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Posted at 9:09 pm on May 23, 2016 by: Deadblood (Undisputed Mortal Wrestling Champion)
First them. Then you.

Shi Dorsujun Ku, Chane, and Staphanie turned their attention to Darkspade. With Chane doing his dance and Staph shaking her fat tits and fat ass to cheer him on, Shi dragged Spade up and delivered a Heaven's Uproar. When the Unholy One fell to the mat after striking the turnbuckle, his forehead was busted open.

Shi turned around to do the same to Deadblood, but he wasn't on the mat. He wasn't even in the ring. DB had rolled out, collected his Undisputed Mortal Wrestling Championship, and was making his way to the ramp.

JBL: "I've said it all along! Deadblood doesn't deserve to be a champion! He's running away!"

Cole: "The match is over! Darkspade might not appreciate Deadblood leaving instead of helping fight Shi Dorsujun Ku further, but he has nothing to gain by staying!"

DB on the stage and Shi still in the ring, they locked eyes. As Chane continued dancing around like a jackass, Staph and Shokuo were on their knees at Shi's feet, looking ready to eat the sushi in his tights.

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