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Posted at 11:46 pm on Dec 22, 2017 by: ?
Can't you see I'm busy here?

"666,666,666 years?! You lie!" the figure accused, poking a clawed finger into Sincentius' chest. "All you do is lie and confuse me! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Turning away, the figure began to stomp off.

"Okay, have it your way," Sincentius called after him. "But you can't deny the disappointment you feel over your failure today. Even if you don't believe it's been 666,666,666 years, you know all of that mining felt like it took forever and it was all for nothing. Now you have to start over, after you get some new slaves. But I guess if you're okay with that giant waste of time, I'm okay with it too. I mean, I'm not the one who's really just another slave..."

The figure spun back around, his rage and confusion headed to new levels, and said, "FUCK YOU! I'M NOT A SLAVE!"

"Oh? You might not have chains this time around, but believe me: you're a slave. Have you actually ever seen a dime from your employer? Do you even know who your employer is exactly?" The figure had no response, only staring blankly at Sincentius, who let out another cackle. "That's what I thought. You may not remember anything, but the level of curiosity you must be feeling right now is enough to break even the strongest-willed of men!"

Through the confusion, the mental fatigue, the figure realized there was at least some truth to what Sincentius was saying. Slumping his shoulders in defeat, he asked, "If, and I do mean IF, I leave with you, do you have any proof to back up this story of yours? Something to convince me you aren't just wasting my time for your own amusement? Because I'm warning you..."

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