forge alliances as well- to tip the balance of the federation to THEIR favor.

Segment 1: Creature Wrestling Federation

Alex Arcane Sr. was a wrestling promoter in the early 60s who went bankrupt after losing one territory after another. In an last ditch attempt to regain his wrestling business- Alexander traveled the world in search of unique wrestlers and fighters but he could not find anyone with the right skills to put his wrestling business back on the shelf. After nearly exhausting all hope- Alexander stumbled upon a Kindred night pub in Morocco by accident and attracted the attention of blood sucking vampires… the Lord of Blood, Kizmat appeared and saved Alexander but demanded for payment for saving Alex’s life that a pact is to be made where the two would run a wrestling show with creatures of the night… supernatural beings such as: vampires and demons.

Kizmat promised to supply the wrestlers if and only if Alexander set a pact with the Lord of Blood and forever promote a championship belt. Alexander was quick to accept.

The plans were in place but when Alexander Arcane was ready to unleash to the world his new wrestling company- he mysteriously died. The son, Alexander Arcane II at the age of 25, picked up where his father left off and formed a new pact with Kizmat. Special contracts where made which bind Creatures to the wrestling federation and the energy was to be feed directly into Kizmat… however, before Kizmat could feed- his mysterious lover, Charon Death, sent Kizmat into a void of darkness to never return.

Promoter: Alexander R. Arcane II

The wrestling promoter, Alexander Arcane, wanted to keep the identity of the ownership over Creature Wrestling Federation a secret in case Kizmat returned…. if creatures found out Kizmat was gone then they would over run the mortal promoter. In attempt to keep the creatures in line and enlist them- Alexander hired Darkspade after witnessing his evil handiwork as the top “bad guy” on the popular website. A plan was set in place between the Promoter and Darkspade to lure Darkhag, the admin of and trusted COTN leader,  into the federation with a title match to determine the first CWF World Heavyweight Champion.

The plan worked-

Flocks of COTN wrestlers came into the federation and signed Kizmat’s blood contracts. Alexander Arcane covered his face with a mask and went by the name of “The Promoter” and assigned a team of officials to help govern the Federation. Eventually, Darkspade defeated Darkhag and became the first ever champion in the sport. However, members of Darkspade’s family arrived in the CWF and were instantly against him and his insane agenda of world conquest as the Minister of Unholy Darkness. One key family member who opposed Darkspade the strongest was Raven of Death (Darkspade’s nephew).

Raven went head-to-head with Darkspade with his own faction called: “D-Generation X.” Darkspade at that time formed his own faction called: “The Heels of Mortis.” There were also other factions in place in the CWF- but no other factions had the battles that DX and Heels had. The CWF was a time which defined the conventions that this sport, to this very day, is based on. It was a time of anarchy, betrayal and every-man-for-themselves.




[The Crystal Saga]

Darkspade proclaimed that he was the greatest heel of all time but he was working under a “higher power” which was later revealed to be Lord Mortismere…. the older brother of Kizmat and the founder of the Unholy Darkness– hence, the Heels of “Mortis” was understood. However, Darkspade was also the holder of the Crystal of Darkness… an artifact which represented all that was evil– Darkspade betrayed Mortismere and sent Mortismere back into Hell. With Mortis now gone, Darkspade constructed the infamous Unholy Ministry to fight not just against the Creatures of the Night and D-X– but to gain control over the Crystal of Light. The Crystal of Light was thought to be held by Raven’s girlfriend but after an abduction of her by Darkspade’s alter-ego: The Unholy Knight of Darkness– it was found out that the Crystal of Light was stored inside of Charon Death.

Lord Mortismere

Mortismere eventually returned for revenge and to acquire the Crystal of both Light and Darkness… Mortis succeeded in snatching the two artifacts and he designed a being with the two crystals called: Anexous. However, the supreme being wasn’t as supreme as thought to be…. and Anexous destroyed the Heels of Mortis. Mortismere and his cronies disappeared into exile- but with the combined efforts of Darkspade, Dalkiel (Darkspade’s partner in the UM), Raven and Charon- Anexous was defeated. The Crystals were safe and split between the two factions in the Death Family (the family that both Darkspade and Raven belonged too)… but once again, a power struggled ensured between the acquisition of both crystals.

