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Posted at 12:50 am on Apr 23, 2017 by: -- --
He is The Guardian of Balance

There is a Creature of the Night that all fear and revere. He goes by many names: The Taker of Hope, The Bringing of Nightmares and The Darkest Hour.

With everything in jeopardy, this match will determine the fate of not just the Creatures but the entire world.

Taking a stand against the Guardian of Wickedness and his seeds of evil..... The Unholy One has assumed his role as The Guardian of Balance!!! The question remains, who will be judged?

You Shall all Bow Down and Pray. Let The Unpurity of DARKSPADE Guide You!!!!

There is No Other Right.

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[Undisputed Champion (4); CW/CWE World Heavyweight Champion (3); CW Dual Core Champion (2); CWE IC (3), CWF Tag Team (2); ECF X-Treme (1); CWF Hardcore (1)]

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