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Posted at 5:58 pm on Oct 5, 2017 by: Admin
Statement Regarding Future Plans for CW.

This e-fed has survived the tests of time like no other website project that I ever came across... especially for an E-Fed... which in today's age is incredibly rare to live out this long.

I felt the years passed the time we "closed" the e-fed in 2009 have been on borrowed time and each year a special gift to its readers. My main focus was no longer on running an e-fed as an e-fed but rather focus heavily on the development of stories. It worked wonders. But, this was only possible if I had a partner to post along with me.

I always felt the day would come when the e-fed would close finally, for good, but hoped to reach its 20th year of operation. And now, plans have changed - not due to my hopes.

I don't care how good someone writes, it is nearly impossible to run anything like this on your own. I have said it many times but I am grateful for all of the chances to write on CreatureWrestling and the time spent with the right people here.... WE are all blessed to have witnessed the stories we developed together for the past almost 5 years. The alternative to this, is regardless if even the XXX Era was too much, we got to have stories that otherwise never had a chance to happen. I am grateful for that and I am grateful for all of the lose ends even the controversial ones like the ending to the ridiculous DWF vs CWE storyline.

So here is my personal plans for the e-fed:
1. However I do it, even if I only post once a year on the Anniversary show, I promise that CreatureWrestling will reach 20th year Anniversary (unless am unable)

2. More immediate plans are that I will do whatever it takes to finish up the last Chapter of CreatureWrestling.

3. I will continue to keep CreatureWrestling and on but to help reduce costs I will be removing services like the SSL.

4. I will finish the CW History page and compile it into a PDF.

5. And as long as I am able, I will keep CW up as I said- luckily I am a web developer and I operate other websites so.... yay!

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