Once again, Mortismere returned and figured out that the reason why Anexous was not complete was because there ingredients required a balance between the two forces. Charon Death came back but with her child Moebius, and joined Mortismere as business partners but later as lovers. Mortismere realized that Moebius contained an unusual power and was believed to possess the balance…. Mortismere tried to beat the kid an inch of his life with Charon’s approval but Moebius unleashed his power that drove Mortismere out of his own Castle… the Castle of Mortis. Charon escaped with her son and was never seen since.

Around the same time- Darkspade’s alter ego: The Unholy Knight of Darkness emerged again in physical form and created a child with another creature wrestler and produced Lilith. Lilith was an extraordinary child who grew at a tremendous rate but also possessed god-like powers. Darkspade eventually fought back The Knight and cared for the child. This was the end of the Crystal Saga.

The CWF reached to 2001 when Kizmat returned and the promoter was revealed to be Alexander Arcane. The popularity of CWF was so far reaching that other creatures and notable human wrestlers came in flocks! In order to facilitate the organization- the wrestling company was expanded into the Creature Wrestling Entertainment branch with CWF and Extreme Creature Federation as brands. The expand also created the first ever and only Undisputed Creature Wrestling Championship!


Segment 2: Creature Wrestling Entertainment

The CWE was regarded as the golden age of Creature Wrestling and it covered the years from 2001 to 2005. Within these 4 years the federation experienced unprecedented growth and the battle between good and evil- and anything in between- were waged. The “main storyline” had multiple story-lines running all at once!

[Reveal of Alexander Arcane as the Promoter & The Return of Kizmat]

The crooked President Supersinc, a man appointed by Darkspade as the temporary Promoter, revealed the true force behind CWF which was Kizmat! The shocking fact that each COTN wrestler signed away their very soul to him- made Kizmat the most hated entity in the world! The term Armageddon was coined which was suppose to be a faction between Kizmat, Supersinc and a previous faction called: Syndicate. The concept behind Armageddon was suppose to be end of all hope for creaturekind but Kizmat surprisingly went against Supersinc and a conflict of power enraged on as Kizmat took full rein over the CWF and forced Supersinc and his crooked officials out! Kizmat was untouchable…. the contracts that the wrestlers signed were infused with dark magic and every time a creature wrestler fought- the lifeforce was feed directly into Kizmat which essentially made him invulnerable– and filthy rich!

The Lord of Blood

Kizmat was nearly unstoppable until he was defeated in a match which had the power of the contracts on the line… with the contracts now void- Kizmat lost his power of invulnerability and was scared- believed to have died. This was the final end of the CWF era.

[CWE and ECF Brands]

When Kizmat returned it caused a massive power change which sent ripples throughout the organization but more so than that was the final curtain was lifted on the mysterious identity of the true owner over the organization- The Promoter: Alexander Arcane. With Kizmat back, Alex was free to reap the rewards and he developed the CWE with the greatest title belt ever conceived… the Undisputed Championship! The organization grew by leaps and bounds which caused CWE to separate it’s roster into two other wrestling organizations…. CWF and ECF. District Promoters were hired to run each brand with Alexander as the CEO and Chairman.

For awhile- CWE was operated with great success with mild disturbances with Creatures trying to over run the place with their dark and twisted agendas.

[BloodSyn & Unholy Ministry’s Rise to Power]
When Kizmat returned from his exile he sired the biggest whore that the federation could muster in order to rejuvenate. Kizmat was no longer invulnerable but he was still a force to be reckoned with. With the whore by his side, Kizmat created a new faction called BloodSyn and from that very moment onward all of the top kindred wrestlers joined Kizmat’s side in order to regain control over CWE and to stop Darkspade’s Unholy Ministry which by this time had overcame D-X and became the greatest force in the federation.

BloodSyn and UM waged battle but the real threat was from the remnants of Armageddon (the powers that be), the New Heels of Mortis (lead by Mortis and Poison) and wrestlers hailing from GTWF. Ironically, BloodSyn and UM joined forces to create a gigantic-Unholy Ministry in order to counter-balance the forces of evil and good…. but that didn’t last for too long.

[ECF and the McMahon Era]

One of the biggest threats to occur in the CWE was from Vince McMahon and his crafty children: Chane and Stephanie McMahon. Vince orchastrated the hostle take over of CreatureWrestling by flooding the market with too many wrestlers which caused Alexander Arcane to create ECF. Vince bought up all of the stocks and instantly became the owner of the ECF brand. For awhile, Vince nearly overwhelmed CWF with GTWF wrestlers but Alexander managed to defeat Vince at CreatureMania 3 for complete control over the two brands. After Vince was exiled for all time from CWE- Alexander became the CEO and Chairman but the ECF was sold over to Darkspade and Dalkiel. For a time, the UM had control over the ECF until Darkspade relinquished his control over to a fellow UM member by the name of Kefka. Dalkiel married Stephanie McMahon but Stephanie orchestrated a coup and took over the company when she divorced Dalkiel- she won the right to all of the stocks because she convinced the courts that Dalkiel was mentally unstable.

