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Posted at 9:05 pm on Sep 12, 2017 by: Botch Recliner

"Um... um... um..." was the best time traveling Alex could come up with.

Aeean Hades wasn't impressed and grabbed Alex by his shirt. "You're playing games here, Alex, and I don't like them! Now tell me what the hell is going on!" For good measure, he also began to shake Alex.

Afraid that the situation was about to escalate, possibly resulting in Aeean doing something to harm Alex, he thought quickly. He needed Aeean to calm down. "YOUR place is the one filling with sewer gas! If you want to stay here, that's fine! But I'm not enduring this for another second!" He placed a hand over his mouth and nose. He actually was grossed out, feeling nauseous from the smell of the gas.

Sniffing at the rotten air, which was slowly starting to turn green as the gas seeped into the warehouse, Aeean hesitantly released Alex. "Okay. But don't leave. I'm going to shut off the sprinkler system before anything is ruined in here. Then I'LL find out what the problem is!" Grumbling under his breath, Aeean stomped off to find the sprinkler system's shut off valve. Along the way, he stopped at the front door, which was partially open, and slammed it shut before locking it.

As soon as Aeean was out of sight, Alex ran for the same door. It was his best opportunity to escape with the Underworld title belts. Except he couldn't figure out how to unlock the door.

Outside, non-time traveling Alex was about to faint from the fumes leaking from Botch's toxic anus. Botch ignored Alex's suffering and picked up two of the gray dick dogs, deep throating them before eating them whole.

Behind Botch, Gunther wasn't as immune to the smell, coughing and gagging along with Alex. "Senorita! I think we need to take you inside so you can wipe your ass!"

Non-time traveling Alex had no clue what was going on anymore, overcome by the fumes. He stumbled away to escape the green gas, but it was everywhere. He collapsed to his hands and knees in the middle of the street, retching.

With his mullet wig over his nose and mouth, replacing the smell of Botch's gas with the smell of hairspray and cheap perfume, Gunther led Botch, still farting, to the warehouse's front door. Knocking, he said, "Hello? Please let us in! We have a smelly emergency out here! Oh tra la blah!"

Still trying to unlock the door from inside, time traveling Alex froze and his eyes widened at the sound of the knock and Gunther's voice. What the hell were they doing? In that same moment, the sprinklers were reduced to drips and somewhere deep inside the warehouse, Alex heard Aeean yelling about interruptions.

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