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Posted at 12:14 am on Dec 19, 2017 by: CreatureWrestling
Act I - The Children of Sin Saga: Bedtime Stories

Sometime out of time, out of reality.

The sun rose from behind the post-apocalyptic sky scrapers and beamed its rays of light through the rust saturated landscape. The establishing shot showcased a world of which looked out of time, and out of reality.... it is a world which we have seen before.... a world carved out of the granite of Wickedness.

Then, the scene cross-fades into one of the buildings, we presume... wherein we spiral downward into the functioning boiler room full of gore and infectious creatures devouring the dead. We continue to transverse throughout the boiler room until, after passing through a curtain full of razor-blades and spikes with impaled eyeballs, we enter into a dark observation deck. In the distance of the observation deck was a large throne made out of bones and woven together with muscle filaments. A figure then emerges from the darkness, hunching, and sits on the chair... he then grips his fist and stares blankly through the observation window at hundreds of half-dead looking slaves mining for something underneath the foundation of the building.

"Not enough!! Just not!"

This went on for several days.... always the same routine... the figure would watch for hours and then leaves to 'sleep' and then returns to stare at the slaves and their lack of progress.... Then, one day as the figure came to sit down on the throne to gripe about the progress- another ominous figure pays a visit... At first, the figure sitting on the throne ignored the visitor until the visitor whispered this one phrase "Don't worry.... Angels have faith...."

The figure on the throne stops scratching his long black nails on the chair's arm- turns his head to face the visitor and then suddenly spits at him!!!


The visitor smiles under his dark cowl and then slowly removes it shocking even the figure on the throne..... It was The Dark Sincentius.

"Heh. Surprised. So, you're back I see... back to where it all began, where it all ends. Looks like we're stuck with each other, again--- and seeing that we're here for all of eternity this time... you care to share your tale which got you here? [the figure looks confused and continued to spit] Not ringing any bells? Do you even remember who you are... what you once were..... or should I begin our entertaining conversation by singing to you another nursery rhyme called, much like your beloved Angel.... The Children of Sin?"

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