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Posted at 5:31 pm on Jan 9, 2018 by: The Dark Sincentius
'He' Has a Name.

The woman placed her left hand, which contained a handkerchief, to her nose and blew. The Figure was annoyed by the noise she made and she went all out.... boy what an answer that was!! The Figure shook his head and turned around- given up on all of this- but was stopped when the father grabbed The Figure by his arm...

Let me go!" yelled by The Figure... The father did not, he had a tight grip that even The Figure couldn't break free.... "You.... you look familiar... do I know you?.... I... I can hear your thoug-" then by that time, the baby that nobody wanted anything to do with in the nursery, shocked the mother as it stood upright.... the mother backed against the wall behind her in cold fear.

The Figure and the father turned to see the baby now is staring right them-- with its deeper than dark eerie soulless eyes - the eyes of constant death.

And then, the father quickly grabbed his neck and falls down to the ground convulsing-- kicking and gasping for air.... The mother, a doctor and nurses all scamper over to the father on the ground but in moments he just dies.

The Figure is just standing there all the while, with nothing to say..... but the baby was now out of its crib with its eyes and mouth pressed up against the glass admiring its handiwork and seems to be also admiring The Figure.....

"His name is, Eddie.... A GODDAM DEVIL CHILD HE ISSSSSS!!!!!"

- screamed the mother.

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