Even though that Kefka knew what Stephanie was up too- he was impressed by her “balls” and ended up marring her!! The ECF was proudly in the hands of Kefka and the McMahon family… At the same time, Chane McMahon and Stephanie abused the ECF and it’s wrestlers by neglecting to pay their small salaries and spending quality time eating lobster meals in-front of helpless homeless kids.

Eventually, the reality that ECF was going bankrupt and Stephanie’s annoying bitchness got the better of her– ECF was dropped by Kefka and Stephanie was forced to bail or pay a heafty fine. The ECF was acquired by CWE and the District Promotership was officially relinquished to a wrestler named Hellraiser. Chane was the last McMahon to remain as a member of the board but held no power in any brand.

[Child Lilith & Brotherly Love]
By this time the child Lilith slowed down to the age of 12 years old and she was gaining more control over her amazing powers day-by-day. Hundreds of Creatures and humans alike were drawn to her talents and desired to control her for their own agendas. Lord Mortismere also payed a bid to take control over Lilith after he assembled the dead bod of Violent Josh… now as Violent Mortismere. Lilith’s life was in danger and not even Darkspade and the Death Family could keep her safe.

Dalkiel, her uncle, did the only thing that he could do for her- and bring her into the Dreamscape… a dimension that only Dalkiel and those of his bloodline could enter… and leave her in there for her own safety. This wasn’t agreed on by Darkspade but Dalkiel did it otherwise which caused a family rift. Lilith was kidnapped by Dalkiel during a match and he left her inside of the Dreamscape theoretically for all time.

[The Arrival of the Perfect Killer]
Violent Mortis was defeated by another wrestler and friend of the deceased Violent Josh- Lord Ragnarok in the pits of hell. Mortis soul separated from Violet Josh’s body and remained in Kali-Sheol…. the threat of evil seemed to have finally been put to an end… but this was not the case.

A mysterious wrestler emerged during ECF Primed in a tag match. The wrestler was unlike any creature ever in the history of Creature Wrestling… a cyborg being named Evangelion. Evangelion (Eva for short) made quick work of his opponents in the tag match and exhibited pin-point accuracy and unusual ability to adapt to many styles… then, the most shocking thing happened and Eva walked out in the middle of the match leaving his partner to be massacred by their opponents. Later- Evangelion appeared stoically in a post-match interview claiming that he is the perfect killer and that the CW will never be the same again. Eva was also accompanied by an equally bizarre “Scientist.”

One-by-one- Evangelion decimated his opponents and even went as far as a match with the then current CW Undisputed Champion Kefka. Evangelion nearly won the match but it was stopped by the combined forces of Kizmat’s mistress and Poison. Evangelion wanted revenge and stalked both Kizmat’s mistress and Posion and they had many encounters…. but one such encounter was when Eva kidnapped Kizmat’s mistress and took her into his alternate dimension called Neo-Earth. There- the sad reality that Evangelion was once a human being but now stripped of his humanity by the company EVA_CORP became reality….

Eva released Kizmat’s mistress but only in preparation for a winner-take all match. With the scientist and his mysterious sphere- Evangelion was invulnerable- it seemed that there would be no way to stop Eva. However, Kizmat explained that there was a power deep inside of Castle Mortis that could give the heroes an upper hand… the Seeds of Lilith.

Darkspade, Kizmat and his mistress, along with Dalkiel and Poison all entered the catacombs of Castle Mortis and adventured deeper than anyone has done before until they reached the long forgotten underground Unholy City of Xanderaz! Once there- our heroes came across a gigantic mana tree which at it’s base contained a mysterious sarcophagus which contained the remains of “Queen” Lilith!! The heroes where stunned to find out that this body could in fact be the final resting place of the child Lilith– many questions arise but they decided to leave the body alone. Growing from the tree- however- were brilliant seeds which upon consumption can grant dreams to come true for a short time. Kizmat’s mistress and Poison took some seeds and used them during the match with Evangelion to merge themselves into a super wrestler. Evangelion stood no chance and his sphere was destroyed…. Eva seemed to have disappeared along with the Scientist to never return.

