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Posted at 2:46 pm on Aug 6, 2016 by: CreatureWrestling
Act I Notes

Darkspade became the new patriarch of the Death Family - thus denouncing it's previous patriarch, Archangel of Death (aka Reverend Jones); and recognizing that Kizmat was forever gone. As a result, Darkspade fortified and moved into the main Death Family estate where he also pronounced his grand-daughter, Angel of Death, as unfit and unsafe to see Red Spyder. Likewise- Angel and Red's child was also forbidden to be seen outside of the Death Family Estate.

Darkspade's power grew to new heights while still holding onto the Absolute Undisputed Championship title. The amplified power allowed Darkspade to maintain his 'body' form without any lost to his mind and physical capabilities.... though, he still desired to be named the Double Undisputed champion AND tap into the power of the Undisputed Mortal Wrestling Championship.

Red Spyder on the other hand wished to see Angel and his new born son.... But Darkspade would not allow it. Upon a surprise visit to the Death Family estate- Red Spyder and Darkspade exchanged stinging words.... and Red Spyder showcased his resolve for his love by bowing down to Darkspade - hoping to prove that he will do anything to see his family. However, Angel and her child were abducted by Reverend Jones during the display in-front of the family estate....

Alexander Arcane was contemplating his next move for world domination.... and trying to wrap his head around the source of the apparition which resides in the Absolute Undisputed title belt..... Alex did not have enough time to continue his thoughts when Staphanie McMahon barged into Alex's office at CW Headquarters demanding that she and Chane are taken more seriously in the company.... AND to punish Darkspade and Deadblood by taking away their titles. Staph also wished for Botch to be officially recognized as the Face of the company AND be given a shot at the Absolute title.....

While laughing at Staph, and her implants- Alexander decided that the fairest thing to do was to split Chane and Staphanie up and to give them control over the CreatureWrestling brands: CreatureWrestling Entertainment (CWE) and Extreme Creature Federation (ECF). This also effectively changed the landscape of WHO is worthy to be the "Face" of the company and WHO is worthy to have a shot at the top title in the industry.

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