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Posted at 8:30 pm on Jul 6, 2015 by: Alexander Arcane (CW Promoter)
Now now gentlemen... we can't have any of THAT!

But before anything else can be done, quite unexpectedly did the C-Tron light up but not with Gojinn's entrance.... instead.... it was that of the CW Promoter, Alexander Arcane!

Alexander exited the stage with a smirk on his trillionaire face and made his way towards the ring. Darkspade and Deadblood just looked at each other and then back at Alex whom then by that time enters through the middle ropes and pulls out his very own Platinum CW Microphone......

Alexander Arcane: Gentlemen... I promised that your title belts will eventually be returned by the CreatureMania XII main event referee that you know by, THE KINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG GOJJJJINNNNNNNNNNNNNN [Deadblood raised his eyebrow]. BUT I must ask for you two to leave this ring for it is NOT going to happen right now but later in our show. Furthermore, there will be no title hunts tonight.... if you ever so leave one fingerprint on THE KINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG to reclaim those belts then YOU WILL NEVEEEEEERRRRRR EVVEEEERRRRRR GET THEM! YOU GOT THAT?!

*Spade and Deadblood were left awestruck by what they just heard!*

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