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Posted at 4:50 pm on Oct 14, 2011 by: DARKSPADE
The events following the Press Conference

After the press conference

Weeks after the CW Press Conference- an unexpected incident happened which affected CW... Sage backed out of the organization and filed a criminal lawsuit to the company for placing him in a match with a demonic monster, Mortismere- whom nearly killed him in the match. That part of the match was not aired on national television.

The federal government froze all operations within CreatureWrestling pending a full investigation.... and as such, NSA began to run re-runs of CW shows and non-wrestling content. With CW Megastars placed on an indefinite leave of action... it has seemed that Sage was right. CW will never be the same again- but not in the way that many had thought.... could Sage have sabotaged CreatureWrestling from within?.... no body knew.

Now with the greatest federation placed on ice... the fate of Creature Wrestling is even more unknown more than ever.

Darkspade was furious when he heard the news that he was placed on a leave- never given the chance to compete for the greatest title on the planet... the CW Absolute Undisputed Championship, which... by now... was only held by 1 Creature Wrestler... Charon!!

The scene begins with Spade Deathen pulling up to his mansion- exhausted, furious and distraught. Spade Deathen finally achieved his original form and his only motive for living, CreatureWrestling, seemed to have came to an end....

After a crossfade into the mansion- Spade Deathen is seen staring at a portrait of Julie over his mantle-place and then with a smile he picks up a replica of his CWE Undisputed Title belt that was hanged up on the wall close by- which had collected dust over the years.

Spade Deathen: .........This world hasn't seen or heard the last from us just yet!

Scene Ends.

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