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Posted at 9:48 pm on Feb 21, 2014 by: CreatureWrestling

In an astonishing 14 Years and most certainly counting. The Home of it's own sport raises the bar once again.
Be Prepared... Be Ready... We Certainly Are.

@ Philadelphia Spectrum

Once again we return to this Epic of all Epic battlefields. After the CW and CWE logos fade from the screen-- the view of the gigantic Philadelphia Spectrum was unbelievable to say the least!! Five U.S.A Figher-jets roar high above the arena and break formation in lieu of a bombardment of gigantic fireworks sounding off indicating the start of the Greatest Event of All. Hands Down. We are instantly taken to a panning view of the inside of the arena covered with thousands upon thousands in attendance!!!

As the camera shifts angles and views of the CreatureMania arena... we then look back at the goregous and spectacular entrance-- above it.... was the astonishing number of "11"... CREATUREMANIA XI!!

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