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Posted at 4:35 pm on Jan 21, 2018 by: ?
Quit shoving!

The other boy still didn't respond to the boy named Spade. He only stared at Spade, a hint of something not quite right in his eyes. The two women continued speaking, ignoring the boys.

"Is that... ?" the Figure started to ask, pointing at the silent boy. Sincentius nodded. "Doesn't look like he turned out so bad... considering what happened with that nurse. Probably doesn't even remember."

"Keep watching," Sincentius said quietly. "Things are about to take an interesting turn in young Eddie's life."

Eddie wandered away from the hooded woman to get a closer look at the manor's decor, Spade following. When Eddie stopped in front of another, equally morbid statue, Spade asked, "Do you like it? I'm not allowed to touch it, but I like to look at it too."

Eddie still didn't answer, instead moving away from the statue, and Spade, to look at a painting depicting a murderous orgy. Believing Eddie was only shy, Spade moved along with him.

The fun ended when the hooded woman said, "Eddie, get over here!"

The Figure realized from her frigid voice that the hooded woman was the same woman from the hospital. She looked as if she'd aged fifty years rather than five.

Eddie stared at the woman, his mother, for a moment before doing as he was told, the woman grabbing him by the wrist when he was close enough. Spade didn't follow this time, watching with the same curiosity as the Figure.

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