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Posted at 12:25 am on Apr 23, 2017 by: Hragad
Dad, Your Monster Beef Belongs to ME!

Suddenly. Every single light in the arena went out.... we expected Darkspade as this is usually his start... but a countdown ignited on screen......

There was a dark ominous fog from the entrance and from it, stood, Hra'gad!!! The Absolute Undisputed title belt was literately fused into his stomach, feeding Hra'gad the dark energy which was inside of the belt and with that power did alternate future Hra'gad become now solidified!!!

Red Spyder in the ring was laughing at his son and fighting the monster beef from ripping out of his pants!! If the monster beef was let loose-- who knows what would happen!!! Angel was also out of the carriage after cleaning off and decided to stand by ringside, looking concerned at her Red loving Spyder.....

Finally then, Hra'gad slowly made his eerie march to the ring, never once, leaving his crimson gaze on his dad. Hra'gad circled the ring which prompt Angel to continue walking around the ring to avoid Hra'gad..... while Red was circling in the ring himself but not for Hra'gad but for trying to keep the monster beef from magnetically entering itself into Angel's love slit!!!

Micheal Cole: Well then. I guess we await the actual Absolute Undisputed Champion.... The Darkspade!!!

Jim Ross: Are we even told what a "time convergence" match even is?

JBL: Heh. I guess we'll find out soon!

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