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Posted at 9:14 pm on Feb 8, 2018 by: The Dark Sincentius
The Children Must Play

"So. Will you take him in?" - Said the hooded woman.

The other woman, dressed in black, knelled beside young Eddie, held onto his shoulders and spoke to him lightly.... "Come, child, follow me and I shall show you great things."

Eddie was confused... what does this all mean? Before he could ask his mother, she already turned and left through the manor door. Eddie ran to the door but the door quickly slammed shut by the tall gloomily butler.

"That's cold... what was his mother's problem?"

**Sincentius takes a long drag out from his cigarette**

"Well, if you had to endure 50 years with a terrorizing 5 year old... would you take the first chance you had to release him?"

"That's one serious growth deficiency Eddie got there.... will he be alright with this family?"

"More than alright... Eddie was left in the care of the Death Family.... one of the ancient tribes of The Creatures.... you see, Eddie is indeed special. Gifted with powers.... but both Spade and Eddie were kept in the dark about their abilities for a reason- the Death Family hoped that Eddie would be best friends with their three sons and live as much of a normal life as possible- the children all grow slowly and it makes perfect since to grow up around your same kin.... however, that would not be the case..... heh.....

Suddenly, Sincentius opened the closet door and it opened up into another time.... when the children grew to the age of 10.... we see Spade, Damien and Serien playing outside at the very edge of the property.... in an area they aren't suppose too.

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