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Posted at 11:22 pm on Nov 30, 2017 by: Admin
CW 18th Year Anniversary Plans & Future Notice

I will not be able to get to producing a trailer for the 18th anniversary in time for December 5th (but I will try) but I will be posting the continuance of the storyline introducing the next chapter as well, which, I will be largely soloing.

Then, after an undetermined amount of time, CW will stop functioning until 2018's December 5th Anniversary (19th year)... then one final time in 2019 when the site reaches its 20th Year.

That will be the last time I will post on CreatureWrestling. I will however keep CreatureWrestling alive on the internet even if net neutrality is destroyed and all sense of a website for free thought and creative development like this one is hard to access.

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