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Posted at 11:48 pm on Apr 22, 2017 by: Red Spyder (Dual Core Champion)
I'd just like to say upfront, I hate both of you. (Slightly MA)

The lights became an orange glow and the ramp lit up with a blood-spattered image. Something began to poke out from the top edge of the image.

A black carriage pulled by two equally black horses appeared on the stage. Steering the carriage was a figure in a dirty, torn cloak. Their ancient, skeletal face was barely visible underneath the hood. Inside the carriage were Red Spyder and Angel.

The carriage beginning its slow descent down the five mile ramp, Red peered out through the open window of the carriage door as the thing at the top of the ramp's image grew.

It was like a snake, only with a lot more veins. It was a giant penis. A giant version of the Monster Beef to be exact. The head of the Giant Beef followed underneath the carriage, or tried to. Whoever was controlling the image was drunk apparently, the image jerking back and forth.

When fire shot up around the edges of the stage and ramp, Red quickly ducked his head back into the carriage, slapping at his now smoking hair. "What the hell are they doing back there?! I just got my hair done this afternoon!"

The rest of his long ride down the ramp was uneventful, beyond the operator of the Giant Beef completely losing control of it. The Giant Beef flew down to the end of the ramp, the head disappearing through the bottom of the image. Now it looked like the carriage was riding down the shaft of the giant penis.

It gave Red time to think about how he planned to destroy both Darkspade and his own son, Hra'gad. Hra'gad for being a general pain in the ass and Spade for stealing Lil Red. He hoped Spade would return Lil Red to Angel's arms before the match even started. It would allow her to take him backstage to safety. That seemed unlikely though. The very thought of Spade holding Lil Red with no one to supervise made his blood boil.

By the time the carriage reached the ring, Angel had dozed off and Red was playing with his balls through the pocket of his jeans out of boredom.

Pulling his hand out of his pocket, he said, "Finally! Let's go!"

Angel didn't wake up.

Shaking his head, Red reached over and grabbed both of her tits, giving them a hard squeeze.

Still nothing, except for a sudden, loud snore.

She was crazy if she thought she was napping while he worked. The Monster Beef stirring thanks to the groping of her fun bags, Red smirked as an idea on how to wake her formed. Standing up in front of her, he opened his jeans and pulled out the growing, hardening Beef. Jerking furiously at it with one large hand, he was soon grunting and groaning.

The audience got a clear view thanks to the carriage's uncovered windows as thick strings of the Seed of Wickedness spurted out of the Beef all over Angel's face. It left her with a hot, white, sticky mask.

Catching his breath, Red admired his work, yet Angel still wasn't awake somehow. Did she take some of Botch Recliner's sleeping pills before the match?

Starting to get angry, Red gripped the Monster Beef with both hands and swung it at Angel's face.

The fat head of the Beef slapped her cheek hard, sending some of the cum flying off onto the leather seat and windows. It also left behind a fresh mushroom tattoo. But she was finally awake at least and for a moment, confused about why she looked like she'd received a bukkake.

Stuffing the Beef back into his jeans, rather than her love tunnel where it'd rather be, he climbed out of the carriage to enter the ring, leaving her inside to clean up.

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