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Posted at 11:54 am on Apr 23, 2017 by: Shi Dorsujun Ku (Devastator from Heaven / Dual Core Champion)
Rise My Warriors for the Battle Begins!

Then.... an image of the rising sun appears from the Creature Tron.... Deadblood turns around after viewing the Undertaker Trophy and cracks his knuckles as he witnesses Shi Dorsujun Ku emerging from a plateform that was being held by samurai dressed warriors with poles used to lift the platform.... and Shokuo was waving the Japanese flag in a preemptive celebration

About halfway down the 5 mile rampway the samurai men had to stop and lower the platform because their backs gave in!!!! Shokuo was furious that this happened... and then began beating the Japanense flag across their backs for their dishonor.... Deadblood in the ring was laughing....

--- Shokuo ---

Shi Dorsujun Ku didn't appreciate the dishonor coming from Deadblood and so the Warrior lifted off of his cushion and stepped on the backs of his servants along with wrapping his half of the Dual Core Championship across his waist..... Shokuo did a double take and tried to convince Shi Dorsujun Ku to wait for another set of servants to take him to the ring-- but The Devaster from Heaven wasn't having it!! Shi ran the rest of the 2.5 miles down the ramp even beating the motion graphics displayed on the 5 mile long ramp of retarded butterflies and serpent to reach the ring.... once there, Shi Dorsujun Ku had to take a few minutes to catch his breath.... while Shokuo decided to get down on all fours and roll himself down the rampway.... he was catching momentum and then before you know it- Shokuo shots into the air and spears Shi right through the bottom rope!!!! Deadblood put away his hotdog and beer to rejoin the event!

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