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Posted at 1:20 pm on Aug 8, 2017 by: Admin
Vacation until Dec 5th

CreatureWrestling is announcing that after CreatureMania XIV is finished in the next couple of days to a week we will be going on vacation until the next time we arrive to an Anniversary show around December 05, 2017. Some lead in stories will take place during that time.

The current ACT IV concerning the three branches will also be completed in the next couple of days to a week/2 weeks max and pause which will continue on December 5th. will hold standard operations during that time.

If in the rare chance we get a player interested in playing on CW, then I will personally get out of vacation to help assist them. Otherwise, CreatureWrestling will be back in operation in December.

Any updates: cosmetic or system or the main story line summaries will still continue on like always.

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