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Posted at 6:50 pm on Aug 7, 2016 by: Chane McMahon (ECF Brand Director)
And so... it BEGINS!

The following week on CW MAD......

Like on all CW MADs we begin with a triumphant entrance.... and then segway into a shot with the thousands upon thousands in attendance..... But suddenly the megafans go wild as the tron lights up with Chane's entrance!

Micheal Cole: Well this is a surprise.... Chane McMahon, our Supreme Director of CreatureWrestling is out here without his sister Staphanie McMahon!

JBL: Why is that such a surprise? What? They can't handle this business on their own?? Yes they are inseparable but they each hold key positions in this company which they EARNED!

Chane was smiling on his way to the ring and then he entered it.... with the CW MAD mic in his hand he gazes upward at the CW logo and then back at the cheering fans.....

Chane McMahon: Now listen up. I want to say that to whoever thinks me and Staphanie aren't BEST for business to refresh your mind to a couple of months ago at CreatureMania 13. WHEN WE EMERGED AS THE SUPREMACY.... YOU GOT THE GREATEST CREATUREMANIA EVERRRRRRR!! Yes that's right. You know me and my sister are like two peas in a pod, two interchangeable souls, two heart throbbing, sweaty, oiled up naked bodies pressed firmly against each other under the blankets when it's cold--- we are THAT close folks... and it's because of OUR values why WE ARE BEST FOR BUSINESS!!!.... Sadly. It seems that not everyone sees it that way.... [pauses] I am here to announce that YOUR CEO and Promoter of CreatureWrestling wishes to split me and my sister up.... yes that's right. I am to become the brand director for ECF... and my sister takes over the entire CWE brand. Which means.....This is the last CW MAD you will see..... this show comes back, however, as CWE is MAD......

The fans were both shocked and thrilled like never before after hearing that CWE and ECF are coming back!!!!

Chane McMahon: I am not entirely sure what Alex's true motives are for spilling up the Supremacy... maybe he felt threatened of losing what little power he had left over CreatureWrestling-- but let me say that no matter what you do to us..... THE LOVE I HAVE IN MY SISTER WILL ALWAYS.... ALWAYS..... ALWAYS BE BEST FOR BUSINESS!!! YOU CANNOT SPLIT US UP ALEX!!!! NO ONE CAN!!!!!!!

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