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Posted at 2:25 pm on Jul 25, 2015 by: Deadblood (Undisputed Mortal Wrestling Champion)
Time to reclaim what's rightfully mine.

The lights beginning to flash red and white, Deadblood stepped out to the cheers of the crowd, Sheri behind him. Above the ring were the two Undisputed title belts. He could feel them calling out to him.

He pointed at them with one hand. "Those belong to ME!"

Cole: "Deadblood certainly seems confident here tonight."

King: "He better be, because after what we saw occur between him and Alexander Arcane earlier, confidence might be the only thing he has going for him now!"

JBL: "He might be confident, but I can't imagine him walking out of here with either title!"

Cole: "Well, that remains to be seen. Deadblood did manage to hold onto the Absolute Undisputed Championship for almost a year and a half and he technically is still the Undisputed Mortal Wrestling Champion!"

Fireworks going off behind them, Deadblood handed off his katana to Sheri before sliding into the ring. Climbing up a turnbuckle to the second rope, he raised both hands high into the air. Hopping back down to the mat, he tightened his mask as everyone awaited the arrival of the Unholy One...

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