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Posted at 9:43 am on Dec 22, 2017 by: The Dark Sincentius
What Hell is This?

The Dark Sincentius just smiled as he continued his iconic ramblings....

"You were defeated by your very own demon seeds..... When you appeared here, the Gods punished you where you now sit.... forever endlessly observing other Creatures laboring at nothing day by day..... How many days has it? or how many years has it? Heh... how many centuries has it? Even I, lost track.

The figure looked up at Sincentius more irritated than amused at this point...
"WHAT THE FUCK are you talking about.... Its only been several days, I was hired by my employer to watch these cretins..... I get payed for this! You're spilling nothing but bullshit--- NOW GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!"

The figure stood up and left like clockwork.... and this routine, this very conversation continued, with no point, for another 666,666,666 years until....


The workers chewed away at the rock all day and they finally struck gold!!! The figure was so happy now that all of the labor for these many years would finally pay off.... today was finally payday by the employer.

With success finally at hand, the figure stood up to accept his payment as Dark Sincentius happily watched..... The workers were jumping for joy at the load of wealth that they unearthed.... Then the gold radiated and pulsated until it turned into a dark black molten gel.... the gel rose up swiftly into the air and devoured each of the workers.... The figure watching onward in observance couldn't do a dam thing as his workers were devoured..... Secondly, the goo, still creeping through the cracks from the rocks, collected together and filled the entire work site... rising higher and higher.... until, the goo hardened back to the original rock thus resetting the progress.

The figure watched on powerless... seeing his wealth completely vanish along with all of the souls he was responsible for.... left with nothing...

The Dark Sincentius smiled at the Figure and said, "Darn that sucked. Watching them for that long accomplish butt fuck nothing, powerless to start and to stop your days. Heh, gotta do it all over again duncha? What a fucked up situation.... your employer must be one hella douche..... oh well... guess you only two choices. You can either go back to sleep and wake up forgetting everything and repeat this shit, me included, for another 666,666,666 years OR LEAVE with me-- I'll show you something fun for once..... and maybe, just maybe I'll tell you that story about the Children of Sin as well.... come on, it will be a BLAST.... for old times sake?"

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