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Posted at 9:19 pm on May 25, 2014 by: Sheri Stull
Bio - Sheri Stull

Name: Sheri Stull

Height: 5’6

Weight: 145 lbs

At the age of seventeen Sheri suffered a severe head injury in an automobile accident. While she was not expected to recover, Sheri woke three months after the accident retaining her mental faculties and underwent therapy to regain mobility. After a particularly grueling session involving attempting to walk with the use of a walker, Sheri’s frustrations were running high.

After an angry outburst over her inability to make progress, Sheri sat down and refused to try any longer, saying that she wasn’t strong enough and would never be. To the amazement of both her therapist and herself the walker that she’d abandoned lifted three feet off the ground and slammed into a wall, hurled by forces unseen. Both frightened and intrigued, Sheri sought to not only develop the strength to walk again, but also to develop this new talent.

While her ability to move, grip, and hurl objects can be extremely useful as well as dangerous, she lacks stamina and will develop a splitting headache should she overexert her powers. However, as with any muscle, the more frequently Sheri exercises her telekinetic abilities the more developed they become. For that reason she makes a point to practice them frequently, even if not immediately needed in a situation. After years of training Sheri can comfortably lift and hurl large, heavy objects up to and including small vehicles, although she still is subject to overexertion.

In personality Sheri is rather sarcastic yet playful, and enjoys teasing. However when she is angry she can become quite ruthless bordering on the edge of cruel, and she takes work matters very seriously. She is a loyal ally once her respect has been earned, but woe to anyone she perceives as having betrayed her trust.

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