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Posted at 11:55 am on Apr 19, 2016 by: CreatureWrestling
CW Dual Core Championship: Deadblood & Darkspade VS Shi Dorsujun Ku & Red Spyder

**A steel cage surrounded the ring**
Lilian Garcia: For our last main event... is a CW Dual Core Championship! And this match will be held inside of a Hell in a Cell with Dual Core rules!

In a Dual core match, if an opponent manages to pin any of the champions then they become new champion, but the other champion retains his/her reign unless the other opponent manages to also pin the remaining champion. When a person is pinned they are also eliminated from the match-up. This match can turn very quickly into a handy-cap match.

For this match to completely end, the first team to pin each of their opposing opponents one-by-one WINS the titles for their team. The match will not end until the opposing team has been completely eliminated.

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