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Posted at 11:28 pm on Apr 11, 2015 by: Red Spyder (Guardian of Wickedness)
Hard work that's about to pay off.

The lights went dark throughout the arena, only a few lights focusing on the stage and ramp.

To everyone's surprise, Red Spyder suddenly appeared for a second time that evening, accompanied by his music this time, as well as some other... things.

Cole: "Oh god, what does he want now?!"

Red, along with several hooded figures, pushed caskets down the entrance ramp. All of the caskets had a few naked bodies each piled in them, arms and legs occasionally twitching among the bodies, indicating some live ones mixed in with the corpses.

King: "I think this might turn out worse than what he did earlier!"

Behind Red and the hooded figures came more hooded figures, carrying poles holding more naked bodies, some dead and others quite obviously alive, struggling weakly against the ropes that held them to the poles as they were set around the ringside area as well.

As one of the caskets were parked, the bodies began to tremor slightly before falling out and Lusūs popped out!!!

JBL: "What the hell is that?!

Lusūs gazed around at the crowd before turning his attention on one of the live bodies, hopping on it to hump it!!!!!! Red saw this and furious, raced around the ring to stop Lusūs! Before he could reach Lusūs though, Seer came out from the crowd, joining Lusūs in molesting the half-alive victim!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I found my babeh nom noms!" Seer shouted with delight.

Before Seer could lead Lusūs in taking it any further, Red quickly pulled a steel chair out from under the ring, swinging it at the duo!!! Seer yanked Lusūs out of harm's way though and the chair instead cracked the naked man in the head instead, knocking the already weak victim out!!!!!! Red didn't chase after Seer and Lusūs further however as they moved up to the ramp where Seer lifted his robe and bent over for Lusūs!!! It was a horrifying scene to witness, especially as Seer squealed with delight as Lusūs began to thrust against his old, hairy, dirty, wrinkled ass, but Red supposed that at least they were distracted from interrupting why Red was really out there.

With the last of the caskets and poles in place, his music stopped and the lights returned, revealing the glass coffin containing Lilith sitting in the center of the ring!!! Getting a mic, Red climbed into the ring himself.

"You are all very fortunate for what you are about to witness here tonight!" Red paused as Seer let out a particularly loud squeal. "But before we get started, I'd like to introduce you to the genius mind truly responsible for this..."

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