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Posted at 1:37 pm on Apr 14, 2017 by: CreatureWrestling
=CW Proudly Presents=

Tonight. You've come all around the world to witness the epic that is CREATUREMANIA! This night, history will be created..... and ripple throughout all of time.

This is the fourteenth moment of our illustrious sport which defines us all. CreatureWrestling most certainly proudly presents upon to you again........

-CreatureMania: XIV - Present Main Events-

CW Absolute Undisputed Championship:
DARKSPADE(c) VS Red Spyder VS Hra'gad
(Time Convergence Match)

CW Woman's Championship:
Staphanie McMahon(c) VS Goldkye
(Boobie Match)


CreatureMania Moment:
A Special CM Moment

Special "King" Memorandum:
Featuring an assortment of CW MegaStars for a trophy prize!

-CreatureMania Alternate Future Main Events-

CW Absolute Undisputed Championship:
Chane McMahon(c) VS Botch Recliner
(Premium Beef Match)

Darkshit Whoring Fags VS Creature Wrestling:
Diper, Gidboots, Cunner, Dark Rectum, Dark Enema, Kane000 VS Alexander Arcane, Goldyke, Botch Recliner, Buff Fagwell, Gunther
(Shit in a Cage Match)


CreatureMania Moment:
ANOTHER Special CM Moment

Crab Festoff:
Everyone fights for crabs!

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