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Posted at 4:43 pm on Apr 22, 2017 by: Deadblood (Undisputed Mortal Wrestling Champion)
This will be a piece of cake.

The crowd roared in excitement for the first match of the night. They got even louder when some of the lights turned red, the rest remaining white. The music of the reigning Undisputed Mortal Wrestling champion and the winner of the previous year's Memorandum began playing.

Deadblood was looking forward to adding another trophy to his collection. If the other participants were anything like the previous year's, winning wouldn't be much of a challenge. He'd only have to make sure Botch Recliner didn't fall asleep and become a competent wrestler if he was out there again. The roided-up psycho almost broke his neck last time.

Title in one hand and King Memorandum trophy in the other, he readied himself as the driver of the white convertible pulled out onto the stage. Standing up in the backseat, he raised both objects high into the air for all to see. Not wearing his mask since it wasn't a title defense, they could also see his smile. It was a smile of both of confidence and genuine happiness to be present at another CreatureMania.

Halfway into the drive down the five mile ramp, purple fireworks went off and the red lights changed to purple. His tribute to the true King. The only King even the most selfish MegaStar would bow down to.

When the car finally reached the ring and circled around it before parking, DB hopped out and climbed into the ring. He raised the title and trophy one more time in the center of the ring before handing them off to the referee. He then gazed at the new, shiny trophy sitting at ringside.

It was even bigger the first trophy and featured a large, golden urn on top rather than a crown. Engraved on the side of the urn was The Undertaker's symbol.

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