[Curse of Lilith]
BloodSyn was now on it’s own and no longer a part of the Unholy Ministry once the ministry disbanded. Kizmat suddenly was experiencing odd visions and sensations in his meditation room after acquiring a doll that Lilith used to play with by Dalkiel. Slowly and surely Kizmat remained secluded to his meditation room, along with the doll, upsetting his mistress aka the backstabbing whore. Eventually- the mistress tracked Kizmat down and saw him making love to the doll and dressing it up in a wedding gown. This infuriated the mistress and this caused them to break up… Kizmat remained entranced and obsessed by the doll and demanded that the mistress apologize to it!!! When the mistress refused she threw the doll across the room and it smashed into a television set… the doll walked out of the tv in flames which proved that there was dark magic in the workings. After destroying the doll- the curse was removed from Kizmat but the ordeal was distributing enough to disband BloodSyn for good. However, Kizmat found out that Dalkiel wasn’t the one who sent the doll… but a seed of Lilith was left in it…. who could have sent the doll?

[The Lilith Saga]
In 2003, Evangelion stole Lilith’s corpse from a sarcophagus at the Unholy City of Xanderaz and resurrected her using Kizmat’s blood and the Crystal of Darkness. Queen Lilith’s debut in CW actually began on the first King of Pain tournament in 2003. Lilith demonstrated an amazing power that was never experienced before that time where she was able to suspend time. However, Queen Lilith’s soul was still trapped inside of the Dreamscape (a dream-like state which Dalkiel created) and Lilith’s existence on Earth was actually a projection. In order to escape the Dreamscape- Lilith needed to acquire all of the Crystals: Light, Dark and Balance… this was her mission.

Lilith was growing stronger and was even able to manipulate time and space on Earth, and in the Dreamscape- Lilith created her own realm in between Earth and the Dreamscape called, The Phantomfield. The Phantomfield was essentially a base for her operations- a palace created by her own twisted imagination. By seducing the weak minded and corrupt- Lilith acquired an army of Kindred that obeyed her every command. Amongst this group- Lilith had her own General and a King. To fuel her power- Lilith would lure Kindreds into her Phantomfield and mate with them before draining them of their blood…. Lilith had no sexual boundaries as well! She mated with man, woman and child!

It was apparent that Lilith had to be stopped- so several creatures planned to infiltrate the Dreamscape and confront Lilith head on. At this point in time, Lilith possessed the Crystal of Darkness and Light- she only needed 1 more crystal in order to break free from her prison. The thing was, nobody knew who possessed the Crystal of Balance. Bravely- the creature wrestlers: Darkspade, Kizmat’s mistress, Nexus and Dalkiel all entered the sacred Dreamscape. Upon entering the realm- they were surprised to find out that the child form of Lilith was also inside. The Dreamscape had no sense of time- so past, present and future were all one. Originally, Dalkiel took the child Lilith into the Dreamscape in order to protect her- so within this reality there were 2 Liliths.

As our heroes ventured deeper and deeper inside the Dreamscape- the entered into the Phantomfield. Queen Lilith manipulated time and space to produce distractions including haunting their minds with past memories. Then, at one point Mortismere broke through Dalkiel’s barrier and entered the Phanomfield in search of our heroes. With Mortismere inside of the Phantomfield- our heroes had to confront Mortis and they were successful in trapping him inside of the Dreamscape.

Then, finally, our heroes confronted Queen Lilith herself. The battle started out with Lilith’s General attacking and then King Kaos- but the two were defeated. Queen Lilith was confronted by our heroes and defeated once the child Lilith appeared. Then, Lord Mortismere broke free from the Dreamscape- explaining that he was actually trapped in there for thousands of years and absorbed Queen Lilith’s DNA. Mortismere suddenly gave birth to the EVIL Queen Lilith right in front of our heroes. But when our heroes attacked Mortismere’s fully powered Lilith- there was no match. All seemed to be at a lost when it was found out that the Crystal of Balance was inside of the child that was growing inside of Kizmat’s ex. Lilith used her powers to remove the child and the crystal- but, the child Lilith intervened by acquiring the Crystal of Balance for herself along with the Crystal of Light and Darkness.

A transformation occurred and the Child Lilith became The Oracle. As the Oracle- she was now the supreme being and through her wishes she was able to banish the evil Queen Lilith into the Dreamscape and Mortismere into Kali-Sheol. The Oracle also promised to her uncle Dalkiel that she would return one day… and she disappeared. Our heroes appeared back on Earth but the child that was inside of Kizmat’s ex was never returned.

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